Friday, June 15, 2012

Art Vibration - 57


Its a true Stroy of  my art journey , 9th year went in a wait of art exhibition at our national art gallery, after follow all rule and regulation of Jehangir Art gallery , its a very historical and very advance  art gallery of  our nation and every artist of our nation want to show there his or her art work with his or her art vision , its  real fact of our national artist art journey.

In 2000 i were thought for exhibit  my art work at Jehangir because that time i were first time visited live  to Jehangir  in Mumbai  after read the name  in our art books and in 2003 i were filled   my form for art exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery.that time waiting for four year about Exhibition of artist work  , so i were started wait with lots of hope , that time i were submitted  my art work visual that was oil painting , after waiting of four year i were  received a letter from Jehangir Art gallery in 2006 ,  that time i were in Jaipur and i have done my master's in fine art and i were busy in work at Jawahar kala Kendra Jaipur As a freelancer Artist with true struggle sound  , I were needed a art exhibition at Mumbai  or other metro city for my art journey , in that letter Jehangir was demanded my recent work and kind  your information in four year i have changed  my work i were painted  my work by water color on paper , time is giving change to us every day and in every second so that change was  natural and must  for a creative  Artist . i were posted  my recent art work Transparency ( TP ).  for work TP i were went to Delhi and then i did got my work TP to MATTA house Delhi . Matta House is a one and only TP creator near Jaipur after collected  my work TP i were went to Mumbai for submit my recent work TP at Jehangir Art Gallery office . but after few month Jehangir posted me a one more letter . in that letter i read  this kind of word " sorry  yogendra this year we have lots of Application so try next year " i were felt very sad  but artist have no way after sorry of  art gallery so  in 2007 i were posted  again  my application for art exhibition at Jehangir art gallery and i did started again wait  just like past  year , it was funny for me but i did for art exhibition at Jehangir with full patience of myself .

In 2011 Jehangir art gallery posted me reply with same demand of recent art work but this time they were demanding Compact Disk  with work image data. i were posted  to Jehangir Art Gallery and i were very sure for  my art exhibition because in this four year i have done many international art activity  in our world art field . But in 2012 Jehangir  posted me one more letter with message  sorry we could  not booked gallery  for you , in letter i read about art work  aesthetic matter and etc. then i did  understood the joke of committee of Jehangir with my art journey, they were killed  my 9th year after gave unwanted wait .ha

I did understood there are no art lover and promoter there only art killer and i saw in  my view Jehangir is converting  in form Of Orangzeb ( Orangzeb was a very bad king for our national art and artist , he was killed lots of artist and he was broken lots of art work of our nation . Indian history saying it and i did faced live in  my life by Jehangir Art Gallery. i were got very big disturbance after received  final letter of jehangir with negative reply for  my art exhibition and then i were convert  my self art sound  like a comic artist  and i were created 50 comic art work  continue on Jehangir Matter and i did share that true art sound  with world art family and i said its a one part of  my art reply to Jehangir and its continue ..ha
 here i am going to share  that comic art work  presentation  for your visit  i sure  you will notice it and enjoy it because its true art sound from a true artist ..ha

this art work also on  thats link is here  for your visit..
hope  you will put your view after read this story and i hope  in future our Jehangir Art Gallery will change way of art promotion because today they are just killing to true Indian  youth art energy by committee selection system . our INDIAN ART HISTORY  have one DEFINITION for AESTHETIC of ART. that is " SATYAM SHIVAM SUNDRAM "
May be Jehangir art gallery, committee will read this aesthetic base of our INDIAN ART and CULTURE ..Jai Hind

Yogendra Kumar Purohit  
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA