Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Art Vibration - 313

* PAG *
PAG it is a short name of  first INDIAN modern ( contemporary ) art group . it was started in INDIA by four creative artist of INDIA . this art group was very critical and contemporary artist group in INDIA  . it was founded in year 1947 in same year of independence  of India . So a Army Salute by me to Progressive Artist  Group ( PAG ) …..Jai Hind …!  

I have read about this PAG art group  in my art theory of  BFA or Master of Fine Art Education .
Kind  your information I were joined  to  my master  education in year 2003-04 , in that time I were read  to again about PAG art group by art book or in same year a artist of PAG was came in Jaipur with his art work . yes I am saying about  late  art Master M.F.Hussian .he was showed  his cine art work in a cinema hall . that  CINE art work title was Minakshi . 

Image from Google Image  ..Late great Art master M.F. Hussain INDIA
That day I were touched to very first time to PAG group in my art journey . that was very live motion for  my art journey because I were LIVE  talking to member  of PAG group and he was also in my art book .so that day  I said for him a live  art history of INDIA M.F. Hussain .  in cinema , I were talked to him and requested for a sketch in my drawing book  , he was smiled and  said to me in HINDI or in  ENGLISH ( abhi dekhne ka samay hai so dekho – just see  because time is for see ) . finally he was gave me a  English sign in my sketchbook , but he was not draw any line  like a sketch ..ha ha ha .. . I were shared that live historical story of my art journey on this art vibration so that’s link for  your  visit and notice . because that was live movement of  my life when I were touched to live PAG art group by that’s artist member , he was  late great  art master M.F. Hussain 

( Note – I were watched a live reward ceremony of Lalit Kala Ratan, at NGM auditorium  in New Delhi , there Sir M.F.Hussain was collected his Lalit Kala Ratan reward by his hand . how to I were visited  that live reward function , I have shared that critical story also on this art vibration  canvas ..ha ha ..) 

Image from Google Image -  PAG  Group  Artist  Sayed Haider Raza , INDIA
I am recalling about this past meeting with PAG group member . because yesterday once again PAG group was observed  to  my art sound by a another artist of PAG group . so it is very  must I share with  you  my past and present story of art journey  with sound of PAG group .because  I have touch to PAG group by My art sound . 

Last year I were saw a online page of great art master  S.H . Raza on facebook . that’s  title is Raza Foundation . I did saw many updates of that art foundation  on facebook . kind  your information great Art master S.H. Raza is also member of  PAG group . today he have padmvibhushan reward . our Hon;ble President of INDIA was gave reward  padmvibhushan to Sir S.H. Raza  In year 2013.

Last week I were saw a page of Sayed Haider Raza on facebook , it was a self id page of Sir S.H.Raza . I were posted  to him a friend request in rule of facebook use or for connect to Sir S.H. Raza . he was noticed and observed  to  my art sound and then yesterday he was accepted  my request . in this acceptance of him I have touched to his art vision as a junior artist of INDIA  and he was noticed  to  my art sound as a senior artist of INDIA or as a member of PAG group . his acceptance was gave me a level of contemporary Indian Art. So  I can say I have touch to PAG group because two member of PAG group was noticed and observed  to  my art sound  by live and virtual art visuals of myself .

So here I said I have touch to PAG …

Yogendra kumar puorhit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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