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Art Vibration - 257


Graphic Image from BBC news link of Tweeter .
( 5-11-2013) Today  is a celebration day for INDIAN SCIENCE , because ISRO of INDIA have launched a rocket for mars very perfectly by advance technology of science . it is a big achievement of INDIAN science so today is a historical day in our Contemporary INDIAN science research projects . for this successful rocket launching work I want to say congratulation to our ISRO Science team of INDIA . they have knew how to design a big rocket and how to launch to that with a successful launching system in space for right condition or aim for other planet .Today In science definition this live action of ISRO science is pulling the sense of all world science research centers ,  it is true .

when I were watching a live views of that launching movement on online by ND TV or ND TV was launching  that live telecast by DD-1. so you can say I were watched that scientific technical launching of  big rocket by technical tool of science . by that live visit I were collected  some right views and information of that big rocket by team of ISRO .

In this project “mission Mars”  ISRO have used 4500 karor rupees of Indian Government , that rocket will complete a long journey in 299 days , and that technical rocket in short word machine of search  will search water on mars and some more environmental information  then that machine will communicate with ISRO in 2014 . it is ok for level of science research but when I think to that as a artistic  point of view then I am feeling  some critical condition about that project .

Here In my Mind many questions are  calling to me about that long journey of ROCKET of ISRO . I were noticed  a senior science team member was spoken  on that project of Mission Mars.  he was said on Deepawli festival our nation burn to medium of energy , by  that one day energy medium   to we can send many rocket on mars ..it was critical but I were thought  to that by different view, I thought ISRO have celebrated Deepawli festival  by a one or very big rocket ..HA  HA HA…..thats cost is 4500 KAROR Rupees of INDIA.

After visited that live launching program or that’s success celebration I were posted my good wish  to Hon’ble Prime minister of INDIA and then  ISRO  science  team by on online network . because over all that was a big success of a big rocket launching by science of INDIA. So it was must for all INDIANS we celebrate this big success of science  today .

But in view of  art  I were came in  tens in that tens condition  my vision was gave me lots of question about Mission Mars , so I were draw a view on paper by boll pen for clear to my view as a critical  art thinker .

Critical view on project of  ISRO INDIA -  Mission of Mars 2013 

When I were thinking about project of mars , I were thought it “ on earth water level is 71 %  and rocket of ISRO will search water on MARS very first . so who will drink water of mars very first and when or how ?

4500 karor Indian rupees we invested for water search on mars by way of science but science is not thinking for our 71 % water of earth , what I say to it ?

In this critical thinking movement I thought without right  management of present we can’t achieve to future or we can’t care to future achievement . we are living and avoiding to our present and thinking for future what is this unpractical steps of advance technology or I think missuse of nation money .

I am saying it because in our historical INDIAN Mythological  books had been proved about universe and that’s virtual power that is not in control of HUMANS . In RAMAYANA big Bird JATAYU and brother of JATAYU was trying to arrival on Planet Sun  but they could not completed that long journey , because life  for earth and on earth its our duty we care to our earth life by good and advance technology of science .it is must  for future life,  On this earth or about this earth .here on earth , life need every day basic requirement of body that is pure water ,healthy food, fresh air and safe environment with love and peace , It is basic demand of life on this earth so  today time need to it from our world management system . we know earth water will give us life , mars water when  will come on earth and how to ?  it is critical  so in view of artistic think , I am thinking some critical and then I am saying  about project of ISRO Science .

ISRO have launched a big rocket for mars

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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