Thursday, February 26, 2015

Art Vibration - 368

Art work on Request

Friends I am giving respect to true relation of life  in  my true art life , I am honest for  my relation of art, family, friends and social circle . Today I can say I have very strong relation to my world family , I have touch to all over world in field of art by  my art vision .

Mr. Govind Singh Rathore ji posted me this image
You can say my art is giving to me true relation in our world day by day .because  I have very committed relation to  my art in this art life . by this art relation I have touched to lots of artistic and true heart and vision of our world . here I will not count how many presidents , art galleries ,art lovers , art promoters ,art collectors or artists are in  my art circle or in art relation.. 

But here I want to share with  you one thing about  my art relation .when  my friends need to me help about visual art I am giving  my 100 % to them , because it is  my art duty as a art master . I am not thinking about profit or loss , because art always give profit to our society and to social culture . Art is  making reach to vision of a true committed artist .so I am not thinking about profit or loss when I am creating  art for society . 

This committed nature is giving me lots of love and trust of others art lovers or art societies  . this nature is giving me true relation  in  my life for a long art journey .this art nature is creating a fresh and clean space about me in vision of  art lovers and promoters of art . So it is great movement and way for me .

Last 25 years to I am continue busy in art work ,mostly every day I have done some creative work by me as a art work or as a exercise of art work .Today  this is continue with me  and  it will continue till my end of life. Ha 

In this art journey I have received may art requests from good art lovers, promoters  or artist friends . I did completed that all art requests for them  without any hope or demand .because  my education was taught me about art,  art mean give to others for his /her better education of how to  design peaceful life in our world  . so I am giving when I am collecting and receiving any art request from my social circle /relations. 

Here I want to give a live example about this talk , yesterday  I were received  a request from Mr. Govind Singh Rathore , he is a Private Assistant of Hon’ble princess of Bikaner Rajyashree Kumari Ji . Mr. Govind Singh ji  was posted me a online request about a photo editing work on a B&W picture , in his message I have read his full confidence on me or  my art editing work . so I were accepted his request very first as a true artist of Bikaner. 

He was wrote to me this kind words in his language ( Request you to kindly colour tint this image for princess Rajyashree kumariji of Bikaner . you had done the same to Princess Chand kanwarji photograph. Red or Pink sari colour will be best . ) 

After received this request I were colored to his posted image in color  and I were completed a art job of myself . I did cared  to trust of Mr. Govind Singh Ji . because he was posted me that image with full confidence on me . 

When I were colored to that image , I shared with mr. Govind Singh ji and then to Hon’ble Princess of Bikaner Rajyashree Kumari ji . 

Kind  your information our Hon’ble Princess of Bikaner Rajyashree kumara ji also connected with me on facebook so she was liked to  my photo editing work and posated me a thanks message in her words ..she wrote it to me  ( Thank you very much it’s a lovely effort I like it very much . Regards . )

I did colored it after photo editing work on Photoshop

I felt happy when I were read that kind words of our Hon’ble princess of Bikaner Rajyashree kumara ji , she was again noticed to  my art exercise and she was liked to my art work in form of photo editing work. She was noticed it if I did this art work on request of her private Assistant Mr. Govind Singh Ji , it was to great  for me ..Because  Roayal king family of Bikaner  is knowing to me and they have a fresh art relation with me about creative art challenge . that challenge are coming from  their historical art records or that’s conservation action  
Yesterday I did a art work on request of  Royal King family of Bikaner ..Because they have trust on me and I have lots of regards for them because the Royal king family of Bikaner was founded to Bikaner city . The first king of Bikaner was care taker of  my four fathers family and today I am caring to art  request of royal king family of Bikaner  as a member of Bikaner family . here we have feeling / caring relation between us ..ha ha 

So here I said about  art request , art work on request ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of  Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Art Vibration - 367

Blue Black Come Back

Art Work of Myself - year - 2008-09
Friend please remember to  my first art update of year 2008-09 . that was  starting  time of  myself art work journey .In that year I were painted  my previous works by blue and black colors. That painting was beginning of  a long  journey of myself - painting or research by way of art. 

In year 2009-10 , I were stopped to painting by color but I were continue lived busy in art work that was drawing work by pencil or ink pen . Year 2009 to till 2014 I were continue draw to myself  with limited elements or symbols . 

In this art journey I am taking test of my dedication, patience ,art commitment ,self research , self control or self express . it is continue by me  in format of painting . 

 In year 2015 , once again color come back in  my painting . it was a live change by time in  my art journey , you can say color come back  naturally once again  in  my art journey or I am  welcoming to color in my painting .

When I were started journey of  myself research  in that time I were painted painting by blue and black color but in year 2015 malty colors painting I have painted and shared with our world family through the online networks or this art vibration..

You all  facebook friends are noticing my daily art update and you  are knowing very well the natural change or movement of  my art work journey. You  have visited first work to till today update of  myself art work  

Today I am writing this post because after six years again blue and black color  come back in  my painting , it is  come back unconsciously but it is come back . In last six year I were not used to color or when I were used color  that time I did  not thought if I will use again blue and black color  for  my future paintings. 

I have used same color for my painting but painting visual is very different today to  my first painting  . it have a new and different look in same color blue and black . recent painting of myself have same element of my first painting , here I am sharing that’s images  for your visit , I sure painting visuals will so  you two view with different angle  in  same color blue and black . you can compare to both from  your vision and then  you will see difference  in my two same color paintings  of different  time .

Recent Art Work of Myself  - year - 2015

Step by step I am getting maturity about  my art journey or about  myself research and I am registering to that experience in visual  language  through  myself for  your observation . this art journey is continue with me or  my every breath , it can’t stop to it ,  without any time brake or life brake . so I am busy in journey of myself or today once again  I did pointed to myself with beginning color painting of blue and black or here I am sharing  it with  you because today once again blue black come back in my painting  ..

So here I said about it in poetic sound .. blue black come back …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Art Vibration - 366

Thanks To President of WMF

Last week I were joined to a table talk about heritage of  my city with architects team of our  world or yesterday I were received  a very informative letter from President of WMF . you can say it is very personal letter  to me from President of world Monuments Fund .
When I were received to letter of president of WMF. I were felt very happy because a international organization or that’s president is noticing to  my heritage care project time to time  by communication of online . The president  of WMF is accepting to me as a  team member of WMF and I am doing work about our heritage through  my visual art activity or action. The letter of president of WMF is a live reaction on  my visual art action about heritage . 

I can say I have created space  in vision of president of WMF or their team from  my live art activity of  care to heritage  , so they are sharing with me lots of about WMF time to time . I can say  they have read or observed to  my vision or that’s way of creation about heritage sense in mid of people . so they are communicating with me , informing me about new project of WMF . 

I can say  I have done signature  on vision of WMF from  my art activities and they are realizing it .its true because I have,  its  live example a private letter for me from President of WMF . 

Here I am sharing that letter copy in a image  for your reading ,I sure after read to this letter  you will know better about our true relation of vision of care to heritage .
Letter copy of President of WMF . I were received on  my E Mail ..  Date 20 Feb . - 2015

The President of WMF was  wrote me personally a letter , she  was started to letter by kind  words * Dear Yogendra * ..Her  kind word was created lots of respect in my heart for her . I think the president of WMF  is noticing  to me and  my daily art activity or writing about  art/heritage  subject . 

My daily online art update and writing matter is recalling to vision of president of WMF . I can say The president of WMF have knew to my vision  very well then she is sharing  with me her vision and future project about world Monument /Heritage . 

I can say I won the trust of president of WMF from my true art activity or writing it is  my real achievement of this real art journey  so I am thankful for the president of WMF .

Or here about this true communication with WMF ,  I wrote  thanks to president of WMF. 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA