Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Art Vibration..1

My art vision Base is Myself..i think every human being live for self and its fact of human life. So i have start from basic of life through my art vision, I am master in painting and last 15th years to continue i am doing art work,like a painting ,Design,Sculptures ,Installation,Craft,Drawing ,Sketching,Art movie and conceptual art work and this visual you can visit at , then you can understand my art vision and my talking way about my art.I think art is a journey and its end with artist death..The last point of the art journey is artist death. i know it ,because i have lots of example in art history just like that, the artist Vinsent Wongong, Sezaan, Picaso , Kurbe, Mikelengilo , Jamini Roy,Amrta Sergill, Liyonardo the vinchi and lots of artist in our world art.i can’t write all Artist name so sorry..The painting mean for me.. The painting is a very strong way for catch the self of artist and painting giving way of live peace full life journey with colour ,with love, with feeling,with nuture,with self for others. In painting not importent if how to you painting it and what you paint it but its very importent why artist paint a painting, what he want from canvas,colours,forms and from his self.. its exapmple is Vincent Vangogn..He Had paint a paint my shoe.that time vincent was very alone and he was feel very unfit . that time he saw his shoe and thought it, My shoe care my feet when , that time i was walk alone on the road..its mean he want to say thanks to his shoe because he feel the shoe care and support to vincent in alone i want to say every artist live his art life and then he think somthing and then they paint, i can say ,i am also on this track from my art a painter…as a master of art…art is giving a new way to stop life in every time and in any condition of human life,,art have power of life have vision,, art giving creative life and thought and confidence……..!