Friday, May 31, 2013

Art Vibration - 114


Aachary Tulsi  Kshetriy Cancer Hospital and research  society  S.P. Medical Collage ,
was published  my poster Design on  cancer  Subject ( “FAST FOOD, DRUG &  SMOKING -
ith thanks to myself .
 Friends today is world drug & smoke free day .  Our world is busy today for give message to all about live life and leave to smoke and drug to life. It is must  for a fresh life and a fresh cultural about culture of a cultural nation.   

We know drug and smoke is open invitation to death . but its sad many educated person is taking drug and doing smoking in daily life . we know  last stage of Drug and smoke is cancer . I can say it because I have saw it many time   live in  my real life .This Month we lost  a senior family member of our family he was taking Drug in form of TAMAKU GUTKHA SUPARI a dry powder of Drug. He was lost his chin part , that was melt by TAMAKU and finally he got death through cancer . in my childhood age he was tried to make habit in myself  for Drug , in that condition he was pushed a INDIAN PAAN  In my mouth . that was simple Paan but I did not liked his activity and unwanted presser about that Drug habit. So  that day to till today I have not touched  to PAAN and any TAMKU  Drug and Smoke , because I am addict of art and creation god was designed  in me this positive addiction habit for better and fresh nature creation. Ha so I am thankful  for God and time .

In past I were done many art work against drug and smoke , I were created many posters and painting on smoke or drug .In my real art life i am always giving advice to drug addict  and to  smoker for leave this bad habit  someone accepting and someone not . I have lots of example but I will not share name of that persons they know what I said to them  and what they done on that words of myself . But I am continue in this sound .

This true art action  of myself  was noticed and promoted  first time from our city medical department of Govt. of Rajasthan . it was a very interesting story of  my art sound about health care or against cancer .

Rajasthan Patrika News paper  was published this poster today 
One day I were read a news by news paper Rajasthan  Patrika ( kind  your information today Rajasthan patrika was published a poster  about world drug free day ) . In that news I were read   about poster competition against cancer  subject . that poster competition was organized by AACHARYA TULSI REGIONAL CANCER HOSPITAL  AND RESEARCH SOCIETY S.P. MEDICAL  COLLAGE , BIKANER .

After read that poster News I were called to Tilsi Cancer  Hospital and there to I were collected right information about  cancer or poster competition .On phone a Dr. was guided me very clearly about cancer and that’s basic region . I did talked to that Dr. continue 3o minutes  something , he was shared with me true and right information about cancer . he was Male Dr.,  that was a live education or study on cancer by  me so I am thankful for him.

After collect to right information I were created a poster design on cancer subject , it was critical and I had wrote text In Hindi  on that poster . I wrote


When I were painted to that poster  after that I went to Tulsi cancer hospital .there I saw real patients of cancer . that visual was very danger and fearful for me . but as a artist I were there and it was must  for me if I do live study on cancer subject with live visuals  so I did got some strong will power   in myself and I were observed to all condition of that  cancer patients . In next step I were went to submitted  my poster design . there a collector of poster design,  asked  to me , my collage name , then I said to him I have passed my collage with B.F.A. in Painting  and at present I am working in visual art as a freelancer . he said to me ,  sorry this art competition only for collage  students.

First I were came in tens but within few second I told to him , ok but  I have created it for  your tulsi cancer  Hospital  , I can’t participate in this competition of poster art but  you can exhibit this poster on wall of this hospital for cancer patients and  for patients family . they can learn something about cancer. I said I am come here for award but after visit this hospital and patients condition I am forget to award and prize or as a rule I am not capable for participation in this completion but you can exhibit this poster for health education . the collector of poster design was noticed  my art sound and he was collected  my poster design .

After submission of poster at Tulsi cancer Hospital. I were forgot to that art matter . but Tulsi Cancer Hospital was not forgot to me , one day a worker of That Hospital was came at my home and he was submitted a  thanks letter + printed poster and a certificate of Tulsi cancer hospital . they were gave me a special thanks by publication of my poster design  , they have published  my name in that  poster . it was a real award and reward  to my art work by AACHARYA TULSI REGIONAL CANCER HOSPITAL  AND RESEARCH SOCIETY S.P. MEDICAL  COLLAGE , BIKANER.

May be 10,000  printed poster copies  of my designed  poster will  distributed to all over  Rajasthan Hospitals and medical center of GOVT of Rajasthan by Tulsi cancer  Hospital . because they know  visual  art can care to health ..

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Art Vibration - 113


News paper Rajasthan Patrika was published
 My Art Action against Pakistan on kargil war time .
Every one is a soldier in his or her life , this word was  said  to me our Air Wing N C C  Teacher In Joudhpur Camp . there he said you all will not go in army or air wing  but in  your real life  you will live like a soldier , because you will face every day a new problem and condition for fight . in army soldier can see to opposition in form of other country soldier but in social life your opposition soldier   will invisible so you will live more alert and active for fight to that condition but in  your social  life  you will live like a soldier.  This  true words of my N C C  Air Wing  Teacher. He   was right . I felt it in  my art life and as a soldier I were done fight to my life condition many time  . so here I want to share  with you a true fight of a artist that artist was me .

It  was year 1999, I were came Bikaner After  my B.F.A. art Education . in that time Pakistan country was attacked on our KARGIL hills , my city was converted  in field of war . every side army and that’s taint ‘s . I were feeling angry as a army man because I have got two year training of Air wing  in 1992-93 .but I were not in army or air wing . in that movement my inner sound was pressurized to me for action against wrong war of  PAKISTAN  .

I were created a big painting in form of poster and in that painting I did showed  my all angriness about wrong action of PAKISTAN . after creation of that painting I were exhibited  in mid of city , that is center of our Bikaner, we are saying to that KOT GATE a ENTRY GATE of Bikaner . that time war was on and in mid war I were taken this art action against Pakistan and 15th days  continue I were exhibited  that painting in wall of Kot Gate , Bikaner. People were  watching and reading my words with that painting  I were wrote in Hindi very angry words for negative action of Pakistan .

Soldiers of INDIAN Army in motion of victory with Indian Flag  at kargil Hill

I wrote   
 ऐ पाक तू मिटादे ,अपने ना पाक इरादे !
वरना हिंदुस्तान भुलादेगा अपनी कसमे और वादे !!

“ hey pakistan you delete your wrong idea ,
Otherwise Hindustan will forget our commitment and promises !!

In Bikaner Rajasthan Patrika news paper was noticed and  published my art action against Pakistan . Rajasthan Patrika  team was showed full support to my art action by painting publication .

Application of Myself to City Collector of Bikaner
 for accept  my Donation Money  draft.

After 6 days of that art work exhibition Pakistan was surrender in front of INDIAN army . in same time I were got busy of myself for design a donor card for collection of Money for late soldier ‘s family  relief . I were not mature in that time so I were designed only 50 cards and I did collected money only one day by that 50 cards , I were fixed cost 10 rupees of each one  donation card for relief to late soldier ‘s family. I should created 100 to 1000 card . but I were mature for relief  to soldiers family . So by that 50 cards  I were collected 500 rupees in a one day . for relief of soldiers family .

I were went to bank and there to I were got a draft for chief minister (Mr. Ashok gahlot  ) help account of Rajathan and next day I were went to office of City  Collector of Bikaner . there I were asked  to a office worker about collection room , then he was  told  me where is the center  of money collection  about   soldiers family relief  .

He was guide me and then I got a right place of money collection in collector office of Bikaner . there I were submitted  my  money collection draft  .i were submitted draft  with a application for acceptance of  my help for late soldiers family relief .  they were collected  my small amount help  and registered   my name in a collection register .

Draft of  Rupees  501 , for relief to late soldiers family of kargil war .

They were said me thanks and same thanks I were gave them by me. There a one officer Asked  to me about my collection project then I were shared with him my full angry story with sound of true art action. He said to me it was a great job of  yours yogendra , I reply to him it was must  for our nation sir..
After 15th days war was completed INDIA was won but we lost many army soldiers without any wrong step . but they soldier s was proved in world no one can touch to INDIA with wrong idea . when someone take wrong step on INDIA then we delete to them from this world Kargil war was a live example for PAKISTAN  or  for other  negative  countries of our world . Ha

A thanks letter to me  from Chief Minister of  Rajasthan  Sir Ashok  Gahlot ,
about  my art action or Money donation for  relief of late soldiers family of kargil War.
After few days of that war I were received a letter from Office of Chief Minister of Rajasthan . in that letter they were appreciated my helping action by way of art , I read a thanks of our Chief Minister  for me . that was a great movement  for my true art duty . because our state Chief Minister was promoted to my art action or to small donation for late soldier family relief . I were happy because  my art action was worked for soldier families  by way of our Govt. of INDIA.

But I know money can’t create same life after death , we can give money and relief to  late soldiers family, but we can’t give  sun to that family ,

 A nation family give sun to nation  and that sun is get  death  in care to nation then nation is give some money in form of donation to that  death sun family for recovery of a sun  life . I think it is a real definition of a nation in our world  in condition of war .

As a national person I were contributed  my small art donation for care and relief of late soldiers family.  in year 1999 when we were won kargil war to Pakistan that movement I were completed  my art duty in time of real war ….

Jai Hind .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Art Vibration - 112


Art work on Life , it is in collection of a American  Art Lover  Couple .

It is true of my art life . In year 2006 I were lived busy in work exercise on life  at Studio of Jawahar kala Kendra . I were started that life work concept from live observation on  Road of Jaipur City . I saw a office worker was going to his office with his launch box , and after observed his live condition for life I were remembered  to past history , in that time men was moved with fight tool shaft box ( TARKASH ) , I thought life have  done journey there to here and after this stage life will go where ? In history men was feeling fear  to others and today in contemporary  time men is feeling fear to stomach so that time they live update with fighting tool shaft box and today that is  convert in food box ha it is fact .

 This observation of  life was gave me 23 paintings on life condition  and way of life to myself . I were created  that painting  on big size I mean on 7 X 4 fits paper .I did used only red .black and white  color for life painting , red for struggle , white  for some light in life after struggle but limited  and black for darkness of true life struggle .

In Studio of JKK I were created one life painting in two days. I were painting in wash style for save to color and time . I were pasted six drawing sheet 20 X 30 inches ,  then I were got big canvas  for life painting because I were saving money and trying to expressed  myself by easy way that time medium was not must for me but art expression was must for myself life  condition so I did that. Ha

In that life painting project or exercise time ,  one day a  couple tourist was   came  at Studio of JKK . there I were busy in work and I were in very deep motion of painting , you can say to that condition unconsciousness of myself . they both were watching  to me continue 30 minutes and in that 30 minutes I were not moveed and watched here and there . after last touch of my painting I said oh god . then that couple was said oh boy you are a very dedicated artist . we were watching to you last 30 minutes and  you were not got any brake in this time . we were watching how to  you paint it in this condition or by limited art element . it is not easy boy . I were listing to them because they were very senior  art critic and art collector. they told  it  to me , when I asked to them . they were came from America for visit  to INDIA and  color of Rajasthan . but there they were saw live color of a artist life. That was true color of Rajasthan  I think it. Ha
After some art talk that couple was doing discussion  on my art work , I were noticed they were talked on my work and my art condition . in Mid of discussion the senior lady was asked  to me ,  what is the cost of  your art work ? I want to buy your work for  my drawing room and I will display it in this same condition without change and I will express  it in my art community about  your art and working condition it is very tuf  job in this condition but you are doing it very easily,  it is great  experience for me from INDIA. So tell me what is  your art work cost ?

I was confused because I were working for self expression  not for market cost . but I told them 10,000 /- rupees  because I were wanted safe my art work  in my collection .

That work was teaching to me about  my life character . I were draw in that painting a lag of elephant , that was in motion of brake to chain of limitations and that’s limitations was symbolized by red color hand , on top of this post  you can visit to it .

After listen my art work cost that lady told me it is very high young boy , you know I am on tour and we have no money in this time about  your art work cost. So come down . I said no I can’t give it ,  then she was made upset motion on her face and his partner was again asked  to me but I was in same motion with my hard No. they were went to studio but before go to there  they told me yogendra  you can think again because I like  your work and I sure I will care it for you or life time .

I were listened  word LIFE  from her mouth then I were started thinking about life work . there to here and here to America Nothing wrong it is a true journey for life work . I were changed  my view because she was gave me a way of life by her words but when I saw on door of JKK studio they were went to there  and I were got busy again in my art work . after five minutes that couple was came again in studio and said to me yogendra you give  your art work , we will give  you 5ooo /- rupees .  you know we came from America so we will pay to transport or to custom department and then we will give a good frame to your life work  in our city for right display so please give us  your true art work , we know we are braking  your art cost but its must  for  your true art journey and some more words they told me  about art work demand and I were hand over  my art work in hand of that American couple , because I saw two life want to care a artist life by collection of his art work .i were created big smile on that couple face and they were filled confidence in myself  for life  art work . I remember that lady was stand my left side and her partner was shoot our one smile motion picture by his camera . that was a real art communication between two countries art family member . that was a historical art movement of my true art journey so I am sharing with  you this art life story  by this way.

Today I have my 22 paintings of life in  my art collection and I am remembering to my that painting , hope that is on a right wall of a American home .

By that painting I got 5000/- rupees and that rupees was created  easy way for next paintings on  life  and After that life painting project ,I were shared that art work with Bant Art Magazine of Turky , they were published it with tile or article and on this blog I were shared this life work street exhibition story with art vibration -30 that link is  it    so I said life painting was created  way for art life.

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA   

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Art Vibration - 111


Nute bolt Image  from Google Image page  for  your example of Life Concept .

Friends I were worked  continue  on life matter in past , in that time I were created many  drawings, paintings and some other art work  on this concept. In last post  of this art vibration I have shared a video presentation about life  and here I will share  with  you a new idea and view about life.  I got this idea from My Mumbai, train Journey . I were noticed all side on train nute and bolt . we can’t imagine to train without nute bolt . its fact because nute bolt is a base of Train design in our world .

Nute bolt idea was very old and useful for our world , it is a very common and important medium for a mage structure or design  in form of wood and iron or etc. we know its doing fix to two different part in a one form or its joint to two part in a one shape by nute bolt fixing .

We know every nute have same number bolt and that nute can get fix condition with same number bolt . like 2 number bolt will fix with 2 number nute  or 5 number bolt will fix with 5 number . it is must  for a strong structure , And we know 2 number bolt can’t  fix with 3 number or 5 number , we can try but we can’t fix to that. Because nute bolt design is already fix. For right fixing .

I did connected this nute bolt design and that’s concept to mythology , in Mythology we know many definition is register about nature or life . Mythology is saying this world was designed  by god , god was designed  to life  on this earth . god was  designed  to male or female and all animals,  birds ,sea animals or ETC. In Indian Mythology they are saying 84,00,000 types life on this earth planet . god was created this life one time by himself in male of female  form and other countries  mythology is also related to our INDIAN mythology, because they all are saying about life and that’s creation by god very first and then its got malty production by itself. It is true of this earth we know it by history of our earth .

So I were connected  to  nute bolt to our present  life , because today mythology is invisible and life is live and visible everywhere on this earth . I saw male life in form of nute and female in   form of bolt . its simple but critical . I were expressed  to life , that’s production and life fixing or joint condition by nute bolt .  
I observed male female connection or joint condition is making new  life , this condition is caring life ,  family and our nature   in all over the world . 

Nute Bolt image for  your imagination  about life installation of myself .
So I were created  this true life observation  in form of a small installation  art work by Nute bolt . I were collected different numbers bolts and nutes from market ,then  I were fixed to nutes and bolts with right number like a god ( ha ha ) of Mythology . After that I were created  a round shape paper cutting for earth definition , on that paper I were painted black and white on half – half space , that was symbol of light and shad , happiness or sad , positive of negative, hot or cool . After that earth symbol creation  I were putted that all fixed nutes+bolts on that symbol of earth ( PAPER ) . after that  my life installation was ready  for viewers or for critics .

First I were exhibited that life installation  in  my master of art education , there my juniors  were noticed  my observation way about art work . there I told to my juniors I were got this concept from Train and that journey were gave me this art work concept and that concept is come out by my vision in this life Installation form for  your visit or study. 

That time I were shoot to that art work for art documentation but today that photo image is not in my hand for  your right visit of that art work , so here I am using  two image of google image page  for  your imagination about  my life installation work , I hope  you can observe and imagine   to that art work and that’s right concept by this visuals of Nute bolts images . you know I were observes  to that  art concept by train nute bolt so  you can see to life by this nute bolts  image because I see to  life in nute bolt.

Yogendr Kumar Purohit
Master Of  Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Monday, May 27, 2013

Art Vibration - 110


This is my first video presentation . A new form of my art study . when i were thinking  about life and thats meaning  in that movement  i were in desert city  Jaisalmer of Rajasthan . there i were with  my family and we were enjoying  to color of desert festival .that was interesting in  winter time so there life is easy .but there life is not easy in summer time desert is get very hot in summer and there life is get challenge for live life , really there life is tuf  for a common men of a common family .

On last day of Desert festival  we were went to Sam desert , that is very far  to Jaisalmer city. there no water no people, no  home only desert in large area . in summer  time you can't  still there continue  one hour without water and there water is not available . so it is a challenge for life in desert  .

There family were  busy in festival visit  and myself was busy  in thinking about desert life.  i were saw to desert part and common men life . there villager was still with his camels and waiting of tourist  for camel safari . that was a daily job of them  in that desert . because there no other job option for a common men or for villager. it is fact . that city is living on tourism and on tourism . 

in that movement i were picked  my digital camera  and i were converted camera mode on video shooting . 
 i were sited on  a doom of sand and created some snack style  line on desert part by my hand finger. that was live play game to dust and by that play i were got a idea for video presentation about life definition. i were shoot by myself with that live activity of my life concept . i were shoot  continue that hand drawing activity in some parts because  my camera coolpix 4500  have  one time 30 second shooting for video .

After shoot to that live art action about life definition . i were converted  that video parts in a one video presentation at  studio  of  my friend Radheshyam nagal in Bikaner when we came back at home . 

he did try to add all clip in a one video track by mixture tool. that was first artistic video editing work for him and same thing was with me . because i were try first time express to my art vision  in form of video so that was a live study for me about video editing or thats presentation study  too . i were happy if i could done that with a simple editing work. when i got a complete edit video presentation about life then i were gave a presentation  to  my Art Collage in  my masters final exam time . My examiner was liked that simple concept with right meaning or definition of life . they said me art want this kind of art work . you have shared it with us so thanks to  you yogendra. 

This video presentation was a new tool for me about  art concept presentation , it is not a painting  but its very impressive medium for common life . in child hood age i were leaned many life message by video or films   on TV and by cinema hall .when my examiner said thanks for this art presentation  then i got some  more confidence about video  presentation ,  you can say to it its a short film work by me 

 In 2010  i were joined  to youtube .com and there i were updated  this video presentation  for our world art family . Today  i am happy 125 art family member have visited  this art presentation by youtube in all over  world . so it is doing journey in vision of our world art family by way of .

Today a artist friend  was asked  to me about this art presentation  so it was came again in front of  myself  after a long time  and i were went in past memory of city Jaisalmer  .because there to i were got this life concept and thats video presentation and by this blog post  i am sharing with  you this true art exercise of myself  in form of video  for  your  visit. because this is a video presentation about life definition ..

Yogendra  Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Art Vibration - 109


This is a real fact and a historical  recorder of  my art journey . I am remembering  when I were joined  to online  network and I were learning about this new medium. that time  I were alone on online , no one for  guide line and no one for  help to me  for  my art communication  . In that movement I were wrote  a very first note on  my art work of Myself . that was in 500 something words in English in that note I were wrote perfect impression of my heart and mind but my English was not perfect .

When I were wrote that note then I were started search for share  to that art note for world art family. Because by mail process that was very complicated for me so I were found a blog space by google network . I were created  my own blog by support of google .com,  did I gave name to that first art post  Art Vibration . but that time I were not knew one day this blog link will really vibrate to world art family by sound of  my true art . after google blog  post . I got a short link for share  with all on online. i did shared that link to 5000 something web page of our world art family by online network . some one reply or some one  not  but i were busy in sharing work of  my first blog post with our world art family continue .  that was open challenge for me  and i were completed  that . here I want to share  with  you that first blog post link  for  your notice. it was published  on blog in year 2008 .

In 2008 I were very busy in communication and in search of art web site links because in that movement I were not connected  to any online network and I did not knew much more knowledge about online use,  so I were working with safe mode , I think that was must  for me and I were lived with that mode . one day I were found a website link that was world wide art web site . I got that web page mail id and sent  my blog post link with a short information about  my art journey . after a one week I were received a reply by that web site owner . the Director of That Web Site  was wrote in that mail  yogendra we have published  your art work image and  your art note on our web site blog  so  you can visit  our web page link , I were got happy because first time a international online web site was selected  my art work and they were published  my work with title of PAINTING OF INDIA.  When I saw that page then I were felt proud on myslef because  my art work was representing  to my nation Name with my art sound . that day I were knew the real definition or meaning of online and I were knew my real duty on this online network , because on this network we are representing to our nation with our self vision so it was  very responsible job for me,  after that first online art publication . that was  my first online art relation , it was started by this online network tool . I were noticed its fast result and impressive effect for true art. 

After 2008 , I am continue in touch of and they are watching  my art journey as a true art critic or as a  art promoter . it’s a natural art fact of  my art journey. In 2010  I were connected  to ionone  web site  page  on facebook . on facebook I were visited lots of art concept and I observed idea of ionone for true art promotion . in this time they have been  shared  my many art visuals  for world art family by  facebook page . that was a real art promotional work from ionone .com team about  my art journey. So I am thankful for them .

IN this month Before two week I were completed  my 1000 drawing on concept of Myself . that concept starting work image was published by site in 2008 . After 1000 drawing work I were shared a post on this art vibration  blog and that’s link I were shared  with  by luck last week they were visited and noticed to my blog post and   my art energy or  that’s result . after that they have added  my blog link on main page of with my full name . It was a true reward  to my art journey by team of international online art promoters . 

This post is  just a thanks to director or team of   and a special art news for my online world art family . because I have found a right  art promoter  in this true art journey in year 2008 and that day to till today a one international  art observer  is walking and moving with me  on this international online art communication path .we were not meet live and face to face but our art sense is connected with deep feeling relation and its mixed in our daily art life just like  water  and fresh air .. so I am saying  …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Friday, May 24, 2013

Art Vibration - 108


 You can ask to me how to I am proud on myself ? then I will say to  you I am artist of visual art and as a artist I have master education  in visual art.  In this year our INDIAN cinema ( Visual Art ) have complete a historical movement , its have complete hundred years .

 I have read to NATAYSASTRA ( Theory of  INDIAN Theater Art ) writer BHARAT MUNI was wrote this strong medium of refreshment of mind by others performing  activity , sound, and visuals   . our  Indian  Theater  and Cinema is following  to that strong theory for refreshment of Society and its working very well before medicine  or like a natural medicine of life. So I am proud on myself .

I am feeling proud on me because I have read it and noticed it .  it’s a real use and definition,  I am saying about NATAYSASTRA of BHARAT MUNI. First I were saw this NATAYSASTRA  sound  in international film creator senior  late  great artist cum Director CHARLIE CHAPLINE , I saw his art video by National channel  DD-1 INDIA . every Sunday I were waited and watching and I got laugh condition after visit  to activity of Sir Charlie Chaplin .  I were getting refreshment of mind from visual film of Charlie Chaplin . I was kid  in that time . but when I were read to Bharat Muni and His NATAYSASTRA  then I were got the real meaning  of Film of Charlie Chaplin . so I  am proud on myself .

Kind  your Information I am artist of visual art and  I have not created any big film but I have knowledge of All kind of part of a visual cinema . Mostly for INDIAN cinema , because I am on practice for complete  to artist  definition of Bharat Muni . he was wrote for a complete artist , A artist should know to poetry, painting, dance, music, light study, design sense ,singing , performing ,crafting, writing  ,dress sense and etc.  by luck time is giving me chance for this kind of practice step by step . so I am proud on myself.

 Great INDIAN  Actor Dr. Amitabh Bachchan   in painting impression
after  my digital graphic practice on Photoshop format. 
After Study on NATAYSASTRA I saw that artist definition perfectly in a true artist Dr. Amitabh Bachchan .  In childhood age I were knew to this Bollywood Artist . but in that days I were getting refreshment by his angry mood action on video .that time I were not knew if one day I will talk to him as a artist and he will notice  to  my art sound step by step . kind  your information last five year to continue I am connect with him and watching his all art action and reading his all art word for art definition. He is noticing  my art practice and that’s progress of day by day.  In this art communication  I have received  many time his reply in form of art comment . So I am proud on myself .

Last week Cannes a International visual cinema art festival was exposed to 100 years  of INDIAN  Cinema  by Cannes Stage  on opening time of Cannes Festival , they were Invited on Stage to Dr. Amitabh Bachchan from INDIA ( A Complete Artist Definition of BHARAT MUNI ) and a other Great  artist Leonardo DiCcaprio  ( in titanic cinema he was completed a role of painter ) they both were open to Cannes International visual film festival for our world art family by his artistic words . I saw Dr. Amitabh Bachchan  was gave his speech in Hindi for historical 100 years of INDIA Cinema ,that time I were noticed and felt  to BHARAT MUNI in his sound and vision . because he was proved to  Artist definition of Bharat Muni on  stage of  Cannes International film festival . so I am proud on myself ,

The Sound of Bharat Muni have  done a big journey in our visual art history and by Dr. Amitabh Bachchan his artist definition was worked in mid of other countries artists. Dr. Amitabh Bachchan was completed  a big cinema the Greats Gatsby . by This film visuals I sure real art lover and observer will notice to artist Definition of BHARAT MUNI by Art Activity of Dr. Amitabh Bachchan in Film The Great Gatsby .  So I am Proud on myself .

Great Actor Leonardo Dicaprio, i were gave painting look to his picture
by digital graphic practice work  on Photoshop -2013 .
Yesterday evening ,I were visited  some visuals on  my computer screen.  in that movement I saw some pictures  of Artist Leonardo Dicaprio and Dr. Amitabh Bachchan and some visuals of Film Greats Gatsby ( it is a International visual art product  for visual art lovers ) . then I were selected two picture for digital work .i were selected  one picture of Leonardo Dicaprio and second was Dr. Amitabh Bachcan . after selection of pictures I were converted to that picture in painting look by photoshop dry brush tool on phootshop format . by luck I did got some painting impression in that digital work. Before  that practice  I did planed and that plan was got 100 % something result and effect by my art practice . so I am proud on myself .

I hope after visit and reading this post Great Artist Dr. Amitabh Bachchan and Great Artist Leonardo Dicaprio will do proud on me..Because I know art is give always a new hope to Creator or that’s visitor )  so I am  proud on myself ...

( Note This post is in sound of Poetry , Are  you notice it  ? ) 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Art Vibration - 107


 One day I were busy in  my studio . I am working for studio job . In that movement  I were received  a phone call from  my batch mate Diploma + master in art. ( I Am B.F.A. + master ) His name was  Hari Ram  Kumawat , he was in  my art collage  so we were  student of a same art institute .when i were talked to him then he was requested  to me for care his job for 30 days , because he was want to go Mumbai  for his art Exhibition at Nehru center Mumnai and he was committed for faculty of visual art  in NIFD  institute of Jaipur . so they were not giving him leave  for 30 days . 

he was in tens he told me . when I asked to him what kind of help I can give  you for this tens movement of  yours ?  then he said  you come Jaipur And care  my job for 30 days .  you join  my post of visual artist in faculty of NIFD JAIPUR . in that movement I were thought about his life condition he was not single and he had one kid and he was living in Jaipur on rental room . so after that job he had not any way of Income in his art life and that exhibition was a lucky chance  for his success ( but success is come with true person  in art  its real fact ) .

As a Artist friend or as a art family member  I were accepted his request . when I said ok,  I will care  you job then he told me if  you care  my job for 30 days then NIFD will give  you payment of  5000 /- rupees  so come very soon Jaipur and help me .

I were went to Jaipur after  two days  and I were met to Hari ram Kumawat . we were went to NIFD campus of Bani park by his bike . there he was gave  my introduction in front of H.O.D.of NIFD . after some talk  they were gave me a form for fill with  my right information . you can say that was a 30 days agreement paper . but in that paper I saw they were underline  my payment  3500 /- rupees only . I asked  to Hari Ram what is this  you said  to me 5000 /- and in this form they are giving only 3500 /- rupees it is not right talk . what is this ? but inside I were knowing  I am here  for artist friend not for money . I am here for care job of Hari Ram . After listen  my question Hari ram  told me 1500 /- rupees I will pay to  you when I will come back from Mumbai .  

Over all I were filling that form of NIFD step by step  , in that form column  I saw a question about religion . I were fill in that column ART is my religion . because there I were presented for care to art and artist job . I were on my real religion .but all were not there ha.

When I were submitted  that agreement form to H.O.D. of NIFD . that time  H.O.D. asked  to me about  my language .I said I know only Hindi Language . The H.O.D. was gave me some instruction about faculty rule , in that rule I were listened  you will come on right time , you will  register   to time  of yourself when  you come and when  you leave to our faculty.  Shirt and boot is must for your faculty dress and dress color is purple color shirt and black pent . you will wear all time  our faculty tag and some more instruction about a faculty . after listen all rule and instruction  I said  one line to H.O.D. of NIFD. I am here for 30 days , so please don’t change  to myself if after 30 days time will change some then  you can change  to me and I will follow  your all rule ,  you know  I am temporary not permanent for this visual art faculty in  your NIFD. The H.O.D. of NIFD was not said any word after listen  my true words  . 

Hari ram went to Mumbai and I were started  my new job a temporary job of visual art faculty , In jaipur my friends were happy to  my new job action but in myself I were knew it is not  my job its just a art backup to a needy artist because art is  my religion. 

In that 30 days I were saw two campus of NIFD and there I were traveling by CITY bus , I saw  my student was coming there by car’s and  his or her own scooty or bike s. I were went there  by Rickshaw . that was critical time but I were accepted for a artist friend for his job care project. Some students were joking on me and someone were offered to  me for lift , because my classes was out door classes . In that 30 days I were changed the vision view of NIFD students . I were try to give design sense and sense of design observation from social element . in that 30 days  I were moved with students in city malls, art centers, and gave some idea for design creation . how to design and how to convert that on dress or in other part of fashion  elements.

I saw Hari Ram students were  came close to me , they were following and listening  to me and noticing  my art dedication And there H.O.D. of NIFD  was observing  to me and my teaching process . they notice  my friendly teaching system , I were helped to week student and I did gave self confident in students by study process . That was  my art religion or a real income from NIFD Jaipur . they don’t know what I gain and income in form of this art sense by my true art teaching process. 

One day In a Meeting the H.O. D. of NIFD was asked  to me in Mid of All faculty . H.O.D. asked  to me  yogendra how to  you control on  35 students class . we can’t control to only 15 students class . that was one more art income of myself . I said nothing special in me . I am very simple  but when I am teaching to art that time art is blessing on me and true art student notice and observe to me and  my art sound by words and by my art lines .  in that case I enter in my student unconscious part of mind .when I enter in mind of  my student then they come in silent motion and they are work for art study. Its not a control it’s a freedom of art for self control and I am happy in this days I can design it in my students . I said thanks to H.O.D. because someone watching  and noticing  me and  my art religion. Ha

On last day of my NIFD  agreement  I mean on 30 th day. I were talking  to  my artist friend and I said to him tomorrow I will not go to NIFD because  my agreement is complete . may be Hari ram will join tomorrow his NIFD job as a faculty . Next day  I were not went to NIFD , and Hari Ram was not called me . I were waited of his call but he was not called me two days . then I were called  to him and  I were demanded  to him my payment. He said wait they will give  you a bank cheque of rupees 3500/- so wait some days .

After 15th days NIFD called me and gave me my Cheque of rupees 3500/- with my half name yogendra Purohit. Haha , bank was not accepted that time so I were went again NIFD for correction of my name , they did and  I were submitted that cheque to bank . but my 1500 /- was not came from Hari Ram . when I asked  to him as a right commitment ,  he said I will pay to  you but at present  I have no money in  my pocket and etc . kind  your information  that 1500 /- rupees not came in   my hand from Hari ram. That day I noticed  I were on  my art religions but all are not on this path . he was needed my help , he was requested  to me for care his job . he was committed  for right payment before job care work , when I gave  back  his safe job , his original job in his hand then he was broken all commitment and he was showed his real art character in front of myself . I noticed he was not on art religions he was on greedy path of money , he was showed Hari RAM is not true Artist for artist friends ,  that movement I noticed he can cheat with everyone .
But I were Not talk to Hari Ram after that last meeting , and I were not asked  to him about money or anything I were created a wall  in mid of our relation for safety of  my art religions . he was guided me don’t trust on Hari Ram because  he is on greedy path of many.

After some time I saw Hari Ram was out to Faculty of NIFD .haha. I did cared his job after shared  my 30days but he was not cared his job by himself because he was not on art religion.

After few Month NIFD was called me for join to Faculty of visual art in NIFD . I were said I am not available for faculty of NIFD because I am busy in  my studio art work  and  you are giving only 3500/- to a art master  so sorry  I am on my art religion Path. 

Yogendra  Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Art Vibration - 106


Indian Scientist cum Former President
INDIA Hon'ble A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
 Friends  last year I were posted a letter  to our former president of India Sir APJ Kalam . actually I were found his page link on online and by that link I were read his blog post about teacher . as a art master and as a freelance artist  . I were liked that blog post of Sir APJ Kalam . then I were reply to him and in same time I were remembered  my past time . that was painful but very creative , I did proved  I am artist  in front of that time condition.  So after reading the blog post of former Hon’ble President of  INDIA . I were posted him a letter  with sound of  my creativity  or questions about science and shared  my  real past art story  because that was  connected  to Former Hon’ble President of INDIA  A.P.J Abdul Kalam .

This letter I were posted  to Hon’ble A.P.J. Abdul Kalam sir by his web portal

Former President of INDIA  Hon 'ble A.P.J. Abdul Kalam 

Name :yogendra kumar purohit
Date :28-Jun-2012
Message :   Former Hon'ble president of INDIA, i am master of Fine Art and i am busy in my art work as a freelancer , i have done lots of art work as a researcher of art and last 16th month to i am completely busy in art work and in  art communication to world art family . today i am drawing on paper by pencil and ink pen just like a write or a scientist i mean just like  you , i am not sure i am touch to science but i know when science journey get stop that point to Art Journey is getting start .

 as a artist i were talked to NASA and i were gave some Idea for space craft  Design i said why you not design pushpak viman type design for space journey.  why you through to some scientist by "H" bom power ?  I were  posted many link of Pushpakl viman research by online search, and i were created a critical  poster design when NASA was blasted  on moon for water search  i were created moon with lots of holes..haha.and last week i asked to NASA just tell me what Medium in planet   venus its very close to sun but still without any change and its not melt by hit of sun  how to ? ,

 i was first student  of B.K. School  Bikaner  in 9th class i were gave a  live demo in my science practical class . i were created model of petrol gass, my science study was very week but as a creative designer i were created that practical mode and i were gave live fire demo in my practical class and my  science teacher was blessed on me and he said me you are artist ..

today i am art master and talking to a great science master of our Nation he is  you , jai hind Sir.

on your blog i have read a note of yours  about teacher yes technology will replace to  teacher , because teacher was a tool of education , today we have lots of tool for easy study so i think teacher is not must but subject masters and thats word documentation is very must for students ,

its a artistic view ,may be its not natural but i know its natural just like science because in my view science is also a  art of unnatural creation ,its  example  Space lab , plastic, electricity, ice in desert ,road in sea, air craft in sky, kind your information sir Air craft design created by Great Art Master Leonardo Da vinci , he was draw a drawing on paper and today science create in real form for  life.

 here i want to share a short story of us that was sad story for me , when you came jaipur for opening of a art exhibition of R.K. Laxman  ,Sir ,  that time JKK was seal for your safety and i were very dedicated for my work because i were committed for my work so i were working in JKK graphic studio , in morning time i were entered  in studio but after 9 am a officer  told me you off this studio today and get out to JKK , then i were felt  hurt very much i told to officer of JKK sir, i am artist and Hon'ble President of INDIA will come here for open a art exhibition of a great art master of our nation.

 i am in mood of art work and i will in this small room for my work you know me i am artist and daily working here for my art journey . why you stop me for work today  ? but he did not listened me and called to a police man , he said go out otherwise i will puss you out , that time officer of JKK said me yogendra HAR PRASHAN KA JAWAB NAHI HOTA , then i were reply to him SIR MERE PAAS BHI NAHI THA SO ANKH KULTE HI YAHA AAGAYA ART WORK KARNE KO .that time my eyes was wet and i said ok today i will not work here and after few days i were leaved work At JKK.  that time next day i were met to Sir R.K. Laxman he was gave me his sign on my sketchbook thats link i am sending to you for your visit..before  meet to R.K. Laxman Sir and after talk to officer of JKK  in mid night i were created a sketch on paper and that paper i were posted to sir  R.K. Laxman by Fax , he did saw that and then reply me in my language by his sign in my sketchbook . have a very good night Sir
warm regards
yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art

( Note :- I have update some spelling that was wrong by bad typing of myself .)

Myself In Studio of Jawahar Kala Kendra  Jaipur ,Photo by Artist  friend Praveen Jedia 

I hope  after read this letter  you can  know and feel my real  mind condition about science or  art passion . my time was against for me when  Hon’ble President  was came JKK . I were dedicated for work of art but time was taking my test because there I were not taking rest . work was must  for me about myself art research . but that day was a black day for my art .that day after leaved  to JKK  I were wrote  to all press of Rajasthan  by mobile SMS  in Roman Hindi ( aaj tak orangjeb   kitabo mai hi pade the aaj jivan me pratyaksh dekha (security system ). ek kalakaar ko kala karm karne se roka kalakendra me ..JKK  ke bahar se mai kalakar yogendra  kumar purohit …ha ha ha . )  

That word came naturally by me because I was in true mood of art creation  and that  mood motion, I sure former  hon’ble president of INDIA  APJ Kalam sir know very well , he know when idea come in vision that want fast expression and research .  I am remembering when Sir APJ KALAM  was in President house  there he was created his own science lab that was a very historical change  and development about science  in our President house of INDIA . it was proving creative research  don’t want any limitation and boundary and no time limit for creation or research . when someone stop to creative research and researcher it mean they are killing to true   art and research energy , in that mood of creation or research a  creator and researcher can give a very big idea and design  for better future and in limitation  no future of creator or researcher  this talk was proved Sir APJ Kalam by his science lab in our President House of INDIA. So I were posted a letter to our former hon’ble President of INDIA Sir APJ KALAM .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA