Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Art Vibration - 333


Give and Take , it is a nature rule for our universe . we all are following to it and with us our all world  human and all kind of life of this earth in our earth nature . after birth to till today I am taking breath for  my life in our nature , this breath can come in me through oxygen . I have no idea how many gallon oxygen I have taken in me in   my 37 years and I am taking it continue today in every second of time for  my live life . this oxygen is a gift to life by our  nature.  
So I am thankful  for our nature because I can take oxygen for  my life in our environment then I am living a image of master of art in our world family .
Friends after lots of study of art and  research of myself ,I find a way of life for live to life. That is love and peace so I am committed  for this exercise about creation of  real love and peace on our earth . but when I read  to life then I find the life need very first fresh environment for life and mind , fresh mind can take positive think and way for next positive activity on our earth . and positive think  need a positive  mind and a positive mind need full fresh oxygen every time. It is very must .ha
Today we know our world is going in critical condition by pollution of  nature . every day pollution graph is going up for danger point about world life . Really it is danger for peace of mind .environment pollution is polluting  to our life structure . Science is proving it every day with lots of examples . we are reading, watching and noticing by media or electronic media today .
Few month ago a International youth artist Vibha Gahlotra was came in My city Bikaner, ( I were shared her critical art installation concept  through this art vibration post ) . She was presented  her art concept about pollution by a art activity in mid of society. She was invited 100 kits flyers and they all 100 kits flyer were flying kits in sky and trying  to created a big  black cloud from 100 kits . her art project was under 50 /50 . but her art concept was working in mind of social people . she was educated to people of  my city by her art work  about condition of present pollution , and telling to all  you all people are creating pollution in air (sky)  just like a black kit or like a big cloud of all black kits ..she was right about pollution matter . so I am thankful for her art exercise or that’s presentation she was selected  my city Bikaner and she done a art exercise with common man of My city for their real education of  critical environment  condition by today pollution .
She was indicated about pollution but in that movement she was not educated  for creation of fresh environment and how to pollution will stop ? to my city people .  so I were criticism of her art concept , I did talked  to Artist Vibha  about  her art concept and asked  to her what is a right way for stop to pollution ? she was not expressed any thing about  my question ,in her art work  concept .  because she was not think for stop to pollution and how to create fresh environment by ourselves . so her art concept was critical in  my view that was half art work or exercise by vibha Gahlotra about our fresh environment  creation . she said to me I have not think about  it .
In month June Rain time of Rajasthan , I were started once again work of Farming in our farm . ( I am saying to that natural painting  by natural color  on natural canvas. )   ( about this art concept I have shared  a post  on this art vibration in past , ) but this year I mean in 2014  my natural painting art work concept was converted  in a new think . After visit to Art Concept visuals of Artist Vibha Gahlotra . I said  to that  FARMING OF OXYGEN  to my natural painting . so it is a  complete dialogue with art concept  of Artist Vibha Gahlotra Delhi INDIA .
Farming of Oxygen it is a natural process of creation or care to life by nature  . who design it ?  we can’t say clearly !  but we know and feeling someone created and creating every time for care to life on our earth . I were Knew farming , plants , tree are creating Oxygen  in our environment and it is a natural tool of Oxygen creation  in our environment   . so every farmer and farm land is a factory of Oxygen creation . today it is very must we do farming just like a production of product  . we know Oxygen  is virtual product of nature  but it is very must for every life of our universe.
So today in  my view Oxygen is a important product for our world  life.  because it is basic requirement of live life. . Today it is very must  we care to farmland  because that is a factory of Oxygen production . it is also very must we educate to people for job of Farming ( production of Oxygen ) . nature provide  to life earth land  for life use , science said life need Oxygen very fist , and oxygen can producing by  natural farming and natural farming need natural free land on our earth. Then we can get fresh oxygen and fresh environment for our fresh mind about  positive  activity for creation of peaceful Environment  .
 So I have started natural farming , and I am producing oxygen by work of farming of oxygen for live life . or about future of earth  life ..  in this exercise of farming of oxygen I am giving back to oxygen to  our nature after take to Oxygen ….and  you ?
So here I said  to  my recent art concept * Farming of Oxygen  

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA