Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Art Vibration - 567


Webinar of Camlin  was Changed to Painting Mood ..

Art is a complete backup of Human life . we know we can’t recover to our losses but our art can change to our view , vision and mood for next step of life..

We all humans were faced to very critical  time with killer virus covid -19 , we are  not completely come out to this covid  but in covid time art pull out to us for live to life fight with covid -19 .

In this Fight Art played a right role through online path . many art academies and art workers or art galleries were started online webinar for artists or art students . they all were created busy art movements for artists and art students  too.

So I am thankful for them .they played very well their own duty as a member of Human family of our world .

 My Art works / camel Hobby art workshop , kokuyo camlin webinars 2021

 In last two years I also joined many art webinar from my home . I participated as a artist and followed to art demo or instructions of webinar organizers .

That was not  my own style art practice but I did practice with team of webinar  for support to their right art activity in this covid time.

In India Kokuyo Camlin color company started online registration for painting webinar . it was a great start from a color company of INDIA in covid time .

I attended nine webinar of camlin .in that nine webinar camlin provided nine type of art exercise for participants . after webinar camlin provided certificate to participants . For this webinar camlin was not taken any fee or charges to Participants . camlin was needed only registration on camlin portal for participation .

You know I am painting on myself thought , but when I joined to webinar of camlin I felt how to camlin is changing to mood of artist for painting . it was interesting or very much important in covid time ,

 Camlin webinar was not only webinar or art demo , in that one an half hour webinar camlin team was trying to give busy movement to participants . or when a artist joined to webinar of camlin he/she was forgot to all kind of tens of life and covid too. It was not a easy job in critical time but camlin have done it very well . it was surprising activity of camlin so thanks to camlin .

Kind  your information camlin is continue with camel hobby art workshop today . the webinar is on ( weekly webinar ) . but today I enter in age group of 46  so I can’t participate according to rule of registration for camlin  webinar .

In nine webinar of camlin I created nine type of art exercise with input of  my art practice . I went in mood of  my art study time . I painted landscape after 17 years , it was itself a surprise for myself so its credit goes to camlin team or that’s webinar .

 My four year old Niece Miss Disha Purohit was watching how to painting demo and many painting styles through live art demo of camlin webinar . she observed how to demo artists draw and paint to objects and create a art work , she also noticed  to my art practice, or   in mid of art work she filled colors with me so webinar of camlin was very much useful for her  . she learned very much by webinar of camlin .


Now time is change  my age is change so I am leaving to continuity with camlin webinar because I come in age group 46 today . sorry camlin team director Sir Rajkumar  Ji .

But in time of camlin webinar I felt change in my art mood , I worked as a follower or as a art student .

So here I write , webinar of camlin was changed to painting mood ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit

Master of Fine Art

Bikaner , India                                                                                                           

Monday, October 25, 2021

Art Vibration -566

Royal College of Art London is

Notice to My Research Topic… 

Art Institute is providing a right educational path for needy art students . In Indian art History we can read many types of art Institutes like Ajanta , Natya Shastra of Bharat Muni , Mugal Art , Traditional art of India , School of arts ( it is branches of Royal College of Art London ) we Indian are calling to it company style school  and Shanti Niketan  Kolkata  India  ( Nobel winner Sir Ravindra nath  Thakur was designed and provided shanty Niketan art  institute to art students of INDIA . )

Art institute’s are a right space for art student , it is giving freedom of express to art concept of  art students , institute’s are searching new opportunity for better art,  so they are invite to art students every year for new semester .

Art Institutes are caring to value of aesthetics and they are design aesthetic value in society for fine culture. so I think art institute is playing a very important role in our society . all art institute’s are  trying to care and create fresh culture for our Human life. I think it is real art duty of all kind of art institute’s   in our world art family .

The Royal College of Art was taken this responsibility itself when it was opened for all art students of our world . Royal college of Art have  skill development format in art education . this skill design format is develop to observation power of art students or we know art need deep observation for a fine output in form of art .

Royal College of art , started from London and it was came In India by  British company with new title School of Art . Royal College of art  opened many branches In main cities of INDIA like Kolkata School of art , Madras School of Art , Sir. J.J. School of art Mumbai  , Delhi School of Art , Rajasthan School of Art and some more school of arts with name of cities of INDIA .

It was a new challenge for art students of INDIA but with time art managed it- itself,  because it is nature of art .

Kind your Information today In India that all branches of Royal College of art is open for art students,  our Government of INDIA is managing to it very well . I am happy because I was part of this art institution format of Royal college of art . I have completed my B.F.A. and then Masters from Rajasthan School of art  Jaipur , Rajasthan . I shared  my six year’s with art education concept of Royal College of art  ( in Rajasthan School of Art  1994-95 to  1998-99 for BFA Degree and then 2003-04 to 2005-06 for masters in Painting  ) .

 In master education time I completed   my own research paper on topic Human Nature and art , I wrote 50 pages Notes on 20 Artists of India . I submitted my Dissertation to Rajasthan School of Art , my dissertation was accepted or I got my Masters In painting  with right research topic . so I am thankful for Rajasthan School of Art  or  My HOD  Dr. Vidhyasagar  Upadhyay ( Painter ) .

At Present I am looking for PHD on my own  research Topic Human Nature and Art. so I am communicating with main Branch of School of Art that is Royal College of Art London . Last few months to I am continue in touch of management team of Royal College of Art and I am asking to them for online PHD on  my own topic .

In this communication chain they were invited to me for two webinars , in that webinars experts were shared some important information about art education in Royal College of Art  London .

I felt Royal College of Art very much helpful, they want to do help to needy art student from Royal College of Art . One day the Director of Royal  College of Art London was called to me on my phone  and  Director  posted to  me a mail,  in that mail he wrote we are trying to call  you yogendra . I think it is complete example of their helping nature cum helping art format of Royal College of Art  London .


 When I was attended second webinar of Royal College of Art London In October  2021 , I sent  my feedback to team of Webinar of Royal College of Art London , The Team of that  webinar was sent me reply mail with  thank  you words .their thank  you was proved it , if they are noticing to  my communication of art and My research topic too. ( our Communication is on and it is continue from Royal College of Art )
















So here I am saying it .. Royal College of art London is Notice to my  Research Topic ..   

Yogendra kumar purohit

Master of Fine Art

Bikaner, INDIA