Friday, May 10, 2019

Art Vibration - 517

Why The  Literature ?

Invitation for myself
Dr. Braj Ratan Joshi played the role of connector in that seminar ..2019
Friends this post is very close to my thinking of art and literature ( culture Design) . so I am sharing it here on this art vibration  page . I have thought on this subject as a artist or I wrote much more about it  so I think it is very must I share with  you because some big thinkers of  Indian culture  design are also thinking on same subject of my thought . I thought about it in year 2004-05  and they are talking today on this matter  with a critical mood . so it is must I share with  you  very first  for your notice . 

I wrote some words on my online networks so that texts copy I am sharing here  with some pictures of that seminar  2019 .  it is a informative post but very close to my thought or art nature  so it is here for  you . 

Left Side Urdu Poet  Shinkaf Nizam  In Center  Dr. Nand Kishor Acharya  and Right  Side  Dr. Shri Lal Mohta

Today evening I invited for a seminar .it's on literature. they gave title to that seminar  "why  the literature" ?
That seminar dedicated to late great thinker sir Chhagan Mohta ji ( Bikaner ) .it was 18 th seminar  ,focused on nature of  Dr . Chhagan Mohta ji .

Urdu Poet  Dr. Shinkaf Nizam  is reading His paper in Seminar  why the Literature ?  2019

His son Dr.Shri Lal Mohta ji organised to that seminar  in presence of  Dr .Nand Kishor Acharya ji .Urdu poet Shinkaf Nizam  Saheb , he  read his paper in that seminar about subject "why the literature" ? 

When Nizam saheb was  reading and point out to seminar subject , he has opened many angles about literature or that's importance in our human culture ,he expressed to real role of  literature in our life .he said why should  must literature in our culture design format .he said literature is showing to vision of a writer ,literature design to a writer or through the writer a complete culture or society too. 

Dr. Nand Kishor  Acharya  high light to Subject why the literature ? seminar 2019 .

My writing work for this subject (art ,Literature and culture ) Human nature and art 2004-05
I also worked on this subject ( Human Nature and Art ) it was my writing work for my master's education . in 100 pages I completed my dissertation . with 20 artists  short biography .I started to sir Ravindra nath thakur and I stop that on my junior artist .in that work i noticed many regions of art in that 20 artists nature  or life ..

That same self  discussed ,I noticed in seminar why the literature ? Today evening .

There I got literature is consciousness of human mind for love and peace .(  culture Designer ) 

I think writer is a guide of life or literature is his/ her  guide line .so this is region of literature .Dr .Nand Kishor Acharya ji also high lighted  to that seminar subject with example of  Natya shastra or that's Ras Feelings .Dr. Mohta Shrilal ji gave thanks to all from desk and dr. Braj Ratan Joshi ji ( today his Birthday day so I am wishing to him now ) was played the  role of connector  in that seminar some pictures of that seminar from my camera ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA