Friday, May 16, 2014

Art Vibration - 308

50,000  Viewers of
Art Vibration

Friends today I am happy because I have achieved 50,000 viewers on art vibration blog by historical support of  blogger team. I were connected  to this online writing system  in year 2008 and today is 2014 . seven years is complete with writing or  blogger team 
viewers report by Google blogger on blog format.

 We know blog writing is very easy way for writer or for reader . its need only net connection for connect to web world and in web world blogger and other blogs team are providing to writer a right space  for writing and  lots of writing matter for readers without any book or library . but this blog system is also web library without any hard copy of book. It is a real magic of science .

 In web world everything  is in visuals but in real thing that is in form of is a grate   idea .

viewers report by Google blogger on blog format.

This 50,000 viewers figures are very surprising movement for me . because I know how to I were joined to this google blogger and its writing system . in 2008 I were wrote a first post on this blogger  blog . that was not a mature post by me but I were wrote that . kind  your information in year 2008 I were wrote only one post in a year . so  you can know  my writing nature of that time . actually that time I were knew how to write and how to promote to self art sound by this wed world through blog writing . in year 2009 I were wrote only three posts and in year 2010  I were wrote 43 posts in a year that was my writing blast about past art journey. In year 2011 or 2012  I were stopped to much more writing on art so in that years I were wrote only 8 -8 posts .After that I got more blast of art writing  in year 2013 , in this year I have wrote 204 posts  about  my art action of past art journey .in year 2013 I were wrote every day a post about  my past art activity , you can say there I were self committed  for blog writing or that’s result was came by 204 posts .today is 2014 and in this five  months I have wrote 40 posts on this art vibration web book . 

Actually I am very dedicate to this blog writing  because it is giving me space for   documentation of  my art journey  and I can share to my art journey by this  blog link with our world  in web world .this blog is giving me a nature of art communication to our world art family day by day. It is giving me full of confidence about discussion on art to world art family . so thanks to team of google  blogger . 

 The team of  google blogger is providing art viewers to my art writing . and I were also shared my writing of art journey on online networks facebook, twitter, linkedin, of Dr. Amitabh bachchan ,  Pinterest,  yahoo ,gmail or on other online art web pages or sites . 

That’s result is in front side of myself . today 50,000 art viewers have visited  and noticed to my art writing by this art vibration blog . Many  seniors and juniors artist have shared his/her  views on this art vibration by comments on blog posts . Many senior artists and art critics have shared this blog  link for other art lover by his/ her own web pages  in our web world . 

Main page of Art vibration  blog

A online art magazine have listed  to this art vibration blog link on art page of ionone site. I can say it is a real success of my art writing  or that’s right art communication in our world art family by art vibration blog  

Here on art vibration in 307 posts  you will observe to my critical art condition by lots of views and angles of art and culture  . here I have shared lots of art colors of  my art journey that all are  true colors of  my art journey. We know true work always vibrate to others vision , this same definition is working with my true writing work and that’s result is it ,  today art vibration have got 50.000 art viewers ..

So here I said  50,000 viewers of art vibration…

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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सुनील गज्जाणी said...

bhai yogendra ki paintings dekha kar man bhibhut ho jata hai , kitni pratibha hai ye hum in k kalatamak chitron ko dekh kar sahej hi andaazaa lagaa sakte hai . bas aap uchaaeyo ko chumte rahe , ye hum kamnaa karte hai , hume naaz hai aap par aur aap ki kalaa par , jai jai