Monday, July 20, 2020

Art Vibration - 547

Prayer for blessing of Nature..

Prayer , this word come from mythology .we human living our life in confusion . Because we don’t know about start or our end , we just living with other human on our earth in same conditions like others . our sensor’s are work in this nature of earth, we are all time need something for our body or vision . we want to live safe and secure all time and the time create many puzzles of our life in this nature . you can say it is game of nature or Mythology . mythology is a thought of human its not from nature , but the observation or predictions were designed it in mind of human , we are calling to it the  today mythology . 

I will not say here about any god or that’s identity , because that is second part of mythology . actually mythology is teaching to us about respect to nature or planet earth , because this nature and planet earth is giving chance to us for living at here with safe mode . 

We live busy here for complete to our all requirement or this nature is completing that , it is nature surprise for us . we are calling to that our wish is complete / we feel its blessing of nature or mythology too. 

Now today , we world human family is facing a very danger condition about our life. A sick community of humans was designed a killer virus and mixed that in nature ( Indian mythology saying to it game of MAYA )  . they called that covid-19 or corona but I am saying to that a killer virus .ha 

Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay 2020
Now we are looking to our mythology and praying everyday for our safe life,  our safe world and planet earth too. It is in our mind design . so we are following it in every second of time . we know we can’t do after it because we are handicapped ( handicapped mean help less ) .

But life is moving in any condition on this planet earth or that’s nature . at present time against human life but the time supporting to wild life and nature too . now after four month lockdown  condition nature got refresh naturally , NASA reported the ozone layer has covered once again after 26 April 2020. Rivers/sea  water has clean and fresh . it is surprise of nature to us . so I can say hope is still  with life on this earth through the nature . or we can say mythology is working itself  for us . 

We have lots of way of prayers , but as a art master I think art is very much strong way for prayer to nature . prayer need full consciousness, self control, meditation , control on sensors and express to self for better way .
A senior painter  Dr. Vidhyasagar  Upadhyay from  INDIA , started prayer to nature by his art before 11 years ago . he gave title  to that prayer Rangmalhaar . ( color and rhythm ) . the color is part of nature and  rhythm is too. So nature was accepted his true art prayer for blessing on life. 

His prayer method is work about blessing of nature or mythology . he paint to some elements . here elements are hidden. but he focus on painting  with full consciousness ,self control,, meditation, control on sensors and express to his inner feeling in form of painting on selected elements .  
Artist Shubhash joshi Pune
art work of Shubhash joshi 2020
His prayer inspired to many more artists of INDIA so they connected with his prayer concept . it is magic of art prayer or mythology too , I don’t know what is this with we all artists . but it is . so thanks to Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay , he found this prayer way in nature for our better life way .
Today is covid-19 world is in lockdown mode but the mythology need this prayer from Him so a new way start about this art prayer . 

This year 2020 rangmalhaar art prayer come on online or its come in more strong sound. so this prayer convert internationally . it is surprising for me . we all participants registered to ourselves on page of google online registration page of Rangmalhaar 2020. 

Article on Rangmalhaar 2020 . writer Rajendra P Sharma 2020

We all participants worked on a carry bag ( echo friendly carry bags ) . date 5th july 2020 day was final for prayer to nature by Rangmalhaar . all international artists were worked in a same time on a same day in their studio . it mean lots of art energy worked for betterment of life in our nature . it was live prayer to nature . 
As a artist I also invited some artists for join this positive art step about our nature . so art master Subhash Joshi Pune , INDIA showed his full interest in this art prayer, he created a good painting on carry bag with sound covid-19 and love . he surprised to me so thanks to him. 

Art Critic Mr. Rajendra P Sharma , Jaipur , INDIA called to me for collect to image of my art work  for publication in a news . then I knew a art critic also interested in this art prayer . he is taking serious to this positive art step of rangmalhaar  and he is noticing to each one artist or  his /her art prayer , it was great for me , he is also painter and participated in art prayer of Rangmalhaar 2020 , he painted a carry bag too. Rajendra p Sharma published to our international art prayer in news paper cum magazine  dainik navjyoti ( daily new light  news paper of jaipur ,Rajasthan India . ) 
Myself painted one carry bag , I crafted that paper carry bag from my hand and painted that . my work image give you my deep prayer sound,  I can’t explain that in words . 
myself and  my art prayer 2020
myself and  my art prayer 2020

participation certificate from Rangmalhaat 2020

Art prayer Rangmalhaar concept Designer Dr. Vidhyasagar Upadhyay also painted a big carry bag in his studio .

Art master Anurag Swami , Rangmalhaar 2020
Art Master Anurag Swami Bikaner Rajasthan managed to this first international online art prayer cum workshop from his studio and his extra efforts connected to all participants with in short time . it is also creditable work of master Anurag swami so thanks to him .

We all participants are collecting a certificate from Rangmalhaar it is not only a certificate , it is a thanks for joint prayer about blessing on human life .

So here I said about it , prayer for  blessing of nature ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA   

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Art Vibration - 546

I am Fighting to Covid-19 with 
My Alexandera  Art Maestro  
 Enzo Marino Italy …

Friend you know time is proving the art and culture can live in any condition or by art and culture we human family can live in any condition of our world or universe.

Today our world is facing to covid -19 , it is very surprising for all of us , because this covid -19 enter in human by touch . its making chain human to human . or we human are trying to brake to this chain of covid -19 .so we are living in home or in home we are living with art and culture forms. 

Today many senior or junior art masters are busy in fight to covid-19 . they are creating art work, they are sharing messages in form of art and creativity . they are giving coolness to minds of peoples , at their home through the art . it is very must for each one artist , so they all are busy in this live  fight to covid-19 .

I am also busy in this fight as a visual art master . I am continue working from day one to till today ( day one of lockdown of  my city date 22 march 2020 ). many artists around the world were demanded to me  my art work on condition of covid-19 or many more are want it today.  I will share with them . because it is  my right duty in this critical time . I want my world family live on earth they not feel fear or they stay home for safety . so I am doing work for them . 

Last month I received a invitation for art work submission , it was from Italy , A art group Free International  Artists group was  called to me for submit my work . The free  international Artists group or that’s director Maestro Enzo Marino a very senior most artist of Italy ( My real Alexandera ) organized a online art Exhibition . 
My Real Alexandera  Art Maestro Enzo Marino Italy 2020 ..

Certificate from Free International artists group , covid art 2020
My Alexandera  Enzo Marino did  fight to covid 19 in Italy very first . he got angry on this covid -19  and started work against Covid -19 , he cared to himself and tried to care to our world family  by art messages . he is doing fight for care to life so maestro Enzo Merino is real Alexandera for me in my view . he is caring to life not killing to peoples  , he want to kill to covid -19 or I am with him too. Because this covid-19 is killing to our human family members day by day . so a real fight is must or we are stand against this covid -19. This fight not need any gun or machine gun , its require gentleness of our human family. we artists are trying to make gentle to our people’s by our art works or that’s messages . 
We know Italy lost very much or  America and other countries are also busy to stop to this unwanted killer virus . so we all artists of free international artists group are busy in this live fight to covid -19 . we want to stop it by human family , it can possible when we human family will brake the chain of this killer virus . 

 I also fighting to this covid-19  or I stand with my Alexandera  Enzo Marino Italy .

So here I said about it , I am fighting to covid -19 with my Alexandera Enzo Marino  Italy …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA