Sunday, March 31, 2013

Art Vibration - 78


Front View of  TAj MAHAL of  INDIA

2009 ,  This year I were in Chitrakoot Dham for a painting art workshop . After that art workshop I came back to Home , but I did found train for Agra from Allahabad Railway Station . so I did came Agra by train in morning  time and Agra to Bikaner I got bus but that Bus time was in evening time so my day time was passed  in Agra , because I had not  any other way after that time design for me . in that condition I did finalized to visit of city Agra and TAj MAHAL .

I were putted my bag in a hotel room ,after I got fresh bath , I were picked my camera  and booked a taxi for visit of Agra City. I was alone there but  my art and camera with me  so I were not alone in  my  life vision . That day I were arrived at 11 am on  Taj Mahal . Taxi driver was very advance  so he was  leaved me on southern side gate of Taj Mahal that gate is very close to TAj MAHAL . so I did entered very easily there was no crowd. I got ticket and There some officer were checked  my art bag. when they came in safety confidence then they were permitted to me  for visit  to TAJ MAHAL , I were happy after visit that tit security of TAj Mahal . Kind  your information I did pay fee for Still  camera  or Photography . 

Some Visuals of my Observation on Taj Mahal , Agra.
 I came in boundary of Taj Mahal After All kind of Checking I were started observe to condition of Taj like a conservation worker . I did shoot lots of pictures of  Taj Mahal  from different parts or that’s craft Arts on Marbal or on red stone .

 When I saw full live Taj  Mahal  View first time by my eyes I said wow it’s a real wonder of our world , it is a very artistic craft or stone carving design of our world  in this big size architectural  design by marbal stone. i gave silent salute to Taj Mahal Designer and as a human of peace lover I did IBADAT for Love And peace in TAJ MAHAL or On MAZAR OF MUMTAJ , I putted my head on that MAZAR and prayed for Love And peace for our world. It is real truth of  my IBADAT of TAJ  MAHAL.

After IBADAT  I were seen some more visuals of Taj  and I did shoot to that by different angles  , in that case I saw some craft man was caring to Taj they were busy in conservation work of Taj Mahal  . some one pasting white ciment  in gapes of marble Tiles , so I were shoot to them when they were busy in his Conservation work .

Myself In Mugal  Garden of  Taj Mahal  , Agra  
I saw there some tourists were visiting to TAJ and they have covered his or her shoos by carry bags , that was advance conservation work  for TAJ MAHAL cleaning by Taj Mahal Safety or  Security Society . there I saw the spot of photography on TAj MAHAL and I did requested to others for my picture shooting , a one guide was shoot  my picture but he was laughed  on me because there I were alone just like him, it was a true joke for both of us .haha.

There I were shoot to Design of MUGAL GARDEN format all design in graphical language.  garden, net of wall , calligraphy , tiles design all were  in same graphical style , that was a very strong exercise of Designers . one design in different kind of medium . Taj Mahal is a composition of Design or Calligraphy of Mugal Art In white black or in red stone , In Agra Marbal  stone is not available so that time marbal ,red or black stone was transporting from Rajasthan through  Elephants , and in market of Taj Mahal Street I saw that elephants were  converted  in marble  Elephants after 500 years it is a time joke but its fact of today , near market of  TAj MAHAL , I did buy a very small white marbal  elephant in 75 rupees from that market and I did transported to that small marble elephant for  Rajasthan from Agra .it was a critical talk to time by me . No big meaning  of that talk but I did that as a critical artist for contemporary art of INDIA.

Elephant in  marbal, I did buy it From  Street market of  Taj Mahal .
In same year I were designed a folder for care to TAJ MAHAL , I did used picture of Taj Mahal in that folder design with some flower composition , because that  years world wonder Monument selection  team was selecting to world wonder monuments architectural structure  . so I did created the sound by me  for heritage of our nation by folder Design On  TaJ mahal  and I wrote title on that  Folder Design “Care Taj of INDIA”..ha

That Folder was launched In City Craft , And Small Business Office Bikaner by hand of national Awarded Traditional Ustaa Art  ( Mugal Art ) Artist  Mr. Hanif usta & Director of City Small business office Mr. Awasthi .

National Awarded Artist Hanif usta  ( Left ) And Director of
Small Business Office  Bikaner Mr. Awasthi is
 launching  to Folder  of Care Taj Of  INDIA .
Here I am sharing with  you this historical part of my art journey because I am thinking  for our heritage structure and I am busy in project of heritage care project . today I am connected with World Monuments Foundation as a artist so its  my duty I put my view  in front of  you with  my historical art sound about world Monuments or that’s observation by myself.. in this chain I observe to our  world monument  The TAJ MAHAL .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Art Vibration - 77


Artist Nand katyal Is Busy in His Painting Work At Gaddi Studio Delhi , 

   One day I were went to Delhi  for booking to Ravindra bhawan  art gallery  about  my art  Exhibition. because I were got chance for Exhibition from Lalit Kala Academy  Selection. That day after booking to gallery I were went for visit to Gaddi Studio, kind  your information Gaddi Studio was a very artistic studio in a time , that studio gave lots of very strong artists  to our nation INDIA and to our International art family . so that studio visit  was a very big achievement  for me because I was art student and I did visited to Gaddi first time in  my art journey .

When I were entered in Gaddi Studio I saw some Artists were busy in his sculpture art work and some one busy in art Discussion , there I did saw every artist had his own allotted art  space with a room , they all were Scholars or senior Academic awarded registered Artists. They all were busy there in  art and art exercise .

In Gaddi  I were shoot some visuals of artist ,his art work and some visuals of Gaddi Studio ,That’s wall  was designed or constructed by Stone and painted by white wash . I saw there a small canteen , there I taken a hot tea and on tea table I met to Senior Artist of London  Jone Adwerd , he was gave a art demo to our Art collage with his art Exhibition and that time he was working in Gaddi Studio as a member of Gaddi . he was working there on art transformation project of other countries . we were talked on art and on life matter , he did guided me about art and patience for long Art Journey .

After meeting with Jone Adwerd I were went in a room without permission  , and I did started photography of that room . there I saw a senior Artist was busy in his work , he was painting  to a canvas by his finger that was finger painting of him  , I saw eyes of him. he was very angry or in deep mood of his creation I were noticed it , his inner presser was coming out by his finger action through the color . I were shoot his fingers condition that is covered to colors and his face expressions  and some self portrait of him. that portrait was displayed in his studio wall  .

Artist Nand Katyal  in Gaddi Studio with his self Portrait work .
When I were entered in his painting room I did broken  his natural deep painting mood I have disturbed his unconscious expressions motion I know it ,because I am painter  and I know about painters art mood or his motion  condition very well , but I did cared  his studio peace and silence so he was lived busy in his work but in mid his art work , he was noticing me as a senior artist of myself . That's Movement i were learned to him how to work in studio and how to create art environment for self art nature in studio,and i knew a very strong lesson about painting tool , when i saw to him , he was painting to his hand fingers on canvas with flow of his true art energy . that was great  live art education for me .There  when I felt some uncomfortable in his room by that  art room condition I did try to came out without talked and I did that , but by  my eyes I said thanks and his eyes were noticed  my thanks by my face Expression . That time I were not asked to him his name or any other art information because he did not gave me chance or that was not a right time for art talk . because  my senior artist was busy in his art work with very deep feeling so I did not talked and asked anything to him. but his art energy, working style and face expression or his studio peace design was saying to me he is a very big and strong Artist of INDIA.  After visit of Gaddi  Studio , When I did came at my art collage then I were shared  my photography  of Gaddi Studio visit with  my seniors then I could know his name and art character , my senior said to me That Senior Artist of Gaddi Studio , his name is  Mr. Nand katyal , he is national level artist of INDIA .

After few year. I mean last year I were saw his picture on facebook with his art work . then I were send to him a  friend request.  he was accepted my request as a artist friend , when he was joined me then I were posted him his Gaddi Studio Pictures , He was remembered me and said “ that boy was  you ? good Work I like it And i am very thankful   for this pictures yogendra.

Actually on visit of Gaddi Studio I did found to Art Master Nand Katyal and I did started art talk very first by our  silent eye contact  and today we are talking and sharing our works between each other for promotion of our contemporary world Art. So I can say I find to Senior Art Master Nand Katyal when I visit  to Gaddi Studio Delhi .

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Art Vibration - 76



Social Actives Late Shri Girdhari Lal Bhargaw is lunuching our Alumni Browser
In auditorium of J.K.K Jaipur  ,left Side late Artist cum Director of Alumni
RSA Dr. Somhendra Sharma with his natural and  cute Smile  Motion .
Today our Rajasthan School of Art collage pass out art student s  have our own Alumni , a community of pass out art Student of Rajasthan School of art . kind  your information  my  art collage have  150 year old  history  and a very historical  building  about art education and I am proud on myself , if I have done my Fine art masters from this very historical art institute of India .

In our art collage we were learned  , how to relate with society by sound of art , we were knew it from our institute how to design relation with a social environment and how to we react by way of art for strong communication , we knew how to express to our self  by very easy and silent medium in short time . actually we learned from our art institute what is a real duty of a artist in our society , I am happy if I could learned that and I am following to that  art  education rule in  my real art life. This post will prove it in front of  you  .I sure about it ..ha

Here I will share with  you our Alumni art exhibition and that’s true condition , this alumni concept was running in guide line of our senior late  Artist Dr. Somhendra Sharma ji . he was a very good sculptor as a artist he was very good and light mood artist but in his real life he was committed for a other community so I were not lived  very close to him . but we were worked on same place , first he was  my vice principal in Rajasthan School of Art collage and I were student there . After art collage I were joined to Jawahar kala Kendra ,Jaipur . there he was director of Visual art Department so we met every day like a true artist of our nation and we were  knew , we both are student of a strong art institute that’s name is Rajasthan School of art . I have many seen and visuals of our true art relation but this post is not for that matter but  I want to say he was loving to me and  my art dedication .

When Dr. Somhendra Sharma ji was designed the plan of our alumni community then I were joined him as a pass out student of Rajasthan school of art . there I knew he will organize a big art exhibition and that’s title will Alumni of Rajasthan school of art  Exhibition . He was very senior to me and in Rajasthan he knew to almost all senior artists so he was invited to all artist of Pass out from Rajasthan School of Art and we juniors were available for him with our work so that exhibition was getting a very big art exhibition form . Dr. Somhendra Sir was booked  big  Chaturdig Art gallery of Jawahar Kala Kendra . He did designed a very big browser of that first alumni art exhibition and he gave title to that browser VARNIKA .

On  day of art work display  in gallery , I went there with  my work from Bikaner. There I saw lots of art work of our Alumni artists , I did noticed the art gallery wall space will  not cover to all art work after hang on wall. there I saw some complicated senior were busy in space discussion . other side some egoist artist were busy in fight for display on front wall some work was very big and some artists came in gallery with his three to five works , but I were feeling fear and thinking how to this exhibition will get its final display without any fight. because Display  space fight is not a subject of artist but there  that discuss and fight was on . Dr. Somhendra ji and me were watching that complicated condition of art space  , after some time I did finalized  a new idea or concept  for  my art work display. Dr. Somhendra ji asked  to me where is  your paintings I replied  to him I have one painting only for this display Sir, and my art work is not in frame  so I think I will display it on gallery basement , he did watched  my face and then gave me a very cute smile , he asked to me how to  you display it , I said I will share  it with  you after  my display . sir . he said  to me  ok as  you like .

Myself with art work display in fist exhibition of our
 Alumni of RSA,Some junior s & Seniors and Art critic
Pemchand Ghandhi or A handicapped visitor visiting
my work , some senior Artists is busy in lighting to
Exhibition Traditional light lamp at JKK, Jaipur .
I did display  my work on basement of that gallery my work was on paper so I putted that on a big black sheet and on work of art I putted a glass and  my art work was displayed  for exhibition of our Alumni . Simple way for art communication by simple display no discuss no fight  I were lived light .ha

My some seniors and juniors were not happy to  my display they were informed to  Sir Dr. Somhendra ji , then he was said to all I will not say any thing after  yogendra art statement , yogendra is saying it, it  mean that is right for art and our  alumni ok .On that movement  I were created art space in vision of my seniors or sir  and in vision of all alumni artists. No one changed to my art display and I were finished the fight of wall display by a new concept in Alumni art exhibition . That was  my first art performance  in our Alumni. Because that  art display was very different to others .ha

It was came with a strong example when a visitor a handicapped visitor was visited   my work very easily and he said  to me first time I have visited a painting to very close.  Otherwise painting live on wall and I can’t see that very well . that handicapped visitor gave me a right promotion by his art visit or true words  . In that time I saw art critic Premchand Ghandhi was visiting to my work and to that handicapped visitor  . He was  listening his words and then he said to me thanks yogendra with a tit huge .

After display of our first Art exhibition of Alumni , we came on second day at  our gallery and there Dr. Somhendra Sir was lunched our alumni browser , that lunching event was in auditorium of Jawahar Kala Kendra Jaipur . A social worker late   Shree Girdhari Lal Bhargaw was came for our browser lunching event , after that browser lunching work we all came in art gallery and opened  to our first alumni art exhibition of Rajasthan school of art . All were lighting to traditional lamp and then visited our art exhibition all were asked to me about  my work when they were visited  . I were stand on  my work and said its  my base without this base I am nothing . this Art  base I got from  my Rajasthan School of art and here this art work display is our alumni part .

In second exhibition of our Alumni of RSA .  I were  base of that art exhibition because I did pay fee of 500 Rupees very first in hand of our Alumni Director Dr. Somhendra ji , he got some energy because he did noticed I want to alumni art exhibition for our Art collage pass out , he did organized one more art exhibition , the story was same about Display or  space , same discussion or same fight because we all were same and our nature were same so how to it can change . but I saw some change in  my display , this year I were framed a very small drawing in 8X10 Inches this drawing size was  saying to all,  complete story , in this exhibition  my classmate Sanjay Verma was came with his big brother or with his big art work , I did watching to his condition and vision ,  his big brother asked to me where is  your art work  then I put out my art drawing from  my bag , he saw my drawing size and got angry on his younger brother Mr. Sanjay Verma . because they both came at art gallery by moter bike with that big painting  his big brother was faced lots of trouble on road with that big painting on bike  so he got angry on Sanjay  Art vision not on him ..ha..ha 

Myself with my small art work for Second Exhibition of our Alumni RSA,
In this Picture  i am in mood of  Critical Smile .ha ha ..
But This time  my Senior Praveen Jedia and Suresh Parasar were fixed a small wall space for  my art work display .that was in  very first front of  left side of our art gallery .when they were displayed  my art work on gallery wall, I were invited  to  my junior Chandan Singh  Rathod  for  my photograph with  my art work display . when Chandan was shooting my photo that time all  artists were watching me  and I were laughing very critically  because once again I were gave a new concept about display or art space  to all artists of our alumni  by  my  small art work .ha ha ha ha. There no fight no discussion because I were following to rule of our art education of Rajasthan School of art Jaipur  and our alumni artists were Noticing it very well.

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Art Vibration - 75


This Symbolic painting  i were created  for ICHAP - art workshop of  HIV /AIDS 

 I were busy in my masters of visual  art at Rajasthan School of Art , Jaipur , in that study time period  I were joined some art workshops  from my art collage ,In year 2004-05 Rajasthan State AIDS  control society and India Canada collaborative HIV/ AIDS project was organized a art workshop at JAIPUR SWASTHY VIBHAG  BHAWAN .

I were went there with  my juniors , first we were knew  some information about HIV or AIDS  from ICHAP team member s  and then we got some  art medium, for painting on HIV or AIDS  subject. That art workshop was two day art workshop  for us . so I did selected  two canvas  for a one painting  on first day , after selection of canvas, I were started thinking on  concept of AIDS .Kind  your information  in year 1995 I did participated in a competition of Aids Subject  painting , that was organized by SMS hospital Jaipur , but I did not painted same concept  on canvas of  ICHAP .

First day I were just planed  a concept  of  Love or on  AIDS , I did draw  some sketches  on white paper s, step by step  i  got a final concept  on AIDS Subject  by art exercise . when I were started paint to base of canvas  in that movement a worker of ICHAP team asked  to me what  you will paint  on this canvas ?  I did reply to him I don’t know what I will paint but I will not go out side to  your subject boundation . My words were  noticing   by my juniors when I were talking to that person of ICHAP team member .

In my painting concept I were draw definition of love in a one part of that canvas  by heart symbol,  one heart X one heart it mean love but five heart X one heart it mean something is going wrong like AIDS or ETC .ha

In that time in real life I saw to live love and open invitation to  AIDS  by some persons  or characters , so that characters roles were gave me idea for that painting concept. There on ICHAP canvas I did painted my art visual in two days with full of patience and I were noticed  all worker and organizers were noticing  my visual art sound by that art concept of AIDS .

 Second day  I were completed  my first painting than my inner art sound gave me one more idea  for a next painting so I were demanded  one more canvas to Team of ICHAP and ICHAP team were gave me one more canvas  for painting . I were used spare color of that art workshop , spare mean some art students were leaved color after use on painting and that color was useless for them so I did used that useless color  for  my second painting and I did created a one more painting on AIDS concept by image of foot print but I did created that foot print by my hand , that was part of folk art but I did used that in our contemporary art workshop .

 Over all in two days I were gave visual language to  Social Problem HIV / AIDS   or  protection action against that major problem of Society .  I were happy because I could done that by myself art vision with a strong natural logic of natural life , I did show love is first and last natural action on all kind of social problems .

On last day  of that art workshop , The team of ICHAP was  exhibited our  Art workshop work  in meeting hall  of JAIPUR  SWASTHY VIBHAG BHAWAN , JAIPUR and they were gifted us certificates and rewards or awards . my juniors were won awards from ICHAP on AIDS subject and I got reward from ICHAP or from My art collage,  because I did presented our art collage  vision in that art workshop. The Team of ICHAP was noticed  my visual  sense when I were gave definition to  HIV / AIDS Problem by  visual language  with  critical visual concept .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Monday, March 18, 2013

Art Vibration -74


First painting of Our Art workshop at Ravindra Rang manch
 Bikaner 2009, myself  playing holi with Image of God Ganesha
This is a Month of  March 2013 , I remember today  to  month march of Year 2009, In That march  Month I were planed a art workshop , that was a completely critical art workshop by me , I was organizer of that art workshop from My studio yogendra-art  And Designing  Studio , Bikaner.

That Art  workshop  concept  was on  wall painting  , and I  were organized that  at Incomplete  Ravindra Rang manch Of Bikaner, before that Art  workshop , I were visited that  building condition and I felt very bad when I saw the ruf  condition of that building  , I were very hurt  and  then I thought , why educated people or artist were put name of this building  RAVINDRA RANG MANCH ?  that was direct  insult  of Sir Ravindra Nath Thakur .

I were saw many ruf words  on that building  walls . Ruf  people were wrote on that building walls , that kind of words in Bikaner, people were used on Holi or Dhulandi  festival ,  I saw there Cheep words  or  cheep and Sexy  charcoal drawing of  humans sex part , I were felt pain again  after saw misuse of that building  just like  Amer Fort of Jaipur - year 2005.( here on this blog I have shared a post about art work  of myself  on  Jaipur Amer Fort  condition that’s link is   , Post Art Vibration-31 )

So There I did finalized  art workshop concept  on the Spot  After visit that bad Condition of RAVINDRA RANG MANCH , that was pending  to last 12 years  because that building structure  was not perfect  and safe for viewers  so that ‘s construction work was stop and ruf people were working and using to that incomplete building  for ruf work . I know that users were not wrong  because that building structure and planer were not  perfect so that was in condition of Incomplete and I noticed a big mistake in that project . they were fixed the name of that building RAVINDRA RANG MANCH.  so it was pain full for me because  I have read  to Ravindra natha Thakur and his  true art concept  in  my art history , I have visited his true art work in our national Gallery of Modern art  New Delhi .The Great Britain was gifted him A reward of   “ SIR “ , and I am also regarded for his true art concept of INDAN ART .

In my City some wrong people were doing wrong with his named   building . so I felt wrong with that building  and I were  finalized a critical art workshop  about that building .  I were invited  to my youth artist friends of Bikaner , they all are masters in Visual art.  I did selected  month of March in this month our nation  enjoy to color festival  Holi , and in  my city people are using that  building walls ruf words for fun and for through out to inner frustration . In my city all were welcome to others  inner frustration  only on DHULANDI for a one day , it is a artistic or  it is the culture of our city Holi  . But my city cultural people were not misuse the name of  SIR RAVINDRA NATH THANKUR or any respectable nation person .so my art workshop concept  was  not on city people that was on Planer, designer or builder of RAVINDRA RANG MANCH .

On  art workshop day  I were called  to my artist  friends , Mr. Malchand Pareek , Mr. Vivek Kakara , Mr.  Mohan lal Dudi , Mr. Naveen Swami , they all were came there with full of art energy . first we were painted white wash on that ruf and sexy words of ruf people s. we could not painted to all walls of that building  but a one part of that building we did painted by wall painting , we were used water color ( washable ) ,.On main gate we painted first a image  of GOD GANESHA ,(Shree Ganesh before  a good work ) after draw that Drawing we were played holi by dray color to god GANESHA  Image .

We all art masters were busy in wall painting work
at Ravindra Rang Manch 
When white wash got dray condition then we all were selected our painting space for paint and we all were painted there our  self expression about RAVINDRA RANG MANCH , here in visuals  you can see that paintings and our art action about true condition of RAVINDRA RANG MANCH - year 2009.

I can’t forget to VINAYAK PRINTER S , they were sponsored to us some light food , tea and water . so they were our true art promoter in that critical art workshop of Wall painting of RAVINDRA RANG MANCH . our city Media and E-TV  News were promoted our art sound very confidently .That was very must  for our art sound because that was not only a art activity that was a true critical art action for true art person , His name Ravindra nath  Thakur .

In That one day art workshop we were colored to walls of RAVINDRA RANG MANCH , we did show artist want this art center for art activity , we are ready for use so please don’t leave it for its misuse by none artist people.

After that art workshop I were not lived silent , I did posted that art workshop visuals with some  request words to our Bikaner M P DHARMENDRA (  Senior Cinema Actor ) ,   To C.M. of KOLKATA Mamta Banarji  , to Ravindra Bharti Art Society, Shanti Niketan or to  Our Hon’ble President of INDIA.

Our M P Dharmendra was taken a  action on RAVINDRA RANG MANCH and after that action of our MP  that Ravindra rang Manch was getting start  for perfect look . on that  incomplete  building some one changed to structure design , some one donated   money , some one cared to name of Ravindra nath Thakur and step by step  after four year  in 2013 that incomplete building structure of Ravindra rang manch get 80%  completeness , it is a true success of our art workshop sound .
         Present Condition of Ravindra Rang Manch
        Bikaner 2013 with our art work  Sign images 

On  17 th march  2013  I were went again on that incomplete building  and I were shoot some visuals of that under construction building , that seen was very different, all side of that incomplete building  I saw construction medium , red stone tiles , big air conditioner machine’s some worker were fixing to wires some one busy in stone pasting work on wall . over all that building was getting the real  name of Ravindra Rang Manch ,in that new look I were noticed  my art workshop sign on that walls ,There worker and builder were not hidden our art work sign and I can say they were getting energy when they are visiting to our art work of our art workshop ,our art work is working Like words of Sant “ KABIRA”  


" It mean live always with a true critic , that critic can ,pure and clear to vision without water and shop ."

Our holi meet wall painting art workshop was done it by The  sound of true critical art and its  live continue for final stage of RAVINDRA RANG MANCH , Bikaner.

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner INDIA

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Art Vibration - 73


 Cine Actress is Covering  her face by hand  for care to sun light attack 
Friends , In art history i have read many cine Art Director's were worked for his cine visuals , some one collected visuals from nature, Some one collected from his imagination , some one collected  from Theaters and some one from Folk Art . actually they all were collected  visuals  from our Environment of this  social world . 

In Indian Art History i have read  to a one Cine Art Director Satyajeet Roy , he was created his cine art set and seen frame by his imagination , he was created drawing of seen according to story or cine art character. you can think why i am saying it ?  you know i am master of painting  and here i am talking about Cine Art . why it is..?

So i want to tell  you why i am saying it  to  you. In 2005 when i were busy in a job of press photography In Jaipur .That time one day  my editor gave me a Photo  reporting job about Cine Art ,because our news paper editor was wanted to published to cine art, for promotion of cinema unite or  by cine art  to newspaper  .ha

I were went to GALTA JI a place of Prayer , there i were  went with report Mr. Amit Sharma , i saw there a Cine  unite  were busy in shooting work .A  camera man on camera , director on his direction position , spot boy was caring to all unite member  and some other worker were busy in his work , I were saw a actress of that cine art project was sleep on the green ground  in black dress . Cine camera was rolling on her face or all kind of acting  motion , Step by step the actress was completing her act for that cine project .  In that case i were started  my job work for photo reporting about  my press duty. I were on  my digital camera and started photography of that cine unite or that actress . 

There The Cine Art Director and Cine  Photographer were noticed  my photography action and my consciousness about  my art work . one by one i did shoot many reporting style photographs from  my camera ,In same time i were noticed to  that actress motion and her action  . She was on earth and sun was on up side of our head so the sun light was coming direct on her face , she was not feeling easy or  comfort and her  cine screen seen was very long in that position so after a cut she  was putting her hand on  face , i saw many time that  same action of her and on a one movement i were shoot her picture when she was putted hand on her face . 

When i were shoot that movement of that actress and visiting in  my digital camera screen for perfection of visual , i were listen " good capture man ! that sound came from  my back side , i saw my backside then i were seen  to assist photographer of that cine art unite . he was  pulled my camera from  my hand in full of energy and said you do it ,after it , he was visiting  my photography in  my digital camera  screen , when he was  got some self confidence then said to me  wait man i am coming , in next movement he was went near the Director of that Cine Art team and expressed my captured picture of that cine actress,  the Director was visited that visual and said "  i want it " the Director called  to Cine Photographer and shared that picture by  my digital camera with him and he  said i want this frame  for our project its true image i want it just shoot it..first. 

Cine Art Photographer asked to Director who shoot it then he was told about me "  this young guy shoot it ". The cine art Photographer were gave me a smile and said me good work boy . That Cine Art photographer shared  my photography with that actress and he was guided her for that true action of her for cine frame .that movement the actress of that cine art was looking to  me but she did not said any word to me.ha

My photography work , i shoot to actress of that cine art unite ,2005
There i were visited , the unite of that cine art were  shoot  my visual on that actress within 10 minutes .that was a great movement for  my art masters . i were saw live art transformation photography to cine photography  . I did shoot to true motion and that true motion got a true art space by a true art promoter .

After shoot that true action of that actress the Cine  Photographer and Director were  happy and told to  me  you were inspired me and  my team so tomorrow you can join us at our hotel we will shoot some more seen there  about our  Cine Project. 

By luck Reporter Amit Sharma was said to me i will go tomorrow for cover to this cine art unite story so its very must  you will come with me , Amit told to me i will say to our editor if he will send  to  you with me for this cine art story. when we came back in press office my reporter Friend Mr. Amit Sharma was explained all story of my photo reporting then all were surprised to me ,there,  my Editor was published some good picture of  my shoot and he saw all pictures  of first day shoot of that cine art unite . 

 1.Cine Art Photographer  in  my vision , 2. Assist Photographer  guiding to camera setting  for perfect shoot.
Second day Reporter Amit  Sharma was called me for join to him about cine art story coverage . so i were went  with Amit at hotel of that cine art team . There i  saw a good welcome by assist photographer my first photo art promoter of that cine art unite . The Director of that cine art  unite  asked to me. are  you come ? good  join us and shoot more picture without any presser , then i were started photo shooting work  .I got  some more picture and on a one movement i said to that actress , can  you stand in light ? i want to shoot some more  picture for our reporting work , she was  accepted  my request and came out to that shooting  room, i were started photography of her and i saw  cine art photographer came and told  to  that actress why  you are  come out in light  ? then that actress told to him ,  he want i come out in light for his art photography so i am here , he have some extra vision about his art work .so its my duty i give space to him for his art work  . 

That All seen or  my  photo art work was noticed  by Director of that cine art Unite , They all were happy to me and my art exercise . In mid of That day myself  and  reporter Amit Sharma  were taken tea With Them and i were noticed too the Director of that cine art unite or Cine  photographer   were inspired to me , so i can say my art vision was inspired to cine art director . 

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art

Friday, March 08, 2013

Art Vibration - 72


I am explaining  my visuals capture  story to our Princess Rajyashree Kumari in exhibition of  Photography ,2008
One day i were reading  news paper  in my home , That was year 2008, I were read in that news paper a art news about photography exhibition . As a visual artist i have a camera and Art vision about photography . kind  your information today i have lots of collection of my photography work ,i did completed a job of press photographer in 2005 , many visuals i have shared with  you by this blog posts. actually my photography work is a art and art documentation of  my art journey or its continue with myself today.

That Day after read the news of photography exhibition . i were called  to Organizer of that exhibition , i were called to MAHARAJA GANGA Shingh Trust Bikaner, By luck they were knowing me, i am a artist of Bikaner (  youth painter ) . so they were permitted  to me  for display of my art Photography  work in  Royal photography Exhibiiton. when i got a complete official permission about display in Exhibition . I were got print out of some selected photography works, i did selected in that visuals only real  art sound of myself or identity of Bikaneri culture.

I did selected some camel visuals or hours visuals, air craft visuals and rajasthani traditional or cultural visuals , over all i did exhibited only 10 photographs in exhibition. that exhibition was a royal exhibition so thats presentation was in royal style , i got a display box of museum  from organizers , kind  your information that exhibition was displayed  in our very historical fort JUNAGHAR fort. so i can say i were displayed  my art work in home of Royal Family of Bikaner.

The Exhibition was organized for Our Dr.  MAHARAJA KARNI SHINGH ji , A international Shooter , A very contemporary painter or a great Photographer of our nation .he was a self made army  of our Bikaner  or INDIA. here i want to say I am not king like him , in  my real life but i have same sound  in myself like our Dr. MAHARAJA KARNI SHINGH JI . 
I was Top Shooter in my Air Wing N.C.C. ( i wrote  on this matter in before post  on this blog ) I am master in painting and photography is continue with my art journey .In my real art life i am living like a king but its  myself designed king life. i am belong to a BRAHMIN family not to a Royal Family so I am not a King.

That Photography exhibition was a group show of Bikaner Photographers , they all were participated with his best art photography works , my friend Rakesh Sharma was asked  to me what kind of photo i can display in this exhibition so i did helped him for his work selection as a master of Art. he was happy to my help.My friend  Dinesh Gupta was wanted help to me for his display so i did helped him , there i saw two photographer were participated as a photographer but they were hungry for publicity or award so they were take advantage of his job power , they both were press photographer so they were gave us a very surprising result one was first and second was second , i were laughing on his vision but they were hungry for  word, Best  for self .ha 

I were noticed  that art + award activity or game of award  and then i said i will live back  of all , because i know where is art and art sound . when  i said it that movement our Royal Princess Rajyashree Kumari was listen my critical words but she did not reacted  on my words , In that Movement  i read very true expression on her face. she was upset to that exhibition result , she did try to change that result but we all photographers were  lived silent so she could not taken any action but she did visited again our exhibition before award ceremony . she did show to winner  "i did not like  your result , she was angry on organizer and in our exhibition visitor  book she wrote a line "MANY SUCH WANT IN FUTURE "

A tourist is Visiting  my photography and enjoying to art sound

There I saw all Photographer were not happy to result of Organizers but all were happy because we all were communicated our art sound with national or International viewers . i got many comments from tourist visitors  for  my photography . that was a real award for my art sound in that art exhibition so i were  thankful For MAHARAJA GANGA SHING TRUST , BIKANER,

On last Day Of that Royal Photography Exhibition , Closing day , Organizers and Royal Princess Rajyashree Kumari was  submitted award to award winner and she was gifted  a Biography book of Dr. MAHARAJA KARNI SHINGH JI  to all . After collected that Biography book in my hand ,  i saw the face of our Royal Princess , she was noticed  my  visual art sound and  my nature of art then she was gifted me that biography book of her father or our Bikaner King .

It was Gifted to me Princess Rajyashree Kumari , 2008
Kind  your information i were got a photography work print of Dr. MAHARAJA KARNI SHINGH ji , that was in B & W , i got a certificate of Consolation prize from hand of our Royal Princess Rajyshree Kumari , she was wanted cared the emotion of a true artist from herself blessing words or she did try for that .

But there i were very light and she did not knew about my inner art condition. i were  very confident because i were not hungry about award,  but i were hungry about true art result so i were in tens after knew the result of that art exhibition cum competition . so she was  also in tens because she knew what was  wrong  with exhibition result . i were participated in that exhibition for true art presentation not for award because  i were leaved the way of award or first & second  number race  path  in year 2005 .ha

But i have not leaved the path of true art . this Visual  art sound  of myself was noticed by our Royal Princes Rajyashree Kumari , so i said it or today i am saying it to  you by this True art path.

Yogendra Kumar purohit
Master of FIne Art
Bikaner, INDIA.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Art Vibration - 71


I painted in year 2007, for News paper  Denik  Yugpaksh Bikaner 
Today Time is for mass communication , our world is busy in this business for save to time and collect to better knowledge  for bright future of human life .We know communication is a Base ( NIV its Hindi Word of base ) of our daily life of contemporary time (But today some one have forget the real definition of word NIV) And its continue with human life from start to till today , we don't know when it was started but today its a part of our natural life we all know it very well . 

In my nation we were collected some records of communication from our mythology  Times or thats historical texts books ( GRANTH ).

I read by MAHAGRANTHA MAHABHARTA a big historical or mythological book in that time mass communication was very strong they had live visual presentation by a human ,Sanjay a horse boggy rider of King Dhratrastra  was communicated a big war by  live commentary for blind King in his  king room .we are saying  to that DIVYDRASTI . today that is with  new name live Telecast . Today time is more advance to  past we can talk any body and anywhere by this internet communication , my blog writing and  your reading is also a advance part of our communication of art. 

But when i think about base of communication after mythology chapter . because we are simple human we have no power like that mythological persons .Then i find a one point that is one and only art. It was creation of simple human just like us . they were created performing activity and noticed to social  expression sharing  tool for communication . after that research  we find a complete art form and its have many forms  like writing , poetry, dance , theater, music , song, painting ,sculpture or some craft activity , when this kind of art form was designed  that time it was in folk form , it example is cave art , but cave culture was started the first communication for society .so i can say we human registered first communication tool in form of painting and i am happy today because  i am master in painting ha.

you can say me i am follower of that historical human communication system .its fact  of  my life ,today i am full time busy in creation of visual language for art communication with this advance online networking or old format tool painting .

Other side in  our society we have a very special communication tool or system thats name is Media & Press , its also working like Sanjay Horse boggy rider of KING of MAHABHARTA ,we can say its a very critical and controller or showing face to our society like a mirror  by way of communication , they are all time live busy like a time watch tik tik tik and collecting information to all worlds for fast communication by fast communication workers of society , i did some time this kind of job for a news paper as a press photographer  but they were not cared to a artist  and his art communication system ,so i leaved that wrong aim community of communication Denik Dhaskar , News paper , Jaipur,  that was year 2007.

But all are not bad.  in same year 2007 , one day i were invited by a news paper Editor ,thats newspaper name is YUGPAKSH , its a very cultural or dedicated news paper of  my city , but its sound is vibrating in all our nation every day . That day Editor  told me  we are going to change our news paper system so we will print color news paper for society , in that case we have changed our office look and i want a painting for our office , i want  to you,  you  create  a painting for us, are  you paint for or not  yogendra  ? 

I said yes i will paint a painting for  your office , in that movement i noticed the editor of yugpaksh is know the base ( NIV ) of communication,He is know, art is a first communication tool of our world . i did noticed one editor told me do fight for self right and he did killed  my right from  his self  wrong system and  yugpaksh news paper editor is saying i want only  your art work  for  my office , he want to care  my art sound and he did done that by his communication sense so i am thankful for him in  my art journey. 

About  yugpaksh news paper i can say its a real class of art communication  , its promoting to writer , poet , painter, theater  over all , all art sector or creator by publication of social communication , i am a student of this communication institute to year 1994.

Yugpaksh have published me and sign me time to time when i were shared  my poems , articles or paintings exhibitions  reports , so with respect i did accepted the demand of  painting of Editor and i were crated  a painting in oil color on a big canvas size 4 X 4 fit .

 when i were started that painting in that time i were thought about communication and thats starting  base and then i went in Mythologyical MAHABHARTA MAHA GREANTH , or there to i found a word PARTH its a name of ARJUNA a best bowman of that time , i did painted a man in black figure and a eyes on his head that is symbol of invisible vision , i painted a poppet of lady, a horse figure in green wood form and a hand image  like human power in hand,  when we can do right and better or positive communication to world , over all i did painted to social media  in  painting by symbols , this work was a very critical dialogue on that wrong  media team Denik Bhaskar of Jaipur or a promotional dialogue for Yugpaksh news paper of Bikaner,year 2007.

when i were submitted painting of myself  to Yugpaksh editor  at his office,  he was very happy and asked  to me what is the cost of this art work , yogendra ? 

 I were reply to him, sir its  my " GURU DAKSHINA "  ( Fee ) to  you because  your yugpaksh is  my communication institute and its myself , so what kind of coat its  my work and this office wall is  my wall so i want to hang  my art work on this wall , i will not take any kind of cost for this art work from  you , because  you are  my media Guru , i were connected  to you in year 1994,  that year to till today  you are thinking for me and for  my art communication.  you are promoting  me time to time when my art communication  want  your  Social communication support . so this art work is just a GURU DAKSHINA by me for  you. so here   i want to say  to all of  you , i paint for social Media.

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA