Thursday, August 20, 2015

Art Vibration - 394

Child Artist’s of INDIA
Proved Their Art Is Record Work

In month June 2015 , I were on call of 92.7 big Fm radio station Bikaner. RJ Rohit was called me and invited me as Judge for a child art competition . in  my real art education I noticed art is for refreshment of mind or peace  not for competition . 

But when Rj Rohit was told me about that project of child art or that’s real aim then I were accepted his call of Judgment to child art . 

In post number 385 of this art vibration I said about it very clear with  my critical views so  you can read to that . 

Today Rj Rohit have updated a image of Certificate on online . the Limca book of Record was gave certificate to child artists of INDIA .  it is a big success of 92.7 big Fm about  promotion of child art by a historical project exercise . 

92.7 big Fm was organized a large child art completion  in many cities of INDIA  in a one day / in same time . it was projected for Limca book record . by luck I were joined to that big child art activity and I could judged to child artists or their art works as a visual art master . 

When I were judge to Bikaner city child art after creation of child artists at art competition place of  92.7 big Fm. I did noticed 92.7 big Fm was gave a subject to all child artists in INDIA that was SAVE WATER ..


When I were judging to art works of child artists I saw lots of color and creative ideas + meaning full messages about save water concept  . some child artists were wrote very punching caption on un -educative society  or peoples by way of visual art . that was clicking to  my vision ..

That one day art activity of kids were  created a historical record in our world, they registered their art vision in LIMCA book by a one day art work , can  you imagine when they all child artists shell  start every day art work for education of our society , then how many records they will create and achieve every day in their art life ? It is surprising me when I am imagine it , for child artists of my nation .

Late child art master Sir Poul Klly was wrote his last statement about his art , he said I were lived busy in  my life for child art work , in my full art life I created only child art but today I am feeling I could not paint like a child ..( it is true words of a great art master for child art… ) 

So I am in motion of Army salute for child artists of My Nation or our world family ..

Here I want to share the image of certificate of LIMCA BOOK RECORD , the team of Limca Book of record was submitted it to 92.7 big Fm organization team and the team of 92.7 Big Fm is sharing it with all child artists of our INDIA by online network . they are motivate to child artists and they are proving their own  commitment is completed for Limca book record . 

 I sure this certificate will give more art energy to all child artists of that art competition of 92.7 big Fm about SAVE THE WATER concept .

This live art activity or that’s record achievement point is making me more happy and giving me proud feeling . if I were part of that art activity about LIMCA BOOK RECORD through child art .  

So I am very thankful for my theater Artist Cum Rj Rohit Sharma , or his 92.7 Big Fm Radio channel + team of 92.7 big FM . 

Because they all were created space for child artists of Bikaner, INDIA then they all child artists of INDIA have proved their art is record work  and LIMCA BOOK OF RECORD was accepted it and proved it by record Certificate . 

 So here I said child artist;s of INDIA prove their art is record work ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA