Thursday, February 17, 2011

Art Vibration..49

his birth year was 1861 , Kolkata ,INDIA he was very educated person of INDIA and british government were submitted a "SIR " reward to RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR  .that was a great apprication by GOVT. of BRITISH in INDIA for Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR, Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR was prove education and creative vision can win to world and today i am visiting the same sound in Hon'ble President of America Mr. Barack Obama so i am writing this short story on this blog for your vision.
here i mean in Bikaner my home town ,yesterday the railways of INDIA have show a mobile exhibition its on sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR . you can say in five A/C couch of rail was fix for Sir RAVINDRANATH life journey . i were presented there because i were read him in my art history as a painter (VISUAL ARTIST) so it was very must for me if i visit that moble exhibition ,thats name was SANSKRITI YATRA (journey of culture) by sanskriti express rail.
Sanskriti Express was printed out side or in side by text and drawing of Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR work .that was a nice cultural respect to Sir by RAILWAY of INDIA.i saw lots of school students was presented there with school teachers all were interested in visit of Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR life.that was a prectical study of our senior rewarded person of nation. the studenst were visiting and reading notes and drawing and some portrait and family photography of Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR. i can say the RAILWAY of INDIA is making Difference between common man or Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR by this sanskriti express ,MOBILE EXHIBITION..
this exhibition is making the sense of communication in society by this mobile exhibition. so its moving in all over INDIA. i saw the railway station was convert in exhibition place for visitor and i hope one this sanskriti express will go to outher country for exhibition of Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR life journey. then all world can know the power of education and creative vision. simply city can big change in our world because RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR have done it in his creative life in past when then our nation was in under of brithish community..ha
i were shoot the exhibiiton by my still camera i were alone there in crowd ..but i were busy in my art work PHOTOGRAPHY and visual collection of mobile exhibition of sanskriti yatra , i think i were shoot 100 somethig visuals first couch to last couch.when i were enter in rail couch i were feel i am in house of Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR .five couch was like five room of Sir RAVINDRA NATH  THAKUR  house .i were read and saw the full national athem that is very big poem, our nation have selected few line's for our national athem from that poem .
kind your information Sir RAVINDRA NATH  THAKUR  was started the painting in age 67 year, he did brack the academy rule and he was teach to all, art is a expression of your inner sound .
he was created drawing on paper by black ink he was said painting and poetry is same its mirror of our inner sense .
ok i am going to share with you that exhibition visuals by a video presentation , i were created it for art lover and for art visitor may be you will like it and notice it as a art lover and as a art learner and as a art visitor..because art is a business of mind and only art can make the difference in our world ..ha
video link of SANSKRITI YATRA :-
must visit it..and reply me by your creative comment on this post.because your comment will make real difference by communication on this community
yogendra kumar purohit
BIkaner ,INDIA