Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Art Vibration - 463

Its Certificate of Love

Friends we know love is a very important part of our life on this earth or beyond this earth. Love is change to our life way , mostly its give positive energy to lovers and that positive energy is create more love in others life for real peace . I am agree to this thought and  you ? 

I am agree , because I am noticing it in my art journey , I have lots of examples  of this thought and here I can share that all and in past posts I have shared  some for your notice by this art vibration .

We Know The King Shahjahan was designed Taj Mahal by way of art for his true love Mumtaj , he was showed love is real beauty that can live in vision after pass to human body of love . the Art Design Taj Mahal is giving real inspiration to true lovers  for create more love and example about  true lovers of our world. 

The Story of  Love - Taj Mahal I had read by book but in this years I am reading a live love story of a true lover . yes I am saying it because I am feeling it  in myself . friends I am telling About Mr. Dilip Dahanukar . He is very senior polite person of my nation India . His vision is very big and promotional for youth artist of INDIA .

In Mumbai Mr. Dilip Dahanukar  is managing a art foundation as a director ( in my view as a KING ) . Mr. Dilip Dahanukar have founded a art foundation , that is dedicated to his life partner Artist Msr. Prafulla Dahanukar , So Mr. Dilip Dahanukar gave title to his foundation Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation , Mumbai . 

In 2015 I was connected to his art foundation  and today is 2017 , Mr. Dilip Sir is continue  noticing to me or to other artist of INDIA as a senior or as a love creator . He know the right definition of art and love because he got that both in one person , that person was his life partner Msr. Prafulla Dahanukar.
Kind  your information late great Mrs. Prafulla Dahanukar was  visual artist , she was created  to her free expressions in abstract form on canvas , we know love always live in abstract form we can feel that but in words or in line we can’t express to that . It is universal truth .you know it ?

So Mr. Dilip Dahanukar is living to his love motion in his memory and he express that by his art promotion activity . Mr. Dilip Sir  is completing the dream of Artist Prafulla Dahanukar , he is inviting to youth artist at Prafulla Dahanukar  art foundation and after invitation he is giving full respect and love to artist and his art work . it is true love so it is great ..

Artists are collecting love from Sir Dilip Dahanukar in form of award and certificate . I told love can’t express in any form that is abstract  but by art activity Sir Dilip  is trying to show his love and commitment of art about his love .

 I am very much respecting of Sir Dilip Dahanukar , because he is very dedicated , committed for his true love and by art activity he is filling more color in his love or that’s completeness .He know his art activity will give natural peace to soul of Artist Prafulla Dahaukar . His honesty is really great . 

Sir Dilip Dahanukar know who and where is true art an  artist in our nation  , by Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation he is searching them and giving his love for their art promotion . by luck he is noticing to me or my dedication of art,  so I am in his vision or in artist list after year 2015 .

This Year , I mean last month I was in Mumbai , because his love was pulled me at his art activity place , that was Nehru Center Mumbai . I saw there many youth artists were busy with his/her  art works and many youth artists were  collecting his/her  art achievement from hand of Sir Dilip Dahanukar , in that exhibition I was noticed to work place of Late great Artist  Mrs. Prafulla Dahanukar , that was special desk presentation for love of Sir Dilip Dahanukar . 

This kind of Love was designed in them  ( I mean Mr. Dilip Dahanukar and Mrs. Prafulla Dahanukar ) only art , because only art can design love in vision of true person or in true souls of  peoples ..this true or live example I saw live in Mumbai . so you can say that was  my live art achievement I could seen true  love or that’s strong power for creation of positive environment , in form of art that was true and live love . 

I have much more but I can’t express to all  that in words or visuals  but a symbol of that feeling I can share with  you in form of visual , in that visual  you can see the respect for  Mr. Dilip Dahanukar or his art foundation Prafulla Dahanukar  Art Foundation .

Mr. Dilip Dahanukar  was selected to me for City Award about Bikaner City from Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation . it mean I have created some space in heart of Sir Dilip Dahanukar by  my art and he is showing his blessing and love on me by this art Certificate.

So here I said , its certificate of love …


Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA