Saturday, May 31, 2014

Art Vibration - 314

 Creative & Colorful INDIA

Is Select To Creative PM

PM is a short name of  post of  Prime Minister  in our world. This month we Indian have selected a very creative PM for our future system . we know every system need some creative sound for real progress of  contemporary culture and a creative leader can apply to this creative sound about future of a nation success . its example is cities of ROMA and Italy and culture of western countries . that same thing is with my nation INDIA  or other countries of our world .

Drawing of Great Art master Leonardo De Vinci m Image from Google Image
When a leader or king was promoted to art and culture in that time that’s  time and country was got more rich stage in history . A King was promoted  to Great Art Master  Leonardo Da vinci in that case Leonardo was gave lots of creative idea and tools for success of kind nation and his  king was got a cultural success in our history after that King  Napoleon was promoted  to artist Jack David and artist David was gave a very strong cultural art academic system to western countries and that system today our all  world art families are following  about art and culture development  

In India Great King Ashoka was created cultural and creative environment in his leadership. he was promoted to art and culture and that’s result we can see in INDIA  at AJANTA cave art , it is in seven wonder of Ashia or it is a  very historical artist cultural records of Time of King Ashoka. After King  Ashoka  Mughal King Jalaludin Akbar was created very artistic environment in INDIA by art and social activities  . in art we have a very creative  example of his creative sound . that’s is Mugal painting . Mugal King Shah Jahan was gave full respect to creative art and poetry and that’s result we can see in form of TAJ MAHAL . Today Taj Mahal is in list of Seven Wonder of our world . 

I know  you are thinking why I am saying it about art and sound of Politics . so  my friends I want to say without a creative leader any culture of any country can’t get a real stage of that contemporary time and culture . a creative leader is working like a time register  in history of our world . its big example we can see in Egypt culture . there a king was lived for construction of a TABUT for his self.  we are saying to that  pyramid .   that time Egypt King was designed design of pyramid . actually he was registered to that present time on real pyramid by craft work  of stone carving . today we are reading to that like a cultural notes of Egypt culture or time. In Egypt a common man was working for culture registration by guide line of Egypt King . that was very strong cultural work by Egypt  time so today that is in seven wonders of our world . in Egypt the king was worked  like a magician or we are noticing many magical effects  with Egypt pyramid or that’s culture . Egypt  culture was registered very well to cultural sound of Egypt  for our example  so here I have share it in form of a example for  you . 

In art education or in art history I saw art and culture can get a right  space when a creative king live with sound of art or culture. 

This  sound I were observed in our 15th PM of INDIA . His name is Hon;ble Prime Minister Sir Narendra Modi . he is a very sensitive , active , creative and promotional character of our nation . as a artist I were observed his first creative sound when he was started a campaign about tourism of Gujarat state of INDIA . he was Chief Minister of Gujarat and for that campaign he was selected to mega cine start Dr. Amitabh Bachchan and that campaign team was gave title to that tourism campaign KHUSHBOO GUJARAT KI … ! ( smell of state Gujarat ) ..! 

I saw that campaign video link from Dr. Amitabh Bachchan  blog ( note Sir Bachchan blog link on my wall page of this art vibration so click on Dr. Amitabh bachchan image and get his blog link)  or   on youtube .com and I were felt some creative sound in that campaign from that’s state chief Minister Sir Narendra Modi . his creative  sound was silent but that was presented in that campaign I were noticed  it ..ha
Here a link of that campaign for  you from 

After that  I saw his very creative campaign for our National Election . he was used poetic sound for his election campaign , in Hindi we are reading to that ABKIBAR MODI SARKAR ..his campaign team was presented that campaign  on all side of publicity sectors , like on online networks, electronic media , print media an everywhere .we were reading one line in poetic sound  ABKIBAR MODI SARKAR . 

I were inspired to this campaign line so I were created a poetry by use this line  in Hindi . so that’s poetry of myself   for you at here about your reading ..

( अबकी बार मोदी सरकार , के इस  बहुचर्चित नारे को सुन ने के बाद मेरे भीतर से ये प्रगटित हुआ  ईमानदारी से एक सृजन धर्मी के नाते , जब कल  आप की अदालत के साक्षातकार में श्री मान नरेंद्र मोदी को अपने भाव  अभिव्यक्त करते देखा व् सूना  यू ट्यूब पर श्री मान रजत शर्मा के साथ ! कृपिया इसे आप काव्य अभिव्यक्ति  ही समझे , इस से इतर ये कुछ भी नहीं जय हिंद !
करदो करदो बेड़ा पार
अबकी बार मोदी सरकार ,
अब न लूटेगा कोई बाजार ,
अबकी बार मोदी सरकार ,
शांति  की है यही पुकार
अबकी बार मोदी सरकार ,
युवा न रहे बेरोजगार
अबकी बार मोदी सरकार ,
विकास का हो लक्ष्य पार
अबकी बार मोदी सरकार ,
कहीं न मचे हा हा कार
अबकी बार मोदी सरकार ,
हमारी जीत उनकी हार
अबकी बार मोदी सरकार ,
विश्वास  का जो लाये आधार
अबकी बार मोदी सरकार ,
भ्रस्टाचार पर सटीक वार
अबकी बार मोदी सरकार ,
दुश्मनो को है खुली ललकार
अबकी बार मोदी सरकार ,
करदो करदो बेड़ा पार
अबकी बार मोदी सरकार ,…।

This month his creative sound was worked on heart and vision of our nation peoples and peoples  were selected  to him for our next PM of INDIA . it was magic of our  PM Sir Narendra Modi  and he was wrote a new history in INDIAN election records. Its region is that,  he is a honest ,committed , dedicated , hard worker , true thinker and a creative person for design of nation future . 

 He is listening  and noticing  to everyone in his working process . he is following to right and truth path just like me so I am looking in him a creative person very first for  my nation. 

Yesterday he did won  my trust when I were shared  with him a critical news about his picture use by a none committed news paper team  Dainik Bhaskar . this news paper team was cheated with me after  my 60 days hard work of press photographer without any  leave ( time 8 am to  till 10 pm )  in Jaipur for new news paper CITY  BHASKAR . they were commitment with me for pay of  500 /- rupees every day about my art labor . it was year 2006-07 . After 60 days I were submitted  my bill of my labor charge . that time they were pay to  me only  50 % and said to me we can’t give to  you more after it .so do fight( Editor was said  this words to me )  …!  ha ha.. ( as a art labor record I have all documents of that job  in  my record data ) they were not right with me and today  they are sharing image of our right PM Sir   by title image Dainik Bhaskar  on online network at twitter so I were informed  to our Hon’ble PM sir . with a short note in Hindi .
 I did posted it today to Prime Minister of India Sir Narendra Modi .. श्रीमान प्रधानमंत्री जी भारत,समाचार पत्र दै.भास्कर ने ट्विटर पर आपकी तस्वीर को शीर्षक चित्र के रूप में प्रकाशित किया है,तब,जबकि वे ईमानदार नहीं कार्यप्रणाली में ? वादा खिलाफी से उन्होंने मेरी ईमानदारी ,निष्ठां व विश्वास पर भी घात किया है ! १० का कहकर ५ ही दिया है ? आप कुछ करे , जय हिन्द ...…

here that’s update link of facebook and text copy of Hindi  for  you . 

After received   my short  and critical note on online networks our PM  Sir was taken a right action on that and within 24 hours I saw a positive or a creative  result from him or on a title image of Dainik Bhaskar news paper. There I were came in confidence about future of  my nation it will go for real cultural  progress of INDIA .
 I have shared it with our 15th Prime Minister of India Sir Narendra Modi ji with a thanks because it is a new start of INDIA ..Jai Hind ...
मित्रों आज मैंने आत्मविश्वास भरी श्वास ली एक हिंदुस्तानी होने के रूप में ! तब , जबकि मेरे देश के १५ वे प्रधान मंत्री जी सम्मानीय श्री नरेंद्र मोदी जी ने मेरी न्याय हेतु की गयी प्रार्थना पर गौर ही नहीं अपितु आदेशात्मक सुनवाई भी की और उसके सकारात्मक आंशिक प्रभाव से प्रत्यक्ष और अप्रत्यक्ष रूप से अवगत भी कराया ! जिसका प्रमाण मै इस पोस्ट के साथ साझा कर रहा हूँ , जो है ट्विटर पर सम्माननीय प्रधान मंत्री जी की तस्वीर का उपियोग समाचार पत्र दैनिक भास्कर के द्वारा करने पर ! जिसका जिक्र मैंने कल आप के साथ साझा किया था एक पोस्ट के रूप में और आज उसके परिवर्तित रूप को साझा कर रहा हूँ ! ये कड़ी दर कड़ी है न्याय संगत ठोस बदलाव की , हिंदुस्तान के अच्छे दिन आने के शुरूवात की ! जय हिन्द

so  here that’s right action result  link for  you or that’s text copy of notes of Hindi ..

I sure after read this post matter  you will observed  to  my talk about creative PM  or nation INDIA . 

So here I said creative & colorful INDIA is select to creative PM ….

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Art Vibration - 313

* PAG *
PAG it is a short name of  first INDIAN modern ( contemporary ) art group . it was started in INDIA by four creative artist of INDIA . this art group was very critical and contemporary artist group in INDIA  . it was founded in year 1947 in same year of independence  of India . So a Army Salute by me to Progressive Artist  Group ( PAG ) …..Jai Hind …!  

I have read about this PAG art group  in my art theory of  BFA or Master of Fine Art Education .
Kind  your information I were joined  to  my master  education in year 2003-04 , in that time I were read  to again about PAG art group by art book or in same year a artist of PAG was came in Jaipur with his art work . yes I am saying about  late  art Master M.F.Hussian .he was showed  his cine art work in a cinema hall . that  CINE art work title was Minakshi . 

Image from Google Image  ..Late great Art master M.F. Hussain INDIA
That day I were touched to very first time to PAG group in my art journey . that was very live motion for  my art journey because I were LIVE  talking to member  of PAG group and he was also in my art book .so that day  I said for him a live  art history of INDIA M.F. Hussain .  in cinema , I were talked to him and requested for a sketch in my drawing book  , he was smiled and  said to me in HINDI or in  ENGLISH ( abhi dekhne ka samay hai so dekho – just see  because time is for see ) . finally he was gave me a  English sign in my sketchbook , but he was not draw any line  like a sketch ..ha ha ha .. . I were shared that live historical story of my art journey on this art vibration so that’s link for  your  visit and notice . because that was live movement of  my life when I were touched to live PAG art group by that’s artist member , he was  late great  art master M.F. Hussain 

( Note – I were watched a live reward ceremony of Lalit Kala Ratan, at NGM auditorium  in New Delhi , there Sir M.F.Hussain was collected his Lalit Kala Ratan reward by his hand . how to I were visited  that live reward function , I have shared that critical story also on this art vibration  canvas ..ha ha ..) 

Image from Google Image -  PAG  Group  Artist  Sayed Haider Raza , INDIA
I am recalling about this past meeting with PAG group member . because yesterday once again PAG group was observed  to  my art sound by a another artist of PAG group . so it is very  must I share with  you  my past and present story of art journey  with sound of PAG group .because  I have touch to PAG group by My art sound . 

Last year I were saw a online page of great art master  S.H . Raza on facebook . that’s  title is Raza Foundation . I did saw many updates of that art foundation  on facebook . kind  your information great Art master S.H. Raza is also member of  PAG group . today he have padmvibhushan reward . our Hon;ble President of INDIA was gave reward  padmvibhushan to Sir S.H. Raza  In year 2013.

Last week I were saw a page of Sayed Haider Raza on facebook , it was a self id page of Sir S.H.Raza . I were posted  to him a friend request in rule of facebook use or for connect to Sir S.H. Raza . he was noticed and observed  to  my art sound and then yesterday he was accepted  my request . in this acceptance of him I have touched to his art vision as a junior artist of INDIA  and he was noticed  to  my art sound as a senior artist of INDIA or as a member of PAG group . his acceptance was gave me a level of contemporary Indian Art. So  I can say I have touch to PAG group because two member of PAG group was noticed and observed  to  my art sound  by live and virtual art visuals of myself .

So here I said I have touch to PAG …

Yogendra kumar puorhit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA