Thursday, May 09, 2013

Art Vibration - 100


Sculpture of  Devi Prasad Roy Chowdhury, its exhibite  at National Gallery of Modern Art , Delhi.

NGM this is a short name of our national gallery of modern art Delhi or Mumbai. I were first time visited our NGM of Delhi . Before that visit I have read some information about our national gallery of Modern art by my art study  books in B.F.A. art education at Rajasthan School of art , Jaipur.

In year 2000,  I were went to Delhi with my art group Manthan a Contemporary Artists group  of Rasjasthan . Today our group artists are  busy in his or her art promotion by solo art exercise so group activity is stop . but that time  we and our art group activity was on for joint art progress .that was nice time  for me or for our MANTHAN.

I were noticed motion or expression of  Sculpture  of  D.P. Roy Chowdhury

We have exhibited our first art show in Art Gallery of lalit Kala Academy that is in building of Ravindra bhawan New Delhi. We went NGM for display our Art exhibition poster or we were invited  to Director of NGM for our Art Exhibition visit . in that case I were visited  to NGM first time in  my art life. I was surprised to that building structure and that’s art decoration .  NGM is a real contemporary art museum of our nation . so that was a live study matter  for me and I did started art study in that short time of our art invitation submitting work , I did pulled some time  for live art study about national gallery of Modern Art . I got a pass ticket for visit , in side photography was not permitted without camera fee .and camera fee was high for me so I did only  visited NGM  to inside without camera , but I did visited live art work images of Sir Ravindra Natha Thankur, Jamini roy, Amrta Sher gill , Avnindranath thakur , Gagendra Nath Thakur and some more senior contemporary artist works that was true art study of myself with live art images . I saw all artist work  was fixed in that NGM building Room in form of art museum . really that was great  for me , I saw working style by seniors live art  work .

All Labour is busy in putting presser on hard rock for puss ,its great observation
or thats presentation in form of  Sculpture by D.P. Roy Chowdhury.

That works gave me simple way for  my art creation or art journey . there  to I did knew what is the real definition of painting or visual art. That art visit was changed  my vision and that art work impression was gave me richness of creativity with sound of Indian art philosophy.

When I came out to NGM after visit the great masters work of our Indian Contemporary Art , I saw a big size sculpture in garden of NGM. That Sculpture was in black color ciment casted work . I can’t forget that art work first impression , I were pulling by that art sculpture , I could not stop to myself , my friends told me we are getting late  yogendra. So lets go for next step of our Art Exhibition.

But I were not listened to them , I were picked  my camera and started shooting of that art work , first I shoot to tag of that art work  and I read that sculpture was creation of Great Sculptor Devi Prasad  Roy Chowdhury and that’s sculpture title was Triumph of  Labour .

Sculpture of Devid,  Artist Michelangelo
was sculpt it in marble Stone in Rome.

I were started photography of that art Sculpture and in same time I were reading the condition of Mind of artist D.P. Roy Chowdhury . that sculpture is very critical about system and social condition . that work is showing all story of fight of freedom of INDIA. That art work not only a critical or subjective art work that is a very study level art work of D.P. Roy Chowdhury. He was created real body language of labour . he did expressed body presser and motion plus face expression with INDIAN labour figure . I have been read About  study  of D.P. Roy Chowdhury, he is on same level of Western  Art Sculptor Michelangelo . but when I see live work of D.P. Roy Chowdhury  then I were felt his work exercise and study is very close to Michelangelo .

I were learned to that Sculpture work  about observation and that’s perfection in art form . I did committed  to Myself that day  for hard exercise or deep study about all kind of Object , that sculpture was teaching  to me about Art patience or dedication , I learned to that art work of D. P. Roy Chowdhury  how to say  your inner mater with other medium or in form of art creation . that day D.P. Roy Chowdhury was not in front of myself but his art work was teaching me itself . that sculpture was D.P. Roy Chowdhury for me , because that art sculpture was his self creation  with his self  Critical idea on real Struggle  about freedom Fight . 

perfect Study on body of  labour body by D.P. Roy Chowdhury.
A art Work how to teach to learner , I did noticed it on  that day and I were lived that art education just like MAHABHARTA character IKLAVU..

There I were shoot 12 pictures of that art work of D.P.Roy Chowdhury and in that 12 view  I were shared  my 30 minute and that 30 minutes were changed my art working level . its example I were created a installation  with sculpture work , I did created a sculpture in 2003-4  in  my master education by myself with deep art Study on object. After that I were created  some more work in sculpture form or in painting but that work was came out by me after hard study on concept or on object. so I can say I did got changed with richness of art expression by my first visit of  National gallery of Modern art Delhi .

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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