Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Art Vibration..51


Yesterday on date 29-3-2011,Bikaner,INDIA. i were join a art workshop in my home town .thats workshop organizer was R.T.D.C. Bikaner.i were went there as a visitor and for documentation of that art activity so my digital camera was in my hand .

Organizer were invited to school students and there students were participated in that art work shop as a junior artist .i saw all were busy in painting work they were not thinking for medium but they all were busy in painting . i were shoot some visuals of that art activity as a artist.step by step.

when i saw some senior student was working there then i were demand a canvas to organizer. they were gave me a canvas on my demand so i were thankful for them.. i were started the drawing on canvas by sketch pen . in that case some students were visiting me and i saw they were interested in art then i asked to them are you want to draw on my canvas.they were reply to me yes sir.. then i were submitted my sketch pen after draw some line on canvas and i told to students just fill the pencil and sketch color in blank space of drawing . they were started with speed . i saw the students were forget the mood of competition ,that time four students were worked on a one canvas in unite with peace . actually i were indicated the message of unity by art space , in that art activity .i were trying to design the sense of unity and for group work by my canvas because four students were busy on one canvas and there organizer were noticing that art mood of students . that was a very small art action of myself for unity design but thats sound was very big and i were said Art Space for unity .actually i am not like the competition system in our society for art , because art is pure inner sound representation and its not for competition, its for real peace in our society by a one art creator ( artist) .as a art master i were try to guide to organizer , they will create workshop of art for art promotion in future and block to competition system in art field.because competition is killing to pure art sence of a artist.when artist get death by competition system then who will create the peace and unity in our society by art space...?

here a video presentation link of that art workshop and message of ART SPACE FOR UNITY....ha

i hope you have read my inner sound by this post , art spcae for unity..!

yogendra kumar purohit



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