Thursday, April 18, 2019

Art Vibration - 516

World Art Day Dedicated to City Rostov The Great Russia  2019 …

Date 15 March 2019 , our world celebrated to world art day in  all our world , so as a art master I thought I also participate in this world art  celebration by creation of art . so I created landscape of  a Historical building structure  of City Rostov The Great Russia . 

You must read or notice to my last post on this art vibration,  then  you can know why I selected  to art subject of City Rostov The Great  Russia . I am on a art call for a art project of Russia . that art project will start for me in Month Aug. 2019 . but in mind that is running now or I am thinking how to I will complete that realistic art project work in Russia . 

Actually I have stopped to realistic work practice after year 2004 -05 . or this Art call specially for Realistic work  . so it is natural for a artist his/her  think come out in his/her  work if he /she is true about art journey .
 So on day of world art day , I finalized to a landscape work by water color on handmade  paper. I finalized the subject of that landscape , that was historical building structure of city Rostov The Great  Russia . ( sorry I could not found the right name of that building so I can’t mention that’s name at here ) .

In this work I got help of our Google image . google provided me many images of Historical building structures of City  Rostov The Great . ( you can ask to me why the city Rostov The Great in your selection  so my answer about it , I got two name for  my realistic project work of Russia . in that two name I  got name City Rostov The Great , so it is here or in my art vision for art work on celebration of world art day  .
On my PC screen I open to image of Historical Building of city Rostov The Great  and I started study work as a student of visual art . in three to four hours , I could completed that small size art work in my studio  by support of Google Image . so thanks to Google Image . you completed to my Idea of a realistic art work by Historical building Image of  City Rostov the great . 

Here in visuals  you will see how to I completed that ( A out Door work I completed in In Door ). It is critical  but acceptable in critical condition .in philosophical angle I can say I felt I am there when I created to building structure of city Rostov The Great .

When I got a fine result by me , on that handmade paper after 14 years, then I thought I will dedicate this work to city Rostov The Great Russia on our world art day . it was  my committed work for Russia so it was very must I dedicate to it to Russia . I shared this art work with President of Russia and with team of Realistic Project work creator of Russia . master Vitalii Vasilev is  manager  of  Art Project Russia 2019 .
In visual of art work  you can see what I do and how to I done that art work of Historical Building Structure of City Rostov The Great  Russia . 

When the art work was in process I was deeply celebrating to my realistic art sound it is true , because I restart that after 14 years , for a big art project of other country of our world . so I dedicated  to that  landscape art work to city Rostov The Great on our world art day .

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA    

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Art Vibration - 515

An Art Call of  Russia 2019

Friend in this week I received a art call from Russia . Master Vitalii Vasilev art manager of Russia , he is working for Historical building Structures  of  Russia by way of art . Art mean only realistic  painting . kind  your information  when I was studied In masters in that time I created a critical work for Heritage , I created a wall image of fort Amera Jaipur in my class room wall you can say my studio wall of Rajuasthan School of art . that work was created a right sound in front of care taker of heritage and today Amer Fort or that’s look is in front side of  yours . you can say I did plantation of heritage care for our future step .
Master Vitalii Vasilev  Russia is Lighting to traditional lamp at Narendra Bhawan Bikaner , with Him Artist Shryansy Manu  INDIA 

i Noticed there a Camera was down ..
Master Vitalii Vasilev Russia noticed to this point when he came four month Ago in Bikaner. Artist Shryansy Manu organized a demo art show of Russian  Historical Buildings in form of Paintings . that show was exhibited at Narendra Bhawan Lalgarh  Palace Bikaner. 

Kind  your Information  in year 2004-05 I have stopped to realistic art work in my art journey , but that fine work inspired to master Vitalii vasilev Russia or he is calling to me for join his art project in Russia as a realistic art master . I am happy he noticed and observed to my skill of realistic work ( study work ) . he has showing his full confidence on me for his art project so he is in giving me a art call for heritage care project work of Russia . it is a itself  art achievement for my study work or art journey by Russian art community .  

Some work As a Demo  from master Vitalii vasilev Russia ( its a Exhibition of Russian Historical Building Structure  )
So I am very much thankful for Master Vitalii Vasilev or Art Community of Russia . for Me Master Vitalii Vasilev Russia has fixed the date of art work in Russia . date 8 to 19 Aug.2019  in Rostov The Great and date 20 to 30 Aug. 2019 Alexandrov .

He need to my passport image then , he will posted me my invitation letter for art trip of Russia , it is a very important or responsible work for each one artist of our world when he live on a art call of other countries.  Because art caller community need more fine work to artists about their project . they are writing a new history for their own country by support of other countries artists . 

Master Vitalii Vasilev Russia has showed  his trust on me or he is calling to me for his art project . may be time will support to me then I will complete to  his project work as a visual art master of INDIA . 

Here a image of list of artist selection of Master Vitalii Vasilev Russia , in that list  your can see to my name . that list master vitalii vasilev Russia published on his facebook page or he was linked that’s link on my wall of facebook page too. 

Now I am on an art call of Russia 2019 . 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA