Friday, July 30, 2021

Art Vibration - 551


My Master Of Art Diploma From Italy ,

I dedicate to My Art College  

Rajasthan School of art …

Friends I am very apologies for this long gap of my blog writing at art vibration .but now I am at here ..

Certificate Diploma of master of Art from  Italy 2020 ..

In this post I want to share my first  international  academic art achievement with  you .  that art achievement I want to dedicate to my art collage Rajasthan School of Art  Jaipur  / Rajasthan / INDIA .

You know I am connected to many international art academies or art galleries of our world . time to time they are calling  to me for participation in their art activities . so by online communication I am participating in their art activities or they are noticing to my continuity or dedication in field of art . I am saying about it only for visual art because I am master of visual art from Rajasthan School of art  .

( kind  your Information Rajasthan School of art college Jaipur / Rajasthan/ India  is a branch of Royal College of Art London . I have completed my masters in year 2005-06 from Rajasthan School of Art Jaipur /Rajasthan/ India .

Year 2006 to till 2021 I am continue busy in practice of visual art  as a free lancer artist of INDIA . I am representing to my contemporary art view ,you can say my own art practice of visual art.  that is self research , title is myself is a journey of myself by visual art. I have wrote about it in my past posts on this art vibration .

One day on social network facebook , I received a art call from International free art gallery Italy . They  were invited  my art work plus my bio-data . I submitted them on their Email Id .

The Director of International free artists gallery  Great Art Master and My Alexandra Enzo Marino ( Senior Artist of ITALY ) was  organized a international art Exhibition and he was continue  noticed to artists of our world in this covid time , who  artists were busy in art ,continue in this critical time of covid-19 and then he was  selected to some international artists of our world for diploma of master of art 2020 ,certificate .

In this covid  time I were full time busy in art because I faced a fracture in my left leg so on rest or in recovery  time , I were lived active and painted lots of painting continue or shared  on my all social media networks , I did not shared  my fracture news with world art family  but I shared  my daily art practice with them for their art visit on online networks .

Master Enzo Marino liked to my daily art activity plus  art updates and  he sent  me a certificate from his international free artists gallery  Italy . in that certificate he was gave me diploma of master of art .for me it was surprising art achievement from ITALY  . I felt happy because a senior artist of our world art family was noticed  to my daily art activity in this covid -19  time .

Rajasthan School of Art  College , Jaipur Rajasthan India , Photo from Google Image  so thanks to Google


 Here I am very much thankful for great art master sir Enzo Marino  Italy(  My real Alexandra ). he was created a international art achievement movement for  my art journey , he gave me a international art academic diploma of master of art certificate from his ITALY .

 we know ITALY is a itself a big historical art place of great masters of visual art. There to a academic diploma CERTIFICATE for my art practice. It  is really proud feeling for me . this proud is possible because I have done  my art education from very rich art academic institute of our world that’s name is Rajasthan School of art college Jaipur/Rajasthan/India,  that’s roots are  Royal College of Art London .

So I am dedicating my International academic Italian art Diploma of master of art 2020 to My Rajasthan Schoolo of Art Jaipur/Rajasthan/INDIA .through the Rajasthan School of art it is going  Direct to Royal Collage of art  London too.


Yogendra kumar purohit

Master of Fine Art

Bikaner, INDIA

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Art Vibration - 550


My Alexander  Is  Give Rank Of Jury To Me…


Friend Art is a art .its come out  from artist heart . art is touch to vision of peoples and art can give refreshment to social systems . art work like mirror of soul and art expose to inner sound , art have nature of give . it’s a useful property for our each one society . art is not bound in any limits or boundaries . art live in folk or modern too . art is in me and in  you .  it is universal truth . art is a way of communication art is creating soul  relation . I think it is right art definition .

I am poetic in this post because poem is also art sound of a artist soul so please accept it because in poem sound or words I expose to definition of a right art .

In our world we have lots of art masters they all are busy in their own art job.  that is art duty of them or they are doing that for art.

In that long list of  art masters I am very close to a senior most great art master of  Italy . he is energy booster in field of art . so I am respecting of him . he is busy in winning to heart of world family from his art practice . he is not killing to peoples body , he is just  winning to heart of peoples , so I am calling to him my real Alexander maestro Enzo Marino ( a very contemporary senior most respectable painter of Italy ) .

On my art vibration blog I have shared some posts about his art or our close bounding cum relations in  art  and culture . he is continue reading to my art from social media networks that same work I am doing for him from my studio on this social media network path.

At Present My Alexander  Enzo Marino is direct to a Free Art gallery as a director on social media for international artists or their work promotion. He invited to international artists on free art gallery and then he expose to their art work from his online art gallery  . it is not a easy job but my Alexander Enzo Marino is Doing it and connecting to world for love and peace through the way of art.

In this month my Alexander Enzo Marino posted me a letter , in that letter he demanded to me  my permission for accept to Jury post for his next art activity of Free Art gallery . for me his offer was surprised , because My Alexander Enzo Marino want to give me a high rank ( jury ) in his art journey . he want to give me a real art duty cum responsibility about judge to international contemporary art collection of free art gallery . I got more serious in myself because jury is very critical post or my Alexander was wanted to me add in his jury panel .

A letter copy of my Alexander Enzo Marino ..He posted me …

(  Dear friends, dear artists,

I thank you for accepting my invitation to be part of the commission of the collective exhibition "The faces of the pandemi.

The commission, composed of Christine Kertz Austria, Ahlam Lemseffer Morocco, Maritè Svast Argentina, Sami Ben Ameur Tunisia, Yogendra K Purohit India, Giorgos Nouvakis Greece, Enzo Marino Italy, must choose the works that best correspond to the theme of the exhibition.

 The rules are few and simple:

 In the video "The faces of the pandemic" there are n. 86 works by different international artists.

Each work is marked with a number placed in front of the author's name.

Every single judge where to choose 5 most significant works according to their own aesthetic judgment and most corresponding to the theme.

The commissioner, in drawing up his report, can write a brief critical judgment on the works he has chosen, but can also abstain, however, providing the numbers of the works and the names of the authors

The reports of the commissioners must be received by 26 October 2020. The reports will be analyzed and compared in order to be able to draw up a final ranking.

The ranking will be disclosed in the FREE ART GALLERY and on social networks but the specific work of the commission will not be disclosed.

I gladly accept your considerations and your advice. A fraternal hug. Enzo )

For Respect of a Senior Artist or his selection  I said yes , I gave permission to him for add to me in his Jury panel for  next art activity of free Art gallery . 


My Alexander Enzo Marino  Italy ..

I am happy to my Alexander Enzo Marino because  he know I don’t like to competition in field of art or art judgment . so he gave me ranking format for art selection . In ranking format I am feeling light or out of presser , because there I feel free for give rank to each one art work , I can give rank to any art on  my own art experience or knowledge plus personal interest . so I am thankful for my Alexander , he noticed to my art nature and then designed this ranking format for give me a rank of jury about his  art activity of Free Art gallery .  

So here I said about it , My Alexander is give rank of jury to me 



Yogendra  kumar purohit

Master of Fine Art

Bikaner, INDIA

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Art Vibration - 549

TM Colors & Canvas is Very Sensitive For  Visual  Art… 

A artist can understand  to another artist . it is true . Artist live in society but his / her view and vision is always different  to angle of simple society . Artist work on emotions and  life run on practical way . Artist work as a jointer ( its new word I think ) . Artist work in mid  of emotions or practical life.

We know art give always refashion to viewers / listeners or readers . the viewers ,listeners and readers are live in society with artist or they are hoping always to artist for their refreshment  by way of art , it is hidden true but it is. 



You know I am master of fine art my life dedicate to visual art . as a artist I am noticing to society about emotions or practical life . I judge to people for emotions or about practical life or I have find many experiences in this art journey of myself  . that is bad or fine too .  

Two kind of people are live in our society  . they can promoter or fraudester . as a artist I live in mid of them because it is nature and time design for our world family  on this earth .

I think this two type of nature is giving  speed to life for achieve something better and fine for better way of life. So it is with us naturally .


But we know we all human are like very first our promoter , because promoters are push to us lift to us ,expose to us in front of society with our real image.  Time to time we find this type people in our life. That kind of people work in our life as a tocsin /energy booster .

This kind of a tocsin  I found few month ago on my online  art network . A artist  cum art promoter  Team  colors & canvas called to me  for join to their organization as a visual artist for their next art exhibition or show .  A  visual Art master  friend Vaishali Shriram Desai ( Mumbai ) was gave my contact number to team of colors & canvas so first  thanks to  Artist friend Vaisali shreeram Desai.

I received a call from colors & canvas team member  Arjun Bhattacherjee ,  he was  demanded to me my art work images with full details . team colors and canvas is charging only 601 rupees for entry , it was surprising  for me , when I asked about this entry fee . then I knew a artist is organize to this online art show for visual artists in this covid -19 ( killer virus china ) .

Artist Rakhi  Roy sculptor is director of colors & canvas . she has started this organization in year 2014 , she organized many national or international art exhibitions on online or in Visual art gallery of INDIA Habitat  center New Delhi .

Artist Rakhi Roy is a artist so she know to struggle of a visual artist or in this critical time how to visual artist are living his / her life?  she can feel it from her deep sensitivity . so she is charging very nominal charge on each one artists rupees 601/- for participations . it is not a easy job but she is doing it for visual art and that’s artist.  she want to give life to visual art and artists too in this covid -19 . time is in practical mode and she is work by her sensitivity for care to art and artist it is really great and a very right promotional art work of her . so a army salute to artist Rakhi Roy .  

She want to sale to art work of artist for income of money about save to artist life . this is a real art concept of colors & canvas or that’s team . I respect to it ..

Artist Rakhi Roy is thinking for world art family,  so she is inviting to all international visual artists for her art event or art shows . she is sharing or investing her time in art filed for promote to visual art in our society . it is very inspiring activity of a artist , so it is acceptable or visual  artists should   give regards to her work   .

Them Colors & canvas  is working continue and they are promoting to each one participants by digital posters or virtual art show . I have received a poster image with my profile image from team of colors & canvas on facebook page of colors & canvas ,  here  you can see that . 

Artist Rakhi Roy  and Arjun  Bhattacherjee


A another news of online art sale of visual artists work . I know it is very tuff job but team colors & canvas is trying to done it from their best efforts in this critical  time covid -19 .

My best wishes to team colors & canvas because they are very sensitive for visual art and artists .

So here I said  TM colors & canvas is very sensitive for Visual art …

Yogendra kumar purohit

Master of Fine Art

Bikaner , India