Friday, April 24, 2020

Art Vibration - 558

7ess Art Team of Tunisia is changing to mood of world people in critical condition of  Covid -19…

Friends today our world family is facing a corona virus Attack . we are calling to it covid – 19 . this critical virus attack have lock down to world , I am seeing  this virus have lock to time of human family . so we all humans are in our home for safety of life .

Artist Lamia Ben  Cheikh Brahim  Tunisia-  Director of  "7ess"
Many counties are facing to this very painful  condition or they are trying to safe to  life of people . medical zone of our world is fighting to this covid-19 continue 24 hours . we are hearing every day bad news about life or that bad news  disturb to us in our home . our system of govt. need our safety so they bounded  to us in our home , I think it is must for kill to this covid -19 . so I support to this lock down . 

But this stay home caption is also disturb to a very active person in home . in my nation last 40 days to we are in home so its very tuff or painful . we know lock down mean everything is lock no any kind of business . we can just eat and drink in our home or then sleep . but the mind need some refreshment or this refreshment is in hand of  art and culture  in this days . 

We artists are live in studio ( visual artist )  . so we know the condition of lock down or that’s side effects . in studio artist live alone and he/she  work with canvas , clay ,stone or some other mediums of visual art. We visual artist create lock down condition for us from self . because it is must for fresh creation , that fresh creation can refresh to society , city, state ,nation or our world .
So our own lock down condition can brake to this  full social lock down of today  in condition of  covid -19 . 

Communication manager of  7ess -  Artist Lmen Ben
 Artist Here I am saying this because a senior artist have prove it  yesterday by international virtual art Exhibition .
Artist Lamia Ben cheikh Brahim from Tunisia , create art concept of international virtual art exhibition . she has start a association with title “ 7ess ”. she has  invite to art work of visual artist of our world on online . she has appointe a communication manager to  Artist Lmen Ben Brahim a plastic Artist cum photographer for this international virtual art Exhibition , 

In a short time  Artisat Lmen   Ben communicate  with  150 Artists of our world , in this artists list Artist works come from Arebian countries , Europien countries , African or Asian  countries too. 

The Team of 7ess  association create a digital online visual gallery or on that gallery they exhibit works of 150 artists , it is not a easy job but the team of 7ess have done it in very short time.  because they want to change the mood of our world people , they are committed artist so they know how to they can change the mood of people by way of art . they are providing visuals of art works on their own mobile , laptop or pc screen through the  facebook network . 

My art work in international virtual  Art Exhibition of 7ess ,  Tunisia .. 2020 .
Really it is a surprising art exercise by Artist Cum Director of 7ess   Lamia Ben . her concept is really refreshing to mind of artist and people too ,  because in this lock down condition her art  practice  ( virtual  art Exhibition  ) is connecting  to people from their home or in respect of social distance in this loc down for kill to covid-19 . really it is great and surprising . so salute to her very first by me .

I also participating in her international virtual  art Exhibition . she has  exhibit my three art work . or my name also in English .it is more surprising for me . in visuals  you will see it or in link of page 7ess too.  ( this link of facebook page of 7ess )

A big  international visual art Exhibition on online at home on screen of mobile , laptop or pc is taking very much time  from viewers , when a visitor start to visit this virtual exhibition he / she come out to tens of covid -19 , they are forget  to lock down  condition or when they read or comment on artist work in that time they start live communication with world art from their home with respect of social distance .

( time is movable so this bad time will pass very soon , but at present we should live active and alert for safety ) 

I like,  in action of social distance for safety to covid -19 , Artist Lamia Ben remove to social distance  by this online social communication ( International virtual art Exhibition  ) with sound of true art of our world ,  
This online social communication is changing the mood of people at their home in lock down condition . \
So here I said about it ..7ess Art Team of Tunisia is changing to mood of world people in critical condition of Covid -19…

Certificate from Tunisia

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine  Arts
Bikaner, INDIA   

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Art Vibration - 557

A Commitment Completed 12 Years on Web World …

Commitment is a very responsible word in our human culture . word  commitment had wrote history in past and its working in present for future knowledge , because its writing history of present at present .

I am saying it because I am living it . commitment is a really very tuff  for a social person . I think I am lucky or  my time selected  to me for this word commitment about  prove to definition of this word in front of our world  by practical performance . so I am with this word  commitment .

In 2008 I joined to online networks or I started blogging by blog writing . this art vibration  blog and blog Big Adda blog of Dr. Amitabh bachchan ( Padamshree , padamvibhushan or padmbhushan rewarded cine artist of INDIA ) I am calling  to him my E Guru  Because I am learning to him very much every day from His blog , this English  writing of Myself is a gift  to me from Dr. Amitabh bachchan . 

You know I am committed person for  my art journey . so  you can know  I am full time live as a committed worker of  my own life. Commitment need  your 100 % or it is  my nature when I start some then I give  my 100 % in that activity of  my life. 

In 2008 I started communication  with Dr. Amitabh bachchan  I said  to him I am not  your fan but I am  your E Student . so this blog communication will continue or none stop , because on a point he said on his blog he will stop to it . so I have done a commitment  with him for continue writing  on his blog as a E Student . 

You can say the god selected to me , the time selected to me for that commitment . that day to till today I am continue writing  on blog of Dr.  Amitabh bachchan and he is also writing on his blog . we both have completed 12 years by a blog or text communication . we did not met live face to face  in this journey . but by blog we meet everyday . because we both are committed for our daily art communication , in this art communication he is  my E GURU and I am His E Student . 

Few year Ago I went to Mumbai , there I saw to Dr. Amitabh bachchan at gate Of Jalsa with lots of fan or well wishers of Dr.  Amitabh Bachchan . but after that one minute look of Dr. Amitabh bachchan , I got a big autograph of him in my sketchbook and I gifted some portraits works in pencil drawing ( portraits are Dr. Amitabh bachchan and His Family members ) .

Dr. Amitabh bachchan accepted my gifted portraits and in return gift he posted me a very special thanks letter , for me that letter is a certificate of art masters . so today that letter is farmed and present in our guest room showcase of  my home . 

Date 17 april 2020 , Dr. Amitabh bachchan surprised  to me from his blog when he posted a post with a greeting for EF .

He wrote we have completed 12 years by online communication in this web world . he gave credit to we EF . but I think it was not possible  without Dr. Amitabh bachchan . I learn to him, how to complete to your commitment . some time -  time was taking test of us or it is continue  but the power of commitment or blessing of gurus are work for positive result . 

Dr Amitabh bachchan is sharing his true life on his blog ( I am calling canvas to his blog  ) and in reply I also share  my art journey for his notice or collect his right guide line for more better way of my art journey . 

So I am very much thankful for  my E GURU  Dr. Amitabh bachchan , he came in my life  by way of online  and he is shining to my art thought  by his art experiences . 

In his greeting image  you can read to his full feeling about  strong committed  communication of 12 years  or his all EF ( Me ) 

 It was possible  by commitment ..

 So I said about it  A commitment completed 12 years on web world ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Arts
Bikaner , INDIA