Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Art Vibration - 427

Junior is Work As A Senior

Artist C.P. Sharma
It is true because it is prove. I am noticing it when I observe to work of  my junior artist C.P. Sharma .He was  my junior when I were busy in my masters of  Painting at  Rajasthasn School of art Jaipur . we did talked  on art and we did shared our daily art life at Tea Shop ( CHAY KI THADI ) near our art collage . I saw in  my junior C.P. Sharma , He was always  lived silent with a cute smile , He was calling to me BHAIYA ( Big brother ) . I were  also lived with him as a big brother because it is in  my nature , I am caring to  my juniors and I support to them when they need  my help for their right job about their art and art journey . 

My juniors know to  my nature  so I am confident  in  myself and  they are collecting confidence to me . it is blessing of god  on me or for  my all juniors. 

Junior C.P. Sharma , Today  Artist C.P. Sharma is living in different mood of art . After art education from Rajasthan School of art . He did went to Mumbai for join to a Animation course . there in Digital art he was learned lots of and today he is a master in digital caricature art. His hard work , dedicated practice ,committed exercise was made his master in caricature , today he is enjoying to caricature art work .very well . 


After  my Master I were not met to him but on online network ( facebook)  was connected us again . so I can see his recent art update or art exercise from his wall updates . last three years to I am continue visiting  his caricature art . He is getting very much maturity and a special impression  in his caricature Art . Mostly he is creating caricature of big celebrity of INDIA . His facebook page updates are  saying or expressing it  in front side of myself  .

We know caricature art have two thing , one is critical or second for fun of viewers . critical caricature is useful for print media or press but  fun full caricature have  wide canvas of viewers for a caricature artist .
Artist C.P.Sharma is working for this wide canvas about natural art fun in vision of art viewers . so his art and art vision is very mature like a senior artist work . he know how to give refreshment to vision of art viewers from his caricature art. 

 We know in India very few caricature artist are creating caricature and someone are creating caricature through digital tool. Artist C.P. Sharma is using Digital format for his caricature art , his style, technic , motion and mood is very different that is come out by his caricature work . in some visuals of his creation  you will feel it and notice it on this post. I sure you enjoy his caricature style . because he is creating by his full maturity or his maturity is making very meaningful to his caricature art work . 

Artist C.P. Sharma is  in struggle mode , he is belonging to a very small town DATA RAMGHAR near Jaipur City . he is freelancer and now working at his Home town . but his work sound is giving  to me very bold and mature sound like a Artist of metro city of INDIA .  He is living in peace nature  but in his soul or vision he have very strong and bold sound about his caricature art , time to time he is showing that like a senior artist by his art updates or art exhibitions In Mid of  Society . 

So here I said a junior is work as a senior ..
Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Monday, May 23, 2016

Art Vibration - 426

True Action Painting Is Give 
 Real Fun To Art Viewers

Painting is a sounded element but its totally  silent , there is no any voice or noise.  But the silence  of painting  is making a big sound  in vision of  painting viewers . The color and line on canvas say everything to viewers about nature of a painting creator . it is real fact of painting  in our universe. It is still with painting  from historical time to till today and it will be continue in future with painting . Because it is a universal truth about painting ( visual art ) .

I am saying it ,Because I am living it ,when I visit to painting of other painters of our world . in painting  of other artist  i am notice and observe to painter nature  . in that painting visit I get to artist and his true art expressions. I know every artist have a different nature but they all have one nature in self that’s name is painting creation..haha I am also in that nature because I am master of Fine Art  In Painting . 


Some artists are creating story painting, someone are creating nature painting, someone are creating imagination and someone are creating  free expressions on canvas ( action painting ) .

When I am visit to a free expressions painting of any artist of  my world . in that time  I am enjoying to his live free motion or expression ( action ) , that paintings are give me real fun to  my art vision . Because I am also  creating free expression painting  in  my art journey . 


You know in 2008 I were joined to facebook network for  my art communication . by this network I were connected to our world art family .This facebok network was gave me a very large canvas for live art talk to our world . By facebook  I were connected to many great and fine artists of our world. they all are active and busy in art work at their own country in present .  

 In 2008 , the BANT art magazine of Turky was published to me in 10 page article with Bant  magazine title . that time I did founded to many  artists on facebook network and they all were added me as artist friend on their facebook page. It was good change for me about know to art culture of other countries by this online network format. 

In same time I were connected to Artist Shefqet Avdush Emini from Netherland . he is a very active and creative portrait artist , his action painting nature is always giving me fun. he is living to action painting in his art nature . I can compare to his art nature to great art master Domio . you know Artist Domio was very critical active and fun creator artist of western art History .
Artist Shefqet is starting  to painting by his conscious but  in mid of painting he went in his unconscious . so his unconscious part of heart and vision is giving fun to his art viewers . I observe it in his action painting . he has  full control on his art medium , he know what he is create and how to finish . but in his work process when he enter in unconscious part that movement is change to his mood and action or painting impression . his painting is give a sense of magical painting when he complete to his  painting in form of portrait or abstract art through his action painting activity .  
Actually he is painting by his true heart motion . so that true heart motion or in painting process, his action is creating real fun for viewers . This year He was came India and here he did  created a creative portrait of great singer of INDIA  Sir Bhupen Hazarika . it was bad luck I could not joined to him in that live art painting event of  my nation . Because I were busy in family work . so I did missed his  live action painting  in INDIA . But true artist friend was came in India and I noticed his true art work . it was great for me .so thanks to Artist Shefqet Netherland . 
https://www.facebook.com/shefqet.emini  ( in India )
 On facebook we are not talk daily by chat or message  but by visuals we are talking every day . Artist Shefqet visiting  my painting update and he is like  ( Notice ) time to time and I am also visiting his true action painting and getting real fun by his art work .  In his art work visuals  you will feel  my words and fun feeling too.
So here I said about artist Shefqet (Netherland ) .True action painting is give real fun to art viewers .
Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA