Saturday, December 30, 2017

Art Vibration - 481

Two Way Are Joint On A One Point …

My natural Painting -2017
Friends yesterday I received a mail from Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation Mumbai . they posted me a conformation mail about my art selection for Kalananad State Award , they have titled that Rajasthan State Award because  my Home in Rajasthan City Bikaner . 

 You know I have started  my art journey from my Home town Bikaner or it  was started in my childhood age ,  when my class teacher or Headmaster of GOVT. Primary School Bikaner gave me a comment on my child art, he told what  you paint or draw ? its  your father head ? that critical words of  my teacher was punched to me or  my art vision , he was sparking to  my spirit of creativity , so in fifth class I did mind set of myself for art life . that talk is recalling to me when I am taking the letter of PDAF in my hand today its came from Mumbai about  my art life.

After fifth class I changed to my school I went in private school ( None GOVT . School .)  there in critical condition I  done art work in hidden mode , because there art and culture was a side job or they were thought  art and culture is useless . so I did not expressed to my art sound in my second school that’s title was B.K. School today that school is not no more .. but I am still  with art because art is blessing on me . 

Kind  your information after art I was  very leggy  in my school  study , so my result came in 10th class , third division by grass . but I was happy because after passed to tenth class I could joined to fine art subject . but when I  said to my family I will take fine art subject for my art future , in same time  the father of  my mother ( My Nana Ji )   Shri Narshing Das Ji Vyas told to me you select agriculture subject because your grandfather have farm and in future you can done very good farming in your family farm . but  my interest was in art or in inner side I was searching the answer for my class teacher , he asked to me about my art . what I paint or draw ? that  was not head of  my father , that was head of myself in form of child art . 

So a words fight was on for a one week but finally I won , I said to my family I will take fine art subject otherwise I will join to labor work for money . My parent supported to me ,then I started study of  fine art subject  in 12th class,  I got first division with Distinction or three number grass in English . ( kind your information this blog post is in English but I know its in rank of grass marks of  yours ..ha ha it is true of  my  art journey , my interest in art so I am masters in art not in English ..ha ha  sorry ..just kidding ..) 

So there in 12 th class I showed my art  vision from my artistic result . I leaved the way of Agriculture or I joined to art way  . after 10 th class I was stand in mid of two way, one was agriculture or second was art . there on that movement  I listen to my heart or mind and followed to art. I started search of a right answer for my class teacher or my Nana Ji ( I am looking to both of them as a critic of  my art life. )
After 12th  class I went Jaipur for  fine art degree . Rajasthan School of Art was accepted  my application  and gave me B.F.A. in Painting . but there I found a one more art critic in form of H.O.D. or class teacher . Dr. Vidhya Sagar Upadhayay ji . he told me” you join to Philosophy , photography or writing too ) painting is not in  your mind  “ after observed to my art character or practice .  he also asked to me what  you will do after  your B.F.A or in Bikaner ? 

My natural Painting -2017
So there to I got one more question about  my art life , so I started art exhibitions by our MANTHAN group . we Manthan Artist have done many exhibitions in city of INDIA like Delhi , Mumbai , Jaipur , Bikaner, Jaisalmer  . year 2000 to till 2017  I have done near 60 exhibitions in India or out of India . you can say it is  my research of  some questions of  my critics . they always charging to me when I remember their critical questions about  my art life. Some time  I was  weeping but  in next movement I started work for more mature work of art and art thoughts. 

By luck in 2003 - 04  I went again Rajasthan School of  Art , Jaipur for my masters . by luck once again my Rajasthan School of Art was accepted my application and provided masters in painting in under Dr. Vidhya Sagar Upadhyay ji . you can say my turn was started after year 2003 . first I came in trust of Dr. Vidhya Sagar Upadhyay ji , because in two years of my masters I done lots of works with philosophical concepts . I wrote many notes about  my paintings or that’s right concepts  ( life ) in my masters . on a realistic painting of  myself  a bird was  trying to sit but that painting was 2D and the bird was thinking that is 3D . it was my first award from nature or by art , my juniors were noticed that live activity of a bird in our class room , that was a big wall painting of myself in masters . kind  your information after that painting I have not paint realistic painting. because I started next search of art vision , I leaved to path of  realistic in my masters . you can say I got busy to myself for more filter to my art vision , I started self research in myself , I asked to myself what I am? why I create art ? and what I need to art ? or some more critical questions for  my art journey I asked to myself what is a aim of  my art journey . by this research I am finding some way for  my art journey , in my recent paintings  you can visit that very clearly in symbols of philosophical angle..something tuff but not very much ..

In year 2005 I came on myself research , I leaved to outside observation or I noticed to my inner sound , my character, my activity or my hope , I expressed that or I found I am on journey by way of art.  2005 to till 20017  I am continue busy in painting of myself , I have created 2225 paintings on a one theme / concept/ thought/ angle / whatever you can say  but for me its journey of myself by way of art .

Last 26 years to I am continue busy in art as a dedicated artist , in this 26 years I have done many art activities / workshops/ art projects/ art tours/ exhibitions / participations/ art discussions and much more I can’t count to all in a one time . but my aim was set that was just creation of art in society for better future /love and peace …I think it is  my duty or I am following  to it because it is giving me confidence for more journey of art. 

Year 2017 is a point year of  my art journey . because this year I have expressed to my art journey or my art practice . you know I am doing farming work as a natural painting ( without brush I paint green color  on a natural canvas 825 X 825 fits  ( land ) by support of nature through natural leafs– its cross work in front of  concept of Great Master Painter Mondrian . he was painted green tree by single green color through  brush  in geometrical form. ).

So I saw agriculture work ( farming  work ) is in my blood,  I can do it in any time ,but I have art in my head or my head is looking to farming work as a form of art about real life .so in year 2017 I have submit  my natural painting work visuals to Prafulla Dahanukar  Art Foundation Mumbai .

I am happy their selection format is noticing to artist vision ( head ) or they are taking in selection to artist work about real promotion of his /her  work practice . 

 Kind  your information by support of  Prafulla Dahanukar  Art Foundation I got a right answer for  my critics ( first Govt School Teacher /Head Master ji or My Nana Ji ) . time have proved I was not wrong for  my life /art journey . time have proved farming and art is same its work for better life , I joint it from my head / body work or prafulla Dahanukar art foundation was accepted it noticed it and promoting it from their state award rank , they are giving me Rajasthan State Award from Pradhula Dahanukar Art Foundation , Mumbai . 2018 its in kalananad award 2018  section of PDAF.

 I am very much thankful  for prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation  Mumbai .. Thank  you ..

Here that  letter copy for  your notice, its came in my hand yesterday by mail of prafulla dahanukar  art foundation  Mumabi . that letter is proving   two way of  my life  are joint on a one point .

 So here I said about this post  two way are joint on a one point …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine  Art
Bikaner, INDIA   

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Art Vibration - 480

A King was Farmer of Desert Life

Friends we have read to History , or by that history we knew the king was not farming for his states in India . it is true .we are calling to that SAMNTIWAD .

But in that same time  a king was done this farming work in his life , he used to desert site of Bikaner state and he was  noticed this site problem that was  to water problem , here water level is very deep under the earth . it is bad luck for our desert site , in past a river Saraswati was passing  to up side of earth in our desert site , but today that is hidden under the earth or its very deep near 500 fits deep . so it is critical .
This critical condition was noticed by a one king of Bikaner . he was founded a new or very creative way for farming  work  in desert  site . he was pulled water from river of Punjab , through the path of Punjab site . kind  your information Bikaner city ( in past state ) is very large site , it is first big city of INDIA from State time .

So the King of Bikaner was designed a plan of Canal a small river from Big or main river . it was very big project .I can say mega project in that time when technology was not advanced or the king of Bikaner state  was not much more rich just like other states of INDIA . that’s region was,  here in desert  site farming was depended on rain water . we know a state or nation get richness from farming growth . 

But a very educated , well updated , a very creative or artistic thinker /philosopher  late Hon’ble MAHARAJA GANGA  SINGH  JI  BAHADUR .. ( Bahadur  is, his post.  it was a honor for a great king from British Government . word Bahadur  mean is fearless character ) 

  Before Maharaja Ganga Singh ji the city Bikaner was living,  surviving and depended on rain water or water storage format but that could saved  to only life for very short time  , that short saving format could not developed to life . so the king Maharaja Ganga  Singh ji was designed a mega plan and he did worked on that in negative environment . but he knew how to start or how to finish to that big project about farming in desert site . I can imagine his character or views plus working style.  A very strong mind can create this kind of project or that  can finish that after face to lots of trouble or conditions .  


( Wikipedia  sharing some information about this big project of Maharaja Ganga  Singh ji Bahadur . I am sharing that text for your notice ..( History …

Gang canal irrigates northern-western area of district,photo taken near Ganganagar city from Ganganagar-Hanumangarh road. 

The Bikaner state was affected by the worst famine in 1899–1900. In order to get rid of this problem permanently, in 1903 Maharaja Sri Ganga Singh obtained the services of A. W. E. Standley, Chief Engineer, who demonstrated the feasibility of the western area of the Bikaner State being brought under irrigation from the Satluj Waters. The plan of the Satluj Valley Project was drawn by then Chief Engineer of Punjab Mr. R. G. Kennedy according to which the vast area of erstwhile Bikaner state could be brought under irrigation. Because of objections by the erstwhile State of Bahawalpur, the project got delayed and finally with intervention of then Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon, in 1906, a Tripartite Conference was held and an agreement was reached and signed on 4 September 1920. The foundation stone of the Canal Head Works at Ferozepur was laid on 5 December 1925 and the work completed in 1927 by constructing 89 miles of lined canal. The opening ceremony was performed on 26 October 1927 by Lord Irwin, the then Viceroy of India. The plan for Sri Ganganagar was drawn at this time. And irrigated parts of Bikaner state came under Sri Ganganagar district and now parted Hanumangargh District. ) 

Condition Kind  your information Late Maharaja  Ganga  Singh ji Bahadur   birth date is 3 Oct. 1880 his birth place was Bikaner . so in Wikipedia  information  you have read to real story or conditions of that big projects  but finally that is work in desert site about farming  work . 

I am sharing it because last five years to I am  busy in farming work , that work is giving me many views and angle for thinking about farming of  corns or about farming of life , when I think on this matter in same time our Hon’ble Late great Maharaja Ganga Singh ji Bahadur come in my vision or I am thinking about his vision, he was king  but in real act he was done a big job as a farmer he was provided water , full time water about farming work because farming is giving energy or life  to life.  because it is a basic element of our life for survive on this planet earth .

So I said to him a king was done farming  work  for desert site .i am writing here this post because  year 2018 . I am dedicating  to our Hon’ble late great Maharaja Ganga Singh ji Bahadur  on my art vibration blog . he was really Bahadur Just Like A true Artist of creative person . 

I think he was done farming of life in desert by support of Gang canal . his work was looking me like a farming, real farming of life .

 so here I said about Him  A King was  Farmer of Desert  life. 
( note - all images of this post from Google images  so thanks  to google image team or to wikipedia ..) 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA