Friday, January 31, 2014

Art Vibration - 276


Invitation for me  from   Sahitya Academy , INDIA
Last week  I were invited  in a literature event . that was organized by national literature Academy of  New Delhi , INDIA. I were received a  hard copy of Invitation of that literature  event by post . when I were received  that invitation  in my hand I were felt happy because our National Literature Academy was noticed  my art and literature sound  in office of  Academy  House Ravindra Bhawan New Delhi . it was second invitation for me from national Academy of Literature , in past I think in year 2012  they were posted me a invitation in Rajasthani Language  in that  time they were organized a literature seminar on Rajasthani Language In My city Bikaner or in last week they  were organized a seminar on literature work of  late writer Sir Vishnu Prabhakar . that literature seminar was for two days in auditorium of veterinary collage of Bikaner .

Photo - yogendra kumar purohit,
First Day of that literature  seminar I were listened about writer Vishnu Prabhakar , he was very new writer for me because before that seminar I were not read his any book or any other literature  work, I were observed in first day  if  writer Vishnu Prabhakar  was thinking like a senior member of a big family that was our Nation. He was wrote in his  literature  like a father , on  in my view today he is  grandfather in Hindi  Literature because he was wrote his all literature in HINDI Language.

As a listener  I were wrote some words in HINDI on that academic seminar , continue two days .so that’s note links  I want to share with  you for your reading if  you are interested in reading of HINDI  language  just  like me.

Photo - yogendra kumar purohit , writer  Dr. Nand Bhardwaj is giving his speech on writing  of Vishnu Prabhakar .

Second day of that literature seminar  I were listened some more words and speechs of Hindi writers  they all were expressed to  writer Vishnu Prabhakar by his different style of literature like stories , articles , play writing, drawing, journey movement or child literature .

For that seminar   speechs  national literature academy was invited to senior writer of our nation and there I were listened to  writer Dr. Nand Bhardwaj, Brajendra Tripathi , Surya Prasad  Dixit,Shrilal Mohta, Brajratan Joshi ,Malchand Tivari ,Urmila shirish , Anita Navin, Sadanad  Sahi , Bulaki Sharma , Suresh Salil , Atul Prabhakar , Sudhir Vidhyarthi , Ramkumar Krishak Shyam Maharshi, kushal nath Upadhyay ,Satykam, Pankaj Parasar , Aniruddh Umat, vatsla Pandey , Ramshankar Divedi , Ramesh Rishikalp, Radheshyam Tiwari , Shiv Narayan , Prakash Manu ,Surendra Vikram ,Divik Ramesh, Rashmi Bhargava , Pratyush Guleri, Pratap Sahgal ,Phoolchand manav , Suyreshwer Tripathi ,Ram Ji  Bali , Rajendra joshi . 
They writers were gave speechs on writing matter of  Sir Vishnu Prabhakar in many sessions . on second day when seminar was came on topic of child literature of sir Vishnu Prabhakar . that time I were thought like a critic and I were saw a question was stand in front side of  myself for subject child literature .

Photo - yogendra kumar purohit, Writer Anituddh Umat saying on Noble
writing of Vishnu Prabhakar 
 In art we are saying child art  to art work of a child that is come in  category of child art , I have read to our art history and I were noticed a senior artist Paul Klee was created lots of painting s in his life like child painting but in last movement of his life he  was wrote a note , ( I were created paintings  like child in  my full life time  but I could not painted like a child ) so I thought that same definition of child creativity in literature subject . I were thought   when a senior literature person write some for child in that movement he or she is thinking for  character design of a child by way of literature  so that is literature of child character design , not a child literature.  because when child write to literature with free motion or mood by natural way then that literature can get a right definition of child literature just like child art painting  .  this thought was came in  my vision   when I were listened  to that national literature seminar on writing  subject  child literature of sir Vishnu Prabhakar ! 
 By luck or by shortage of time I could not put up  my question in front side of that all senior  writer of my nation or in front side of national literature academy of INDIA .

Photo - yogendra kumar purohit. writer Rajendra Joshi saying on Play writing
of Vishnu Prabhakar .  
 So  that pending question about  child literature subject I am putting her for  your observation . maybe you will accept this  think about child literature writing. And after read this  post our national literature academy  will re think on this child literature  subject because it is a critical matter for child literature …!

So I were wrote it which writing is child literature ?

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Art Vibration - 275


Poster Image from Google Image , Film The Passion of  Christ .
Friends we know the definition of passion it have two thing one is positive and second is negative . its examples  we have in  our world history , In time of Christ  the Masiha  was in passion of  right  thing about life and there king and temple  society leaders  of  Europe were  in passion of negative activity about right thing of Christ ,they were not knew what they were doing for positive  concept of life. But we can see a live passion or a height of passion of Christ for a right aim of life  In Europe History with story of God Christ or Masiha .


Here I am sharing and saying it because  I am feeling  to my passion  for creative sound or that’s expressions . childhood age to till today I am fully busy in work of creativity because  my passion of creativity is always pushing and pulling me  in creative activity . I were knew very first about this art and creative passion of myself ,  when I were  saw a movie of western cine art ,  In that Movie the director was showed his passion for film creation , he was also selected  the story of god Christ or Masiha , he was gave title to his art film passion of Christ .by that movie I were knew a complete definition of passion, I were  knew what is passion and how to it come in a person and how to a person can prove it by his patience, practice , trust  or dedication .

That right passion definition  was in myself  but that was silent working by me .  after visit the cine art passion of Christ  I were explored to myself passion  with more freedom of creativity , I were broken  to all boundaries of my creativity . 

After visit that movie I were created many art and craft works by me in different  mediums. I were created medium for art actually that is not medium in academic art rule ..hahah it was  my passion of creativity and it is continue ..thats many examples  I have shared on this creative passion of myself  it is art vibration blog  on google blogger. 

This year  I mean 2014  month January , I were explored  to myself  creative passion  with a different  medium , I were started paper sculpture  by news paper with thread , by crush and binding  work I were created 20 paper sculptures through the way of  manual craft work .

Some art work I have shared in last posts of this  blog . and here that’s real definition and basic concept  I am sharing with  you for  your observation of  my creative art passion .

When I were creating paper art work in that  time I were remembering  the live seen of  film passion of Christ . and I were felt that same condition with me for  my art journey . I were noticed   in film or history of Europe , with Christ they were attacked many time  by danger weapons on his body . they were gave lots of pain  to Christ for brake his passion and right thing about a free or natural life . here   with me I am feeling  time  and Negative  condition is Devil  for me it is trying to brake  myself trust in art and  my creative passion , it is attacking on me every movement of time and life  and I am feeling lots of weapons attacks  on my vision by hard force of devils and that attack is trying to brake  to my creative  passion . it is critical but fact of my art journey today  . this true feeling  you will visit in  my paper sculpture images  on this blog post . 

Yesterday that danger feeling of my  inner side was came out by two paper sculpture , I were created  two weapons , that weapons were  used  on Christ  for brake his passion by side of king of Europe . so unconsciously that weapons form and shape was came out by my creative passion  in paper sculpture form.

Over all that sculpture creation  movement was giving me same feeling  of passion of Christ and I were felt  it , I am on same path  of passion of Christ .  so here I said my passion on path of passion of Christ ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Art Vibration - 274


Friends  you know I am busy in this days in paper craft work , I am using  newspapers and thread . by way of craft work I am creating  some 3D visuals in  paper craft. In past I have shared some art and craft work of myself  in form of paper craft with  you  on this blog  . This week I were created some more  item of our daily life in paper craft .

Actually  I am getting  busy from  my vision or observation for  create to all form or objects in paper craft.  it is a challenging art exercise for  my art vision or for  my manual art work . I am happy  my art time is creating some space  for more exercise in paper craft work and in a one month I have created  15th something  art works in form of paper craft or sculpture .

I were used  some objects  form for my paper sculpture exercise  in this objects I have used our daily life objects like bicycle, light bulb , CF bulb ,  table lamp, microphone . foot wear or traditional  light lamp ( we are saying to that LALTEN ).

I have shared  to  you in past posts about method of this paper craft work  process and how to I am creating it  by myself art exercise . so I will not re write that but I want to share  with  you  how to I selected or why I selected that object for paper craft work.

I were selected foot wear and I were converted that in paper craft  with paper pipes , it was a self test for foot wear creation in paper  after that  I were selected  to light bulb ,  in that  bulb craft  work  I have used to spare piece of news paper you can say to that  wastage .  I were  created a bicycle  through paper pipes in that art exercise I have used sallow tape for save to time . I were created a CF bulb by paper pipe  . in daily objects  creation  I have used  to form of a traditional  lamp ( LALTEN ) I were created it  with help of engineering of structure design that same method I were applied  on a table lamp or on a microphone  object creation  . in visuals of that crafted sculpture  you will notice and observe to my art exercise and that’s right method .

That daily life object creation  concept was all time taking  my mind test and test of  my patience . I were learned to work  how to complete to work or craft . in that case step by step I were getting idea for fix to object form in paper craft for  a right look . in time of creation  I felt  my mind was getting more sense or up level for art vision or that’s creation  by live exercise through  mind or hand , that’s result was coming  in front side of myself in right form of daily life objects . for live test of  my craft work or that’s perfection , I were shared some objects  on online network  for visit of world art family . I were got some right comments about that daily life objects then I were felt more confident in myself about this paper craft exercise .

A Artist friend Man Shingh was gave a cost to  my foot wear  paper craft work he wrote BATA_Rs .. 129.99. ha ha ..he was enjoyed  to that paper craft when he was looked that very first.  For Paper craft of Bicycle,  my niece was pulled to me that crafted bicycle  for self ..ha ha..over all this art exercise  is giving me much more by a easy way of art and craft exercise.  so I am happy to my art time and step by step I am sharing  my present art motion or art action with  you by this art vibration way.

I  don’t know  how long  journey I will do with this paper craft exercise in myself art journey but at present I am busy in observation of daily life objects or that’s transformation in paper craft  so I said daily life objects in paper craft..


Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
 Bikaner, INDIA

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Art Vibration - 273


Photo : for me  A Hard copy of Poetry book of writer  Ahila  Puhal 
Friends I think creativity is  have one sound  in any creative person but that is come out by different way of visuals or sound by different creative persons of our world art family . Someone express to creative sound  by words ,someone express by sound , someone express by performance of body  like dance , acting , painting , music ,craft or etc.

Here I am going to share a interesting or a critical but impressive movement of  my art journey it is live and artistic. So I think I share with  you as a friend or as a family member of our world art family .

Last year I were connected to a writer cum poet and painter  on online network facebook , she is a women from South India .her city is Coimbatore . one day on online I saw a art work  with some word of Tamil language , kind  your information I know the word of tamil language only VANAKAM it mean Hello . so I said VANAKAM to her after like her art work , in same time I were connected  to Cine star  Sir Kamal Hassan   on online so this same word I were shared with him VANAKAM , he was noticed  my sound of VANAKAM .just Like  writer  Ahila Puhal .

Right Image of Title  Design of Book of Ahila Puhal 
Writer cum poet and artist Ahila Puhal is a senior artist  to me , she was noticed  my many art activity and art works and some poetry of Hindi from  my note page of Facebook . she was noticed  my true art sound by her art vision ,. It was a good way for  my art journey because a senior of my nation ,that is living in other state and other part of  my nation, she is not know  my language but she know very well how to read visual language of a junior artist of visual art. So I am thankful for her art vision.

Last Month writer cum poet and painter Ahila Puhal was launched her  poetry book for tamily language community or society , I am saying it because  her book was published  in tamil language in tamil text. I did saw her updates on online and posted  my good wishes and I said congratulation for her new or fresh poetry or that’s book . she was noticed  my comment and then  she told me I will post to  you a book of  my poetry ..ha ha. I were laugh very much and said to her how to I read  your poem ? on online google have no way for translation of tamil language for other language reader . it was critical  condition for me ,  when I were received a hard copy of her poetry book by post . when I were opened to envelope of her  post  I saw a good book with tmail text title . first I were felt happy because that post and art or creative sound of writer Ahila Puhal was came in my city or in my vision by way of art communication , it was a big success of art communication of my art journey. But for reading to book I were felt handicapped  in myself because tamil language is not in my mind data so condition was sad for me.

Finally  I were called  to Ahila Puhal  then I were know she is not know Hindi  so I were told   to her in my short English and said  to her thanks for her art work or art communication . I were asked to her right meaning of her book title  then she told me  (Title : tell and go –Sollivittu sel ) .when I asked to her about translation for my reading she was said translation is  not possible of  my poetry in other language . I were felt her true creative sound  and gave full respect to her creative sound as a member of world art family so that’s live and critical art story I have share here with  you for  your visit and notice.  because it is a true result of true art communication of art and literature between two artist of our world art family.  So I asid only one word in sound of tamil language because I know about it after talk to Writer cum poet and painter Ahila Puhal ..

Photo from Ahila Puhal  facebook page , its live movement of her book launching  event. 


Yogendra  Kumar Purohit 
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Monday, January 20, 2014

Art Vibration - 272


Friends it is a different type exercise for paper sculpture , you know ,  I am busy in paper sculpture work ,in this month and in past I have shared  some example of  my paper craft and art for  your visit and observation . I am doing exercise for convert to 2D art form in 3D by very easy medium paper and thread .

Here I am going to share a new exercise of  myself for  your visit , in this art exercise  I have used to academic engineering of structure design . I used paper thread and engineering for design a 3D ship of paper  sculpture.

First I were created lots of paper pipes and then I were started structure design of a ship by that paper pipes .In academic  sculpture art language  we are saying to that armature design . armature is foundation of a sculpture of clay, plaster, cement or paper massy . Stone sculpture not need any armature so there different type engineering is work that  is from balance of weight  .

When I were creating paper pipes in that time I were went in my childhood age in home we kids were played war war by paper pipes so this craft was recalled  to me my childhood age or that’s play  by paper pipes. When I were busy in studio for creation of ship structure in that time I were working like a binding labor of  RCC building  construction . there labors are bind to iron rods by wires and in studio I were binding  paper pipes by thread . ha ha..but feeling and work condition was same to same .

In first step I were created a simple armature of a ship by  engineering structure . that was in size 4.5 fits X 10 inches . when I got a strong armature  of paper ship then I were restarted binding work of paper pipes by thread on that paper armature of ship. When I were binding  in that time I were learning and noticing how to real ship maker was worked in past . in that  live exercise I were touched  to work style of  Leonardo Da vinci , in work of  paper pipes binding I were faced lots of problem and challenge for a right shape of Ship , in visuals  you will notice  my live challenge condition in 3D sculpture  of paper pipes .  

When I were covered to structure of paper ship by paper pipes  or binding work then I got a simple ship shape . that shape was gave me more confidence for next work on that , like a designer  or Engineer . In three days I were got a complete shape of ship by paper pipes . after that I were fixed a grill on ship  border ,and then a Weeds  of ship a flag and a fan of ship motor.

Finally when I were got a complete ship by exercise of  engineering and paper craft  I were saw a complete ship sculpture in front side of myself  and in same time I were remembered a comment of  my online friend he was said  to me { yogendra is a small captain Jeks Sperro  } ha ha ..

 For me that ship was a live 3D form of  my 2D  drawing  of Ship . over all  in four days  I were completed a new type exercise of paper sculpture by  sound of structure engineering. It was a journey by me  with lots of motion , action, observation or creation , I were felt in myself  a labor , a ship maker , a sculptor , a engineer  or a director of art vision . I can say after 2004-05  I have created one more sculpture  in size 5 fits something . it is interesting for me or  for  my art journey . I  notices engineering  is helping to art structure its making easy way for art creation.

so I said about it ..Engineering for paper ship .

Yogendra  Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Art Vibration - 271


Friends  you know camel festival is a big festival of  my home town Bikaner. It’s organizer is RTDC GOVT OF   INDIA . here in past on art vibration  I have shared some posts on camel festival . in that post I have shared  my photography art sound  for  your visit . you can see and observe in past posts on this blog posts.

Here yesterday camel festival started in my city for world family. By time condition or by rule of family culture  I could not joined  to this year camel festival as a artist but I am not sad because   I know that’s same format or performance there is nothing new for viewers of our world .it is critical but fact of that festival . our camel festival is a fix  format around camel or that’s performance . so I am not missing to this year our camel festival ..ha ha..

But  my inner art feeling were enjoyed to our city festival  by me . it is philosophical talk but it is fact of today . I were enjoyed to time of camel festival in my art studio , you can ask to me how to you were enjoyed this festival in your studio ?  so I will tell you, my friends, I were enjoyed camel festival in different angel in my studio  .I were created a paper sculpture of camel by news papers or thread .


First I were created a form of camel body and after that I were decorated to that crafted camel sculpture like a real camel decoration or that’s traditional dress up. I were shared   my time   energy and inner feeling  in that art and craft work . I saw step by step that news paper was converted in a form of camel of camel festival Bikaner .

 When  you will visit to that camel  visuals  in my photography , you will observe  to  my feeling , craft work  action, or a sound of 3D sculpture designer . I were selected news paper  because camel festival  is publish in news paper and by news paper this festival is go in all home or office of our city, state ,national or international .

Its live example is myself  home . this year i were not joined to camel festival but by news paper I were collected information of camel festival 2014 with lots of visuals of camel festival . so I were selected  newspaper  for camel sculpture . by this  art logic this is a different  angel for me about camel festival 2014  of Bikaner.

This paper sculpture of camel was gave me lots of exercise and challenge for creation or craft  I were handled to all critical condition because I were created it by two medium . I were used craft and art method on it then it could got a complete  shape of camel or in final look it was came in look  like a camel of camel festival 2014 Bikaner.

My inner sound with this festival so here I am in my studio I am writing and sharing this art and craft work for  your visit  with different angle of camel festival , I know  you all friends  will notice to my inner art sound and that’s condition by this true art exercise of camel sculpture . I am sure about it. because I trust on  you.

In last I want to say to  you it is a different angle of myself for camel festival in limited life condition of today, so I said  camel festival in Different angle ..

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner,. INDIA

Friday, January 10, 2014

Art Vibration - 270


Bull head  art work of Picasso 
Bull  head , I have been  read this title very first in my art education of B.F.A.. I was in Rajasthan School of art and there in theory of western art  I were read  to Great Art master Picasso , he was created a bull head in very simple  art form ,Picasso was selected different type of  medium for his self art vision about bull head  creation , he was used  to handle or a lather  seat of bicycle .

In 2001 -02 ,I were in Mumbai for my group show , by luck in that year our National gallery of modern art Museum Mumbai was exhibited a big show of Picasso , that was a golden chance for me or  my art study . I were taken a ticket of that exhibition and I were visited live paintings and some other live art work of great art master Picasso , in that exhibition I were visited  his bull head sculpture cum installation  form .

I know you are thinking why I am telling  this past story of my art journey .but it is must for next step of this post. Actually  today  I were  got again busy in myself with exercise of paper sculpture for 3D form . unconsciously I were created a bull head  by paper or thread .when I were started that paper sculpture in that movement I were remembered to my art history or art study plus live art show of  art master Picasso or his bull head art work .

Bull head art work of  Yogendra  Kumar Purohit

I were thought  I am doing exercise with thread or paper it was  wanting  to me my energy and some more craft work for a right shape of bull head it was  wanted  more exercise  to me because I have limited  medium  of art for express to bull head  form . in critical view Picasso was used also two medium one was bicycle  iron handle and second was lather seat  of bicycle but he was not used his energy or craftsmanship for his art vision of  bull head,  in this view he was up to my vision , it is true  . in same time I were remembered statement of Great Art Master Picasso , he was said “ EVERYONE HAVE A FATHER ” …ha ha I mean  I am back side of  great  art master Picasso but I am on same path , that’s name is contemporary art .our world is saying to that Modern art . ha ha..

Here I am going to share two visuals of my creation that is bull head in paper . that size is  20X 15X15 inches . in this paper sculpture  I were tried to gave some realistic form or look to bull head by my art vision through a easy or simple exercise . when you will visit then  you will judge to my exercise of art  as a art critic and I will wait of  your critical comment on my art vision of bull head . I am sure it will give you a feeling of bull head when  you will visit it  .

Over all today my art exercise of paper sculpture was recalled  to me  my art education   or to great art master Picasso and his great art work Bull head . it was coincident but it was true of  my today  art journey , so thanks to my time and art ,because by art I can remember to past and that’s great art masters or art movement in this busy time of today .

Bull head art work of  Yogendra  Kumar Purohit

This bull head was a creation by my unconsciously webs but it was came in my vision so  I were created it for  your visit .

So I said bull head in my vision …

Yogendra kumar Purhoit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA