Sunday, August 16, 2009

Art Vibration..4

"Just Enjoy art with me..”

It is my only message to my all artist friend and art lover and all art visitor .
Some one ask to me why I am saying this message to all again and again..?
I want to say about it art mean is just for refreshment of mind , heart and body so why I am not tell to all this message “JUST ENJOY ART WITH ME..”
I have master in Fine Art and I have read lots of art text and art history by book and by art work visuals. and I find a one message from all art history and art visuals “Art Just for Enjoy ”but its very must if we know , what we are enjoy from our self.
I think on the word of ENJOY and I find some logic ,here I want to share it .enjoy is a matter of inner sound of Human body, its start from a mind vision and by inner requirement of human body. I find the real mean of enjoy. It is self satisfaction from every where but when, then our Inner requirement is demanding of us.
The life live always practical and we can’t leave this life its fact. In that case we face lots of trouble and pain of mind , body and in heart .its result is we face depression, sadness, mentally tired And practical life will not stop it for us. it will create it for us again and again.
So a one question is start where we go for feel free and feel light form inner side of mind and body its answer is one and only “ART ”
I think about art, art is a very big dust been it can accept your all inner zik- zek (puzzle)condition , sadness and unwanted pain of practical life.
‘ART ” the mean of wild space for full peace with full freedom. Art have the process of give and take. Art always giving the peace and freedom of heart and taking the pain of heart and pain of practical life.
“ART “ it is a journey of peace and its start from the artist, A Artist feel some Zik-Zak and some good feeling in inner side of mind and body then he create some , after visit that we are saying it is Art but actually that is activity of inner sound by some medium of earth for get freedom of inner sound by expression of artist . Artist feel Free After Express his inner motion activity by his self and after that Art is doing Start the journey in society with same process of give and take. In our human society every one are can’t express his inner sound by other medium of this earth because they are weak to mind and they don’t know how to express inner sound. They are full pack from practical life they have no time for express his /her inner sound so where they go for feel freedom and enjoy. The Art invite him and her with his /her inner pain and trouble of practical life. basically in our society we can see the art definition in visuals ,text and music. And a great art master BHART MUNI define it in a Theater and Dram in INDIA. That Theater have a new look by technology and to day we are saying it Cinema. It’s have all three art presentation in a one frame. It’s part of visual art. Some artist express his inner sound by line & color on space we are saying to that is painting(I am painter) and some one create form stone & metal with three dimension we are saying that is sculpture .its all art creation is part of visual art. Some people express his inner sound by text we are saying to him and her they are writer but A Indian philosopher Dr. Haridwari prasad Shastri have told the text is a also drawing of inner sound so we are express our inner sound with symbol by text(Drawing) and society communicate it by his /herself. Music its very freedom full medium of artist. It’s base on self sound of body with inner sound. it’s not want any medium of earth. Only music can touch your inner sound without any medium direct heart to heart.
Artist have leaved the creation of expression in society and his art invite to all the society just catch and observe the sound of art by his/her sensors in that cash they are forget his and her practical life and inner pain that’s all. It’s the real target of Art in our society. A common man when visit and listen any form of art that time his mind just think only his visit and listening topic in that moment art have done start the work of take the pain of visitor and listener, after visited the cinema , painting exhibition he feel very light because he forget his past condition before the art visit ,he had forget all and enjoy the art visuals , cinema and some music track….in his practical life time. its very tuff but art can do it in all condition. It’s art power because its very pure sound of human inner sound.
So tell me why I am not say this line to my all art lovers , visitors and to common art visitors ..JUST ENJOY ART WITH ME….! ha..

Yogendra kumar purohit