Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Art Vibration - 521

He can Build Another One Thousand Haveli In Bikaner …

Friends we know our historical architectural buildings are our real heritage. That Historical buildings are live evidence of our live culture. Our present build on our history our history save in form of cultural elements like, folk art, classical architectural structures, literature of history and some more elements of culture.

New Haveli of Dr. Satish Gupta 2019
We know in our world each one city have a special identity with cultural element. In this format  my city Bikaner also have a special cultural identity . that is HAVELI. (The Historical House of Bikaneri people’s). 

You can say Bikaneri Havelies are art installation by red sand Stone, when  Bikaner was founded in that time many business families, mostly Rampuriya Families (Jain Community)  founded Havelies in Bikaner. They founded a complete colony of Rampuriya community in Bikaner, today we are calling to that colony of  Rampuriya. 

I am remember to late  Advocate Sir Updhyan chand Kochar (Director of Marudhar Heritage  Hotel Bikianer ). He wrote a book on our Bikaneri Havelies. He gave title to his book HAJAR HAVELIYON KA SHAHAR BIKANER .

In that Book he registered to one thousand havelies of Bikaner with full detailed or with name of that’s owner. I am happy he mentioned to our  haveli with name  of our Madkotadi Purohit family member late Shri  Kishan Gopal Purohit. 

 My Installation work year 2014- title  -  999 Haveli will remain after it .. i covered to our Haveli by News papers ..

When Shri Updhyan Chand Kochar wrote and published his book About Bikaneri Havelies in that time I showed  my pain in form of a art work (Installation). And I gave caption to that art work - 999 Haveli will remain After it , because our Haveli has  crossed to date of expire .

Here in visuals  you will see to that pain of  myself about my city Heritage. (installation art work ) 
But last week I felt surprised when I saw a post of Art Doctor Satish Gupta  (Asso. Prof. in Fine Arts subject in Dungar College, Bikaner) on his facebook page. In his post I saw some visuals and a caption in Hindi. He wrote 'MY HAVELI'

Dr Satish Gupta is Busy in Design to his new art center / studio/ gallery plus Museum too. He designed to studio in look of HAVELI of Bikaner style. So he is using to red sand stone Havelies parts in new construction. He design a new architect design ,(Combination of Modern or classical art form).

Actually Dr. Satish Gupta know the value of Heritage or that’s art elements because he has completed his art education in art history. He know how to conserve to historical art. So he is going to design a museum at his art studio . 

He selected some part of damaged old expired havelies and he is giving a look of Haveli to his art center. His art commitment is very strong, he reach to his real art role in society as a art doctor or that’s live example is his new art centre in form of classical Bikaneri Haveli. He is feeling proud on his self when he is saying it  with full confidence, IT'S MY  HAVELI .

its under construction haveli of Dr. Satish Gupta ..2019

Myself  with Dr. Satish Gupta
In construction work of his  Haveli, I noticed some part of old Jharokha of haveli  (red sand stone) were missing, so he managed or fill that by new carving work ( red sand stone ). It is very expensive but when a artist take a self commitment after that there is no space for any excuse. This kind of attitude I saw in Dr. Satish Gupta . So my best wishes for his historical art dream.

When I am talking to him about his art action for heritage. I noticed he can build another thousand 's  Havelies In Bikaner, when he get a good chance for care to heritage of Bikaner , 

So here I wrote it ..he can build another one thousand Haveli in Bikaner .

Yogendra  Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Monday, July 01, 2019

Art Vibration - 520

Art work As A Project work Against CANCER …

my first art work Ag
Friends some time , time design to our day for social work . we know social work is our moral duty as a human . In our world many societies , NGO and some more self designed associations are working  social work in Medical sector. It is true or it is  must for care to others life by support of medical . 

Science is a big social sportive zone in our world . researchers are continue busy in search for protect to  critical condition of a ill person .  Medical science know CANCER is a killer . it can stop or remove from body by self protection of a human . I knew it , when I talked to a Doctor of CANCER . He shared with  me some points about prevention  . the prevention  can stop and remove to CANCER  from  human body . After that talk  I created a poster design in art form . I showed in that poster  how to we can prevention  to our human body and we can stop to in human body  CANCER . 
Artist Shree Gopal Vyas busy in painting against CANCER
Here you will see to that poster image . I created it few year ago  for Acharya Tulsi CANCER Hospital Bikaner . ( that’s text is in HINDI language ) 
Myself Is Busy in Painting in workshop against cancer
Last Month I received a call from Senior Artist  Shree Gopal Vyas  Bikaner . he told me we are going to organize a art workshop as a project work against CANCER by Support of Acharya Tulsi CANCER  Hospital  Bikaner . so  you must join us as a painter in this workshop . I accepted His Art Call with Full Respect because Senior Artist Shree Gopal  Vyas created a art space for me About Social work in mid of our Society . 

Kind  your information that workshop organized under banner of International Free Artist  Group/ International Red Cross Society Bikaner or Acharya Tulsi  CANCER Hospital Bikaner. 

First Day I Joined to artist team of International free Artists Group at Studio of Artist Shree Gopal Vyas . I met to Artist Mohan Choudhary , Mahaweer Swami , Himani Sharma , Anurag Swami , Damodar Tanvar , Malchand Pareek , Kamal Kishor  Joshi, Mukesh Joshi , Ram Kumar Bhadhani , Krishan Kumar Purohit , Vallabh Purohit . 

The Chief news Editor of Zee News  Rajasthan ( Bikaner zone ) master Rounka vyas coordinating and promoting to our social art action Against CANCER on ZEE news . first day to he created sound on  Zee News .

we all artists were created paintings on canvas by acrylic colors . some artists created messages on canvas against CANCER or some artists were created their own style art work for peace of mind about CANCER patients or that’s care take Families .  

Myself with master Rounak Vyas  Zee News Rajasthan Cheif Editor  Bikaner ..
I also created a painting in my own style , because in past I have been created a big poster for Acharya Tulsi CANCER Hospital Bikaner or they have published that for awareness against  CANCER . 
Some time a art work mostly Painting or visual art are  change to mood of viewers , this kind of art work give refreshment of mind without any sound . so I think it was a great chance for me about real social work through my art , I did it in that  art workshop . 

On exhibition day our City Collector noticed to our art practice against CANCER , he appreciated to our work in Acharya Tulsi CANCER Hospital Bikaner . His appreciation was our first goal . art Proved once again , the science and art can change to life style of our Society . science and art can give long life to each one member of our Society . art and science can remove to CANCER  from our world Society . 
Our workshop on Zee News Rajasthan TV .

The Team Of Lion’S club Bikaner  and international red cross society gave rewards to Doctors of CANCER on that same STAGE they gave rewards to we all artists of that art workshop . it was great movement for us.  I noticed there ,  possibilities of big change by joint work of science and  art . 
our painting Exhibition at Acharya Tulsi CANCER Hospital  Bikaner
City Collector Bikaner  Started our art work Exhibition at Acharya Tulsi  CANCER  Hospital Bikaner  2019 .

The Great Master  Leonardo Da Vinci was started this think or as a visual artist I am following to that , so I am feeling glad and happy in myself . because I did once again a art work for support to science . 
Reward Function  at Auditorium of Lion'S club  Bikaner  2019 .
Myself  with My Art Work after collect to my art reward at Lion'S club Bikaner 2019 .

It could possible by a art call of Senior Artist Shree Gopal Vyas  so I could joined to his art workshop as a project work against CANCER  

So here I said to that a Art work as a Project work Against CANCER   

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Art Vibration - 519

One More Academic Certificate To My Art Journey…

Art & Literature are move on same path . that path name is Emotion/Thought/Idea/Concept or Feelings . actually art and literature are  sculptures of Emotion/Thought/Idea/Concept or Feelings of a creator /Thinker we are calling to Him /Her  Artist or Writer . 

Art and Literature are very supportive for our Society . when art and literature are work, a joint work in that case that work get more impressive or that’s result come out very positive in our society . we have lots of example about it . 

Eygipt Culture , Hindu Culture , Boudh Culture , in west- western culture were adopted to art and literature for a right communication about  their life style concept, thought or idea . 

In present time we are following to our historical activity for our life style . you can say our history is our idle .
You know I am master of Fine Art but in art study I read to history of art by literature . so I know without historical literature I could not knew to art history or without art history I could not design or set to  my art vision for our present or future . it is true . I think   you all accept it about  your own vision or life style .
We know visual language is very first language of our world . I am writer of that , but text or that’s vocabulary communicate very easily with a good sound or pronoun - session . visual language is a silent language so text is complete to that when a reader not know to visual language or that’s reading . it is another fact of art language. 

But I am happy  some literature academies are know  to this visual language or that’s sound impact . so they are calling to artist for visual language . they use to visual language for their book meaning in a one page, for book aesthetic look, for use of free space of inside or out side too. 

I am saying this  because two month ago I received a art call from Rajasthan  Sahity ( Literature ) Academy  Udaipur ( Raj.) . The Editor of Madhumati  magazine  Dr. Braj  Ratan Joshi  called me and he demanded  to me some drawings in abstract form or a one painting  for  title  cover of Madhumati Magazine . 

Madhumati Magazine is Publishing  in  Hindi Literature from Rajasthan Sahitya  Academy  Udaipur . its good think , that’s team and Editor also Know to visual language or that’s right impression on Readers . so they are selecting or calling to visual writer from their Academy .

On Editor  call I created some abstract Drawings and I shared my few abstract paintings visuals ( ONLY COLOR  PAINTING ) . that paintings mean are Peace, Love, freedom, self expressions or in Hindu culture we are calling to that way of MUKTI or MOKSH ..

The Editor of Madhumati Magazine Dr. Braj Ratan Joshi accepted my visuals and he published by his editorial desk . 

Last week Magazine Madhumati , I received at  my Postal Address and I got one more academic certificate for  my art journey from Rajasthan Sahitya Academy Udaipur  2019 . 

  so here I said about this ..One More Academic Certificate To  My Art Journey ..

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA