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Art Vibration - 479

I Was On Air Of 94.3 FM

Some time , time is design to our time for positive sound about our society  and we follow to time instruction without any objection , it is right time definition  in  my view . I said it because yesterday once again  I faced it with a strong example of art .

Sir Pankaj Ji and myself is discussing for child art selection or thats subject incredible Rajasthan  at office of 94.3 FM photo by 94.3 Fm team

Myself and Pankaj ji is busy in selection to art works of child artists   photo by 94.3 Fm team
Before two week RJ Master Mayur Tak  ( 94.3 FM ) called me and he informed to me about a art activity of child art through his 94.3 FM , he wanted to me as  a selector for child art collection and he asked to me one more selector name so I gave name of senior most artist cum cartoonist  sir Pankaj Goswami ji Bikaner . Master Mayur Tak was happy to my permission or advice . but that time  I was not sure for join his art activity because in home I am caring to our little one  family member. she is 11th months old , her attachment is very much to me so she need all time  my company and I am as a TAUJI Big Brother of her father , giving my full time to her for her self confidence , she know I am reading to her heart and mind and she is also noticing and reading to my mood as a artist so we are communicating without any words. but our bounding is very much strong so I am leaving many art and literature  activities in this months of 2017 . it is true .

All  collection on our table  for selection to final 12th art work  photo by 94.3 Fm team
I know it is time design for me so I can follow to it after follow I have no way for my  time so I am following it as a duty . but in mid of time space I am trying to complete  my art commitment .

By luck I could completed  my commitment , that was with RJ Master Mayur Tak a very energetic young boy of  my city , he is knowing to art and theater art, because he is a theater artist ( passed from NSD ) .
Yesterday morning RJ Master Mayur Tak  called me and invited me at his 94.3 FM office at 2 pm for child art selection from 500 to 700 art works , I went there in time , before  15 minutes , 

it is in my nature from my Air Wing NCC training  time .( year 1992-93 ) .

Child Art Selection  time and mood of Sir Pankaj Ji or Myself  in office of 94.3 Fm ( photo by 94.3 Fm team )

I saw a very decorated fresh big space Studio of 94.3 Fm Bikaner , I met to RJ  Master Mayur Tak , he was happy after saw to me in his office on a call, there  in same time senior Artist cum cartoonist  Sir Pankaj Goswami ji also came in his office  for selection of child arts .

Sir Pankaj ji , RJ Mayur , RJ Riya  and Myself  Showing to child art in front of camera  of 94.3 FM  Team .  photo by 94.3 Fm team

RJ Mayor submitted us his art collections of child arts that was near 500 to 700 art works of school kids . myself and Sir Pankaj ji started  selection of child art from that big art collection . we did set our selection point on visual or subject , the art work was subjected or thats subject was INCREDIBLE RAJASTHAN .
I visited all art works one by one  with Sir Pankaj  ji we enjoyed to child art and we noticed how to kids expressed to Rajasthan with sound of incredible . for me that was a great experience .i visited lots of child arts in a one place or by luck I selected that . 

selected  art work in our hand  from Rangrej  Art Activity of 94.3 FM  ( photo by 94.3 Fm team
 You know I am not like to judgment format about art , I am also leaved to competition of art because I know art is not for competition ,art is a format of self enjoy or express, that’s all , no one can judge to a artist , it is universal fact for art . I know it or I follow it  in my art journey , 

 But when someone invite to me for selection , I am going there for express to my view with them about art or art competition or that’s judgment / selection , they are accept to my words someone are  noticing  and getting change in their selection format . because competition or selection is damaging to vision of a free creative or expressive artist  or mostly to child artist .

Sir Pankaj  ji expressing to child art angle  on air of 94.3 FM ( photo by myself 
A mature artist can understand to format of selection  but a child is not know to selection format , child artists are enjoying to his / her true art  but the selection format is block to their free art expression when their art work is not come in selection list . it is critical or I am expressing to this critical or unwanted activity of selection with  organizer of art activities  .

When I am selecting to art works in that time I am feeling in myself a very anti art  actor  like king Orangjeb ( he was promoter of His own religion but in India he was damaged many other place or art works of other religions ) actually he was damaged to historical or artistic elements of INDIA . that same feeling I am feeling in myself when I am not select to  a child art in my selection  time  . I am direct damaged to mood of creative art of a child artist .it is critical for fresh art or child art too.  Please you  notice it too . 

RJ Mayur , Sir Pankaj  ji or myself  in studio of 94.3 Fm ( photo by myself 
Some time , my time is design and create this kind of  puzzle condition or in this  condition I feel handicap in myself , because in selection  movements  I am just follow to time and format of a organizer . may be this post will notice  by Director of  94.3 Fm  or that’s creative team  and in future they will change in their art activity formats . it is in my  hope  , I sure time will complete to this hope for better art progress of Indian Child Arts. 

Yesterday in office of 94.3 FM we selected only 12 paintings for final list of 94.3 FM  Rangrej art activity .

After that selection RJ Master  Mayur Tak  invited to us for a art talk about air through 94.3 FM . so we went in sound studio of 94.3 Fm with him there we were on air  in form of a art interview , we expressed about child art or about art activity or that’s role in society  . or I said about selection or judgment  format , that was  critical words but it was must for my society or child artists of  my nation , I did critically promoted to child arts because I know true art is not need any selection or  description too. 

Myself And  Sir Pankaj Goswami  ji at office of 94.3 My FM  2017 , Photo  by yogendera kumar purohit
So here I said about myself I was on air of 94.3 FM 

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA  

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