Monday, May 28, 2012

Art Vibration - 56


Last week I received  a message  from  my one online artist friend "Frosso Vizovitou" she is from Greece her city is Thessaloniki, she is a good artist and she told me  i have learn art and dance to INDIA, kind  your information she know Hindi very well , her interest in INDIA and INDIAN art , on  facebook network she always visiting  my drawing work , i have not meet to her face to face but we are taking on art  at facebook ,this network is a very strong medium for world art communication so i am trying to connect to our world art Family on it  and i am connecting to Artist Frosso Vizovitou by this way  , Its a recent example of  my talk .  i have lots of artist friend's  on online network's .

Last week Artist Frosso Vizovitou told me, our one art society  is going  for celebrate the world sketching day  on date 27-5-2012 and we are inviting  to all world artist for participation  in our art event so  yogendra  you post  your some sketches  to our Art Society mail , this message was very artistic gift  for me from  my online artist friend.  so i were posted  my five sketches  on mail id of "Sketbe -Eketbe"art Society of Greece , this society have a good art gallery  in Thessaloniki city of Greece . when i  were posted  my sketches of Bikaner heritage or historical building of Bikaner  then that society Director  George Politis was very happy after visited   my sketches , and he was updated  my five sketches  on his art society blog ,his art society blog link is .."

and Art Director George Politis was updated  my one work on his Facebook  group with some comment by hisself about  my art work .his group link is here  for your visit..
when i saw  my art work promotion about world sketching day by Greece then i were created a new thought for my art way, i did final a project  for world sketching day  , i thought i will draw full day sketch on date 27-5-2012 ,in same time i were created a event page on online network of Facebook and i were invited  to my all artist friend's  for world sketching day celebration .this is a link  of  my event invitation of world sketching day ( ) .
On date 27-5-2012  at 10:30 am i were in Street of Rampuriya haveli ( historical Building 's of Bikaner ) there i were alone but  i were started sketching after remember a poet  lines ..

" i were walked alone  on unknown target ,
 but the people came with me and we walked like a crowd rally 
..In Hindi ..

मै अकेला ही चला था जाने बे मंजिल मगर !

लोग साथ आते गए और कारवा बनता गया !!

There i  were busy  in sketching work and after some time  a artist Mr. Narayan Das Aseri  were joined me and he was started sketching work  , after two hour  Artist Dharma were joined us and he was created one sketch with our company , There after two our we were three and in mid of tea brake  Artist Manish Pareek was came there and draw a sketch with us , over all in three hour we  four artist was celebrated to world sketching day on one place , In that time many kids and art lovers and common man  was visited our art activity . they  were enjoying our line and visual we got word magic  for our sketching  , that was our real art income in common life by social art activity  . that time i were  saying thanks to Greece Artist Frosso and  to George they were clicked me for social art activity  in  my city and we were doing that  on world sketching day, after Rampuriya Haveli Street we were went to Vag. market of Kotgate ,Bikaner and then Junaghar Fort ,Bikaner , over all we were busy 6 hour continue  in sketching  work , in very hot environment here temperature is still on 45 Degree c. but we were stilled for art for world sketching day by our soul power. finally we were celebrated world sketching day in our home town . and we were created 20 sketches by our art energy  and here i am going to share  with you a video presentation of  our sketching day photo images  ..,its also updated on 

After updated this world sketching day  art work on online. i were shared that link to  first  to Artist Friend Frosso  Vizovitou and to George Politis   of Greece , and after  i were shared  it  with all world Media and our  Hon'ble President of INDIA,  Hon'ble Prime Minister of  INDIA , Dr, Amitabh Bachan and with  my art teacher Dr. Vidhya Sagar Upadhyay  or Some Art critics of world art Family ..ha
Sketch by yogendra - Rampuriya Haveli Street  Bikaner  27-5-2012 
This is a recent Sketch of world Sketching day  i were created it in short time by me . 
In last i want to say many many thanks  to Art Promoter of our world Art family and Special thanks  to Artist Friend Frosso Vizovitou  and Art Director George Politis they both are created a very strong Sound in me for world sketching day actually they were puss me for a real and a social art activity  in mid  of common  society , so i want to give them a Army Salute from INDIA..

Yogendra  Kumar  Purohit
Master of  Fine Art 
Bikaner , INDIA