Saturday, December 07, 2019

Art Vibration - 530

He Has Donate His Life To World Art and Artists …

Art Critic Sir Vinod Bhardwaj by  yogegndra kumar purohit
Friends art need full life of a creative person , here life mean is time of a creative person . We know our art history is showing it or teaching to it today . artists are learning  how to dedicate to life to art for design a artistic or peaceful culture in our society /country or world . 

So their life is very respective in our  society . because they are found to way of creative cultural about  our society . it is a tuff job but some tuff  and self committed persons are accept it for real design to our culture .
Artists are creating  creative sound  in form of art work,  it can music, painting, dance, theater, writing , poetry ,  performing art and some more branches of arts. It is artists duty in our society or with artists some educated persons are continue working for art and artists .

In Mid Senior Artist  Shri Gopal Vyas  right Side  Art Critic Vinod Bhardwaj or left side photographer Sir Manoj  Grower
We are calling to them art critics . yes they are discuss to artists and they ask to artists about their creation or  what kind of role will play his / her art in cultural  society . critics are expose to creation of artists in front of our society by print media, electronic media or in contemporary time social media  too.     

It is must because the society know to art and artists sound by their work of art then they accept or reject to that for culture . so art critics are playing a very important role in our culture design . they also design or sign to fresh artists of our society . they welcome to new concept of art or art form about our culture design . so art critics are very important forever , about art and artists .

Sir Vinod Bhardwaj on interview of Zee News
I am saying it because I am master of fine art ( Painter ) . or in last month date 25 to 27 Nov. 2019  our international  art critic Sir Vinod Bhardwaj came to my City Bikaner on a call of senior artist sir  Shri gopal Vyas .

I met to Art Critic  Sir Vinod Bhardwaj as a painter at Home of  Artist Shri Gopal Vyas . in short notice we some active painters worked on canvas in presence of Sir Vinod Bhardwaj . it was a live art test of myself as a painter. I gave that test in front side of a international art critic of our world . it was great achievement for me , because he noticed  to my painting passion or patience too. I did  continue 2 hours  work on a canvas in my own style ( myself ) . in visual you will see to my work in blue and black  color at here . 

Sir Vinod Bhardwaj tasting  to RABDI sweet of pure milk ( Bikaneri sweet )
Sir Vinod Bhardwaj  and Myself before screeing of Film SAiloz Mookharjee at Hotel basant Vihar Bikaner 2019

Sir vinod Bhardwaj know to me to last 15 years , I did exhibited my struggle Installation at Ravindra Bhawan  New Delhi . he came and visited  my conceptual sound of struggle in gallery of lalit Kala  Academi  New Delhi . there  he told to me your words and   your work sound is same . so keep it up …I am watching  you …

In Bikaner when he started talk to me in that movement he asked a question about  my recent 3D portrait ( paper sculpture ) . that time I knew he is really watching to my art steps to last 15 th years . so I said very first a big thanks to him from my deep heart and he gave me a simple smile as a teacher or GURU .

Sir Vinod Bhardwaj lived thee days with us in our Bikaner . he visited our heritage city or that’s historical streets with  folk music / art promoter Sir Damodar Tanwar ( Bikaner ) . sir Vinod Bhardwaj enjoyed to Bikaneri food  in food he tasted to pure Bikianer  Rabadi ( sweet of pure Milk ) .he visited Bikaneri Havelies ( mantion ) and Bhanda Sa Jain Temple .

Sir Vinod Ji taking about film after screening ..
exhibition hall our art works were exhibited in presence of Sir  Vinod Bhardwaj
Sir Vinod Bhardwaj and myself with  my art work

On date 27 Nov. 2019 we created a art exhibition or a screening program at hotel Basant Vihar Bikaner . Sir Vinod Bhardwaj presented a art film on screen that was focused on art life of great Indian painter  Sir Sailoz Mookharjee . when I watching to that art film  my eyes was wet or I thought how to sir Vinod Bhardwaj is living his own  life .( in words I can’t explain that movement of  my thoughts ) … 

we are busy in watching to film screening by Sir Vinod Bhardwaj
He live full  time busy in research of art and artists thought or his/ her works .i noticed he have lots of respect for artists of our world family or he want to teach , please know to artist or his /her art sound . that is key of peaceful culture . he want to care to artists or his art journey . that art film was  a one percentage of his art caring nature , he want to  do very much for art and artists from his energy or his time . In that tree days I noticed he live full time busy in his mind or he is thinking continue for old and new art form or that’s artists . I saw he is not living for his self , he living  for myself (  artist ) . so after that three days I felt lots of respect and proud for  Sir Vinod Bhardwaj . by luck he is from my nation or he lived three days with me in my city Bikaner . his company was making to  me rich or cool about  my art journey . so lots of regards for Sir Vinod Bhardwaj from my deep heart. 

last movement of that live art activity of by Sir Manoj Grower

Actually Sir Vinod Bhardwaj has donate his life to Art and  Artists is  my view or its true ..

So here I said he has Donate his life to world art and artists ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA     

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Art Vibration - 529

3D Portrait Task I Accepted …

step 1
step 2
Friends some time  our time  is design a special task for our mind . that task we face as  a exam or test of us . because we accept that . so we put our 100 % in that task for a right result .about result of  this  kind of task we are not sure but we work hard for that . 

Actually this kind of new task educate to us teach to us like a institute . in art we are calling to this  kind of condition .. art teaching to art / work teach to work is fact because I have applied it many time,  this tag line  concept in my all new art tasks . so I can say it because it is right !

step 3
step 4
Last month I was on art call of Director of Art Hotel Gaj Kesari  Bikaner , Sir Sunil Rampuriya called to me for a new task . he showed two human body structure cum sculpture . that was in fiber casting art form . Sir Sunil Rampuriya wanted to me 3D face for  that head less fiber sculptures . 

You know I am master in Painting , I am working as a creative painter  but  A Sculptor is living in me so I taken that task as a test of myself . 

step 5
step 6
I started 3D portrait with medium cardboard or gum plus brown paper . in this task I thought as a sculptor , I planned to portrait as a sculptor . kind  your information before task of this 3D portrait I did not created any 3d portrait in cardboard . so it was a live test of  myself creativity . I did not looked to other artists work in this task work . so everything was came out from  my own creativity  . it was interesting for me with sound of full  art challenge . I created it for me . 

In visuals  you will see how to I started and where I finished to that 3D portrait task .

step 8
 22 hours I worked with cardboard or gum for find a right 3D portrait from my creativity . it was puzzle exercise for  my mind . I am happy my mind solved this puzzle and gave me a 3D portrait or I could completed a right task on right time . 
step 9
Second  3d portrait
You can ask how to Right Time ? so I tell you  Sir Sunil Rampuria wanted Install to that 3D portrait  in function of Art Hotel Gaj Kesari  Bikaner , in that function Jodhpur Maharaja Hon’ble Gaj Singh was chief guest . So in his presence sir Sunil Rampuriya install to that 3D portrait in his art hotel Gaj Kesari . Maharaja  Jodhpur  Hon’ble Gaj Singh ji noticed to that art Installation at  Art Hotel Gaj Kesari Bikaner .  so it was region of right time for my art task .

When first 3D portrait was completed then I started second one . in second one I taken more time for more practice plus put out to my creativity . so I taken 25 hours in second 3d Portrait ,that’s result  you will see in visuals .

The result of 3d Portrait was made me more confident because I did passed a 3d sculpture creation task with a new medium cardboard . 

Second  3d portrait

 my acceptance was not wrong for 3D Portrait task . it was more sign me . Art Critic Sir Vinod Bhardwaj asked to me in his style    Purohit are you creating sculpture in this days ? “ it was a big complement for  my 3d portrait task . so a big thanks  to  Sir Sunil Rampuriya he selected to me about this 3d Portrait Task . 

so here I said 3D portrait  task I accepted …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA