Sunday, December 04, 2011

Art Vibration - 55

How Many time you can express yourself in form of Art..?

Its myself no. 501...

Yesterday was a big day for me, i can say that was celebrating time for me but i were alone at studio so nothing like that but inside i were happy and confident in condition of illness ...ha
here at my studio i were completed 500 drawing on a one concept that was myself research and exercise on self thinking way..when i were started concept myself that time i were used the color blue ,black but after a one year i were got some natural change in my thought and i were leaved the color use and started the drawing by ink pan or pencil on paper, kind your information i am using paper to year 2007 to its continue till today. its a easy or chip but i understood the art want richness of vision so nothing chip or rich on this earth for express to yourself, i were noticed it and started use of paper for art work .

And year 2011 was very artistic for me because in this year i have created 301 drawing with hard dedication and cuntinuity this year gave me two international art exhibition for my art work of MYSELF that international art exhibition i were got from Artistic Historian CITY ITALY they were exhibited my art work in art exhibition and expressed myself research in front of international world art society . so i want to say thanks to Artist And Director of RAMO D ORO ITALY Mr. Vincenzo montella . he was reading my art sound and dedication of work and he was promoted me step by step in ITALY.

On online i have shared my art work every day like daily dairy on Dr. Amitabh bachchan Blog he was always promoting my art work from his blog and words so i am tankful for his big support for my art Journey..

Other side of online Artist Richard Kushinsky USA., Dhruv Mistry INDIA, Dr. Vidhya sagar Upadhyay INDIA, Jose Ramon BarretoElambato , Ingeniero Maschwitz , Harriet Morlin ,Sweden , Dr. Mamta Goal INDIA, NIKI LOOG Sweden ,Roopam Sharma INDIA, Arshad Khan Dubai, Roy Henderson,INDIA and many more artist friend were promoted me every day with my new work update on online .Today on my art work was liked by 335 and 200 something comment i got on myself art work album from artist friends of all over the world.
myself art work was first time published by and then BANT ART MAGAZINE Turky after that Vikalp Art Magazine ,Catalog of Alumini of Rajasthan School of Art.
Some work of myself is in collection of gallery of INDIA like Art HUB Baroda , Samanwai Art Gallery Jaipur, Art Dealer Gajendra jain ,Jaipur, Hadoti Anchal Art Society Kota, Rambhadra charya hyandicapped University Chitrakoot ,INDIA ,Hotal Chhotu Motu Joshi , Bikaner ,INDIA, national Artist mahaveer Swami , Bikaner ,INDIA. RAMO D ORO ITALY,

Here i want to share my art work video presentation for your visit and i hope after visit my art work presentation you can read , how to i came and still on myself for art journey..and your reply will guide me i were right or wrong because here art and art dedication is saying to me you are on a way of art journey what you think i want to know from you so must visit and say to me...

Myself - 1

Myself - 2

Myself - 3

because its myself.........ha and its Continue with me ..

yogendra kumar purohit