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Art Vibration - 106


Indian Scientist cum Former President
INDIA Hon'ble A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
 Friends  last year I were posted a letter  to our former president of India Sir APJ Kalam . actually I were found his page link on online and by that link I were read his blog post about teacher . as a art master and as a freelance artist  . I were liked that blog post of Sir APJ Kalam . then I were reply to him and in same time I were remembered  my past time . that was painful but very creative , I did proved  I am artist  in front of that time condition.  So after reading the blog post of former Hon’ble President of  INDIA . I were posted him a letter  with sound of  my creativity  or questions about science and shared  my  real past art story  because that was  connected  to Former Hon’ble President of INDIA  A.P.J Abdul Kalam .

This letter I were posted  to Hon’ble A.P.J. Abdul Kalam sir by his web portal

Former President of INDIA  Hon 'ble A.P.J. Abdul Kalam 

Name :yogendra kumar purohit
Date :28-Jun-2012
Message :   Former Hon'ble president of INDIA, i am master of Fine Art and i am busy in my art work as a freelancer , i have done lots of art work as a researcher of art and last 16th month to i am completely busy in art work and in  art communication to world art family . today i am drawing on paper by pencil and ink pen just like a write or a scientist i mean just like  you , i am not sure i am touch to science but i know when science journey get stop that point to Art Journey is getting start .

 as a artist i were talked to NASA and i were gave some Idea for space craft  Design i said why you not design pushpak viman type design for space journey.  why you through to some scientist by "H" bom power ?  I were  posted many link of Pushpakl viman research by online search, and i were created a critical  poster design when NASA was blasted  on moon for water search  i were created moon with lots of holes..haha.and last week i asked to NASA just tell me what Medium in planet   venus its very close to sun but still without any change and its not melt by hit of sun  how to ? ,

 i was first student  of B.K. School  Bikaner  in 9th class i were gave a  live demo in my science practical class . i were created model of petrol gass, my science study was very week but as a creative designer i were created that practical mode and i were gave live fire demo in my practical class and my  science teacher was blessed on me and he said me you are artist ..

today i am art master and talking to a great science master of our Nation he is  you , jai hind Sir.

on your blog i have read a note of yours  about teacher yes technology will replace to  teacher , because teacher was a tool of education , today we have lots of tool for easy study so i think teacher is not must but subject masters and thats word documentation is very must for students ,

its a artistic view ,may be its not natural but i know its natural just like science because in my view science is also a  art of unnatural creation ,its  example  Space lab , plastic, electricity, ice in desert ,road in sea, air craft in sky, kind your information sir Air craft design created by Great Art Master Leonardo Da vinci , he was draw a drawing on paper and today science create in real form for  life.

 here i want to share a short story of us that was sad story for me , when you came jaipur for opening of a art exhibition of R.K. Laxman  ,Sir ,  that time JKK was seal for your safety and i were very dedicated for my work because i were committed for my work so i were working in JKK graphic studio , in morning time i were entered  in studio but after 9 am a officer  told me you off this studio today and get out to JKK , then i were felt  hurt very much i told to officer of JKK sir, i am artist and Hon'ble President of INDIA will come here for open a art exhibition of a great art master of our nation.

 i am in mood of art work and i will in this small room for my work you know me i am artist and daily working here for my art journey . why you stop me for work today  ? but he did not listened me and called to a police man , he said go out otherwise i will puss you out , that time officer of JKK said me yogendra HAR PRASHAN KA JAWAB NAHI HOTA , then i were reply to him SIR MERE PAAS BHI NAHI THA SO ANKH KULTE HI YAHA AAGAYA ART WORK KARNE KO .that time my eyes was wet and i said ok today i will not work here and after few days i were leaved work At JKK.  that time next day i were met to Sir R.K. Laxman he was gave me his sign on my sketchbook thats link i am sending to you for your visit..before  meet to R.K. Laxman Sir and after talk to officer of JKK  in mid night i were created a sketch on paper and that paper i were posted to sir  R.K. Laxman by Fax , he did saw that and then reply me in my language by his sign in my sketchbook . have a very good night Sir
warm regards
yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art

( Note :- I have update some spelling that was wrong by bad typing of myself .)

Myself In Studio of Jawahar Kala Kendra  Jaipur ,Photo by Artist  friend Praveen Jedia 

I hope  after read this letter  you can  know and feel my real  mind condition about science or  art passion . my time was against for me when  Hon’ble President  was came JKK . I were dedicated for work of art but time was taking my test because there I were not taking rest . work was must  for me about myself art research . but that day was a black day for my art .that day after leaved  to JKK  I were wrote  to all press of Rajasthan  by mobile SMS  in Roman Hindi ( aaj tak orangjeb   kitabo mai hi pade the aaj jivan me pratyaksh dekha (security system ). ek kalakaar ko kala karm karne se roka kalakendra me ..JKK  ke bahar se mai kalakar yogendra  kumar purohit …ha ha ha . )  

That word came naturally by me because I was in true mood of art creation  and that  mood motion, I sure former  hon’ble president of INDIA  APJ Kalam sir know very well , he know when idea come in vision that want fast expression and research .  I am remembering when Sir APJ KALAM  was in President house  there he was created his own science lab that was a very historical change  and development about science  in our President house of INDIA . it was proving creative research  don’t want any limitation and boundary and no time limit for creation or research . when someone stop to creative research and researcher it mean they are killing to true   art and research energy , in that mood of creation or research a  creator and researcher can give a very big idea and design  for better future and in limitation  no future of creator or researcher  this talk was proved Sir APJ Kalam by his science lab in our President House of INDIA. So I were posted a letter to our former hon’ble President of INDIA Sir APJ KALAM .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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