Thursday, May 23, 2013

Art Vibration - 107


 One day I were busy in  my studio . I am working for studio job . In that movement  I were received  a phone call from  my batch mate Diploma + master in art. ( I Am B.F.A. + master ) His name was  Hari Ram  Kumawat , he was in  my art collage  so we were  student of a same art institute .when i were talked to him then he was requested  to me for care his job for 30 days , because he was want to go Mumbai  for his art Exhibition at Nehru center Mumnai and he was committed for faculty of visual art  in NIFD  institute of Jaipur . so they were not giving him leave  for 30 days . 

he was in tens he told me . when I asked to him what kind of help I can give  you for this tens movement of  yours ?  then he said  you come Jaipur And care  my job for 30 days .  you join  my post of visual artist in faculty of NIFD JAIPUR . in that movement I were thought about his life condition he was not single and he had one kid and he was living in Jaipur on rental room . so after that job he had not any way of Income in his art life and that exhibition was a lucky chance  for his success ( but success is come with true person  in art  its real fact ) .

As a Artist friend or as a art family member  I were accepted his request . when I said ok,  I will care  you job then he told me if  you care  my job for 30 days then NIFD will give  you payment of  5000 /- rupees  so come very soon Jaipur and help me .

I were went to Jaipur after  two days  and I were met to Hari ram Kumawat . we were went to NIFD campus of Bani park by his bike . there he was gave  my introduction in front of H.O.D.of NIFD . after some talk  they were gave me a form for fill with  my right information . you can say that was a 30 days agreement paper . but in that paper I saw they were underline  my payment  3500 /- rupees only . I asked  to Hari Ram what is this  you said  to me 5000 /- and in this form they are giving only 3500 /- rupees it is not right talk . what is this ? but inside I were knowing  I am here  for artist friend not for money . I am here for care job of Hari Ram . After listen  my question Hari ram  told me 1500 /- rupees I will pay to  you when I will come back from Mumbai .  

Over all I were filling that form of NIFD step by step  , in that form column  I saw a question about religion . I were fill in that column ART is my religion . because there I were presented for care to art and artist job . I were on my real religion .but all were not there ha.

When I were submitted  that agreement form to H.O.D. of NIFD . that time  H.O.D. asked  to me about  my language .I said I know only Hindi Language . The H.O.D. was gave me some instruction about faculty rule , in that rule I were listened  you will come on right time , you will  register   to time  of yourself when  you come and when  you leave to our faculty.  Shirt and boot is must for your faculty dress and dress color is purple color shirt and black pent . you will wear all time  our faculty tag and some more instruction about a faculty . after listen all rule and instruction  I said  one line to H.O.D. of NIFD. I am here for 30 days , so please don’t change  to myself if after 30 days time will change some then  you can change  to me and I will follow  your all rule ,  you know  I am temporary not permanent for this visual art faculty in  your NIFD. The H.O.D. of NIFD was not said any word after listen  my true words  . 

Hari ram went to Mumbai and I were started  my new job a temporary job of visual art faculty , In jaipur my friends were happy to  my new job action but in myself I were knew it is not  my job its just a art backup to a needy artist because art is  my religion. 

In that 30 days I were saw two campus of NIFD and there I were traveling by CITY bus , I saw  my student was coming there by car’s and  his or her own scooty or bike s. I were went there  by Rickshaw . that was critical time but I were accepted for a artist friend for his job care project. Some students were joking on me and someone were offered to  me for lift , because my classes was out door classes . In that 30 days I were changed the vision view of NIFD students . I were try to give design sense and sense of design observation from social element . in that 30 days  I were moved with students in city malls, art centers, and gave some idea for design creation . how to design and how to convert that on dress or in other part of fashion  elements.

I saw Hari Ram students were  came close to me , they were following and listening  to me and noticing  my art dedication And there H.O.D. of NIFD  was observing  to me and my teaching process . they notice  my friendly teaching system , I were helped to week student and I did gave self confident in students by study process . That was  my art religion or a real income from NIFD Jaipur . they don’t know what I gain and income in form of this art sense by my true art teaching process. 

One day In a Meeting the H.O. D. of NIFD was asked  to me in Mid of All faculty . H.O.D. asked  to me  yogendra how to  you control on  35 students class . we can’t control to only 15 students class . that was one more art income of myself . I said nothing special in me . I am very simple  but when I am teaching to art that time art is blessing on me and true art student notice and observe to me and  my art sound by words and by my art lines .  in that case I enter in my student unconscious part of mind .when I enter in mind of  my student then they come in silent motion and they are work for art study. Its not a control it’s a freedom of art for self control and I am happy in this days I can design it in my students . I said thanks to H.O.D. because someone watching  and noticing  me and  my art religion. Ha

On last day of my NIFD  agreement  I mean on 30 th day. I were talking  to  my artist friend and I said to him tomorrow I will not go to NIFD because  my agreement is complete . may be Hari ram will join tomorrow his NIFD job as a faculty . Next day  I were not went to NIFD , and Hari Ram was not called me . I were waited of his call but he was not called me two days . then I were called  to him and  I were demanded  to him my payment. He said wait they will give  you a bank cheque of rupees 3500/- so wait some days .

After 15th days NIFD called me and gave me my Cheque of rupees 3500/- with my half name yogendra Purohit. Haha , bank was not accepted that time so I were went again NIFD for correction of my name , they did and  I were submitted that cheque to bank . but my 1500 /- was not came from Hari Ram . when I asked  to him as a right commitment ,  he said I will pay to  you but at present  I have no money in  my pocket and etc . kind  your information  that 1500 /- rupees not came in   my hand from Hari ram. That day I noticed  I were on  my art religions but all are not on this path . he was needed my help , he was requested  to me for care his job . he was committed  for right payment before job care work , when I gave  back  his safe job , his original job in his hand then he was broken all commitment and he was showed his real art character in front of myself . I noticed he was not on art religions he was on greedy path of money , he was showed Hari RAM is not true Artist for artist friends ,  that movement I noticed he can cheat with everyone .
But I were Not talk to Hari Ram after that last meeting , and I were not asked  to him about money or anything I were created a wall  in mid of our relation for safety of  my art religions . he was guided me don’t trust on Hari Ram because  he is on greedy path of many.

After some time I saw Hari Ram was out to Faculty of NIFD .haha. I did cared his job after shared  my 30days but he was not cared his job by himself because he was not on art religion.

After few Month NIFD was called me for join to Faculty of visual art in NIFD . I were said I am not available for faculty of NIFD because I am busy in  my studio art work  and  you are giving only 3500/- to a art master  so sorry  I am on my art religion Path. 

Yogendra  Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art

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