Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Art Vibration - 363

By Luck Science is Enjoying To Colorful Art

Distract is second name of art . art always attracting to people . we know art have many forms that is painting, theater, cinema, photography, Dance or performance ( for eyes ) , music , tune ,sound vibration ( for ear ) food art ( for taste ) and some more art forms we have in our human culture about distraction for others vision about change to mood and motion of them by positive webs . it is a real role of art in our society or it is leaving strong impact  in our culture .

I can prove it from a live recent example . today I have visited a image on facebook  page . that image was updated from Nasa science research center . we know Nasa is completely busy in research work of our environment , they have lots of science research work and observatory system for know all movement of our universe . time to time Nasa  share that research work with our world family by online communication medium or by science program on Tv or by print media . 

 I am remembering to my first communication with team of NASA. I were posted a painting  to NASA  by my yahoo mail . they were replied  to me with a short message , they wrote ,mostly we are not accepting  any art work but your painting is nice so we are accepting , they were wrote me a thanks for  my art mail.

But it is a old talk metter , today I saw a recent example . art was worked on Science center team of NASA . First  you visit  to that update picture of NASA , then  you can understand  to  my talk very well . 

Image updated by Nasa on Facebook - so thanks to NASA for this art image .

When I were visited to that picture then I were thought a scientist cum artist was created this image on photoshop after collection of sun pictures . but in reality the team of NASA was observed to blast on sun or that’s level +time  by color strips , unconsciously that observatory result report was converted  in a colorful art  form . for me that was a colorful art image from a scientist of NASA team . about NASA that is a report image of final observatory on sun . 

But different levels of sun blast was gave chance to scientist of NASA,  if he design or explain to observatory report by different colors . so by luck a scientist was created a art work and after creation he /she was noticed to that colorful image of observatory on sun. it was silent magic of art on science ..ha ha..interesting .
In update of NASA , they have wrote a short caption about that image . I noticed in that caption Nasa team was trying to explain to report of Sun Blast but unconsciously they were  went in motion of art . so they used  word colorful image ..ha ha.  it is a real distraction of art in vision of a scientist of NASA ..ha ha ..

( for  your reading that short caption of NASA for image of Observatory on Sun. they wrote it –
The power of AIA lies in its ability to image all of the solar  atmosphere all the time  . this composite image ( made by NASA Goddard scientific visualization studio   )Reveals some of the potential of that ; the solar atmosphere has many different temperature side by side , shaped by the magnetic field, and AIA’s filter allow us to pick apart the glow from the solar atmosphere to reveal ( shown in false color ) that each temperature shows a completely different view . Only when combined do all of these images show us the solar outer atmosphere in all its detail for another type of such a colorful image , see

this caption is proving to  my view about art or that’s second mean that is distract ..ha ha..

so here I said by luck science is enjoying to colorful Art…..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA




yogendra kumar Purohit said...

NASA replied to me about this post the team of NASA wrote it for me on facebook ... Cool! Thanks....