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Art Vibration - 253


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Art is a gift to artist from nature .i can accept it after read a line about teacher , here I want to quote that line . actually I was busy in study of  NET  competition  Exam  . in that study book I were read this line about teacher . “ someone  are making to his/her self  teacher but someone are already teacher by birth” . this same philosophy is fit on artist. Here I have lots of example  with unlimited names , in visuals art  I can see to Leonardo da vinci , in science Albert Einstein, in cinema Charlie Chaplin , in math’s Chankya ,in poetry Ravindra Nath Thankur and many more great person of our world .

Here I am saying about art gift  but before art gift I want to share a view about gift  . Gift is a surprising element for gift taker . Gift is making  a new spirit  in vision of gift taker . this gift can come in life by time design because life is a gift to this earth by time, who gifted it we don’t know but we are feeling someone gifting life on this earth by rule of nature .so life is a first gift for all of us .

After life gift we human have created lots of definition of gift or many forms  of gifts.  We human  have created many festivals or occasions concept  for gifts. By vision we human gifted concepts of celebrations to life with different  live activities . today all world is busy  in a one word that’s name is gift but its definition and forms are different for everyone .

We human are not missing a chance of celebration or gifts . mostly everyone are celebrate his or her birthday on this earth . it is a universal truth , because life is a fist gift to everyone by nature . after birthday we celebrate many other occasion in our life every year or mostly every day in our human family and we are giving and taking gift by that celebration of life.

Here I am saying it because I want to share a art gift image with  you , I were created it  as a artist  for miss world or cine actress of INDIAN  Cinema  Aishwariya Rai Bachchan. on her birthday , date 1st November 2012 and today is  1st November or 2013 , so I were remembered that old art gift or that’s live activity , I were gifted her on online by a link.  Today I were lived very busy in other art work or in update work of home for Deepawali celebration .so I could not created a new art gift for her on her birthday ,here  I think I should create .but  it is not possible at present , because here time limit is  block  to me  .

 Actually I am connected to her  on online and I am saying to her BHABHI ( wife of  big brother ) . so on  feeling  relation path I were created a art gift  for her last year and gifted .  after shared that art gift I was  happy because she was liked that art gift . that was a portrait of her in pencil drawing on paper .
Today I could not created any art gift  for her on her birthday so I were feeling some uncomfortable  in myself  but in that case I were gave me a cool answer . like this . 1st  November is same , I am same , my art is same and Bhabhi is same so  why I  create same art game . ha ha ha smart answer to myself  by knowledge . but heart is always working on artist knowledge  so in evening  time  of 1st Nuvember or on this blog I were created this new form of art gift  with logic of gift concept .

I sure she will accept this blog post as a art   gift because it is a creation of  artist for a true  artist , on the day of birthday celebration . about  feeling of art gift I can say to her HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BHABHI JI , HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO  YOU …

Here I am going  to  share art gift image , I were created it last year on 1st  November   2012  and this year art  vibration  post is a art gift from me to her ,  because I will share it very first with Miss world – Cine artist Aishwariya Rai Bachchan on her online  link.
I draw this portrait  on date 1st November 2013 as a art gift  for Miss world - cine actress Aishwariya Rai Bachchan

 Because it is a  art gift from artist …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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