Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Art Vibration - 453

Time is Change to Mood Or Vision When Maturity Come in Juniors Vision

 work on Heritage Subject  year 2004 , RAJASTHAN SCHOOL OF ART Collage, JAIPUR ,Pigeon is trying to sit on bottle
True art sound is work very strongly but silently . it is universal truth about art sound . I was created this kind of art sound in year 2004 , when I was in Rajasthan School of art as a Student of masters of painting . I was created art sound through my visual art exercise .  year 2004 It was my  first year of masters ,  as a student of masters I was selected very critical subject for  my painting study , yes I was selected   subject HERITAGE ..

I did selected this  subject Because there after off  to my class I was visited to Main  city Jaipur by walk , in that walk I was observed to many Historical place and buildings of Pink City . All buildings were painted by advertising of market products . that add was damaging to natural look of PINK CITY . So I was painted that disturbing sound through  my art sound . I was painted some walls of  my art studio at Rajasthan School of art . I was faced many troubles in that art works , That trouble  was created by my collage administration . there some juniors were  also angry on me , Because  my art collage was also a Historical Building so they are right in their views , but for me that was  my art studio or a canvas about my art sound ,so I was painted  my thought in painting and  showed like a mirror image of PINK CITY .

Real Condition of My art work at RSA Room Number -2 ,   year 2017 , Photo by  Master Pawan Sharma
I know this is year 2017 , after 13th years  once again  I am remembering to masters education or that’s live conditions . But why  ? you can ask to me .. so my friends I want to tell you , yesterday my junior Master Pawan Sharma was posted me three images on online communication network  from our  Rajasthan School of art collage ( old  building ) . we did masters in  that Building . Master Pawan Sharma Is very sensitive artist or he is very much sensitive for our Art Collage Building , I respect to his love for  art collage or that’s historical building . I also love to my art collage or that’s environment , because that environment was created to me a art master so  today I am in front of  you , you know it .

Under reconstruction the building of RSA  year 2017 , Photo by Master Pawan Sharma
So when I was painted the painting on wall about critical sound of heritage , in that days master Pawan Sharma was said to me some words as a art critic , I did said to him .. this collage building is   my studio,  so on wall of this building  I am creating mirror image of PINK CITY .This wall is  my canvas or for viewers it is a Mirror image of PINK CITY . Because I am feeling disturbance in me ,when I see or observe to our Historical Structure of this City . I said to Master Pawan Sharma  I am just expressing to reality , I know it will not change to environment  but this work can indicate to thinker of heritage , may be one day some one notice it and they will take action for change to environment about  right image of Heritage structures.
 My painting  was realistic art work in big size . I was painted two bottles of cold Drinks and in mid of that bottles I was hanged a couple of Toy ( Traditional craft in form of Male Female Wood sculpture  – KATHPUTLI  ) by blessing of God that installation was creating perfect art sound of myself  with critical condition of Heritage . 

That art work was visually very strong .its example is , one day we all students of  my class or some juniors were busy in art talk in my class room , we were busy in our work talk   , but one junior was busy to visit to a pigeon , that pigeon was trying to sit on my painted bottle but that could not got success . when third time that pigeon was trying to sit on bottle , my junior called to me BHAIYA BHAIYA ( brother ) see this pigeon is trying to sit on your painted bottle , we all were saw  to that pigeon and all were surprised to that activity of pigeon  . in that movement I was felt very much completeness in me about  my realistic  art exercise , I did created completely  3D image in 2D surface and I was created confusion for bird view . That pigeon was felt confusion in his vision by that realistic art image . that was  my first victory of Masters . But matter was not end there .

In year 2009 when I was went to Amer Fort for visit , there I saw the Amer Fort was getting the real historical look , the bank SBBJ was sponsored of that reconstructive work of AMER FORT . 

It was second Victory of  My art sound , in that time I was recalled to My Junior Pawan Sharma and told to him congratulation ,Because  I know he have sensitivity about Historical Structure or that’s forms like MAHAL , Buildings or other historical structures .

Under reconstruction the building of RSA  year 2017 , Photo by Master Pawan Sharma

After year  2009 ,  yesterday once again that same art work was recalled to me , Because  master Pawan Sharma is  in pain , but this time his pain is not for Historical building  , his pain for  my painting . He has been  started love to  my art work , that art work is the  same work , in year 2004 he was visited my wall painting and got angry on me but  today year 2017 he is feeling pain because my  art work will not more on wall of old Building of RAJASTHAN SCHOOL OF ART . Master Pawan sharma is  Upset so he was shared some visuals of  my painting or our art collage building . At present there a constructive team is reconstructing  to that historical building . They are  giving to  original look to that historical building structure . ( in this case  my art work is working rightly because that building was not for art collage so our collage was unwanted institution for that historical building  ) I am happy because  my  art sound is working continue from that wall in mid of our Society or in Administration of our RAJASTHAN GOVERNMENT . 

 I am thankful for our Rajasthan Government because the team of Government  are noticing  to values of Historical structure , our Historical structures  are  real cultural identity of our Historical  Rajasthan . so in this case they can  remove to my work for real historical look of that building . 

Master Pawan Sharma  at Old Building of  RSA  with TERAKOTA ART work on wall ...
Here I want to say  to Master Pawan Sharma , you are very sensitive artist  but  you think our Art Collage building  was not constructed for our Art Collage , that was not our collage building , our RAJASTHAN SCHOOL OF ART COLLAGE  building was higher by British system about  art education . That building was rental building for our Art Collage. so you nice guy master Pawan Sharma, please  don’t feel pain in your heart,  open the window of your very creative mind or  educate to your sensitivity .  we and our Art collage both are  like a pigeon , we were lucky  because many years we could  stay there and we did got art education from that building about our art journey . it is true ,  we were shared our education time in that building so our attachment is natural , for us that  building was  our second home . but that was not for Art collage  you know it,   my friend that was not for Art Education . in  your posted photographs  I saw the team of reconstruction are busy in  redesign to that historical building in thats natural design  , please notice it again and study about that building , what was real use of that building before our art collage ? May be you will find the right answer in study of History of JAIPUR and then  you will come out to  your pain . 

Here I am sharing some visuals for your notice , the real condition of our Historical old building of Rajasthan School of art . 

Today I am feeling happy because  the time is working  properly for right image of creative rights . The time have change to vision of  my Junior Master Pawan Sharma . 

So here I said  Time is change to mood or vision , when maturity  come in juniors vision…

Yogendra  kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner. INDIA

Monday, January 30, 2017

Art Vibration - 452

Four Days Dedicated To
My Pushkarna Community

Open  Registration of  P.C.O.C. at Basic  P.G. collage Bikaner  26 th Jan . 2017
Last week  I was on journey of Zee Jaipur Literature Festival 2017 , In that journey  my friend Mr. Shyam Narayan Ranga was with me in Bus . So we did talked on  our life or that’s future projects . when mr. Shyam Narayan Ranga was explaining his future plan in that plans he was told to me about his chess competition event about our Pushkarna Brahmin Community . He was invited to me for join to his chess competition as a player , because he know I am playing chess in my art journey after  work of art ( refreshment of Mind  by chess ) . 

 I was accepted his live invitation in that  journey as a commitment with friend .  when I came Bikaner After join to Zee Jaipur Literature festival 2017  , Mr. Shyam Narayan Ranga was posted me message with full information of chess competition . On date 26th Jan. 2017  at 4 pm I was went at Basic P.G. Collage  Bikaner . There I was  met to Mr. Shyam Narayan Ranga and his team or  my friends master Harsh Vardhan harsh , Anand Vyas, Rajasthani culture promoter master kishan Purohit and  Anand Acharya ,B.D. Harsh  over all you can say the youth team of our Pushkarna Community of  Bikaner was presented there for a social sports activity about our Pushkarna community . The chess competition was open Chess competition for all members of our Pushkarna  Community . There I was noticed near 80 participants for that chesss competition. It was a great achievement for trust of Shri Ramnarayan Jetha Devi Ranga Trust . Mr. Shyam Narayan Ranga is organizer or Director of that  trust . Late Shree Ramnarayan Ranga was grandfather of Mr. Shyam Narayan Ranga  so today master Shyam Narayan Ranga is busy in work of His late grandfather  about  our Pushkarna Community ! 
Social Worker Sir Janardhan Kalla , Sports Person  Sir Shankar Lal Harsh and Sir Maghan Bissa  at stage of  P.C.O.C.2017  
  As a friend or Promoter of Chess plus a social supporter I was presented there , There I was represented to myself in form of a chess player . So I did registered myself as a player or  submitted  my entry fee 50 Rupees in senior category of chess player . My presence was showing  my interest in my Pushkarna community or that’s promotion by positive way of art and culture plus sports spirit too . 

Sir Janardhan Kalla is starting to P.C.O.C. 2017
 On Opening day  our senior citizen social worker Sir Janardhan Kalla ji was started our pushkarna chess competition with Senior most Chesss Player of our Pushkarna community Mr. Shankar Lal harsh or rock climb person Mr. Maghan Bissa .

Master Shyam Narayan Ranga is monitoring to stage or opening ceremony  of   P.C.O.C. 2017

 First day we were played only one round or in that round I was  won  my first match as a chess player . second day I was played two another chess boards , in  one board I was loss and in second board  my match with a very young guy , before play he very  young guy said to me ,  I will loss this game  because I am very young to you . so I had read his mind or inner feeling about our match , I said to him we will play , we did played and I was draw to that game for his confidence , because I was there for promotion of chess or energy of our youth and  young  boys . so in three round  I was got only 1.5 points. 
My first match board , picture  click after win to match  by black ...in P.C.O.C. 2017

Myself with  my chess board game at P.C.O.C.  2017

Myself with  my chess board game at P.C.O.C.  2017

Other players of P.C.O.C. 2017 

But  in free time there I were enjoyed to art , Because in form of canvas I was got big black board and white chocks in Basic P.G. Collage ( Institute )  , So I was created  some sketches on black board before play to chess boards  . ha ha , 
Myself Is busy In sketching on black board  in mid of  P.C.O.C.  2017
when I was creating sketches on black board in that movement  all players were visiting  my live sketching and they all were clapping for  my art performance , they all were giving respect to me or to my art,  so I was very thankful for all of them ,
My sketch on subject Chess at P.C.O.C. 2017
On day third I was played a very nice game with a very fresh young guy or a regular chess player so he was won natural game to me . I did congrats to him before game or after game . ha ha ..

Juniors are busy in chess board at P.C.O.C. 2017
On day third I was got a change for play to SAYMEL Game Of Chess  . A great player Mr. P. R. Harsh from Jaipur was came for Saymal game , In  a one time he was played with ten players on ten boards. In that ten boards I was on a board against P.R. Harsh . I was gave full challenge to him,  we both were played a long game , we did cleaned almost our board but in last I was loss that fine game to a great chesss player . But when I was played in that movement I was showed  my deep chess in front of Mr. P.R. Harsh and he was noticed that as a observer of chess so that was achievement  movements  for me in our Pushkarna chess competition . 

Myself is busy in Saymel match with master P.R. Harsh , in tree board images you can see my game  condition , i played by black

On day four once again two more chess board was waiting of myself for play  so I was played one and in second board was still in confusion so I did not played but organizer was gave me half point for that game there something disturbing  movement but I was very light because I was there for promotion not for winning motion.. Ha ha ..

 The day four was last day of our pushkarna chess competition . so organizer team was invited to more senior persons of our pushkarna community  and from their hands to they were provided prize to winner with some prize money or they were submitted certificates to all participants of our Pushkarna  chess competition ,There  as a player I was got one certificate  with point 3 ..ha ha ..

 Actually I was completed  my commitment by presence of myself in that chess competition , I did show I am with  my Pushkarna Brahmin  community  as a member of our Pushkarna Community , I was showed  my dedication about sports spirits for inspire to juniors or I did observed to that all activities of our Pushkarna community or that’s organizers  as a visual art master . I did shoot some visuals and shared on online networks with  my Hindi Notes here that’s link for your notice or visit too . you can say,  it was  my dedicated campaign work for our Pushkarna Community . 






 So here I said four days dedicated to my Pushkaran community …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA