Sunday, November 10, 2013

Art Vibration - 262

Culture of Craft

Cultural Craft- clay pot's , photography by Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Friends we know on earth when life was started civilization by self vision , in that movement humans were created  some basic rules and elements for civil life . that was a creative step about development of vision or life by way of  creation of civilization .

Humans were  came out from caves and they were created home, food cooking system, collection of natural element in pot . Actually Humans were learned  and created some way of use to nature for life. Fire , wheel , pot of clay and some other element of  nature human were got by manual exercises . we can say that was research of them for present life on earth.

Today life is using to all concept of past  life like a culture of life in our system of civilization . today life get some more advance and with different way but that’s base or concept is old because that is a basic  requirement or civilization system .

 In past human were working by manual exercise so that time all creation of life was craft . time was gave to that craft some different look and shape but that’s basic concept was running in all change of time . a wheel concept  was started by stone and after that, that stone was converted in wood or after wood that was converted  in mettle and today in contemporary time that wheel is in fiber .Fire it was started by stones after that humans were searched  some more and new way of fire in this nature and today in contemporary time life using to gas’s   or some more  way  for fire .In pots , first pot was  stone or wood but after that human were created pots by clay, mettles today that is convert in fiber pots .

But today our human civilization system have all kind of way for life with sound of past culture . we can say today we have mixed cultural civilization  in our contemporary time.

Because today many creative person are busy in following work of past culture . they are taking to our past culture  like a challenge , in this condition they are working manual work with same process of  old method . so we can say they are follower of culture or  they are creating a tradition in our contemporary time as a example of past culture or that’s historical sound . I were thought it when I were saw a live demonstration of a clay pot maker . he was creating clay pot by his hand that was manual pottery work of him. I saw he was created many small clay pots by his hand with historical clay pot method . in that live demonstration  I saw he was created pot’s of water  collection , traditional  light lamps , pot’s of corn collection, pots of flower decoration and some more daily uses pots of home .

We know someone following to historical culture for  recreation in this contemporary time  and someone is using to that cultural recreated element for life ,in home. For example  drinking water pot , traditional light lamp , traditional smoking tool HUKA, flower pot ’s , food dices , shades of clay and some more manual crafted element about civil life.  It is with us today because someone are following to cultural craft work in our advance civilization system. Today we are using that crafted element as a artificial product  in our home and some seniors  are liking to cultural environment in home so they are following to our cultural crafted element for daily use . I am also putted a clay pot of water ,  on outside of my studio wall for birds , birds are drinking water from that pot every day .

 In past civil system was started with very limited medium or concept they were thinking only for basic requirement with limited creation or concept , we can say that was limitation of vision of past life. But today that basic or limited craft concept is convert in fashion or in decoration for contemporary civilization because today humans life have lots of way or vision for easy life or a strong civilization system . but someone is busy in follow to cultural concept . because that is a basic concept of civilization about life on this earth . so after visit to a follower of manual craft ( clay pot maker ) I thought and said to that  culture of craft.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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