Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Art Vibration - 445

Folk Live in Common Life

Master Gopal Bissa  Is Ready for binding to Rajasthani Turban ...

Master Gopal  Bissa  with different Style Turban;s
Folk it is a base of our world life . folk is a real guideline of our human life , folk is a live sound of our soul , folk is designing  to us and our world culture . folk is live still always with common  life,  folk is  continue like sun, earth or our universe . Folk is not in any study book  , folk is not a product , folk is not a visible. Folk is a virtual soul sound of common life in  our world society . I can say , folk is a inner sound of a common life....that’s all. 

Here I am focusing your vision on folk, because I am also in this web after talk to a young man of my city . last week I was in main city of Bikaner , you know Bikaner is my home town . In main market of Bikaner ( BADA BAZAR )  master Gopal Bissa a very young man was met to me and he was shared his life matter or about his business . 

Master Goppal Bissa  In Dubai
 He is promoting to Rajasthani Culture from his art and craft . For him his job is promotion of culture in world . But in my view he is living to real folk in his soul so he is folk promoter in front side of  my observation . 

Master Goppal Bissa  In Dubai

Master Gopal Bissa is busy in this days in work of Rajasthani culture promotion  in his promotion  work he have been  visited to Dubai and many metro  cities of INDIA . Master Gopal Bissa  and his team is presenting to Rajasthani dress and different type of turban’s , colorful turban ( Rajasthani Color – fast color , pure color ) .

 Kind  your information master Gopal Bissa is master in binding of Rajasthani turban in many styles . in Rajasthani folk all human cast’s  have a special style of their turban binding or they have their own selective color for turbans .  Rajasthank People have their cast identity by their  special turban style . In folk / culture we are calling to that turban’s   RATHODI PAG , RAJWADI PAG, TURANGI PAG, KILANGI PAG, KHIDAGIYA PAG , PICHRANGI PAG, FENTA, SAFA, PECHA , PAAGDI and  etc. 

I am writing it here,  Because  when I were talked to Master Gopal Bissa,he was told me  we are promoting to Rajasthani culture by a project or campaign . we are going to out of India and there we are presenting to us with  our Rajasthani Culture by dress, turban or our talk ( folk ) ..

So in that movement  my vision was indicated to me for colorful painting  in Rajasthani Color , I said to myself yogendra  you can create some art work in Rajasthani Folk colors . Because I am also part of Rajasthani Folk / culture . Master Golap Bisaa and his talk was inspired to me for create some art work of myself  in sound of Rajasthani folk. so this week I have created four paintings in color of Rajasthani folk / culture . I want to dedicate  my Rajasthani folk /culture  color paintings to Master Gopal Bissa and his team  . Because he was inspired to me for this Rajasthani folk color painting . 

 Here I want to share some visuals of master Gopal Bissa  , in that visuals you can see to him in color of Rajasthani folk / culture or four paintings of myself in color of Rajasthani folk/ culture ..after talk to Master Gopal Bissa . 

I know Master Gopal Bissa is a very common man , he is live very common life but in his common life he is live to his real folk , his soul is playing in sound of Rajasthani Folk / culture.   so he is in this business , they are calling to that promotion of Rajasthani Culture .. actually they are promoting to Rajasthani folk in our world  by campaign work  . His campaign was gave me some visuals or sound of Rajasthani Folk so I can say I was deep entered in   my art and craft   folk after talk to him . Because I know he is a common man and in his common life he is living to Rajasthani folk/ culture  … just like me  … 
Myself art work in Rajasthani  Folk / culture  color

Myself art work in Rajasthani  Folk / culture  color

Myself art work in Rajasthani  Folk / culture  color

Myself art work in Rajasthani  Folk / culture  color

So here I said about our true art/craft  conversation . folk live in common life  

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Art Vibration - 444

A Question To me, By My Prime Minster of India Hon’ble Sir  Narendra Modi ji 

Friends today in mid of day I were checked my email account, in mail list I saw a mail of hon’ble Prime minister of India . I were opened to that mail and I saw a question for me about new notes or that’s impact on social life . it was a very big question for me from  hon’ble Prime minister of my India .

I did felt he know to me and my social role in my nation. I am master in painting but he was asked to my about contemporary economy condition . first I did thought , it is face id of our prime minister  but when I saw a link of survey app . in that mail I were opened that link and saw the complete app page with name or image of our prime minister of Indai . I did changed  to my mind , I was planned for a right  reply to our prime minister for his right question .

 I did shared  my 20 days observation of city or that’s peoples , they are facing many conditions in a day by this new money format .

Here that mail reply copy for your notice  along with question mail of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India  Shri Narendra Modi Ji .

First a copy of mail of Hon’ble Prime minister Sir narendra Modi  ji

He was wrote it to me in form of a question ( E Mail )

On Monday, November 28, 2016 11:45 PM, Narendra Modi wrote:

Dear yogendra kumar purohit Ji ,

A few days ago I had appealed to the people of India to tell me what they feel about the Government’s decision on 500 and 1000 Rupee notes ceasing to be legal tender. I was delighted to note that since my asking, over 10 lakh people from the length and breadth of India have shared their feedback on the ‘Narendra Modi App’.

I request you to please take part in the survey and enrich it with your valuable views.

The decision that Government took on 8th November is inspired by the collective will to take India to new heights of progress. It is high time we uproot the evils of corruption and black money, which were hampering the growth of India. 

I am fully aware that the people of India are facing temporary hardships. However, these temporary hardships will pave way for a glorious future and build an India that is strong, prosperous and inclusive.

The ability of the people of India to withstand and overcome short-term pain for long term gain has humbled me and given me more energy to work for the development of India.

I again request you to take part in the survey and share your honest and unbiased opinion. This will be extremely helpful for me personally and for the Government. Click on the following link to download the App and take part in the survey-
Narendra Modi

In reply I wrote this mail to hon’ble Prime Minister of INDIA sir Narendra Modi  ji ….
Jai hind 

 Hon'ble Prime minister of INDIA ..

what i say about  this action of yours . i am not in job , i am not in any business or in any money making game . you know i have not touch any new rupees of 500 and 2000 to my hand . i have no money in my pocket my money in bank that is very small amount in 20,000 /- something .

 i am freelancer artist of INDIA my home in Bikaner . here i am hearing to many labor class persons , they are disturb in their life . they are waiting to last 20 days for normal life . but the condition is still for them. only patrol pump can take old note from peoples but a food sector or shop is not in this format . a labor class person collect every day food from small shops . but that shop are not permitted for collect to old 500 and 1000 rupees .

i have listened it so i am sharing with  you . actually i am out to this money change system because i have no money in my pocket . so i did not went to my bank or i did not  join to money change format for my family or friend . but by this money change system my two close friend were upset to me i think they will not join to me in future because i were not helped  to them in their money change  action .  i am not want to involve myself in any extra activity after  my art  . ( maine mitrata me kabhi pese ko bich me nahi aane diya na liya ) ....!

i am noticing  common society is come on last stage of their patience in this 20 days and they are confuse and asking to each other , when this condition will normal . news paper are also criticism to this new money format.  so it is also confusing to people . all are in unwanted fear . it is something critical  for Indian Government , i think it . may be i am wrong  because i am not part of this national action, or   i have no money in my hand or pocket parents are caring to my art journey they are real donor to my art journey ..hon'ble Prime minister Sir ...sorry i can't write more  my eyes is overflow to tears ..
Jai Hind


yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA
So about this true communication of myself with hon’ble Prime minister of INDIA , I said to it ,
A question to me by my prime minister of india Hon'ble Sir Narendra Modi  ji

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA