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Art Vibration - 102


Artist Chandan Singh Rathod is in rest mood  after display work of
Virasat Art Foundation Art Event , JKK jaipur. 
This title I give to my junior .  I were in study of Masters in Rajasthan School of Art . There I were lived busy in my art study mostly in painting work , I am working there for  my art study but some juniors were noticing  my art action or art dedication . that was natural for all junior because when I were junior  in  my art collage  that time I were noticing to  my senior it is a process of art nature .

I am remembering that day when I were alone in  my classroom  and I were busy in my painting  work in very silence .that time watch is showing 3 pm . my one junior came in classroom  with his still camera . he did not disturb to me and went on his locker almery . I were went again in painting mood and in that case I were went in   unconscious   . In same time my junior was went back side of myself and he was shoot some pictures  with my real art work condition .After few days he was gifted me a picture of myself that was  my first live painting work capture from my junior .That day to I did noticed a silent capture in  my junior Chandan Singh Rathod . I am saying to him in love CHANDAN .

He is a silent painter plus a silent photographer he is a silent philosopher and a silent poet or a silent helper . I am remembering  his special art action or his trust on my creativity . one day I was busy in sculpture department for  my fiber sculpture  work ,  in that  time he was came on my work place with a blind man stick  , that was damaged by a scooter rider on a road of our art collage , that stick was a blind man stick . he told me full story of that blind man  and then asked  to me can  you repair it , I did say to him oh boy I will do it for  your trust. By luck  I could repaired that stick of blind man  and chandan was resubmitted that stick to blind man . That Blind person was Music teacher of Our Rajasthan school of Art .

Myself Busy In Life subject Painting In Studio OF JKK JAIPUR ,
Artist Chandan Singh Rathod was captured  it by his silent mood. 
After master Education I were went to JAWAHAR KALA KENDRA , there I saw Chandan was came again  with a new image of his silent action . that time he was in display team of Virasat Art Foundation . that day I were shoot to Chandan Singh Rathod by my silent capture  action. Ha

After few days Chandan came at JKK and he was again shoot a picture of Myself  to my back side and that picture he was posted me last year on online so  you can understand his silent capture  sound .In JKK he was gave me many time backup , he was sharing with me his deep feeling matter . he know that time I were not reading book much more in  my free time  but I were lived busy to my mind or in sketching  work in  my free time .

One day we were sited  in coffee house of JKK that time Chandan told me I will read a story for  you,  you just listen in this condition  you will not read to book .ha ha ..but  you will know a one more story by me . I said I am not reading book because the words is highjack to myself because my knowledge is on practical base it is true . but that day chandan was in mood of story reading so I were listened his story with my silence .He read one time on earth only two people  on this earth.  They both are close friend . one friend said a king care to nation so we need king , then one friend said  you are our nation kind , then king said I need RAJDOOT (Informer ) so you are  my informer ( RAJDOOT ) plus  my nation people . over all  he was read full story for me  and I were listened his story reading mood , his reading mood was silent but I could listened from his  silence . Ha

After that story listen work I called  to Chandan in HINDI  ( O MERE EK LOTE DESH KE EK LOTE RAJDOOT ,) O my single Informer  of  my single  country .  that day to I gave a new name or a code name to Chandan ( EKLOTE RAJDOOT ) .haha..

Some Movement of Artist Chandan  Singh Rathod at My Art Studio, I
captured  to him by my silent mood. 
Last Year in Bikaner Chandan was came for Join to kabir Yaatra festival . but I did knew he came Bikaner for meet  to me . He was lived  with me three days  in Bikaner , one day he was shoot to Street of Bikaner and in that shoot we were walked on our Bikaner street . we did shard our five to six hours in that walk and photography work . after city visit Chandan was taken  my live interview  and he was capture  that interview by his digital movie or still camera . that was not a interview that was very close talk in form of interview , I can say that interview sound was like art discussion. He did asked  to me his compressed questions because he was compressing his questions to  last three years  in his mind or his question was only for me . because he know where to he can get some right answer .because he have good silent art observation sense about me .

This Portrait was captured by Artist Chandan Singh Rathod  in Kabir yaatra festival of Bikaner., 2012 .
He was captured my silent motion by his silent capture action. 

He was taken my interview in my studio , he was shoot  again myself with  live work condition so I were draw a drawing for him without any brake and he was shoot  to that art work in movie format  . Still roll camera to digital movie camera was showing his silence capture progress . that day he was saved me in digital format  with 25 GB data . Computer technician know the mean of 25 GB data. I don’t know when chandan  will share that with me but I know I am very safe and on a special space  in vision or in data of My Chandan.  So I said for him A another  title with sound of Art After Eklote Rajsdoot  “ Silent Capture . Artist Chandan Singh Rathod.

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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