Monday, May 27, 2013

Art Vibration - 110


This is my first video presentation . A new form of my art study . when i were thinking  about life and thats meaning  in that movement  i were in desert city  Jaisalmer of Rajasthan . there i were with  my family and we were enjoying  to color of desert festival .that was interesting in  winter time so there life is easy .but there life is not easy in summer time desert is get very hot in summer and there life is get challenge for live life , really there life is tuf  for a common men of a common family .

On last day of Desert festival  we were went to Sam desert , that is very far  to Jaisalmer city. there no water no people, no  home only desert in large area . in summer  time you can't  still there continue  one hour without water and there water is not available . so it is a challenge for life in desert  .

There family were  busy in festival visit  and myself was busy  in thinking about desert life.  i were saw to desert part and common men life . there villager was still with his camels and waiting of tourist  for camel safari . that was a daily job of them  in that desert . because there no other job option for a common men or for villager. it is fact . that city is living on tourism and on tourism . 

in that movement i were picked  my digital camera  and i were converted camera mode on video shooting . 
 i were sited on  a doom of sand and created some snack style  line on desert part by my hand finger. that was live play game to dust and by that play i were got a idea for video presentation about life definition. i were shoot by myself with that live activity of my life concept . i were shoot  continue that hand drawing activity in some parts because  my camera coolpix 4500  have  one time 30 second shooting for video .

After shoot to that live art action about life definition . i were converted  that video parts in a one video presentation at  studio  of  my friend Radheshyam nagal in Bikaner when we came back at home . 

he did try to add all clip in a one video track by mixture tool. that was first artistic video editing work for him and same thing was with me . because i were try first time express to my art vision  in form of video so that was a live study for me about video editing or thats presentation study  too . i were happy if i could done that with a simple editing work. when i got a complete edit video presentation about life then i were gave a presentation  to  my Art Collage in  my masters final exam time . My examiner was liked that simple concept with right meaning or definition of life . they said me art want this kind of art work . you have shared it with us so thanks to  you yogendra. 

This video presentation was a new tool for me about  art concept presentation , it is not a painting  but its very impressive medium for common life . in child hood age i were leaned many life message by video or films   on TV and by cinema hall .when my examiner said thanks for this art presentation  then i got some  more confidence about video  presentation ,  you can say to it its a short film work by me 

 In 2010  i were joined  to youtube .com and there i were updated  this video presentation  for our world art family . Today  i am happy 125 art family member have visited  this art presentation by youtube in all over  world . so it is doing journey in vision of our world art family by way of .

Today a artist friend  was asked  to me about this art presentation  so it was came again in front of  myself  after a long time  and i were went in past memory of city Jaisalmer  .because there to i were got this life concept and thats video presentation and by this blog post  i am sharing with  you this true art exercise of myself  in form of video  for  your  visit. because this is a video presentation about life definition ..

Yogendra  Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA.



It is interesting to your travel experience
commented on a video with lines in the sand
you expect your state of emotion

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Great post ,Thanks a lot