Monday, January 16, 2017

Art Vibration - 450

I did played my role in
Camel Festival - 2017 

Friends we know people are observing to us or our activity . They have a level for us about their observation or by that observation they use us, they are provide space for us , they are creating  canvas for us about our work capacity . you know I am master of fine art ( new name Visual art master )  so some social worker /friends are know my capacity about visual art , They are trying to use that for their project or event so they are calling me / inviting me . 

I am very professional in my art work but I am not commercial , In this days  I am providing  my art and art idea to society for betterment of vision of society , you can say I am doing educational work for our society by way of art and  my friends are using me or my art mood for social work / events .

You know last 5 days to I am busy in event of camel festival . camel festival is a international event of city Bikaner . The government of Rajasthan or tourism department is organize to this international event . so my friend master Gopal Singh a event manager was posted me  a E mail , that was a invitation of photo exhibition in camel festival 2017 . I was  sent to him my eight photographs on his four subjects , two photographs for each one subject . 

  On date 13th Jan 2017 I was invited at Junagarh fort on opening time of photo exhibition . There I saw master Gopal Singh was busy with Bikaner city blog team , They very young boys were busy in display of photographs . There i was noticed  my photo was display but that was only one from eight photos , then I was understood why master  Gopal singh was added me in that exhibition with juniors . I saw the fresh photographers were presented very fresh photography on subject of Bikaner or camel festival  . It was good luck for our photo exhibition because the S.P. of Bikaner Dr. Amandeep Kapoor ( theater artist  cum photographer  ) was inaugurated our  photo exhibition with our city M.L.A. Shidhi kumari . so our photo exhibition was started to CAMEL FESTIVAL 2017 with very fresh mood of energy  

Here a link of for your visit , this link is our photo exhibition , I did shared it on my page .
After Exhibition opening , master Gopal singh was called me for talk about heritage walk , in that talk he was invited to our City P.R.O . sir Hari Shankar  Acharya ,Master Giriraj Purohit and turban master Gopal Bissa . we were designed to heritage walk or that’s historical activity with culture sound of our historical Bikaner . In that time Master Gopal Singh was collected some idea and views from  me about design of Heritage walk . I am happy to him because ,he was added that idea for heritage walk, it mean  he was gave full respect to my vision about heritage sound of  Bikaner . 

Here to a right use of myself was started for Camel festival 2017 by a event manager , His name is Master Gopal Singh . After final to design of heritage walk , we went to main city and there we were met to many peoples of our road map of heritage walk , we were fixed some place for heritage activity or that’s presentation , we were submitted some invitation cards of heritage walk to shops keeper of main market . That was our real historical work for success of heritage walk , Because it was new idea for camel festival of Bikaner . It was first extra event in camel festival . so in advance this kind of work was very must for safety of tourists on their visit of our main city Bikaner . 

On date 14th Jan. 2017 , I was at main gate of Junagarh fort , There i was saw the tourism department was ready for a walk ( in Hindi Shobha yatra ) I saw that very cultural or historical decorum after five  years. I was leaved to participation in camel festival after 2012 , because I saw some disrespect with photographers, mostly freelancer artist just like me,  so I was stopped to myself for camel festival after 2012 .

But Master Gopal Singh was added me again with this camel festival 2017 by way of photography  exhibition . It was his smartness or kindness too for me or  my art journey. So I was there with my D70S NIKON  camera. That was first day of camel festival of 2017  .There I were shoot near 200 photos on first day . 

On I were shared  that after selection of some good live motions of camel festival 2017. Here that’s link for your visit ..

On date 15th jan.2017 , The second day of camel festival , The day of Heritage walk, At 9 am I was stand in front of  Rampuriya Haveli Street . There master Gopal Sing and master Gopal Bissa was presented . They were busy in work of final touch to heritage walk . The S.P. Dr. Amandeep Kapoor and Director of R.T.D.C. Bikaner were  started that heritage walk , it was started from Rampuriya haveli Street and that’s last stoppage  was Maharaja Bikaji Ki Tekari , It was 700 to 900 miters walk  in main city of Bikaner . In mid way many culture activity  like turban binding work, Bikaneri special sweets , hot milk and JALEBI , some fast food and very much welcome / respect to all tourists and  heritage walk members . People were welcome to heritage walk by flowers in every each one street . That was very magical movement for all of us , I was continue shoot to all live  motions or movements of that heritage walk without any disturbance in my photography work . 
I shoot it  at Bikaji ki tekari  Bikaner , Camel festival 2017  ( Heritage walk )
I shoot it  at Bikaji ki tekari  Bikaner , Camel festival 2017  ( Heritage walk )
I shoot it  at Bikaji ki tekari  Bikaner , Camel festival 2017  ( Heritage walk )

150 photographs I were shoot to our heritage walk . here that’s link for your visit from link. There I were updated that all photographs.

I shoot it  at Bikaji ki tekari  Bikaner , Camel festival 2017  ( Heritage walk )
After Heritage walk I were joined to again camel festival at Maharaja Karni Singh Stadium , There I were shoot only turban binding competition of tourist . That was very impressive or attractive activity  of camel festival , The tourists were playing with turban cloth someone were  binding  on his /her head very perfectly or someone were  creating fun because they could not  binding to their turban on head . So for me that live event was very important and I were shoot that from main stage of camel festival , That time no one stopped to me . So I felt better there because I got many good  visuals without any trouble . 

But there I felt trouble ,when I was shooting to down to stage. I did faced some technical  mistake of stage setup , There in day time they have setup to night time stage , so the wild sky was packed by light stands or speakers , They have blocked to open sky views and speakers were blocked to front views , There I felt the stage designer / set designer was ignored to photographers view or angles . That was critical or its  result you can see in visuals of camel festival 2017  .

The News paper Rajasthan Patrika was not published  to  picture of day time events of main stage . I was also edit to all stage visuals for get to right composition or frame .it was critical too .  

Here by  link of, you will see or notice  it  . I have shared that all edit photos on my page .

On date 16th Jan 2017 I was joined to our Photo exhibition at Junagarh fort . There master Gopal Singh was busy in managing work of closing ceremony of our photo exhibition . He was planning for best three for only Junior , Because he know I don’t like competition format in art . and I was not connected for show to myself is best . I know what I am or what is  my art place . so Master Gopal Singh was selected three best in junior photographers .

The M.D. of SBBJ , Bikaner , Director of Tourism Department of Bikaner or P.R.O Sir Hari Shankar Achary  were  submitted certificates and momentum to   participants , They were submitted a certificate to me from  that stage about  my participation and junior photographer was shoot to me from his camera . Actually at that time he was playing his real role as a photographer . 

And I were also played  my role in camel festival 2017 , as a art master ( Master of Visual Art ) .
 It was possible by event manager master Gopal Singh , so I was there .

Or here I said about my art duty    , I did  played my role in camel festival  2017 …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Art Vibration - 449

I write to Light,The Cow Life

Friends yesterday I were lived busy in a event of Care to cow life . The Bikaner was milk city of Rajasthan . Here before Foundation of Bikaner , many Cow boys were lived with family at this land and they were protected to cows and they were business  of cow milk or butter .

Sant  Shri Sanvit Somgiri Ji Maharaj  and Care taker Sir Braj Narayan Kiraru  Are Talking for cow Life of Gochar ..2017

When Bikaner was founded by Royal Family of Jodhpur , That time many kings were protected to cow boys or their milk business time to time  . So in Design of Bikaner or that’s map  the King Family was leaved free space for cows . That was live house of cows . In historical record we are calling to that Sharah nathaniyan Gochar Bhumi ( cow land ) .

Scientist Dr. Hanuman Vyas and care taker Brij Narayan Kiradru is talking on subject use of cow  in  bio farming .. 2017
 Last year by a water saved campaign  project , I were connected to this Gochar Bhumi ( Cow Land ) . I did observed to live condition of  cows house or that’s basic structure . That is critical in this very developed time of Bikaner. That cow House have no permanent water supply for dinking water about   cows . There are no complete safety for cows without a right boundary of Gochar Bhumi ( cow Land ) . The special food Sewan Grass is in critical condition  so that land need natural framing of Sewan grass for cow Food . 

Sharah Nathaniyan Gochar Bhumi  2017 , I shoot it yesterday .

Many experts are saying and noticing about it but the real condition is in same platform ( critical ) . In this critical condition  some committed person are caring to life of cows , in that committed persons ,some are real cow boys, some are  donors or some are  developers of cow House . They all are re-farming of Seven grass at cow land. They are higher   the water from Bikaner city on cost of water tanker’s  . Actually they are buy the water for cows. For safety they are caring to cows by some helpers as a watchman. I notice it , this is not a permanent  system about house of cow or life of cows . so it is need a complete or permanent solution about this critical condition of Gochar bhumi ( cow Land of Bikaner ).

Sant Sinvit Somgiri Ji Maharaj and Former Minister Sir Devi singh Bhati is opening sawan gress land for cows  with care taker Sir Brij Narayan Kiraru ..2017 

I think its duty of our Human Family we come and take a right action for care to house of Cows  by support of our nation system . we all know cow is our second Mother in this nature after our real Mother . we have our duty for our Mother so time is come we know the our Duty and take a right action for care to life of cows by our sensitive system of Government of INDIA . 

cows are in land of sawen gress at Sharah Nathaniyan Gochar Bhumi  Bikaner ..2017

Here in Bikaner at Sharah Nathaniyan Gochar Bhumi Bikaner ( cow land )  a senior person Sir Braj Narayan Kiraru is very committed for care to life of cows and the home of cows . he is collecting fund from Donnor and then he is providing water , safety and food ( sewan Grass ) to cows at cows home. He is doing this job to last 32 years and many senior persons of Bikaner are with Him. 

Yesterday I saw a one more live example at Sharah Nathaniyan Gochar Bhumi the Sant Sanvit Somgiri ji Maharaj and former minister Sir Devisingh Bhati  was still with him and they were talking with cow boys for care to life of cows and about  milk business, plus cow land  protection .

As a visual artist I were noticed it and I did shoot to that live movements of that live talk of cow or protection of cow at  cow land . 
In art,  photography have a definition  , we are calling to that  WRITING BY LIGHT .So i were wrote  to that live movements by light and storage in my mobile data as a visual book . 

I was there then I could knew some more right information about house of cows or the life of cows . I knew there a cow give 20 lakh rupees in  full life to cow boy . ( cow care taker ) . I knew how to cow is more useful for health of Human family and much more . so that voice sound or knowledge is save  in my memory of mind  and the live motion I were wrote by light through my camera .

Here some visuals I am sharing for your notice and by that visual  you can read , what I write by light about cow life .

So here I said I write to light the cow life…

A Hindi Note i have wrote yesterday in text also  so here thats copy for your visit with updated image..

मित्रों आज शरह नथानियां गोचर भूमि में वर्षा ऋतू के उपरांत उगाई गयी सेवण घास के अंतिम बाड़े को गोधन के चरने हेतु खोल दिया गाया ! इस मौके पर शरह नथानियां गोचर भूमि में स्थित हनुमान मठ पर शरह नथणियां गोचर भूमि संरक्षण एवम विकास समिति के अध्यक्ष श्री ब्रज नारायण किराडू जी ने संवित सोमगिरि जी महाराज और माननीय पूर्व मंत्री श्री देवीसिंह जी को आमंत्रित किया सेवन घास के बाड़े को उनके करकमलो से खुलवाने हेतु !
शरह नथानियां गोचर भूमि स्थित हनुमान मठ पर पहले श्री देवीसिंह जी ने अपने शब्दो और चित परिचित अंदाज में लोक व्यवस्था पर अंकुश बढ़ने की बात कहते हुए , सभी आये हुए गोपालक और गो सेवकों को चेताया ! गौ धन की उपियोगिता और महत्ता की बात कहते हुए उन्होंने समूह में रहने संगठन से गो पालन और गोचर के संरक्षण की जरूरत पर जोर देते हुए अपनी बात कही ! तो संवित सोमगिरि जी महाराज ने संस्कार और सत्संग की बात कही ! उन्होंने संस्कारों को जीवित रखने की बात कही ! उन्होंने कहा संस्कार बचे तो गौ माता बच जायेगी क्यों की गो पालन भी एक संस्कार है जिसे नयी पीढ़ी को समझना और जीवन में धारण करना जरुरी है ! साथ ही उन्होंने समय के साथ हुए तकनिकी विकास और उसके उपकरण को भी आत्मसात करने की बात कही ! इस अवसर पर श्री ब्रज नारायण किराडू जी ने शरह नथानियां गोचर भूमि संरक्षण एवम विकास समिति के ३२ साल के अतीत के कार्यो और उन कार्यो में माननीय श्री देवीसिंह जी और संवित सोमगिरी जी के अतुल्य सहयोग को भी सब के समक्ष रखा !
वैदिक मंत्रोचारण के साथ गौ माता का पूजन किया गया और फिर शरह नथानियां गोचर भूमि पर स्थित सारे गौ धन के लिए इस वर्ष के सेवण घास के बाड़े को माननीय श्री देवीसिंह जी और संवित सोमगिरि जी करकमलों से खोल दिया गाया ! जो आगामी दो माह तक गौ धन के लिए सेवण घास का प्राकृतिक आहार उपलब्ध करवाएगा !
मुझे उस सम्पूर्ण आयोजम में उपस्थित होने और विशिष्ठ व्यक्तित्वों को सुन ने का सु अवसर भी मिला साथ में उस अद्भुत दृश्यों को संगृहीत करने का मौका भी।
सो इस रचनात्मक अवसर को मेरे लिए उपलब्ध करवाने हेतु शरह नथानियां गोचर भूमि संरक्षण एवम विकास समिति की .. जय हो ...
एक फोटो कॉलेज उस विहंगम द्रश्य का आप के अवलोकन हेतु शरह नथानियां गोचर भूमि से।

News paper Rajasthan Patrika Bikaner or Dainik Bhaskar Bikaner was published it ....2017

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA