Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Art Vibration - 267

1200 DRAWING IN 1460 DAY'S

Myself  Drawing No . 1 - year 2009
Friends I am completely busy in  my art work after 2003 . you know about  it so what I say to  you about  my art work. I am confuse how to I tell to  you about  my drawing  work . today is a last day of year 2013 , today I have completed  my 1200 drawing on paper by pen ink or pencil. I were started proper drawing work of Myself on myself concept in year 2009. That was march month of 2009 when I were decided for pure drawing work  on myself . I were leaved  to color and brush and canvas cloth . I were came on paper simple A4 paper and after that I were used some sketchbooks and post cards and some news paper  like a canvas of  my drawing. That was a free exercise of myself on my own concept of drawing . I were came in free space of art with full freedom .

I were tried every day a drawing by me for my art journey by luck time was gave me support  then I could created lots of drawing for visual art section. I were enjoyed it like a live journey of  my life. every day a free space of art paper was invited me for a new journey of three to four hours with  limited element of  my drawing concept . that was interesting for me because I were created visuals on a one concept on a limited art space with different types of  composition’s .

 Today I saw 1200 drawing has been completed by me in four years of past. In that movement I said thanks to  my GURU  GOD  TIME  or to my All world Art families . they all were promoting me time to time and I were creating art work day by day with more art energy . I were got lots of comments on  my art work by online networks , that was real achievement of  my art exercise or a real income of a true art work . so again thanks to all of  you  my world art families .

 In drawing I were not changed  any  basic element  like  elephant , hills , electric poll, flower , airplanes, fishes , a love millstone or a sheep. By this eight  elements I were started  my drawing journey and today I have created 1200 visuals on a limited space by self commitment , this self commitment was designed in me a strong confidence or a hard dedication for art work , this long art journey of four years was created a right patience  in me about  my art exercise or about this  true or dedicated art journey. Today it is continue by me  .

2009 to till 2013  myself drawing sound was done many journeys  in other countries of our world. Art Society or a art museum RAMO D ORO ITALY was exhibited  my drawing three time by art exhibitions in ITALY or ROMA , I were created many greetings of festival for celebrities of our world, I have posted that greeting to White House of America , President House of INDIA, Dr. Amitabh Bachchan , Queen of UK,  Guinness world record team , Academy of art America, and some more art society or museum of our world .

Myself  Drawing No . 1200 - year  2013 
 I were started art communication on online by drawing  and I were got many artistic comments  by world art critics or senior artists . someone were liked  my simple drawing someone were liked  my different  type of medium or exercise of drawing on that different type medium  like news paper, post card, card board, drawing sheet, or simple A4 paper of printing, in mid  of this drawing journey I were used  some color or  some collage style work for myself  exercise but that was very limited exercise actually  I were lived busy in complete drawing in this past years of my life that’s result I have completed 1200 drawing by me today .

So I said 1200 drawing in 1460 day’s 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master Of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA  

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Art Vibration - 266


Photo by yogendra  kumar purohit
Friends last week I were joined a art and literature festival in my home town Bikaner. When I were went to join  to that festival  in mid way I saw a very critical condition on heritage of my city. I were felt pain when I saw that live critical condition with a historical architect structure . yes I am saying about a heritage building .

Actually in last year I were joined a discussion on heritage of Bikaner, that discussion was organized by world monuments funds or Lokayan Ngo Bikaner. That live discussion was at Ajit Foundation of Bikaner, there many seniors and educated persons of My city were taken a commitment about  care  to heritage look of Our City with sound of conservation of heritage look of Bikaner.

It was bad luck  because that  critical heritage building is very close to Ajit Foundation Hall or Office . it is too critical but its reality of today for heritage. It was tens matter for me when I were looking that live critical condition of that heritage building .i saw there only a big single wood door ( PROL )and that’s frame was there and other part of that heritage building was not there . I saw only big door on a land of that historical building , someone have created there a ground shape on that place of building.
At the movement I were shoot some pictures of that critical live condition as a observer. because I am working for heritage by heritage project . in visuals  you can see to that live critical condition of heritage .

When I were watching that critical condition of heritage in that movement I were saw some live question in front side of myself .  like  this .. why  we are talking for heritage care when we can’t stop to  damage of heritage structure of our heritage city? Why world Monuments founds society was remark to Bikaner or that’s historical place for re conservation ? why any Ngo is taking some commitment when they are not follow to self commitment for a right aim ? why People are not understand to heritage  importance or that’s definition ? why government of INDIA is not taking a right step  for care to heritage of our nation ? how to we can see to damage condition of heritage after know the value of heritage of our cultural life ? are we educate or not about our heritage ? this kind of question I am facing when I saw to that damaged historical building so that all question  I am putting here for your vision.  I hope  you will give me some right answer of this questions after visit to visuals of that critical building.

photo by yogendra  kumar purohhit
I know this post is  not a master key of heritage care but my inner pain is putting presser on me for share this with  you for your knowledge so I am sharing it with true condition of a heritage structure , that is damaged today .

There I saw many crafted red stone pieces were putted in street  of that heritage building,  I saw there a single door was fixed in a door frame . that was talking to me and asking to me why yogendra why  they damaged  to me  I am identity of  your city but  your city people is damaging to me . they are damaging a right image  of  your  historical city that’s name is Bikaner . I was there silent without answer of that building question. I said sorry to that single  heritage door. Because I were feeling handicapped there in front side of that historical structure door.

 So I said Single Door of a historical building …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Art Vibration - 265

 Critical Sculpture 

In last Month before our national election I were wrote a post for nation family  on this art vibration . this month my nation have completed election for new government of INDIA  . so nation system and people are busy in setup of new government of INDIA .

But here I am observing to  confusion of nation or that’s election. so condition is very critical for new design of a new government of INDIA. Here every day I am reading lots of news about new government concept all  Educated persons are busy for setup to government of INDIA .

It is must for nation but when I am taking news paper in my hand for reading I am feeling in myself like a ant of news . every day I am reading lots of news by news paper and math’s of different parties or that’s leaders . In this condition I am just a receiver of information of present time or that’s condition. In this feeling I feel a critical thing . I saw to myself like a Ant a ant of news paper because I am reading news paper every day after leave to my bed . So yesterday I were converted that critical condition of  my inner feeling  in for of a paper sculpture .

I were converted  my feeling presser in form of art  with a critical vision. I did joke on myself by art form and I know it is a reality of a common man when he or she wait for a right progressive way of life by a right Government of nation. 

I am student of  Visual Art so I can give a visual to invisible thing of real life. So its my duty I share with  you  my art visuals or that’s vision for  your visit or feeling .

You can say I were worked as a mirror of society or as a guide of society because it is a base of artist education . I am master in painting  but I were created a 3D sculpture by paper . it was a challenge for my art education or a live exercise for 3 D visual by easy medium ( paper , thread or gum ) .

 Friends I were created a 20 Inches ant by news paper , you can say to that ant of news paper  and  you can feel in yourself  a  live ant, when  you read to news paper as a right information collector of  your nation or our world .actually in my view we all are Ant of news or information .we live on news and on information in our complete life. Some time right news or some time bad news we collect to time and society on this earth . it is a real fact of our real life. We know news or information is a way of communication about right condition and we are live receiver of that so I think we all are ant of news  or information.

For paper sculpture I want to tell  you how to I created it , first I were collected some news paper prints from my home and then I were collected thread and some gum. By hand I were crush to paper in shape of paper boll and in shape of ant stomach or in shape of ant lags . by thread I were binding to all parts of  sculpture of ant body  and then I were pasted that by gum . I were not covered to ant Sculpture by any color because I want to show news paper or that’s printed news text  on ant body because I were created a ant of news paper by a live concept of  live news life.

I don’t know how many level I have completed about that concept by this critical paper sculpture but I have putted a art form with a critical concept in front side of  your for your visit or judgment . I hope  you will give  your view on this art work by  your comment because it is a critical sculpture ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Art Vibration - 264

Discussion on concept of
Mumbai Chakachak

Dear Friends , this is a very true artistic story of  my art journey. It was started  in year 2012 and it is running with  my present  time because I am busy with this true story work as a art master. In this story I saw a live example of demand of complete sound in a right form of Inner sound of a concept creator .

 In year 2012 , A cine art director Mr. Sanjay Jha Mastan ( Mumbai ) was called me after got the connection with me on online . he was observed  my art line sound by his art observation. On call he was demanded  to me some illustrations on his writing concept  that was a film script format , and Sanjay Jha Mastan was converted that script in book format for book  readers . After phone call he was posted me a mail with his writing concept . I were read that very careful and then told to back to Director cum writer Sanjay Jha Mastan . Sir , I have read  your concept it is very nice and interesting concept because it will give some sense  to society for cleaning . so it is very must  you create some visuals in theater and then shoot some photographs for book publication or  you can direct  a film because this is not a story book writing matter it is a complete film script for cine art .

Director Sanjay Jha Mastan was replied  to me with true words he told me I have no money for film production and a book can go in hand of society so I need  you create some illustration for this concept. He was right because struggle time always giving new way and idea to a creator .but  in that  time I were also busy  in my art work by  my own time design so I were not created any drawing or illustration but I told to Sanjay Jha Mastan  you try to direct to  your script , its for film not for book.

After one year in 2013 , last week I were received a  film promo link from Sanjay Jha Mastan . I were saw that link and I were felt very proud on Sanjay Jha mastan because he was got a right place and space for his concept . that was a live promo of film MUMBAI CHAKACHAK . when I were watching that promo in same time I were remembering first reading of this film script on   my pc  screen . some visuals are same,  dialogue s are same or that writer and director  is director . that was a great feeling for me . because I saw a right place for a right art concept on  our INDIAN Visual  art canvas. So a big thanks  by me to OUR INDIAN CINE ART  family .

I felt more happy when I were knew Cine Actor Sunil Setty was produced to this film script in direction of script writer cum Director Sanjay Jha Mastan . it is great art work for a concept creator or it is a great reward to a art concept creator because this concept is a positive think for cleaning of Mumbai City . this writing matter of Mumbai Chakachak is a ideal concept for nation cleaning system. So thanks to Cine Actor  Sir Sunil Setty he was noticed to sound of Creative person Sanjay Jha Mastan .and he was invested his time money and energy for a right think about MUMBAI CHAKACHAK.

After visit to Promo of film I were thought about some visuals in form of illustration  because I were founded a right thing about concept of Director cum writer Sanjay jha Mastan .  here in five  days I have created six illustrations  in simple form on paper by line and water color . first two illustration I were posted  to Sanjay Jha  Mastan , he was updated to that  on title image of MUMBAI CHAKACHAK on facebook .com page . here that’s link for your visit..

when Director Sanjay Jha Mastan was visited   my illustration exercise he was again told me for creation of illustration about a book format . Actually he want to share  his right concept of Mumbai Chakachak  with all person of Mumbai  by different format of art like cinma , book, painting, theater, and some other art format .  I am liking his positive action for real cleaning of social environment so I want to give a salute to him or his art energy . because I know this kind of creative art concept came from a Art writer cum director Sanjay Jha Mastan by a art communication or art discussion .

 so here I said  about a good art concept  a discussion on concept of MUMBAI CHAKACHAK …

Yogendra  Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Monday, December 09, 2013

Art Vibration - 263

A to Z

Drawing of Myself

Friends I want to say sorry for a long gape  in my blog post writing or that’s update’s . but I am here for  you or for our world art family  with one more blog post of myself .

 Last month I were created some drawing with text of English that was on concept of A to Z . I were selected  text of  English for put to true contemporary sound of myself in my true drawing so I did used  to text of English  in drawing work.  I were composed to drawing space by text of English , in that compositions I were created visuals A to Z step by step .

In 26 days  I were created  26 drawing , and I were thought a critical talk about a complete work , here we are saying to  complete work in our words ( I have complete all work a to z  like this ..ha ha ) so this drawing ‘s  are  indication of that critical comment about a complete work .

In this drawing I were created some fantasy and some change but its naturally came in my drawing flow by time design of my art journey . you can say it was a small project of visual art with text of English or in form of drawing .English language is a way of  my international art communication  so it is a part of myself  life and that self sound was came in drawing by  sound of English text .

This drawing can give some education of English language to kids by way of drawing it was not my aim when I were created  but I got this kind of view from my world art family or that’s viewers so it is giving me some good feeling because I have done work as a master of art and as a master of English teacher,. Ha

Here for your visit I am sharing a group image of my A to Z drawing , I hope  you will like that new exercise of myself as a art viewer. And I will get some right feedback from  your right vision about  my art exercise of A to Z .

Actually I were felt some puzzle condition in my vision about myself drawing , in that critical condition I were thought how to I brake to that puzzle condition of vision. So I were caught a new sound of  my English language from this art vibration blog . or after that I were converted that in text of ENGLISH A to Z.

Step by step I were created drawing with same element of myself drawing because that is my own symbol of life concept . I know some drawing was composed very well on art space and someone not but that’s true sound is right for viewers so I were draw that continue without any critical thinking like a art critic. When I were creating drawing in that movement I were busy in brake to my puzzle condition of art vision so there artist work nature was very must  for me so I were putted that and I were got success in brake to puzzle condition of drawing vision. In that movement I were 100% art master  with me or with my drawing work. That’s result I were created 26 drawing in that puzzle condition of vision.

Artist always facing trouble in flow of art energy , time is braking his art mood by different conditions in this critical condition true art sound and patience of artist is giving some space to artist or his art work in  that critical time , so  you can say  my art work A to Z drawing of Myself  was came out by me in my very critical condition . I am thankful for my  time and art it was created patience in me for creation by different view , so I could done it and here  you can visit that in form of drawing form .  
So I said  to my critical art work  A to Z drawing of Myself …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Art Vibration - 262

Culture of Craft

Cultural Craft- clay pot's , photography by Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Friends we know on earth when life was started civilization by self vision , in that movement humans were created  some basic rules and elements for civil life . that was a creative step about development of vision or life by way of  creation of civilization .

Humans were  came out from caves and they were created home, food cooking system, collection of natural element in pot . Actually Humans were learned  and created some way of use to nature for life. Fire , wheel , pot of clay and some other element of  nature human were got by manual exercises . we can say that was research of them for present life on earth.

Today life is using to all concept of past  life like a culture of life in our system of civilization . today life get some more advance and with different way but that’s base or concept is old because that is a basic  requirement or civilization system .

 In past human were working by manual exercise so that time all creation of life was craft . time was gave to that craft some different look and shape but that’s basic concept was running in all change of time . a wheel concept  was started by stone and after that, that stone was converted in wood or after wood that was converted  in mettle and today in contemporary time that wheel is in fiber .Fire it was started by stones after that humans were searched  some more and new way of fire in this nature and today in contemporary time life using to gas’s   or some more  way  for fire .In pots , first pot was  stone or wood but after that human were created pots by clay, mettles today that is convert in fiber pots .

But today our human civilization system have all kind of way for life with sound of past culture . we can say today we have mixed cultural civilization  in our contemporary time.

Because today many creative person are busy in following work of past culture . they are taking to our past culture  like a challenge , in this condition they are working manual work with same process of  old method . so we can say they are follower of culture or  they are creating a tradition in our contemporary time as a example of past culture or that’s historical sound . I were thought it when I were saw a live demonstration of a clay pot maker . he was creating clay pot by his hand that was manual pottery work of him. I saw he was created many small clay pots by his hand with historical clay pot method . in that live demonstration  I saw he was created pot’s of water  collection , traditional  light lamps , pot’s of corn collection, pots of flower decoration and some more daily uses pots of home .

We know someone following to historical culture for  recreation in this contemporary time  and someone is using to that cultural recreated element for life ,in home. For example  drinking water pot , traditional light lamp , traditional smoking tool HUKA, flower pot ’s , food dices , shades of clay and some more manual crafted element about civil life.  It is with us today because someone are following to cultural craft work in our advance civilization system. Today we are using that crafted element as a artificial product  in our home and some seniors  are liking to cultural environment in home so they are following to our cultural crafted element for daily use . I am also putted a clay pot of water ,  on outside of my studio wall for birds , birds are drinking water from that pot every day .

 In past civil system was started with very limited medium or concept they were thinking only for basic requirement with limited creation or concept , we can say that was limitation of vision of past life. But today that basic or limited craft concept is convert in fashion or in decoration for contemporary civilization because today humans life have lots of way or vision for easy life or a strong civilization system . but someone is busy in follow to cultural concept . because that is a basic concept of civilization about life on this earth . so after visit to a follower of manual craft ( clay pot maker ) I thought and said to that  culture of craft.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Art Vibration - 261

Art Work Impress To Committed Person

We know our world system is running on this earth by very committed persons .they are in community of high education or they are in community of labor person . they committed persons are know how to move to our culture or that’s live life. They are working in all sector of our life system that is economy , education, constructions , development , environment, engineering, science, farming, art and culture and etc.  

  Here I want to share  with  you the sound of art and culture with work of a committed person of our world art family . it is a long story of art communication of myself . it was started on online communication network . that’s name is Facebook . today we all online users know it very well a one communication network  facebook is working very well for our world communication . here we have everything about our knowledge or by this network we can share our knowledge or inner sound by way of text ,  art images or videos ..

Here on this network In 2008 I were registered   myself on facebook as a committed artist of my nation. When I were joined to artists of other countries on this network then I were got many committed persons.  they were busy for work of promotion of others work  , as a artist  I am in section of visual art so I were founded many artistic person on this network as a art promoter . I saw they were promoting to  art sound of others in any art form , like painting, drawing, pottery , sculpture , installation art , calligraphy , photography , video projection , art writing and other art & craft work of our world art family persons .


In my friend list of Facebook  I saw a very committed person , his name is Jose Ramon BarretoEL Ambato he is from Argentina , he is very senior person of our world art family and he is very committed  for promotion of world art by his art vision or activity of art promotion on online . he is  like very much true craft and handmade art work . and he is promoting to that very first by his online communication page  for world family or that’s visit.

Sir Jose is live always busy in every minute of time for share and promotion of art work of our world art family member‘s . he have no limitations in selection of art work of artist . on his profile page  every day  you can see lots of new updates of our world artists . that can painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography, printing and pottery or crafts work . He is giving his 100% energy to art and art communication  because he is committed for promotion of visual arts and crafts .

 I am feeling very lucky  because Sir Jose  was promoted many time  my art work by his promotional work . mostly he is liking my updates of art and wiring work. It mean he is noticing  my daily work presentation or art commitment or that’s dedication . it is giving me more energy for next work of myself .

Selection of art by Sir Jose is proving his self confidence or a very strong  and deep sense about craft and art. he is working like a teacher or as a committed worker of visual art in our world art family . he is not talking to everyone on line by text or phone call but his art update work is making a strong sound of visuals art or that’s true communication for visitors . it is very must  for real art communication because this strong communication can change  to vision of our world family for love and peace . because art have all element of creation of love and peace in our world family and sir Jose is committed for this creation by his promotional work of visual art and craft .


Today Sir Jose have been updated many new art work images on his page  for world art family or  in that images he was updated once again my new drawing image for visit of our world art family  so I am thankful for him  and I am thinking it,   my  committed art work image was impressed to Sir Jose Ramon .

 So I said art work impress to committed person

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Friday, November 08, 2013

Art Vibration - 260


We know our universe is a function of energy . Sun is a center of Energy  by that center to our universe is collecting energy . by that energy on earth nature and life is working naturally . On earth we human caught five way of energy by our observation or sensors .   that is air, water, fire, sunlight, or natural food .but this energies is working for  natural life on this earth.

We human have mind we know how to use to nature or that’s energy for our life . we human have been  converted  that natural energy in two way for life. One is positive energy and second is negative energy  you can say it is our observation on face of  energy  . this two way of energy is a  creation of human mind . its example we can see in historical mythology or that’s true stories.  In Indian Mythology positive energy was came on earth in form of god for remove to negative energy from this earth or universe.  In western mythology god Christ Masiha was came for positive energy . he was observed and collected  all negativity energy  on his body in  that time and got death.  he was removed  negativity of that time . he was used his body  like a recycle been  , we know how to Christ Masiha was got death by negative peoples of that time . actually there people were not negative there negative energy was working by people so in last movement Masiha was told to Super Energy for that negative condition of people  visions , he told they don’t know what they are doing ..my god. ! this same thing is in Ismal there follower of positive energy are accepting only form of light or energy,  they have not imagined or saw live to god but they know positive energy and super energy is working on negative energy on this earth .  that energy is in form of direct light. Light  of sun or  light of soul.

Here I am saying  it because  I were thought  on this topic very much and then I were created a poster image as a social art work. That was on negative energy or that’s impression on society. I were created  that art poster after observed to corruption sound of contemporary  time.

In present  time our INDIAN Mythology is saying to us  it is a very critical timeits name is KALYUG .  it mean negative time for our world or nation. That negative energy is working everywhere in nature and in life or in vision of people. That’s result is corruption and corruption and corruption.

But in this critical condition  someone have positive energy  just like Christ or Masiha , like PIR PEGAMBAR, like SANT or Like GURU. They are working with his or her positive energy on this earth for care to environment of our earth.  In history of INDIA  some King was worked for positive environment  by his positive energy.

King -  RAJA HarishChandra he was lived with true or with his positive energy so he was changed  to vision of Negative  energy  of  critical Sant VISHWAMITRA . After King Harishchandra  , king VIKRAM DITYA was worked for positive energy in his king time , in his king  time corruption was removed from his country. In his king time people were not locked to  home because there were no fear about any negative activity or corruption . king Vikrama Ditya was caring to people and that’s positive energy by positive system , he was knowing the definition of positive energy or that’s use on this earth.  He was gave a right definition to world about positive energy or that’s use . he was not gave chance to negative energy for enter in his country . he was knew where to negativity is come in life so he was giving to people food, home, or a right positive job for a positive life. When a person live with positive sound then he will create positive energy for others, otherwise negative energy is ready for kill to positive environment of this earth.  King Vikrma Ditya was knew it and he was gave a corruption free country to our nation in his king time. He was not a only a king he was a great positive energy of our earth.

After King Vikrma Ditya many other were noticed and followed his positive  working way  but they were not got success like King Vikrma Ditya . it is proving after King Vikrama ditya  other kings could not worked on negative energy by his positive activity  or that’s result corruption was started with full negativity . it was critical but fact of past .

In my art education I were read a philosopher Meg dugal was observed to this energy point by his vision . he was wrote  life or that’s base , he was caught to basic or true condition of positive or negative energy , you can say he was founded the key of human life or that’s energy way, he said life have two base for live , one is fear and second is hunger condition .

Here  the philosophy of  Meg dugal   is connecting  to  philosophy of King Vikrma Ditya or his positive work for positive environment without corruption.  Life base is hunger condition it is natural or it is in many section , first is stomach hunger , second is vision hunger, third is physical hunger . this all types of  hunger conditions are  with life in our world .

When hunger condition get completeness by right food in right time  then life live cool and in positive energy , when this hunger condition is not get right food in right time  then negativity is getting start in life and then in environment ,. that critical condition is start to corruption by negative energy . it is a tens matter of today because positive energy is very limited and negative energy have got very big area in environment of our world . we are saying to that today corruption . ha

 In past human were  created positive environment by positive energy but today hunger condition of vision, stomach or body of human facing lots of hunger condition  it is negative  condition by that negative condition negative energy catching to peoples  vision so that’s converting in negative environment and they are going on track of negative work  we are defining to that by word corruption .
 It can stop and we can remove to corruption like  work of KING VIKRAMA DITYA  by his  positive Energy for positive environment .

So I said here about positive energy…

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA  

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Art Vibration - 259

Art Work For Wild Life

I am connected with WWF . you all know wwf is working for wild life of our world . they are caring to our animal life on this earth. I am connected with WWF as a artist by way of online communication or registration of myself . They are committed for care to animal life in any how  condition . In this wild life care project they are taking lots of risk because they are really committed for it. So is army salute to WWF.

This commitment sound is inspiring me always and I am liking it when they inform me about project of wild life care by different projects reports.

Many time I have shared  my view and idea or some creative art work  in form of campaign of WWF. I were painted a logo design for kids education about wwf  on my studio wall . that was PANDA IMAGE.

 I have interest in wild life because in my family culture we lived with animal  like camel , cow , ox ,cat, got, monkey . birds . Father of my grandfather was lived always with  his camel , My grandfather was live with ox , brother of my grandfather  was lived with cow . cousin brother of My grandfather was lived with birds and brother of My Grandmother was lived with got . so in child hood age to I saw love about wild life in my family . there to  my interest was started  naturally in wild life or After art Education I were know some more duty of a artist so it is must for me I care to life on this earth in any condition and wild life is also include in earth life matter .  

For live example  I want to tell  you this talk ,   outside of my studio  room I have putted a clay pot of water for birds . every day many birds are drinking that pure water from that clay pot .it is live or a daily rule of myself for wild life.

 A other example for you by form of art  I were created a poster on wild life subject  . that was a critical time when I were created that . actually I were saw some videos on online in that videos I saw live demo of kill to cow for food . I were shared that videos links with wwf and some other NGO of wild life care .

In same time I were created a poster design with s simple image of cow . here I am going to share that poster image  for your visit and I sure after visit that poster image  you will know what I said in simple words or in that  poster image.

After creation of that poster or campaign of wild life . I were shared with WWF and then online network . many social Ngo and artist friends were liked that and noticed that poster message for wild life care .

We know animal is a part of our nature  . animal is giving balance to our nature , in future when we will not see any animal on this earth then where  to we will find the cow milk , or how to nature will balance to nature without real natural part of our nature . it is very must we think on it and care to wild life for our  world life .

Here In My city In time of KING MAHARAJA GANGA SHINGH JI , he was registered the land for cows . we are saying to that GOCHAR BHUMI . there no one can construct  home or no one can sale to that land . that land is safe today for wild life or for cow. So this think is inspire to  me for love to animal or wild life care project . that interest is pushing  to me time to time for creation of art work about  wild life care  as a campaign designer or for some live action about  wild life care system.This post is also joint work  with that think because I am updating it for your vision about Wild Life care .

So I said art work for wild life …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA