Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Art Vibration - 569


You Do Not Think for Loss or Profit In this covid year 2020/21

 Hon’ble  Sir Ratan N Tata A Man of India . The Real  Power of India . He is a father of nation at present in this critical  time of India . what I write on Him my words are very small and in limits of sense but Sir Ratan  N  Tata is beyond the limits of all kinds of words . I can’t define to him in words but I have lots of emotions for him. That emotions  can define to him better to my words . it is true and fact too .

Ratan N Tata is celebrating his birthday - date 28/12/2021

Our world were faced very critical condition in year 2020/21 , when covid _19 was entered in India . Sir Ratan N Tata was gave a statement to our INDIA in His own Style . that was a  very simple but very important statement for all of us  .he said  you do not  think for loss or profit in this covid year .  you should  live very first  and pass to this covid year 2020/21 .   

I read that statement of Sir Ratan N Tata and closed to door and locked to my home for me and for our family members or guests. that was date 22 March of 2020 . Myself and  my younger brother were went out for collect  to milk and food only . we have a little  kid in our family ( Girl Child ) Miss Disha Purohit My niece . we did blocked to her outing and play ground plus park walk . in our family we are six member in home Bikaner .  we all did cut to us from family and social relations . how to we passed to covid year 2020/21.  we know it only  but the words of Sir Ratan N Tata was charging and motivated to me In myself or I were motivated to my family by many creative works like cooking, cleaning, crafting , painting and some more exercise for live to life .


Ratan N Tata and His Taj in Image ( photo from Google image )

When our Indian was  made our own  vaccine we family members completed to vaccination course according to format of Govt.of INDIA .

Now we all family member are  in year 2022 along with Sir Ratan N Tata . on date 28/12/2021 I was sent  my good wishes to Hon’Ble Sir Ratan N Tata on His Birthday . For me that movement was very much surprising and I were felt full confidence in myself because I were wishing to Sir Ratan N Tata on  His Birthday After covid year 2020/21.

In my personal life I did faced a online banking fraud ( first mistake was done from Punjab National Bank or that’s social media team ) a hacker transferred 50,999/- rupees .

I informed to PNB bank by a alert message , that message I was posted to PNB social media page with screen shots message  34 minutes before to fraud but PNB did not noticed to that alert message or I were faced loss of rupees 50,999/- rupees .

Second I did faced fracture in my left leg on date 18 /12/2021 so six month I passed on single bed in room of home  . I was far to social relation but on online I were lived full time busy on social networks for art communication. day by day covid time was passing and I were getting fit again.  Actually I were gaining  self confidence or in that self motivation exercise  the words of Sir Ratan N Tata was inspiring to me in a each one second .

Now I final today the year 2022 - I will dedicate to Sir Ratan N Tata from  My blog Art Vibration . so I have share a good Image of Sir Ratan  N Tata  along with  Image of Taj Art gallery  Mumbai . it will visualize on blog  Art Vibration in year 2022 .

This post is also dedicate to Sir Ratan N Tata , it is my first post of year 2022 on Art Vibration blog . you can say this post is my thanks to Sir Ratan N Tata  from my deep heart  or I hope he will accept it and give me more blessings for  my art journey .

The year 2022 is a surprising year for me because I am living it or it can possible by simple and inspiring  words of Sir Ratan N Tata .


Ratan N Tata  on F 16  Air Craft of India  ( photo from Google Image )

So here I write his right statement “ you do not think for loss or profit in this covid year 2020/21 .

( Special Thanks To Google Image for this nice images of Sir Ratan N Tata )

 Yogendra  kumar purohit

Master of Fine Art

Bikaner .India  

Friday, December 10, 2021

Art Vibration - 568

 Craft convert in form of Art..


Craft and folk are very important part of our cultural life . because its very much supportive elements of our social life . we can say craft and folk is real guide of our present or future culture . I give respect to both because it is designing to my art life and it is inspiring to me for more creative work .

We know Craft and folk are complete for our daily life . so it is with us all time or everywhere  on this earth . I am painter so I know craftsmanship is very challenging job for each one creation .we have lots of craft items that’s medium is our nature elements like clay, wood, stone and metal .

By Rule of Folk we Indian ( mostly Hindu families ) used to clay pot in home . that clay pot are use in kitchen and for drinking water . by rule of Hindu mythology or folk we change to clay pot in our home when we celebrate to festivals. It is folk culture .

But I think whew we change to clay pot ( earthen pot ) we avoid to craft work . as a art master I am looking more possibility in that useless craft work .

So  my vision is focus on that craft and I start to think about more creative look of that useless craft work .

My art  exercise was gave a new look to earthen pots . or that was came in demand of art collectors . so a useless craft work once again come in use for social life , after painting work that craft work will part of decorative halls and rooms of our cultural society . that earthen pots will participate in contemporary art of our contemporary time , because after painting work that craft is not only craft work, at present that is creative art item too .

Before Covid -19 I were converted some earthen pots ( craft work of clay modeling ) in art form or Sir Sunil Rampuriya  Director of  Bhanwar Niwas Haweli Bikaner or Gaj Kesari Hotel  was collected that earthen pots and he was displayed that earthen pots in His Royal Decoration of Hotels and haweli.


In visuals  you will see that very aesthetic look of His Hotel and Haweli .

As a artist I think the earthen pots are giving me new task for paint on that round shape objects or I try to give a right aesthetic look by my painting work to that earthen pot . this kind of art work is taking more patience and time of myself , so it is challenging job for me , how to create value of a real craft by my art .

I am happy I could done it or I could convert to craft work in art form.

So here I said about it .. craft convert in form of art …

Yogendra kumar purohit

Master of Fine Art

Bikaner , India 

Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Art Vibration - 567


Webinar of Camlin  was Changed to Painting Mood ..

Art is a complete backup of Human life . we know we can’t recover to our losses but our art can change to our view , vision and mood for next step of life..

We all humans were faced to very critical  time with killer virus covid -19 , we are  not completely come out to this covid  but in covid time art pull out to us for live to life fight with covid -19 .

In this Fight Art played a right role through online path . many art academies and art workers or art galleries were started online webinar for artists or art students . they all were created busy art movements for artists and art students  too.

So I am thankful for them .they played very well their own duty as a member of Human family of our world .

 My Art works / camel Hobby art workshop , kokuyo camlin webinars 2021

 In last two years I also joined many art webinar from my home . I participated as a artist and followed to art demo or instructions of webinar organizers .

That was not  my own style art practice but I did practice with team of webinar  for support to their right art activity in this covid time.

In India Kokuyo Camlin color company started online registration for painting webinar . it was a great start from a color company of INDIA in covid time .

I attended nine webinar of camlin .in that nine webinar camlin provided nine type of art exercise for participants . after webinar camlin provided certificate to participants . For this webinar camlin was not taken any fee or charges to Participants . camlin was needed only registration on camlin portal for participation .

You know I am painting on myself thought , but when I joined to webinar of camlin I felt how to camlin is changing to mood of artist for painting . it was interesting or very much important in covid time ,

 Camlin webinar was not only webinar or art demo , in that one an half hour webinar camlin team was trying to give busy movement to participants . or when a artist joined to webinar of camlin he/she was forgot to all kind of tens of life and covid too. It was not a easy job in critical time but camlin have done it very well . it was surprising activity of camlin so thanks to camlin .

Kind  your information camlin is continue with camel hobby art workshop today . the webinar is on ( weekly webinar ) . but today I enter in age group of 46  so I can’t participate according to rule of registration for camlin  webinar .

In nine webinar of camlin I created nine type of art exercise with input of  my art practice . I went in mood of  my art study time . I painted landscape after 17 years , it was itself a surprise for myself so its credit goes to camlin team or that’s webinar .

 My four year old Niece Miss Disha Purohit was watching how to painting demo and many painting styles through live art demo of camlin webinar . she observed how to demo artists draw and paint to objects and create a art work , she also noticed  to my art practice, or   in mid of art work she filled colors with me so webinar of camlin was very much useful for her  . she learned very much by webinar of camlin .


Now time is change  my age is change so I am leaving to continuity with camlin webinar because I come in age group 46 today . sorry camlin team director Sir Rajkumar  Ji .

But in time of camlin webinar I felt change in my art mood , I worked as a follower or as a art student .

So here I write , webinar of camlin was changed to painting mood ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit

Master of Fine Art

Bikaner , India