Friday, July 22, 2011

Art Vibration - 53


Junior Artist busy in Collage painting with sound of unity

Last Week i were invited for a art workshop by Ajit Foundation Bikaner . this is a N.G.O. and its working for society development or for environment .In two day's, date 16th to 17th july 2011 we were started a art and craft art workshop for kids ,In that art workshop we were invited to school students and 25 students were join us at Ajit Foundation for art workshop .in that art workshop we were selected medium of art work only color paper and gum for paste work , we were designed a concept of paper painting or big painting in collage style , so i were created 10X2 fit long canvas for students or junior artist then i draw simple landscape or a one seascape ,after draw that drawing on big canvas i told to kids just fill the color by paper in this drawing .after my guide line the students were started fill color in that drawing by cut paste process ..first day all student were learnong how to they can work in a group or as a team work that was my aim for that art workshop. i want to design unity sense in mind of kids and they were learning very well and first day they were created a big canvas by collage style in only three hour. that was a great moment of that art workshop. There all were learning in that hall, thats result came in front of my concept the Ajit Foundation organizer was came in confidence for art workshop and kids were came in confidence for art work by unity or team work .here i want to share first work of that art workshop of Collage painting of Kids..

First Day Art work of Kids, collage painting Size -10 X 2 fit.

Second day Art work of kids,Collage painting Size - 10X2 fit.

On second day of Art workshop i saw all kids was very active and interested for art work i can say they were very crazy for creative work because on second day they were created three painting in limited medium or in short time that was a great time for our art workshop . the organizer was busy for art exhibition of kids work in that campus . on date 17th evening Ajit Foundation was exhibited all art work of our art workshop and kids were expressing the view and vision of his or her art work with visitor 's and i were watching to all junior artist of our art workshop i were sited on a chair with artist friend Naveen Swami and organizer Saralvisarad ji ,Sanjay last moment of our art workshop the kids asked to me with very feeling full word ( Sir , when you will design next Art workshop for us we want to do more work with you ) that time my eyes was wet to eye water..and i told to kids very soon just wait for some time we will work again with unity for your art sound , ..because i know art sound want freedom of mind and i saw that freedom sound in kids activity they want it by art and they got it by art workshop of Ajit Foundation ,Bikaner in my presence ..ha..

Yogendra Kumar Purohit