Sunday, January 23, 2011

Art Vibration..48

in this days i were busy in art work and its a real target of my art journey in this i am busy in work of art. in last post i were share with you my two year drawing visuals that was 200 visuals . and here in this post i will share with you my 400 something visuals but its not a manual work it is just a visuals of a festival of my home town Bikaner.

in my home town last week the GOVT. & RTDC department organized a festival its festival of camel . here we have lots of camel and villagers are use the camel for transport to life and life tool by camel.i can say the camel is a family member of villagers .

camel is a very strong animal of this earth its live 7 day with out water because its body have water storage system by it can do long journey with out water in desert ,because desert have no much more water on land .every side sand sand and sand..ha

but life know how to create happiness and enjoyment in tuf condition for refreshment of life.thats example is CEMEL FESTIVAL event of BIKANER.

i did shoot still visuals 500 something on date 18 to till 20 Jan.2011.its from Camel festival of Bikaner.

in three days the organizer create lots of cultural competition around the camel and on the camel and for camel race,camel dress up,camel dance,fur cutting of camel,and camel use in village life etc. kind your information this festival is not only a city festival, today all world know about it and lots of people of other country are joining it and getting fun and enjoy by this festival of camel.its a international festival of my home town Bikaner,

in next i will not say to you any text but i want to share the video presentation for your visit and i hope you will see the real sound of camel festival by my photography sound.i have update it on and thats link is here for your visit.

i have created three video presentation of three days of camel festival 2011 one by one..ha

the link of that video presentation for your visit..


i hope you will enjoy it and notice it ..

Yogendra kumar purohit