Sunday, January 26, 2020

Art Vibration - 554

A Hotel Can  Live Art Museum 

Hotel a Temporary residence for traveler of our world . Hotel mean relax and comfort stay for traveler . Hotel is a new experience for traveler . Today  many hotel’s are converting in form of home culture  designs. The hoteliers are using cultural  format in Hotel decoration . they are using  contemporary art and art elements for design to contemporary time  culture about vision of traveler . it is must for their business because the environment of a hotel create a right judgment for better or not about a hotel . 

The Taj Group a very big Hoteliers group is following this task for better business or better relax by creation of hotel environment about a traveler of our world . Hotel Diggi Palace  Jaipur also following it too ..

When I was art student in Jaipur , I noticed a first hotel Design that’s look like a old Rajasthani village . the hotel designer created a village environment in architectural structure of that hotel  , designer used to rajasthani folk art painting format about wall painting , we are calling to that MANDNA ..  here I can share that hotel name , the name is Hotel CHOKHI DHANI ( fresh Village ) . I am writing it here because my many art  collage   friends were worked for that  Hotel as a Art worker . I can say they decorated that by their own art sense . for me that was surprising because a hotel was giving space to art and artist or they were creating a live art museum for travelers . it is noticeable  for art future . 

In my city the Hotel Gaj Kesari a Art Hotel is also creating a live art museum for traveler . last four months to I am completing some art  tasks about decoration or art environment of art hotel Gaj Kesari Bikaner . here I have shared some post of  my art works .  today that works are install in art hotel gaj Kesari  Bikaner .

                                                                For me it is a great experience , I am knowing or you can say I am learning how to create contemporary culture environment by art in a hotel . there a senior Artist Ann ( other country lady but wife of a Indian Man ) is art manager of Hotel Gaj Kesari or the Director of Art Hotel Gaj Kesari  Bikaner Sir  Sunil Rampuriya is a good artist too . they both know what kind of environment is must for traveler or what kind of art can complete that . so they are fully busy in this art exercise . 

I completed some painting works , some installation  art works or paper sculpture works too. I shared that all at here in past posts for  your  visit. But I share some another visuals of  final display of  my art practice for  your visit , that is install at Gaj Kesari  Hotel for contemporary  culture or environment too. 

When I saw final display of  my art practiced works. I surprised because a hotelier Sir Sunil Rampuriya gave  a live art museum to  my visual arts. It was great experience for me or I felt  my work in safe hand , because Sir Sunil Rampuriya  Know how to care a art and artist for art environment ,


Lady Artist  Ann is using her very creative art sense for decorate to Art Hotel Gaj Kesari . she is install to 
very creative idea in form of art , that installation presentation is surprising  to each one traveler when he /she stay in Gaj Kesari Bikaner . 

She is very sensitive for care to artist image or his/her  work , I noticed she was mentioning the right name with each one art work of Artist , she was tagging the tag with name of artist on his/her  art work in art hotel Gaj Kesari .I saw this kind of tag format in all kind of  museums of our INDIA . 

So you tell me why I not say the  art hotel Gaj Kesari is also a live art museum for Artists ? Hotelier  Sir  Sunil Rampuriya  and Artist  Ann have prove it ,  a Hotel can live  Art Museum ..

 So here I said it  A Hotel can Live Art Museum ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
 Bikaner, INDIA 

Thursday, January 02, 2020

Art Vibration - 533

He Mantion To Me In His Bikaner Diary …

Art Critic Vinod  Bhardwaj 2019 , Bikaner 
Art Critic is  notice to  artist , it mean that artist is in critical vision of art Critic . I think it is a good way for a artist journey because a art critic is noticing to him/ her  in their art  form . 

As a young artist  I am very lucky because ,I am working in contemporary ART of INDIA and the most and very important Art critics are  noticing  to my art journey  continue , ( I also remember  to late art critic sir Keshav Malik at this movement  , because he also noticed to my art journey ) . at present art critic Sir Prayag Shukla ,  Sir Vinod Bhardwaj and Sir Suman  Singh is very active and they all are truly notice to a dedicated artist of our INDIA . I am in their list it is a good news for me . in year 2019  in a one year I met  to two art critics of India in my city Bikaner . I shared about them at here on my art vibration blog .

Last month of year 2019 , I received a phone call of  Art Critic Sir Vinod  Bhardwaj , he informed to me about a link of his video Diary . he created that on his Bikaner visit .bikaner visit was his first visit so he felt different in Bikaner . he discussed about it  with me when we moved  in street of Bikaner . 

Art Critic Vinod  Bhardwaj & Camera Man  Sir  Manoj  Grover  2019 Bikaner
I noticed a assistant camera man was shooting to every movements or action of Sir Vinod Bhardwaj from His Video Camera . his name is Sir Manoj Grover .

Sir Manoj Grover shoot some interviews of Bikaner Artists in that Interview  Sir Vinod Bhardwaj taken my interview in his presence , it was a great chance for me or about  my art journey . he mention that interview in his diary it is too great for me  so I am very much thankful  for  Sir Vinod Bhardwaj . 

In three days sir vinod bhardwaj noticed to our painting workshop , environment of Bikaner , art market of contemporary art in Bikaner  and some tasty food of Bikaner plus Bikaneri Havilies .

After Bikaner Visit  Sir Vinod Bhardwaj  launched his video Diary with title Bikaner  Diary . that is available on youtube .com portal . I am sharing that video Diary link at here for your visit ..

 I sure  you enjoy to video diary of Bikaner through artistic or critical eye view of Sir  Vinod Bhardwaj .
What I say after it for his great work , I have lots of regards  for him always because he mantion to me in his live art diary .

So here I said  about it .. he mantion to me in his Bikaner diary …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art