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Art Vibration - 502

My Real  Alexander  
Maestro Enzo Marino Italy…

Alexander was a great idle person of our  world History , He changed to History by fight or wining action . he was first world winner or a first king of our world . as a artist I am thinking  by fight he won to world and in that win he connected to all our world. In time of great Alexander the world was one country of King Alexander . our history is accepting it and we are knowing it by our world history .
In my view Alexander can win to world by love and peace , I think the fight of great Alexander was very small in Front  of this thought of a great Indian Sant , he thought and said about our world from his large vision “  All world is my Home / Family  “ .( Vasudev Kutumbh kam ) 
Maestro Enzo Marino  In Mid Dr. Nand Kishor  Acharya  Art Critic and Prayag Shukla  Art Critic presented at

Great Alexandra was killed thousands of peoples of our world family for his visional win. it was not a right way for win to world by great Alexandra . so it is critical in my view because I am artist I know we can win to world by love and peace or this love and peace can possible by art and creativity of human mind . 
Painting of Art Maestro Enzo Marino at INternational art workshop

Maestro Enzo Marino and Myself  Talking about art project  at Home of Artist Shree Gopal Vyas  Bikaner

maestro  Enzo Marino and Artist  Shree Gopal  vyas on tea table  talk  Bikaner 2018
Art Work Of Maestro Enzo Marino , at Bikaner  2018

International art workshop at Sagar Hotel  Bikaner 2018
I am saying it because last week I joined to a international art workshop in my city Bikaner. It was organized  by Bikaner  Art Festival  society of Bikaner . They invited  to international artists of our world for that workshop . kind  your information  I was not a part of that art workshop as a painter.  but I presented there as a viewer or as a friend of painters of  my city or out of  my country . that art workshop was organized at Hotel Sagar Bikaner . workshop  Curator was senior Artist of my City/ Nation / world  Shree Gopal Vyas .
he invited to international artists of Italy ,  , Tunisia ,Palestine or India too.  In that workshop  total 36 artists were participated and created very contemporary paintings.

List of world  artist names :-

1 Enzo Marino ( Italy )                                             8 Alya Ben Garbia   ( Tunisia )
2 Jawed Ibraim ( Palestine )                                     9 Daniela Colfapietro  ( Italy )
3 Ali Batrouni  ( Tunisia )                                         10 Brenda Binetti  ( Italy )
4 IsaiasMata  ( El Salvador  )                                   11 Claudio Simoneti  ( Italy )
5 Vitiorio Vigliaturo  ( Italy )                                    12 Tina Tessitore   ( Italy )  
6 TommasoArcella   ( Italy )                                     13 Samar Ghattas  ( Palestine )  
7 Lamia Ben Cheikh Brahim  ( Tunisia )                                         

List of dian In Artists names  :- 

1 Shree Gopal  vyas                                                   2 Mona sardar Dudi
3 Pankaj Goswami                                                    4 Aniket Kachhawa
5 Mahaveer Rankawat                                             6  Kamla Kishor  Joshi
7 Ram Bhadhani                                                       8 Malchand Pareek
9  Sidharth Soni                                                         10 Bishwajeet Thakuria
11 Raja Bora                                                                         12 Saurabh Kumar
13 Satyam Singh                                                        14 Biki Das
15 Tanvi  Shrivastav                                                 16 Mausmi
17 Ashok Tiwari                                                        18 Ashok Rankawat
19 Sonu Gahlot                                                          20 Kisan Chand Purohit
21 Jitendra Sonalki                                                   22 Hem chateergee
23  Himani Sharma  

Note :- Myself  and master Damodar Tanwar was played role in that Internatinal  Art workshop as a folk musician , myself performed  with Chang Rajasthani folk MusicaL Instrument  and master Damodar Tanvar performed with his melodica musical instrument  . we entertained to all guest artists by our Rajasthani folk music in our desert  Site. 

Artist Shree Gopal Vyas also invited to Indian Art Critic Sir Prayag Shukla for notice to that art workshop . so Sir Prayag Shukla  came and joined to that art workshop as a critic or as a art observer . ( kind  your information in my art education I read many  Art chapters of Sir Prayag Shukla ,) here  in that art workshop Sir Prayag Shukla gave me his 45 minutes like a one period of  art class at Sagar Hotel  Bikianer . it was memorable movement of  My art journey so I am sharing it here with  you .  A big art critic of  my nation gave me his 45 minutes  and he talked to me as a critic of Yogendra  Kumar Purohit . I said to him  you are signing to me because  you are criticizing   to me from your very long experience of  filed of art  . In journey of Writing sir prayag Shukla exposed to many great masters of INDIAN Art like M.F. Hussain, Ramkumar , Krishna Khanna , Teyab Mehta , Satish Gujral ,. J. Swaminathan , Manjit Bava and many more great masters of INDIA were came in his art observation so  they got a right place in filed of art by support of Art Critic Sir Prayag Shukla . I think Sir Prayag Shukla will point out to  International art workshop 2018  of Shree Gopal Vyas as soon as . ( At Present Sir Prayag Shukla Is Promoting to young  Artist Hemant  Rao contemporary artist of INDIA . He said it .

Art Critic Sir Prayag Shukla  Bikaner 2018 ..

Sir Prayag Shukla  and Artist Shree Gopal vyas is busy in art talk  at Sagar Hotel  Bikaner 2018
Myself In class of  Sir Prayag Shukla , he gave me his 45 minutes at Sagar Hotel Bikianer 2018
Art Criticism is also making communication between art and society in present time , sir Prayag  Shukla was wrote a book on this subject with title KALA , SAMAY , SAMAAJ ( Art , Time and Society ) so  art criticism is a live connectivity in our human culture . its touching to heart and vision of peoples and artists too. So thanks to Sir Prayag Shukla if he was presented in international art workshop of Bikaner for observe to Real Alexander of Art . he was came from ITALy with His artists team . 

Yes I am telling about Italian art maestro  Sir  Enzo Marino a very old man but fully energetic , he is sparking to youth , he is inspiring  to youth from his energetic art nature or work . 

Two year ago I met to him in my city Bikaner , he was organized a art camp at desert site with Senior Artist Shree Gopal Vyas . I went to visit his art camp . there I saw a very old man was painting to very big canvas’s, I think ten big canvas’s in 35 to 40 degree temperature of desert site . I noticed there was no shadow for him so he gave me his umbrella and said to me “you will pick to this umbrella for shadow of  myself because  you are  my assitto “ . as a junior I accepted his artistic order in respect of him . there he was continue  worked hard on his big canvas’s . that was surprising movement for me or I learned how to live to art in any condition .  In India that was his first live fight to self  for  art  about love and peace design of  our world .

That day to till today Maestro Enzo Marino is connected to my soul and I connected to his soul our souls  are  communicate by online networks . mostly everyday .

Before join to this International Art workshop 2018  Bikaner  .Art  Maestro Enzo Marino  wrote to me I am coming Bikaner and I will work With  you bro . I did welcomed to his art offer as a junior art master .  but by time mistake  we could not worked both in that art workshop . but I presented there  as a shadow of him because I did collecting art energy from his very active presence .it was real art surprise for me  so i am very much thankful of team of International Art Workshop 2018 Bikaner they were created this kind of art opportunity for me . 

Maestro Enzo Marino  Celebrated  my Birthday  with his artist team at Sagar Hotel  Bikaner  2018 

You know why I am calling  Alexander to maestro Enzo Marino , its region is he came India with his team of Artists . his aim was love and peace through art and culture exercise . he think our world is one family we all are member of this family . by art he won my heart, the heart of Senior  Artist of Shree Gopal  Vyas and all junior artists of my City  Bikaner . in ten days he lived with us like a old man of our family , he shared his art story, he created many art works before art workshops , he visited and noticed to art works of all young artists of that workshop  or he was guided how to live to art as a art maestro . I saw a complete art institute in him a live or movable art institute or I can say a one man army of field of art .that army came from Italy for win to heart of INDIAN Art  society  by his art activity . I think  he was won to us by his activity of love and peace Design ( Art ) . we all are fall in front of his love and peace action . 

Kind  your information Maestro Enzo Marino has been worked of art  in 61 different countries of our world before came  to INDIA . His long art journey  is standing to him parallel / upto to Alexandra the great . 

So here I said My   Real Alexandra  Maestro  Enzo Marino  Italy …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of  Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

In Italian language ( translation ) 

My Real  Alexander  
Maestro Enzo Marino Italy…

Alessandro (Magno) è stato un “idolo” della nostra storia mondiale, ha cambiato il corso della storia combattendo e vincendo. È stato il primo vincitore del mondo e primo re del mondo. In quanto artista, sto pensando che egli ha vinto il mondo con la guerra e con la vittoria ha unito tutto il nostro mondo. All’epoca di Alessandro Magno il mondo era una sola nazione del re Alessandro. La nostra storia lo sta accettando e noi lo apprendiamo dalla nostra storia del mondo. 

Dal mio punto di vista Alessandro può conquistare il mondo con l’amore e la pace, penso che la guerra di Alessandro magno è molto piccola se paragonata al pensiero di un grande santo indiano, che dalla sua ampia veduta del nostro mondo diceva “tutto il mondo è la mia casa /famiglia”.
.( Vasudev Kutumbh kam ) 
Alessandro Magno ha ucciso migliaia di persone della nostra famiglia-mondo per la sua vittoria visionaria. Non è stato un modo giusto di conquistare il mondo. Il mio punto di vista è critico perché sono un artista e io so che possiamo conquistare il mondo con l’amore e la pace o attraverso l’arte e la creatività della mente umana. 

Dico questo perchè la scorsa settimana ho preso parte a un workshop internazionale di arte nella mia città Bikaner. Si tratta del Bikaner Art Festival organizzato dalla società Bikaner che ha invitato artisti internazionali del nostro mondo. Tengo a precisare che non ho partecipato al workshop come artista ma ho presenziato come spettatore e amico di artisti della mia città o del mio Paese. Il workshop è stato organizzato nell’Hotel Sagar e il curatore era l’artista Shree Gopal Vyas.
Egli ha invitato artisti dall’Italia, Tunisia, Palestina e anche dall’India. In questo workshop hanno partecipato 36 artisti in totale che hanno creato dipinti decisamente contemporanei. 

Elenco dei nomi degli artisti del mondo: -
1 Enzo Marino ( Italy ) 8 Alya Ben Garbia   ( Tunisia ) 
2 Jawed Ibraim ( Palestine ) 9 Daniela Colfapietro  ( Italy ) 
3 Ali Batrouni  ( Tunisia ) 10 Brenda Binetti  ( Italy ) 
4 IsaiasMata  ( El Salvador  ) 11 Claudio Simoneti  ( Italy ) 
5 Vitiorio Vigliaturo  ( Italy ) 12 Tina Tessitore   ( Italy )  
6 TommasoArcella   ( Italy ) 13 Samar Ghattas  ( Palestine )  
7 Lamia Ben Cheikh Brahim  ( Tunisia )  

Elenco dei nomi di artisti indiani:- 
1 Shree Gopal  vyas 2 Mona sardar Dudi 
3 Pankaj Goswami 4 Aniket Kachhawa 
5 Mahaveer Rankawat 6  Kamla Kishor  Joshi 
7 Ram Bhadhani 8 Malchand Pareek
9  Sidharth Soni 10 Bishwajeet Thakuria 
11 Raja Bora 12 Saurabh Kumar
13 Satyam Singh 14 Biki Das 
15 Tanvi  Shrivastav   16 Mausmi 
17 Ashok Tiwari 18 Ashok Rankawat
19 Sonu Gahlot 20 Kisan Chand Purohit
21 Jitendra Sonalki 22 Hem chateergee 
23  Himani Sharma  

Nota: - Me stesso e il maestro Damodar Tanwar hanno interpretato il ruolo in questo laboratorio di arte internazionale come musicista folk, mi sono esibito con il folk MusicaL Instrument di Chang Rajasthani e il maestro Damarar Tanvar ha suonato con il suo strumento musicale melodico. abbiamo intrattenuto tutti gli artisti ospiti con la nostra musica popolare del Rajasthan nel nostro sito deserto.
L’artista Shree Gopal Vyas ha inoltre invitato il critic d’arte indiano Sir Prayag Shukla che ha partecipato in qualità di critico e osservatore d’arte. Qui al workshop Sir Prayag Shukla mi ha dato una lezione di 45 minuti al Sagar Hotel di Bikaner come se fosse uno dei suoi corsi all’università.  È stato un momento memorabile che desidero condividere con voi. Un importante critico del mio Paese mi ha dato una lezione di arte e io gli ho detto “queste parole sono musica per le mie orecchie perchè mi sta esponendo la sua critica dalla sua lunga esperienza di critic d’arte”.  Sir prayag Shukla mi ha spiegato i grandi maestri dell’arte Indiana come M.F. Hussain, Ramkumar, Krishna Khanna , Teyab Mehta , Satish Gujral, J. Swaminathan , Manjit Bava e molti altri. Penso che Sir Prayag Shukla riferirà anche del workshop di arte internazionale organizzato da Shree Gopal Vyas  appena possibile. Al momento Sir Prayag Shukla sta promuovendo il giovane artista Hemant Rao, un artista contemporaneo indiano.  
La critica d’arte mette in comunicazione l’arte e la società contemporanea. Sir Prayag  Shukla ha scritto un libro su questo tema dal titolo, KALA , SAMAY , SAMAAJ ( Art , Time and Society ) quindi la critica d’arte è come una connessione viva nella cultura umana. È qualcosa che tocca il cuore e la visione di popoli e artisti (???). Dunque grazie a Sir Prayag Shukla per aver presenziato a un workshop d’arte internazionale di Bikaner per osservare il vero “Alessandro Magno” dell’arte. Lui è venuto dall’Italia con il suo team di artisti.
Sì sto parlando del maestro Enzo Marino, un uomo molto vecchio (!) ma pieno di energia che brilla di gioventù e ispira i giovani grazie alle sue energiche opere d’arte.

 L’ho incontrato due anni fa nella città di Bikaner, stava organizzando un evento in un luogo desertico con l’artista Shree Gopal Vyas. Sono andato a visitare questo evento, lì ho visto un uomo molto vecchio che dipingeva su grandi tele a 35/40 gradi di temperatura, nel deserto. Notai che non aveva ombra e lui mi diede il suo ombrello e mi disse “prendi l’ombrello e fammi ombra, da ora sei il mio assistente (?)”. Essendo un principiante ho accettato questo ordine in segno di rispetto verso questo artista, lui continuò a dipingere sulla grande tela. Fu un  momento sorprendente per me perché ho capito come fare arte in ogni condizione. Questo è stato il primo “combattimento” dal vivo in India per un disegno del mondo fatto di pace e amore (?).

Da quel giorno fino a oggi la mia anima e quella del Maestro Enzo Marino sono connesse e comunicano tramite social network, quasi ogni giorno
Prima di venire al workshop di arte internazionale il maestro Enzo Marino mi ha scritto che sarebbe venuto a Bikaner e che avrebbe lavorato con me. Ho accettato questa offerta di fare arte insieme essendo io un giovane artista ma per problemi di tempo non abbiamo potuto lavorare in questo workshop. Tuttavia sono stato lì come sua ombra perché ho ricavato tanta energia artistica dalla sua presenza così vitale e attiva. È stata una vera sorpresa artistica per me e quindi sono molto grato verso il team del Workshop d’arte internazionale 2018 di Bikaner che ha creato questa opportunità per me. 

Sapete perchè chiamo il Maestro Alessandro Magno? La ragione è che è venuto in India con il suo team di artisti. Il suo scopo è l’amore e la pace attraverso l’arte e la cultura. Pensa che il nostro mondo sia un’unica famiglia di cui noi tutti siamo parte. Con l’arte ha conquistato il mio cuore, quello dell’artista Shree Gopal Vyas e tutti i giovani artisti della città di Bikaner. Per dieci giorni ha vissuto con noi come un anziano della famiglia, ha condiviso la sua storia artistica, ha creato tante opere d’arte , ha ammirato le opere di giovani artisti e, in quanto “maestro d’arte”  ha parlato di come vivere l’arte stessa. Vedo in lui un’istituzione di arte, vivente e mobile, o meglio una sola persona che vale come un esercito nell’ambito dell’arte. Questo esercito è venuto dall’Italia per conquistare il cuore della società indiana con la sua attività artistica. Penso che ci ha conquistato con la sua arte di amore e pace. Siamo tutti innamorati della sua attività di amore e pace. 
Tengo a precisare che il Maestro Enzo Marino ha lavorato in 61 paesi diversi prima di giungere in India. Il suo lungo percorso artistico è pari a quello di Alessandro il Grande. Ecco dunque che il mio vero Alessandro Magno è il Maestro Enzo Marino, dall’Italia. 
So here I said My   Real Alexandra  Maestro  Enzo Marino  Italy …

Yogendra kumar purohit – 

Master of  Fine Art Bikaner, INDIA

Saturday, November 03, 2018

Art Vibration - 501

Heritage Project work  2018

Friend what is definition of heritage can you tell me ? for me heritage is my past life , you know on date 27 October  2018 I have completed 42 years of my life . so you can say my 42 year journey or that’s very important parts are my heritage . because I lived that from my soul and body too with sound of Art . 
Final work of Heritage Project Work 2018

I am practicing in visual art so visual art  zone or that’s all art and crafted  works are   my heritage .  because I am following to art and you know art was started very early to me . so its academic heritage for  my art journey . I accepting it as a art master  and I am trying to prove it by my art practice . its example is  my recent heritage project work 2018 .

Real Condition of old fashioned wooden door of  my Home

Kind  your information in this heritage project I selected a very historical wooden door of  my home ( old fashioned wood and iron work ) . A senior late carpenter was crafted that door for  our home and in present that is come in old fashion . so it was went out to our home but not out to my mind or vision . because I knew that door was work of a craft man . 

 So in respect to his craft work I selected that door for  my heritage project work 2018 . door condition was not good so I gave that door to a new carpenter for update to that door by wooden  craft work . I did pay to him for his good craft work . after wooden  craft work the door came in same look just like that’s first look . so I am thankful for craft man Sir Jainarayan Suthar or his Son  Master Jitendra Suthar . 

Master Jitendra suthar working for HPW2018
Iron worker team Member  is working for HPW 2018 
After wooden craft work that door I submitted to a Iron worker.  he crated that’s base point of door we are calling to that CHULIYA  ( In rajasthani  Language ) or some designed iron plates that was fixed on that door  for that’s original look or fashion . so thanks to Iron worker Sir  Jumma Ustad  and his  teem .

Two different kind of craft mans were worked on that door then that door was ready for my painting work . you can see to door image and then  you can know how much ruff  wood  condition of that old wooden door . so I created very smooth surface for that door by primer or potting  work . After painting base work I started painting on that door or when I painted that door in single Persian blue  color , that door was looking a  fresh old fashion door  . it mean by painting work  that door got a new look or life for some more years .
Carpanter Sir Jainarayan Suthar busy in craft work for my heritage project work 2018

wooden door is ready for

clouds Design or thats painting for my heritage project work 2018

Myself  yogendra kumar purohit
On Persian blue  color I painted  white clouds  design of Ajajnta Cave Painting style . In Bikaner some folk artists are calling to that MATHERAN  Art  but  my  Art observation is telling to me it’s a branch of AJANTA Paintings. So this Heritage project work 2018 is dedicate to AJANTA  Art or to MATHERAN ART BIKANER . I selected Clouds Design for that  door because that wooden door was fully crafted  by hand and Ajanta painting Style / Matheran Art is also come in Craft work  today or  you can say I revive to old fashioned art and craft  in form of heritage project work  2018 . for recall to art history or that’s strong passionate work by  a old fashion wooden door of  my home .  this heritage project work  2018 is just showing  to  inner respect for my heritage .

So here I said about it - Heritage project  work 2018 …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine  Art
Bikaner, INDIA