Sunday, December 04, 2011

Art Vibration - 55

How Many time you can express yourself in form of Art..?

Its myself no. 501...

Yesterday was a big day for me, i can say that was celebrating time for me but i were alone at studio so nothing like that but inside i were happy and confident in condition of illness ...ha
here at my studio i were completed 500 drawing on a one concept that was myself research and exercise on self thinking way..when i were started concept myself that time i were used the color blue ,black but after a one year i were got some natural change in my thought and i were leaved the color use and started the drawing by ink pan or pencil on paper, kind your information i am using paper to year 2007 to its continue till today. its a easy or chip but i understood the art want richness of vision so nothing chip or rich on this earth for express to yourself, i were noticed it and started use of paper for art work .

And year 2011 was very artistic for me because in this year i have created 301 drawing with hard dedication and cuntinuity this year gave me two international art exhibition for my art work of MYSELF that international art exhibition i were got from Artistic Historian CITY ITALY they were exhibited my art work in art exhibition and expressed myself research in front of international world art society . so i want to say thanks to Artist And Director of RAMO D ORO ITALY Mr. Vincenzo montella . he was reading my art sound and dedication of work and he was promoted me step by step in ITALY.

On online i have shared my art work every day like daily dairy on Dr. Amitabh bachchan Blog he was always promoting my art work from his blog and words so i am tankful for his big support for my art Journey..

Other side of online Artist Richard Kushinsky USA., Dhruv Mistry INDIA, Dr. Vidhya sagar Upadhyay INDIA, Jose Ramon BarretoElambato , Ingeniero Maschwitz , Harriet Morlin ,Sweden , Dr. Mamta Goal INDIA, NIKI LOOG Sweden ,Roopam Sharma INDIA, Arshad Khan Dubai, Roy Henderson,INDIA and many more artist friend were promoted me every day with my new work update on online .Today on my art work was liked by 335 and 200 something comment i got on myself art work album from artist friends of all over the world.
myself art work was first time published by and then BANT ART MAGAZINE Turky after that Vikalp Art Magazine ,Catalog of Alumini of Rajasthan School of Art.
Some work of myself is in collection of gallery of INDIA like Art HUB Baroda , Samanwai Art Gallery Jaipur, Art Dealer Gajendra jain ,Jaipur, Hadoti Anchal Art Society Kota, Rambhadra charya hyandicapped University Chitrakoot ,INDIA ,Hotal Chhotu Motu Joshi , Bikaner ,INDIA, national Artist mahaveer Swami , Bikaner ,INDIA. RAMO D ORO ITALY,

Here i want to share my art work video presentation for your visit and i hope after visit my art work presentation you can read , how to i came and still on myself for art journey..and your reply will guide me i were right or wrong because here art and art dedication is saying to me you are on a way of art journey what you think i want to know from you so must visit and say to me...

Myself - 1

Myself - 2

Myself - 3

because its myself.........ha and its Continue with me ..

yogendra kumar purohit

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Art Vibration - 54


A link of Article by Outlook magazine ,writer Mr. Sopan Joshi

In Month september 2011 , A writer cum Photographer ( Artist) Mr. Sopan Joshi called me from Delhi . he told me i want to write a story on your city food art and culture so i want your help . i were not know to Sopan Joshi and in past i were not met to him live in my life so i felt some complicated condition a writer want help to a visual artist for his story of food art on my city , i were joked on my art masters ha ha..
But some one want my help in my city so i told him welcome in Bikaner Mr. Sopan I will available for you with my energy may be i can help you .Next day Mr. Sopan was in my city and i were met to him on the road , he was alone with his concept and camera bag when i Were Asked to him are you Sopan Joshi ? he was looking very different to others in that crowd of Bikaneri People . Sopan was stayed in Bikaner for four days and he was working hard for his story of Bikaneri Food Art Culture . we were moved in Bikaneri Street and caught lots of food center and shops of Sweet and Namkin .

Bikaner have a 525 years history and some basic food culture of our nation but here food taste and dis's are very different to other city's of our nation so i think Mr. Sopan Was in Bikaner with a Artist ..i mean with me ..ha , Writer Sopan was asking question and tasting to sweet dis or then he was shoot that shop of sweet and same work on namkin shop's ,


In that days he was meeting to some senior writer of Bikaner City and he was collected lots of information of Bikaneri Food Art culture with sound of Bikaner history . Mr. Sopan Know in that days the King and big business men were invited to City for three time food in a one day ,that was TIN DHADI . all city people were taken that food TIN DHADI .


I saw a writer was taking picture,tasting food and writing about taste or cooking medium and sharing his past knowledge with shopkeepers of Sweet and Namkin with mood of fun . some time he was paying money to shop keeper but shop keeper was not taking money to him. i saw that love and respect of my city people that was for our city Guest Mr. Sopan or for me .over all Writer Sopan was happy to his story work and to city respect or love. in last movement of his journey he was buy some sweet and namkin of Bikaner for his friend and family ..I were noticed a writer came Bikaner for write a story on food taste and in last movement he was buy some taste for his self , i can say that was a result of magic of Bikaneri food art culture on Writer Sopan.....!

( A link of Article by Outlook magazine ,writer Mr. Sopan Joshi )

yogendra kumar Purohit

Friday, July 22, 2011

Art Vibration - 53


Junior Artist busy in Collage painting with sound of unity

Last Week i were invited for a art workshop by Ajit Foundation Bikaner . this is a N.G.O. and its working for society development or for environment .In two day's, date 16th to 17th july 2011 we were started a art and craft art workshop for kids ,In that art workshop we were invited to school students and 25 students were join us at Ajit Foundation for art workshop .in that art workshop we were selected medium of art work only color paper and gum for paste work , we were designed a concept of paper painting or big painting in collage style , so i were created 10X2 fit long canvas for students or junior artist then i draw simple landscape or a one seascape ,after draw that drawing on big canvas i told to kids just fill the color by paper in this drawing .after my guide line the students were started fill color in that drawing by cut paste process ..first day all student were learnong how to they can work in a group or as a team work that was my aim for that art workshop. i want to design unity sense in mind of kids and they were learning very well and first day they were created a big canvas by collage style in only three hour. that was a great moment of that art workshop. There all were learning in that hall, thats result came in front of my concept the Ajit Foundation organizer was came in confidence for art workshop and kids were came in confidence for art work by unity or team work .here i want to share first work of that art workshop of Collage painting of Kids..

First Day Art work of Kids, collage painting Size -10 X 2 fit.

Second day Art work of kids,Collage painting Size - 10X2 fit.

On second day of Art workshop i saw all kids was very active and interested for art work i can say they were very crazy for creative work because on second day they were created three painting in limited medium or in short time that was a great time for our art workshop . the organizer was busy for art exhibition of kids work in that campus . on date 17th evening Ajit Foundation was exhibited all art work of our art workshop and kids were expressing the view and vision of his or her art work with visitor 's and i were watching to all junior artist of our art workshop i were sited on a chair with artist friend Naveen Swami and organizer Saralvisarad ji ,Sanjay last moment of our art workshop the kids asked to me with very feeling full word ( Sir , when you will design next Art workshop for us we want to do more work with you ) that time my eyes was wet to eye water..and i told to kids very soon just wait for some time we will work again with unity for your art sound , ..because i know art sound want freedom of mind and i saw that freedom sound in kids activity they want it by art and they got it by art workshop of Ajit Foundation ,Bikaner in my presence ..ha..

Yogendra Kumar Purohit

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Art Vibration..52



Last month Japan came in trouble by Nature attack . All world know about it very well .Nature have done two attack in a one time on Japan first was tsunami and second was earthquake both attack was very danger for Japan .I can say the nature was killed to Japan Power and Japan went in handicapped condition after 67 year .that was very painful for me when I saw some video of Japan condition and some news by news papers . I were feeling upset inside of my heart, thousands people were killed by nature in Japan and thousands people were lost his or her home , I saw in video water and water everywhere . some photographer were taken challenge and they were shoot the live seen of Nature attack on Japan..

That time I were update some dialog on my online network for Japan life and I saw all world people were pray for Japan life.but time have no U torn .that was fixed for Japan by time design . that day I saw the god was bounded by time he could not care to life of Japan..ha

In that time a very soft heart artist Mr. Byoung Won Choi had started the help sound by his art sound for Japan , He did invited to all world artist for Design a Poster on Japan condition ,I saw some one caught a time condition and started work for that tuf condition by art with world art family. I were liked his creative sound because that was not only a invitation of poster design that was a open invitation for help to Japan .

Mr. Byoung won choi have posted me a message for poster design I were accepted his invitation and then I were created a poster for Japan.when I were creating that poster in that time my mind was thinking for nature attack and that sound came in my poster design I were created that poster on Photoshop software you can say digital poster ,in that poster I were selected red big dot the symbol of Japan flag and I were covered to that red dot by black leaf black leaf is symbol of nature attack .That red dot on black background .when I were finished that poster design I were typed text on that poster that was my true request to our world for help to Japan , I were wrote { MY REQUEST TO OUR WORLD PLEASE CARE TO japan….} and same text I were translated on google translate in language of Japan and added on upside of my poster design poster for Japan . After creation of that poster I were update that on online art group GREEN + YOU . Mr. Byoung won choi is a director cum designer of GREEN + YOU art group. Byoung won Choi was visited my designed poster and posted a comment , he was appreciated my art sound in language of poster .Green + YOU art group is commit for world care. It’s a good work by art group. In a one week Green + You was collected thousands posters from all over world artists and that art work was created a very strong sound on facebook online network , I saw all world online users were noticed that art sound of GREEN + YOU.that was a true art work for help to Japan.

In same time I were share my designed poster with President of America ,or President of INDIA and some more responsible person of our world , I were also share that art work image with world media and on my all online network , like twitter,orkut, facebook, linked,,,and with lots of artist friends were liked it and appreciated .because all were want to care to Japan life .

As a artist ,I must create art sound for our world I must create a vision for our world I must create social sense for our world by my art energy . poster for Japan art work is a part of my art energy because I want to care all world with our world family, as a family member I will create always this type sound by my art when our world will went in trouble condition .ha

Here I am thankful for art group Green + You and for Artist Friend Byoung won Choi he was invited me for a poster design then I were created help sound for Japan by my art energy. In future Byoung won choi will design a exhibiton of that posters collection and I hope that exhibition will create more sound for help to Japan. My best wishes for Artist Mr. Byoung won Choi and for his art group GREEN+YOU..ha

A special Thanks for , its blog team have published a good news about poster for Japan . with title " DESIGNER PRAY WITH INSPIRATION FOR JAPAN LARGEST EARTHQUAKE [ 2]..

Yogendra Kumar Purohit

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Art Vibration..51


Yesterday on date 29-3-2011,Bikaner,INDIA. i were join a art workshop in my home town .thats workshop organizer was R.T.D.C. Bikaner.i were went there as a visitor and for documentation of that art activity so my digital camera was in my hand .

Organizer were invited to school students and there students were participated in that art work shop as a junior artist .i saw all were busy in painting work they were not thinking for medium but they all were busy in painting . i were shoot some visuals of that art activity as a artist.step by step.

when i saw some senior student was working there then i were demand a canvas to organizer. they were gave me a canvas on my demand so i were thankful for them.. i were started the drawing on canvas by sketch pen . in that case some students were visiting me and i saw they were interested in art then i asked to them are you want to draw on my canvas.they were reply to me yes sir.. then i were submitted my sketch pen after draw some line on canvas and i told to students just fill the pencil and sketch color in blank space of drawing . they were started with speed . i saw the students were forget the mood of competition ,that time four students were worked on a one canvas in unite with peace . actually i were indicated the message of unity by art space , in that art activity .i were trying to design the sense of unity and for group work by my canvas because four students were busy on one canvas and there organizer were noticing that art mood of students . that was a very small art action of myself for unity design but thats sound was very big and i were said Art Space for unity .actually i am not like the competition system in our society for art , because art is pure inner sound representation and its not for competition, its for real peace in our society by a one art creator ( artist) .as a art master i were try to guide to organizer , they will create workshop of art for art promotion in future and block to competition system in art field.because competition is killing to pure art sence of a artist.when artist get death by competition system then who will create the peace and unity in our society by art space...?

here a video presentation link of that art workshop and message of ART SPACE FOR UNITY....ha

i hope you have read my inner sound by this post , art spcae for unity..!

yogendra kumar purohit



Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Art Vibration..50


Last few months to my inner sound want to me a big space for big art work . Big art work want big canvas ( SPACE) and big space want big amount ...ha ,my pocket was not permitted for big amount but my inner sound wanted to me big canvas like a kid demand , in that case i were listen my inner sound and then forward to my mind my mind was taken some time and then created a idea for big canvas. mind order to my body and body were started the labor work for big canvas. that idea was stated with very chip way and in that idea i used very chip medium for big canvas design .here i want to share with you that idea and medium , mind were guide me you can paste old news paper in 4 to 5 layer step by step to traditional GUM (LAYI) i were pasted 200 single page of news paper by GUM and then i were got a big Canvas in size 15 X 8 fit. that was very tuf and fun full work , in two days i were got a big canvas by support of mind idea..ha

Actually i have used recycle been medium News paper , Art is always recycle to weak energy of society by art activity and then society feel refresh by art.ha ,art want easy way for expression of inner sound art is not like any drama or etc..

I always try to use the easy way for art expression you can visit this art sound of myself in my last posts on this canvas ( BLOG -ART VIBRATION) i have used cow dong , and simple stick or many more medium of recycle been for art expression . i am searching the easy way for art presentation so i were selected old news paper for a big canvas , after two day pasting work i were got a big canvas when i got a big base of a big canvas i said thanks to my mind , because my mind is giving me creative and easy idea for art expression when my inner sound want to me something special for art expression . i want to say thanks to my God because god have gave me a creative mind for art ..thats result is i am still in art with masters to last 18 years..

Ok after prepared the base of big canvas i were painted white wash in five layer when i finished last layer of white wash i saw a complete white big canvas in my art workshop . when the canvas was dray then i were started the drawing by pencil on that big canvas i were run on canvas with line , you can say i were played on big canvas like a Sachin tendulkar..ha

I were enjoy the line and thats speed and my art energy it was a self test of my mind vision small drawing to direct big drawing same language but in big size that was very interesting time for my art journey.kind your information i have create a big art work in my art journey in year 2011 after seven year.. but i were not forget my brush grip and control on color filling ..that was completely playful art test for me. i were build my confidence again by self art energy and idea or art concept . i can use here the world of Dr. Amitabh Bachchan he said for self .SELF BLESSING.. self blessing is working with me time to time..ha

here i will not share with you what i were created in that drawing but when you will visit the video presentation of that art work ,start to last stage of big drawing you can understand the story of my big art work and then you can know it, where to come a big canvas.....ha

story of big canvas in this video presentation....i hope you have read a complete story of big art work of myself ..ha

Yogendra Kumar Purohit



Thursday, February 17, 2011

Art Vibration..49

his birth year was 1861 , Kolkata ,INDIA he was very educated person of INDIA and british government were submitted a "SIR " reward to RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR  .that was a great apprication by GOVT. of BRITISH in INDIA for Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR, Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR was prove education and creative vision can win to world and today i am visiting the same sound in Hon'ble President of America Mr. Barack Obama so i am writing this short story on this blog for your vision.
here i mean in Bikaner my home town ,yesterday the railways of INDIA have show a mobile exhibition its on sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR . you can say in five A/C couch of rail was fix for Sir RAVINDRANATH life journey . i were presented there because i were read him in my art history as a painter (VISUAL ARTIST) so it was very must for me if i visit that moble exhibition ,thats name was SANSKRITI YATRA (journey of culture) by sanskriti express rail.
Sanskriti Express was printed out side or in side by text and drawing of Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR work .that was a nice cultural respect to Sir by RAILWAY of INDIA.i saw lots of school students was presented there with school teachers all were interested in visit of Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR life.that was a prectical study of our senior rewarded person of nation. the studenst were visiting and reading notes and drawing and some portrait and family photography of Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR. i can say the RAILWAY of INDIA is making Difference between common man or Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR by this sanskriti express ,MOBILE EXHIBITION..
this exhibition is making the sense of communication in society by this mobile exhibition. so its moving in all over INDIA. i saw the railway station was convert in exhibition place for visitor and i hope one this sanskriti express will go to outher country for exhibition of Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR life journey. then all world can know the power of education and creative vision. simply city can big change in our world because RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR have done it in his creative life in past when then our nation was in under of brithish community..ha
i were shoot the exhibiiton by my still camera i were alone there in crowd ..but i were busy in my art work PHOTOGRAPHY and visual collection of mobile exhibition of sanskriti yatra , i think i were shoot 100 somethig visuals first couch to last couch.when i were enter in rail couch i were feel i am in house of Sir RAVINDRA NATH THAKUR .five couch was like five room of Sir RAVINDRA NATH  THAKUR  house .i were read and saw the full national athem that is very big poem, our nation have selected few line's for our national athem from that poem .
kind your information Sir RAVINDRA NATH  THAKUR  was started the painting in age 67 year, he did brack the academy rule and he was teach to all, art is a expression of your inner sound .
he was created drawing on paper by black ink he was said painting and poetry is same its mirror of our inner sense .
ok i am going to share with you that exhibition visuals by a video presentation , i were created it for art lover and for art visitor may be you will like it and notice it as a art lover and as a art learner and as a art visitor..because art is a business of mind and only art can make the difference in our world ..ha
video link of SANSKRITI YATRA :-
must visit it..and reply me by your creative comment on this post.because your comment will make real difference by communication on this community
yogendra kumar purohit
BIkaner ,INDIA

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Art Vibration..48

in this days i were busy in art work and its a real target of my art journey in this i am busy in work of art. in last post i were share with you my two year drawing visuals that was 200 visuals . and here in this post i will share with you my 400 something visuals but its not a manual work it is just a visuals of a festival of my home town Bikaner.

in my home town last week the GOVT. & RTDC department organized a festival its festival of camel . here we have lots of camel and villagers are use the camel for transport to life and life tool by camel.i can say the camel is a family member of villagers .

camel is a very strong animal of this earth its live 7 day with out water because its body have water storage system by it can do long journey with out water in desert ,because desert have no much more water on land .every side sand sand and sand..ha

but life know how to create happiness and enjoyment in tuf condition for refreshment of life.thats example is CEMEL FESTIVAL event of BIKANER.

i did shoot still visuals 500 something on date 18 to till 20 Jan.2011.its from Camel festival of Bikaner.

in three days the organizer create lots of cultural competition around the camel and on the camel and for camel race,camel dress up,camel dance,fur cutting of camel,and camel use in village life etc. kind your information this festival is not only a city festival, today all world know about it and lots of people of other country are joining it and getting fun and enjoy by this festival of camel.its a international festival of my home town Bikaner,

in next i will not say to you any text but i want to share the video presentation for your visit and i hope you will see the real sound of camel festival by my photography sound.i have update it on and thats link is here for your visit.

i have created three video presentation of three days of camel festival 2011 one by one..ha

the link of that video presentation for your visit..


i hope you will enjoy it and notice it ..

Yogendra kumar purohit