Friday, June 01, 2018

Art Vibration - 495


Friends last week  I lived busy in a child art workshop in my city . The Ajit Foundation Bikaner invited to me for this child art promotional art workshop . they needed my presence as a guide of visual art . Coordinator master Sanjay Shrimali called me for this child art workshop and he demanded to me some ideas about more creative art workshop of child art . he wanted to me something different or more sensible guide line for child artists . 

So I planned a exercise for child artists . I created a task of Imagination for kids minds . for imagination of kids we provided child literature stories to kids in workshop . As a Guide I gave only one guide line to kids for their own creation , I pull them on path of imagination through story track .that was in literature  form ( words ) . 

In that workshop kids were read to stories  in groups of five members , we gave seven to ten stories to kids for reading . after reading kids translated that in their own imagination  by self exercise of imagination or translation ( word to visual ) . 

As a master of Visual art I did not gave any tips or drawing  guide line , because I want to see how to kids imagine to story and how to they transfer with their own /pure art skill . 

 I want to knew how to kids convert to words in visuals . I am happy they all kids created 10 th  to 15 th  paintings on each one story . it was surprising for me or for Ajit Foundation too . because in that workshop I did not taught to visual art on board  or in my speech . kids done that by their own creativity , I sure after this art workshop their creativity got some more up level of  imagination /creation of art by support of literature . they knew literature is also part of art and art is also part of literature , they both communicate to society for a right message of life or guide line of culture development in our world .  

In that workshop kids read to story   continue two days and one day I shared  some paintings images of Sir Ravindra Nath Thakur  on computer monitor of Ajit Foundation . when kids were visiting  to original painting images of Sir Ravindra Natha Thakur . in same time they  were getting self confidence for their own painting or imagination . 

kind your information Sir Ravindra Nath Thakur  Nobel  rewarded writer cum painter  created painting in his 67 years old age , in that time he said poetry and painting are same , they both need true emotions , pure imagination, there skill is not a matter but creation is very must .  he was follower of Indian aesthetic logic , SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDARAM

This  same aesthetic level I saw in art workshop of Ajit Foundation . all child artists were created paintings by their own  pure imagination on child literature  .

When kids were busy in paintings there I were noticing to their live activity of painting work , I observed what they thought  and how to they transfer on paper in line or color . their observation was supporting to them for visuals creation . they created many characters of stories , some animals like dog, deer , cow  ( Sir Ravindra natha Thakur was painted   Bangal Tiger from His own  skill ,observation or imagination ) .

 I compared the work of kids or sir Ravindra Nath Thakur , in my mind and I knew they both were  on  same level of creativity , sir Ravindra Nath Thakur was a great literature person  so he was transferred very easily in visuals to his literature thought or emotions but on age of 67 years or without academic skill of visual art. 



In art workshop of Ajit Foundation kids translated literature in visuals without academic skill of visual  art but in this exercise they knew how to read story, how to imagine to a story, literature , or words and how to transfer that in visuals from Imagination or self skill ( pure skill ) . by this live art  exercise of kids I know how to Sir Ravindra Nath Thakur  was translated   his internal literature , emotions and stories in form of visual art . 

( In visuals you can see to child art workshop of Ajit Foundation I shoot to some pictures from My Camera  and Librarian of Ajit Foundation master Shailendra Sarswati also shoot to our workshop and shared with us or on online networks too )  

So here I said I know How to Sir Ravindra nath Thakur translated to literature in visual art ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA