Monday, September 06, 2021

Art Vibration - 564


Camel Hobby Art workshops are  Inspiring to creative Minds…

I painted it after join to camel Hobby art workshop , palm tree-sunset
Friends we human’s are  live busy in our own business. Our business is in many forms. As a artist I have my own business that’s name is painting  . for definition of art  writer cum philosopher Dr. Haridwari Prasad Dvivedi ( India ) wrote  it  - ART IS BUSINESS OF MIND .

 This art definition I am looking in art activity of camlin . we all are suffering in covid -19. In this critical  time we need Social distance for safety of each other  and art have opposite nature of this protection system , art need masses . because  art concept is work for social / live communication by performing art , like music , painting, sculpture , theater and some more art forms .

It is tuff job for artists but artists business adopted to online communication for business of art . it is very different to art nature.  But art is designing it and adding it in art nature for business of art . Overall  it is business of mind .

Time need it,  so it is acceptable or we can say it is a safe way for care to art and culture plus creative minds . 




In this art business only artists are not active,  some social worker teams ( NGO ) and one art medium company of INDIA is also busy in it  . it is a new start for culture of future . I am welcoming of it . 


Here I want to share a right activity of camlin . you know camlin is a art color company of INDIA . At Present camlin is working something extra for business of art and about business of camlin . I can say camlin is started a creative business for art ( paining ) .

Camlin have started online art workshop with title camel hobby art workshop . in a one month camlin have done many hobby art workshops for creative minds of  kids and mature artists . camlin is creating space for business of art about visual art and that’s artists . in this art business camlin is doing own business of colors by online sale . it is not a bad idea for a business company . Actually camlin is showing,  they are working for artists  and artists can work through the color of camlin . so it is a joint business of art for society from camlin and  artists.   

As a art master of painting  I have joined three art workshops of camlin in a one month . I saw how much this camel Hobby art workshop is Inspiring to creative mind . when I were busy in live online painting workshop of camlin on Google zoom , In that movement  my Niece Ms.Disha Purohit , four year old  girl child  was watching that live art magic ( painting ) and that same painting she was  looking  on my drawing board . she was inspiring to that live creative  art activity . it was surprising for her . that live magical art movement was created by camlin . so I can say camlin is doing  right business of art for artist business ( business of Mind ) . 


Chief photographer of Hindustan Times Rajasthan Sir Himanshu Vyas update it on his Instagram
Camlin is not providing only  hobby art workshops,  after art workshop camlin is recognizing  to all participants by certificate ( reward of participations ) . Camlin is know  No definition of camlin without creative  Minds ( painters ) and painters are know , no definition of painting without colors ( it is real fact ) . this joint business of art is really inspiring to creative minds and society . 

Indian Classical Singer Ma'am Shubha Mudgal Liked it on  Instagram and posted her best wishes ..

Certificate  from Camiln / CAF .2021


So here I said about it Camel  Hobby art workshops are inspiring to creative minds …

Yogendra  kumar purohit

Master of Fine Art

Bikaner , India 

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Art Vibration - 563

Congratulation  To Team Of

Chahal Pahal  E-Child Magazine

Art And Literature is base of our Human Culture or we human designed it for our culture or future culture too. Art And Literature have a strong form like a sculpture . its develop to human vision for more better design of life and society . without Art and Literature we can’t Imagine to culture . culture is second name of Art and Literature . it is fact . 

 Our History is a big example of  my talk. In History we can see to lots of Art and Literature forms, It was changed and converted with time for more better forms . so I can say our human life is getting growth with Art and Literature .

I am saying it because I am feeling it or experiencing it in my vision . I have passed 45 years of my life  and from my childhood age to till today I am connect with art and Literature   . you can say I am completely busy in art and literature or  my work is contribution in design of our present culture . I learn it from our History or I am in practice for design of our future culture.

In this chain of culture design I am looking some more art and literature persons and NGO . They all are fully busy in this most important job of culture design.

We are suffering at present in Covid -19 . Everything is lock in our social life and cultural life. But in this critical time a one way is open for us. That is Online communication . It is a advantage for us,  by this way we can communicate and share our vision with each other from our Home or work place without any face to face meeting . 


Kind  your Information in my Bikaner city  a NGO , committed social workers team is continue busy in design to culture through art and Literature . That NGO name Is Ajit Foundation , its founder was late Padm Awarded  ( top Indian national Reward ) Dr. Vijay Shankar Vyas started it in Bikaner .

This Ajit Foundation is providing library facility, educational / creative /literature workshops and discuss , the team of Ajit Foundation is work in field for care to nature and save water plus child education / development too. 

Here I want to share a one work of Ajit Foundation . that is focus on child education . in this covid -19 the library of Ajit foundation campus was locked . so from Office of Ajit  Foundation , Ajit Foundation team was started a Online child magazine for kids . it was a right step of Ajit Foundation for kid education plus creativity .  

Co ordinate of Ajit Foundation Master Sanjay Shrimali was Started a child magazine editing work for online format in this covid -19 . we can say a digital E Magazine for child Education cum creative fun.

He was demanded to me some creative idea before start to Chahal Pahal E child Magazine , I suggested to him about use and publication of visual art or child art exercises . Master Sanjay Shrimali was accepted my ideas, he was used in his editorial desk and then presented a E child Magazine with title Chahal Pahal .

Today Chahal Pahal E child Magazine has been completed one year with 12 edition’s . I am receiving link of Chahal Pahal E Child Magazine every month and I am noticing in chahal pahal  E child magazine,  lots of educational matter , creative art exercises of Kids and some important information or creative poems /stories too. I think Chahal Pahal E child Magazine is a surprise for kids in this critical time Covid -19 . I think all kids are very much thankful for Ajit Foundation. Because Ajit foundation is thinking for child education /creativity of Child and literary fun of kids. It is not a easy job. But Ajit foundation is doing it for kids .

Time to time I am trying to give  my contribution in publication to Editorial team of Chahal Pahal E child Magazine or the Editorial Team of Chahal Pahal E child Magazine is publishing   to my article and views in Chahal Pahal E Child magazine .

Here I am sharing  my two Article and one view , it was published in Chahal Pahal E child Magazine in one year . 

Kind  your Information Chahal Pahal E child Magazine is in Hindi for Kids,  so it is a one more important work of Ajit Foundation for promotion to Hindi language . 

 Chahal Pahal E Child Magazine have completed one year very well in this critical time.  so it is a great exercise by Ajit Foundation or Editor Master Sanjay Shrimali for design to culture through Art and literature  . so they are deserving a big congratulation from my deep  heart .

So here I said about it , congratulation to team of  Chahal Pahal E child Magazine …



 Yogendra  kumar  purohit

Master of Fine Art

Bikaner ,India