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Art Vibration - 99


Art Master Chandra Shekhar is Busy In Drawing work in Virasat Art Foundation at JKK, Jaipur,
PHOTO by yogendra kumar Purohit

Yesterday night I were talked  to  my junior artist Master Chandra Shekhar Sain , he was shared with me his new art achievement Information with very confidence . he was happy because his art work was liked  our Hon’ble  Vice president of INDIA. Really it is a good news  for me because  my junior have done something  strong work for our nation by his art passion .

Here on this blog I am sharing  with  you this art condition because I want to  you  , you all my world Art family know about art passion in this contemporary  art time by a art sound of young  contemporary artist , his name is Chandr Shekhar  Sain. (I am calling to him in love Chandu )

I were met to him first time in Jawahar Kala Kendra Jaipur , he was in first year of B.F.A. painting . I were entered in Jkk and first I were saw a young  boy was busy in landscape work , he was sited in summer time sun light and he was painting  to inner side view of JKK.

I were watching him continue without any sound I were still back  side of him  so he did not knew I were  his back . he was trying to get perfection in drawing and painting but he was facing  problem many time in his art work and watching here and there .ha  In that case he saw me   and told me in hindi ( BHAIYA MUJSE NAHI BAN PAA RAHA YE LANDSCAPE ) , he told me I can’t draw it perfectly big brother so I am upset . I told to him boy just observe to object perfectly  draw it by patience and take time for perfection after that it will draw automatically by  you . he was noticed  my first word  and I give some  more tips to him for true art life . I said to him for self commitment about art and creativity . I said face to all kind of life challenge and live still with art when  you will still with art then art will give  you real power and confidence  for all kind of fight to life challenge and some more  talks like that..

That young boy was wrote that talk on paper and then he was  framed to that paper and hanged  in his rental room  as a guide line.  he was started follow to my art words  for his true art journey. I did knew it after 5 year , when Chandra Shekhar  was came in Master Education  , I was in Jkk  and he was invited to  me at his room . I were went at  his room and in first he was showed  me a text paper framed  picture and asked to me what is this BHAIYA ( Big Brother ) I were read that words  and said to him nice words for true art progress ,   who said it  to  you ?   then , he told me  you said it bhaiya ( BIG Brother ) when  we were met in JKK first time , I were busy in art work and  you did helped me in  that movement   you said it . After listen his words I were noticed  his deep love and respect about myself . that was true love and respect  for me by  my junior. So that day to I were giving backup to my Junior Chandr shekhar , before his room visit many time we were discussed on art and art work . I saw he was always  living busy in work of art and art exercise.

When I were joined to Studio Of JKK Jaipur . in same time Chandra Shekhar  was joined  to me and JKK too. That was our golden time for art work .  I saw to Chandra Shekhar he was busy in art study of masters and in same time he is working at JKK after collage , he was riding  to bicycle on Jaipur roads. He was visiting art exhibition of Jaipur Galleries  by his bicycle .

 One day I saw to him he was riding his bicycle to one hand and some painting and art board on his hand and by one hand to he was catch to that art work , that was very critical seen about visual art or for a youth artist . but what we could  did  that was reality of a youth artist. He was came from a privet art gallery after show his art exercise work  for gallery collection. After some time that gallery was promoted to his true art Energy , I can share that gallery name  for  you . that gallery name is SAMANVAI ART GALLERY  JAIPUR.

Art Master Chandra Shekhar is Busy In Drawing work in Virasat Art Foundation at JKK, Jaipur,
PHOTO by yogendra kumar Purohit

In JKK Jaipur Virasat Art Foundation was organized a one week festival . I saw my some senior was busy in that festival organizer team and they were catch to Chandra Shekhar Sain for potter work , I were saw to him he was working in that festival work as a potter. So I asked  to him how many rupess they will give  you for this work ? he was said  to me BHAIYA ( Big Brother ) 1500 rupees , I said you stop this work I will pay you 1500 rupees , but when then  you will draw to this festival of VIRASAT  on  your art paper as artist . your family send to  you here for artist  job and here  you are doing potter job  for some money  what is this ?  its not a art way my Chandra Shekhar . he was noticed  my words again and next day I did saw  to him in JKK with his art drawing medium he was busy in art exercise . I were gave him Army Salute .

By luck Secretary of Virasat  Art Foundation was noticed his art activity and he was promoted him in that virasat Art Foundation festival . within three days master Chandra Shekhar was  on international channels  by live show with international  Sculptor of Germany  . that was great art blessing on art passion of Artist  Chandr Shekhar  Sain.He was got some Money and some more work from Virast Art Foundation .After that I did not saw to him in potter level job work in Jaipur .

After my masters, time was changed   to my art way and place so I were came Bikaner , when I were doing my art pack up from JKK and when I were sitting in my rental car that time Master Chandra Shekhar Sain was started weeping very loudly .  that movement I did got very angry on relation, system, time or on god , really I was very angry my eyes were  wet but no one there  for listen  my inner sound after myself ha  , because I were feeling handicapped condition in myself and I were knowing it, my junior will miss me very much how to he will get right art guide line and some one will play with his pure and soft nature character  but that was time test  for me or for my junior Chandra Shekhar Sain . we could not controlled  to that movement . But I said again to Chandr Shekhar Hey Boy why  you weep I am live and we will meet again by way of art because art with us . Today I am going to other place and I know one day  you will come with me again. But  you will not feel upset after me. You will live busy in work and we have phone connection so we can talk when we want to talk each other.

After six Months  one day Chandra Shekhar  was came Bikaner with a  invitation or in a Jeep of GOVT . OF INDIA. That was a invitation of Kota Camp. I knew Chandra Shekhar was in team of that art camp of Kota. But by luck I was in Mumbai for  my art exhibition so we did talked by phone and I were went to Kota for Join to that art camp as a artist of Bikaner. I saw there Chandra Shekhar was controlling to all  camp unite by his self idea. That was great , I were noticed there City Collector of Kota  Mr. Alok Was gave a artistic stage to master Chandra Shekhar Sain .He  was sited on stage with Art Critic Keshaw malik , Prayag Shukla Artist P.N. Choyal or Artist Jatin Das .i were felt happy because my Chandra Shekhar was working with his art passion for true Art of our nation .

 Art  Master Chandra Shekhar  Sain with his  Terakota art -  Mural work  2013 
Last year he was told me  I am busy in  study of Terakota work ( Clay work by traditional  method ) and yesterday night he was informed me , if he was done a big work in Terakota art and that art work was liked by Govt of INDIA  and our  Hon’ble  Vice President of INDIA . so  I can say Our Vice President of INDIA was noticed Art Passion of Master Chandra Shekhar just like me .That  young  boy have completed his 15th years  art journey by his art dedication or art passion so I said today I were Noticed Definition of Art passion in master Chandra Shekhar Sain .

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA.

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