Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Art Vibration - 549

TM Colors & Canvas is Very Sensitive For  Visual  Art… 

A artist can understand  to another artist . it is true . Artist live in society but his / her view and vision is always different  to angle of simple society . Artist work on emotions and  life run on practical way . Artist work as a jointer ( its new word I think ) . Artist work in mid  of emotions or practical life.

We know art give always refashion to viewers / listeners or readers . the viewers ,listeners and readers are live in society with artist or they are hoping always to artist for their refreshment  by way of art , it is hidden true but it is. 



You know I am master of fine art my life dedicate to visual art . as a artist I am noticing to society about emotions or practical life . I judge to people for emotions or about practical life or I have find many experiences in this art journey of myself  . that is bad or fine too .  

Two kind of people are live in our society  . they can promoter or fraudester . as a artist I live in mid of them because it is nature and time design for our world family  on this earth .

I think this two type of nature is giving  speed to life for achieve something better and fine for better way of life. So it is with us naturally .


But we know we all human are like very first our promoter , because promoters are push to us lift to us ,expose to us in front of society with our real image.  Time to time we find this type people in our life. That kind of people work in our life as a tocsin /energy booster .

This kind of a tocsin  I found few month ago on my online  art network . A artist  cum art promoter  Team  colors & canvas called to me  for join to their organization as a visual artist for their next art exhibition or show .  A  visual Art master  friend Vaishali Shriram Desai ( Mumbai ) was gave my contact number to team of colors & canvas so first  thanks to  Artist friend Vaisali shreeram Desai.

I received a call from colors & canvas team member  Arjun Bhattacherjee ,  he was  demanded to me my art work images with full details . team colors and canvas is charging only 601 rupees for entry , it was surprising  for me , when I asked about this entry fee . then I knew a artist is organize to this online art show for visual artists in this covid -19 ( killer virus china ) .

Artist Rakhi  Roy sculptor is director of colors & canvas . she has started this organization in year 2014 , she organized many national or international art exhibitions on online or in Visual art gallery of INDIA Habitat  center New Delhi .

Artist Rakhi Roy is a artist so she know to struggle of a visual artist or in this critical time how to visual artist are living his / her life?  she can feel it from her deep sensitivity . so she is charging very nominal charge on each one artists rupees 601/- for participations . it is not a easy job but she is doing it for visual art and that’s artist.  she want to give life to visual art and artists too in this covid -19 . time is in practical mode and she is work by her sensitivity for care to art and artist it is really great and a very right promotional art work of her . so a army salute to artist Rakhi Roy .  

She want to sale to art work of artist for income of money about save to artist life . this is a real art concept of colors & canvas or that’s team . I respect to it ..

Artist Rakhi Roy is thinking for world art family,  so she is inviting to all international visual artists for her art event or art shows . she is sharing or investing her time in art filed for promote to visual art in our society . it is very inspiring activity of a artist , so it is acceptable or visual  artists should   give regards to her work   .

Them Colors & canvas  is working continue and they are promoting to each one participants by digital posters or virtual art show . I have received a poster image with my profile image from team of colors & canvas on facebook page of colors & canvas ,  here  you can see that . 

Artist Rakhi Roy  and Arjun  Bhattacherjee


A another news of online art sale of visual artists work . I know it is very tuff job but team colors & canvas is trying to done it from their best efforts in this critical  time covid -19 .

My best wishes to team colors & canvas because they are very sensitive for visual art and artists .

So here I said  TM colors & canvas is very sensitive for Visual art …

Yogendra kumar purohit

Master of Fine Art

Bikaner , India

Monday, October 12, 2020

Art Vibration - 548

He Read To Me, From His Eyes…

Post of Himanshu vyas , its for myself on Instagram

The Photographer is work to very first from His/ Her eyes ,after that,  photographer  is use to his / her hand and fingers for click to camera for  get a fine picture , visual story or photographer is write to visual history in time. I can say photograph is time recorder too.

The Photography subject need vision and eye of a photographer , it is must camera is just a tool for result . we are calling to that photographs .

My one friend  Mr. Himanshu vyas calling to photography  writing to light , yes he is right I agree with him . because he is thinking like a writer and he is  write live visuals stories from his camera or camera is work on light and shad format so his statement about photography is very true and logical . so it is acceptable for photography ( writing to light  ) .

Artist Himanshu Vyas is living to photography full time in his life . he have a self angle about his photography work . at present he is in job of press photography as a chief photographer in Hindustan  Times news paper Rajasthan .

2004 to I am connected with him , we have a bounding of soul and our understanding is design of nature and  god ? I can’t say much more  about it or I have no words for explain  to it but it is with us or it is continue . he love me or I respect of him.

Himanshu vyas always read to time and condition of life and then he react silently by his vision that can in form of photograph, poem, article and painting too. But he feel comfort  with his passion, that is  photography  .

Sculpture on Electronic Bulb2020
He is not saying much more about myself but when he think deeply to me then he say some for  my nature , I am remembering when I was in Chandigarh for a art and literature event , I was presented there as a Painter , Kritya society of art and literature organized that art and literature event , in that event Himanshu vyas designed a catalog or in that catalog he wrote about myself , yogendra is a surprising mood of energy . I read first  time that note for me that came from Himanshu vyas , really that was surprising for me  too Or I was surprised because I did not read name of catalog designer , his name  was Himanshu vyas , so I taken a risk before Art Exhibition , I picked all catalog and went near a sreen printer , there on pc of screen printer I typed name of  Himanshu vyas  and got golden name by printing on that one thousand catalog . the point is , ( he wrote  about myself very true but before writing he has read to myself ) .

But the story is not end there every year we meet at JLF ( Jaipur literature festival  ) or on online we are communicate mostly everyday our communication way is our posts and comments . we are not talk everyday  on phone . it is surprising for  you too.


Last month I created a miniature sculpture on a electronic bulb  or I did shared that on my online networks for true art communication with my world art family . that work was deferent to academic format of sculpture , so Himanshu  vyas was noticed that  and reacted on that work with his words .

You will see in his posted images how he has read to me and react by his vision . I was again surprised because after a long time he was reacted for  my art practice or about  my art nature cum life.

He is continue reading to me , his vision saying it to me when he react about myself .

So here I said about it he read to me , from his eyes …









Left Side Mr. Himanshu Vyas and myself , File Photo of JLF 2019


  Yogendra kumar purohit

Master of  Fine Art

Bikaner, INDIA  

Monday, July 20, 2020

Art Vibration - 547

Prayer for blessing of Nature..

Prayer , this word come from mythology .we human living our life in confusion . Because we don’t know about start or our end , we just living with other human on our earth in same conditions like others . our sensor’s are work in this nature of earth, we are all time need something for our body or vision . we want to live safe and secure all time and the time create many puzzles of our life in this nature . you can say it is game of nature or Mythology . mythology is a thought of human its not from nature , but the observation or predictions were designed it in mind of human , we are calling to it the  today mythology . 

I will not say here about any god or that’s identity , because that is second part of mythology . actually mythology is teaching to us about respect to nature or planet earth , because this nature and planet earth is giving chance to us for living at here with safe mode . 

We live busy here for complete to our all requirement or this nature is completing that , it is nature surprise for us . we are calling to that our wish is complete / we feel its blessing of nature or mythology too. 

Now today , we world human family is facing a very danger condition about our life. A sick community of humans was designed a killer virus and mixed that in nature ( Indian mythology saying to it game of MAYA )  . they called that covid-19 or corona but I am saying to that a killer virus .ha 

Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay 2020
Now we are looking to our mythology and praying everyday for our safe life,  our safe world and planet earth too. It is in our mind design . so we are following it in every second of time . we know we can’t do after it because we are handicapped ( handicapped mean help less ) .

But life is moving in any condition on this planet earth or that’s nature . at present time against human life but the time supporting to wild life and nature too . now after four month lockdown  condition nature got refresh naturally , NASA reported the ozone layer has covered once again after 26 April 2020. Rivers/sea  water has clean and fresh . it is surprise of nature to us . so I can say hope is still  with life on this earth through the nature . or we can say mythology is working itself  for us . 

We have lots of way of prayers , but as a art master I think art is very much strong way for prayer to nature . prayer need full consciousness, self control, meditation , control on sensors and express to self for better way .
A senior painter  Dr. Vidhyasagar  Upadhyay from  INDIA , started prayer to nature by his art before 11 years ago . he gave title  to that prayer Rangmalhaar . ( color and rhythm ) . the color is part of nature and  rhythm is too. So nature was accepted his true art prayer for blessing on life. 

His prayer method is work about blessing of nature or mythology . he paint to some elements . here elements are hidden. but he focus on painting  with full consciousness ,self control,, meditation, control on sensors and express to his inner feeling in form of painting on selected elements .  
Artist Shubhash joshi Pune
art work of Shubhash joshi 2020
His prayer inspired to many more artists of INDIA so they connected with his prayer concept . it is magic of art prayer or mythology too , I don’t know what is this with we all artists . but it is . so thanks to Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay , he found this prayer way in nature for our better life way .
Today is covid-19 world is in lockdown mode but the mythology need this prayer from Him so a new way start about this art prayer . 

This year 2020 rangmalhaar art prayer come on online or its come in more strong sound. so this prayer convert internationally . it is surprising for me . we all participants registered to ourselves on page of google online registration page of Rangmalhaar 2020. 

Article on Rangmalhaar 2020 . writer Rajendra P Sharma 2020

We all participants worked on a carry bag ( echo friendly carry bags ) . date 5th july 2020 day was final for prayer to nature by Rangmalhaar . all international artists were worked in a same time on a same day in their studio . it mean lots of art energy worked for betterment of life in our nature . it was live prayer to nature . 
As a artist I also invited some artists for join this positive art step about our nature . so art master Subhash Joshi Pune , INDIA showed his full interest in this art prayer, he created a good painting on carry bag with sound covid-19 and love . he surprised to me so thanks to him. 

Art Critic Mr. Rajendra P Sharma , Jaipur , INDIA called to me for collect to image of my art work  for publication in a news . then I knew a art critic also interested in this art prayer . he is taking serious to this positive art step of rangmalhaar  and he is noticing to each one artist or  his /her art prayer , it was great for me , he is also painter and participated in art prayer of Rangmalhaar 2020 , he painted a carry bag too. Rajendra p Sharma published to our international art prayer in news paper cum magazine  dainik navjyoti ( daily new light  news paper of jaipur ,Rajasthan India . ) 
Myself painted one carry bag , I crafted that paper carry bag from my hand and painted that . my work image give you my deep prayer sound,  I can’t explain that in words . 
myself and  my art prayer 2020
myself and  my art prayer 2020

participation certificate from Rangmalhaat 2020

Art prayer Rangmalhaar concept Designer Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay also painted a big carry bag in his studio .

Art master Anurag Swami , Rangmalhaar 2020
Art Master Anurag Swami Bikaner Rajasthan managed to this first international online art prayer cum workshop from his studio and his extra efforts connected to all participants with in short time . it is also creditable work of master Anurag swami so thanks to him .

We all participants are collecting a certificate from Rangmalhaar it is not only a certificate , it is a thanks for joint prayer about blessing on human life .

So here I said about it , prayer for  blessing of nature ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA