Thursday, November 07, 2013

Art Vibration - 259

Art Work For Wild Life

I am connected with WWF . you all know wwf is working for wild life of our world . they are caring to our animal life on this earth. I am connected with WWF as a artist by way of online communication or registration of myself . They are committed for care to animal life in any how  condition . In this wild life care project they are taking lots of risk because they are really committed for it. So is army salute to WWF.

This commitment sound is inspiring me always and I am liking it when they inform me about project of wild life care by different projects reports.

Many time I have shared  my view and idea or some creative art work  in form of campaign of WWF. I were painted a logo design for kids education about wwf  on my studio wall . that was PANDA IMAGE.

 I have interest in wild life because in my family culture we lived with animal  like camel , cow , ox ,cat, got, monkey . birds . Father of my grandfather was lived always with  his camel , My grandfather was live with ox , brother of my grandfather  was lived with cow . cousin brother of My grandfather was lived with birds and brother of My Grandmother was lived with got . so in child hood age to I saw love about wild life in my family . there to  my interest was started  naturally in wild life or After art Education I were know some more duty of a artist so it is must for me I care to life on this earth in any condition and wild life is also include in earth life matter .  

For live example  I want to tell  you this talk ,   outside of my studio  room I have putted a clay pot of water for birds . every day many birds are drinking that pure water from that clay pot .it is live or a daily rule of myself for wild life.

 A other example for you by form of art  I were created a poster on wild life subject  . that was a critical time when I were created that . actually I were saw some videos on online in that videos I saw live demo of kill to cow for food . I were shared that videos links with wwf and some other NGO of wild life care .

In same time I were created a poster design with s simple image of cow . here I am going to share that poster image  for your visit and I sure after visit that poster image  you will know what I said in simple words or in that  poster image.

After creation of that poster or campaign of wild life . I were shared with WWF and then online network . many social Ngo and artist friends were liked that and noticed that poster message for wild life care .

We know animal is a part of our nature  . animal is giving balance to our nature , in future when we will not see any animal on this earth then where  to we will find the cow milk , or how to nature will balance to nature without real natural part of our nature . it is very must we think on it and care to wild life for our  world life .

Here In My city In time of KING MAHARAJA GANGA SHINGH JI , he was registered the land for cows . we are saying to that GOCHAR BHUMI . there no one can construct  home or no one can sale to that land . that land is safe today for wild life or for cow. So this think is inspire to  me for love to animal or wild life care project . that interest is pushing  to me time to time for creation of art work about  wild life care  as a campaign designer or for some live action about  wild life care system.This post is also joint work  with that think because I am updating it for your vision about Wild Life care .

So I said art work for wild life …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA   

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