Monday, May 20, 2013

Art Vibration - 104


Greeting of Academy of Art University, Canada .
This Question was asked  to me  a Academy of art University of Canada by a greeting post. That was year 2008 . That time I were connected  and touched  to 10000 world art society ,   world Art Academies and Art galleries too.

In same time I were connected to Academy of Art university . that university  staff member  and director was started   art communication with me after know  my art education and art work level . that was  my first talk ,direct to a art Academy or university of art of other country . they were noticing my art work and right meaning of  my art study . it was a first art university name was came in front  of myself  in this art journey, that’s name of Academy of art. Before that communication I were knew Academy mean a Society  of justice to  artist work. Academy of Art gave me a right meaning of word Academy about art. So I am thankful for Academy of Art university .

After our online communication one day I were received a envelope by our INDIAN Post Service . that posted envelope was from Academy of Art university . I were opened to that envelope and then I saw a greeting  in red and white image or text .  I read this question  Do what  you for a Living ?
I were noticed if I have touched  to heart and vision of Art Academy  by  my art sound . then they were posted me  that greeting in  a heard copy .  I were reply to them and said in very critical word I am living  for art by my heart , because in that greeting they have printed a white heart shape image in mid of this question Do what you ( heart ) for a living ?

I received this Catalog from Academy of Art University , Canada . 
After some time I were received  a one more mail with a big offer from Academy of Art . they were invited me for advance  art education from academy of Art university . I were reply to them I have masters in Painting  and time want to me more practice on my art study  and my condition is not very well for art education by  your academy of art University . I said I am very simple person  and our family condition is not much more better and I am busy in  my art studio job work too. So sorry for this offer but I am very thankful  for and regarded for  your offer  about  my  advance art education.

That time I were very puzzled to my time and condition . in same time I got passport of myself and I were thinking about some change in life but time was changed to me for  my art exercise .ha

After few moths I were received  a big envelope from Academy of Art university  in that envelope I got a big catalog of academy of art university that was of year 2008 – 09 .When I were informed  to Academy of art University about that catalog that time a lecturer  of academy of art university was told me  yogendra we have visited  your art work and if  you want to do master from our Art Academy then we can give  you scholarship,  you just mange your air ticket and rental home . Really that was a big chance for me from Academy of art university. They want to design in myself some more art sound but time was blocked it for me . ha

But I were not blocked  my art work and art journey I were lived busy in art .on  online networks  I were joined  to Academy of art university . in 2010 once again Academy of art  university were called  me but that call was for a greeting design , they were going to published a big greeting collection on visuals of all world cities with historical and cultural  visuals. So I were posted a visual in form of photograph that was on Desert Man of Bikaner  . A man in  cultural dress  of Bikaneri desert man  . May be Academy of Art university was received that photo image by our INDIAN post Service  that same image I were posted  to Academy of art university by E mail format.

Today I am sharing  my all activity of art with this art academy and I can visit  all kind of new art updates and art education  information on web page of Academy of Art university  by online network .

I have created a big art relation to Academy of art university  after 2008 to till 2013 , and its continue because today we know the real mean of Academy of art. And I am living to art by my heart so no chance  for any question of  academy of art university   “ Do what you for a living. ”

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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