Monday, November 04, 2013

Art Vibration -256


We know sound is a strong medium of our communication in life. Our designer was gifted this strong communication tool for easy life. Mostly sound is working in our nature naturally but in some special condition  this sound can make very special environment for us . because that sound can touch to our inner sound  or our soul sound .

This kind of condition we can see and observe  in musical art ,in theater art in poetry sound . because it is move on only   track of sound .

A poet a singer  a actor express his /her  inner sound on path of natural sound  track . by that natural sound  listener can feel to inner sound or soul sound of performer that time sound communicate to connection of soul to soul between performer of observer .

I am saying it because yesterday our world musical art have lost to a true soul sound . yes I am saying about  great Singer Reshma . she was passed away yesterday . her soul and soul sound was mixed in our nature . I were knew this sad news on  day of Deepawli festival. I was in critical condition one side festival celebration feeling and second side a sad feeling after loss of a great soul sound  of Reshma .
As a artist it is my duty if I do prayer for her soul peace . because  before artist image of myself I were knew to great singer Reshma Ji . how to ? I want to tell you.

I saw first color film on our color TV at home that film  name was HERO . I was kid in that  time but I have saved a complete song tune of that film in  my memory with some words of that song.Late great singer Reshma Was play back singer in that song . that’s word was LAMBI JUDAI CHAR DINA DA HO RABA LAMBI JUDAI..

It means  painful  feeling about  distance of  love and god . so I know to her from my childhood age . but yesterday a press reporter of my city Mr. Jitendra Vyas was updated  a informative news about Great singer  Reshma , he was  wrote she was from My Home town  Bikaner Rajasthan INDIA  but she was lived in Pakistan.

I were observed that  information of press reporter Jitendra Vyay in interview of Great Singer  Reshma by a link of youtube  , in her interview she was used many words of Bikaneri language pure Marwadi  language of Bikaner  . like word MAA BETA  ( mother and son ) . shen ( limit of patience in ill condition ) and some more words. So I think reporter Jitendra vyas is right about information of Great Singer  Reshma .  

Great Singer Reshma was not educated in education or in academic music art education  but today her singing style and sound is a true academic sound for future singers. She was self made singer , she got a true soul and true soul sound  or by that sound she was touched heart and inner sound of world peoples .she was promoted  to self soul sound by music like IBADAT of KHUDA ( prayer of GOD ) . her simplicity was impressed to all music lovers in our world. Her soul sound is vibrate  in my inner sound when I am remember  to her song of film HERO ..LAMBI JUDAI CHAR DINA DA ..I can’t explain that vibration feeling of myself in words  but I get cool by sing that song line in my voice , because that was a true voice of soul of  late great singer Reshma and her voice is fixed in my inner sound like a sigh of her  on my heart .

Here  for your inner sound I am sharing her true  soul sound  by a youtube link . I sure if  you have not listen this true soul sound in past then it will create a space in your inner sound  today . after listen to it . it is true ,  because Great Singer Reshma was walking only on track of soul voice after her soul voice she has nothing  in her true musical art life.

 So I said for Great singer  Reshma  with full respect to her soul sound , salute to true voice of soul ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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