Monday, January 25, 2016

Art Vibration - 416

I React For Pain Of France

Friend in this days the Hon’ble  President of France Sir Hollande is in India as a special Guest  for our Republice day or that’s celebration . 26 Jan is our republic day of INDIA so this year Hon’ble President of France Sir Hollande is with us and we Indian are feeling Proud after his presence in our nation . so I am very Thankful  for Hon’ble President of France . 

Hon'ble President of France Sir Hollande  at Rock Garden  with  Hon'ble PM of  INDIA Narendra Modi , Chandigarh

His Presence is Showing to world if he is a real hero of our world , he is very angry and alert against non states communities of our world. The Amereica and some Other Countries are alerting to INDIA , they are predicting  for something wrong by Non States communities. Non State  Community can attack on India  on date 26 Jan . 2016 . in this high alert condition Hon’ble President of France is with us like a super hero of our world . 

 I am happy to  my Nation security system . they are caring to every movement of Hon’ble President of France in India . its example is , The president of France was visited to  very Artistic  Rock Garden of Chandigarh , India . He was enjoyed there art work of Rock Garden In presence of  Our Hon’ble Prime Minister Sir Narendra Modi . 

Today Hon’ble president of France Sir Hollande  was traveled in our Metro train  like a common man of India without any fear , his confidence is saying he is very angry on terrorism or that’s non states communities . it mean , He Know How to Control / clear to that non states communities from our world . He is Observing to tens condition of INDIA ., like his nation France  because both Countries are facing same trouble that’s title is terrorism . 

Indian and France in same tens , this unwanted tens  creator is terrorism . it is hidden Devil of our world ,it is ,? we world people know it very well after got lots of painful accidents from them . All time they are killing to our peaceful people of our world family . after kill to people terrorist  go in hidden site . But today India have exposed to all non states communities or their hidden place, may be America , France , England, Australia , Dubai , China know about them  and Pakistan is promoting to them from land of Pakistan . so it is a big Question for all world Countries why Pakistan is caring to terrorism ? why ?  

May Be The President of France will Ask this Question to Our UN .After this Visit of our INDIA . 

President of France Sir Hollande  at Rajghat for respect to late Great  MAHATMA  GHANDHI

I am happy because The President of France Sir Hollande was showed his full respect for MAHATMA GHANDHI Ji , he went at RAJGHAT and there he was submitted his respect by  flowers in form of a right SHRDHANJALI to real peace maker of our world late Great MAHATMA GHANDHI JI . 

In Nov. 2015 , I were showed  my deep feelings for France peoples, many social peoples were got death there in  terror attack . Terrorists were killed lots of social person of France , The International   news was informed to world about that big loss of France  . when  I were read that bad news,  I could not  painted  my painting . I got disturbed to myself from that very sad news of France . In that painful  condition I were tried  to paint but in painting I could not filled the lots of colors , I did filled the color of Flag of France. On Twitter and facebook I were shared that painting  with  feeling of R .I. P. for Death of  peoples of France . it was my reaction by art on that Terror Attack of Terrorism. 

I created it after terror Attack on France  Nov. 2015 ..for R.I.P.

So here I said I react for pain of France …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Art Vibration - 415

The America was open
The America will close 

The Former President of Pakistan was told  about terrorism in a TV Interview , yesterday on A News Channel I was watched that, The Former president of Pakistan  Parvez Musharaf  said  terrorism was opened  By America or Pakistan in form of non state communities . 
My Painting - Terror on Life .. Year 2005

I hope President of America  Hon’ble Barack Obama has Noticed that interview at White House . we world people  know President of America  Hon’ble Barack Obama was not worked  for  promotion to non states communities  in his president job. He was taken hard action on it from starting of his president  job from  America . 

In 2008 when he came at white house for join to his job as a president of America , he was remembered to our world  peace creator  great  Sir Mahatma Ghandhi ( INDIA )  . In his president job he was started campaign for health care  in his nation . In that time I were told to Hon’ble president of America  in very clear words  about world health care  . I said our world is ill today , that illness title is  terrorism , it is a unwanted illness or it is attacking  on our mind and on our will power . so we need free world from this unwanted illness .so you take a very first action on it . 

Hon'ble President of America Barack Obama at RAJGHAT  Delhi , INDIA ( In respect for Mahatma Ghandhi  ji )

By luck he was noticed very hardly and after few months he was started a very hard action on terrorism ,  that’s result we seen in our contemporary world history . The American Army had  killed to OSAMA BIN LAADEN and That  was  live telecast of  operation Death of OSAMABIN LADEN ( Non state community leader . ) on American TV channels. 

We all world people are know it , if American president have all kind of  action power  for close to this terrorism . I was  feeling confident  in  me when I was listen the words of President of America . he said , we  know where is the terrorist center /palace . he said Pakistan is a heaven of terrorist communities . Today America is busy in observation on Pakistan or that’s non state communities. 

I read a news , in that news America was exposed a very danger news about weapons of Pakistan , the Army of Pakistan had  targeted to INDIA  by 130 nuclear  weapons . it is very tens full matter for INDIA or other Asian  countries . A one Mistake of Pakistan or that’s Non State Communities  will damage to our ASIAN  countries . but in this case Pakistan will damage itself it is sure . because nuclear weapon is not a toy weapon . 

Pakistan or that’s None State communities  condition is looking  like BHASMASUR in  my view  .In Indian Mythology  A Devil name BHASHMASHUR was prayer to GOD  SHIVA , He was made  happy to God SHIVA by his hard Prayer , then God Shiva was asked to Him  what is  your wish ? he said god  you give me power of victory  and a special power , when I touch to head of anybody from  my hand in that movement he / she burn on the spot  . God Shiva had completed his wish . After got his wish the BHASHMASHUR was started negative activity , he was killed many kings and disturbed to other gods. so all universe was disturbed to BHASHMASHUR or his wrong activity( terror )  . One day he was thought I am big to GOD  SHIVA . so he went near God  Shiva and try to put his hand on head of Shiva , but The God Is God , god Shiva contacted  to God Vishnu and God Vishnu was played  a claver game with BHASHMASHUR and finally  the BHASHMASHUR was put his hand on his  head or he was burned  itself on the spot . its historical mythological story I am visualizing in Pakistan or that’s non state communities today . 

Today  The America is Observing to all activity of Pakistan . I am not sure , but may be America and  Pakistan have opened this terror game but today America is still against  this life killer game . The President of America Hon’ble Barack Obama is thinking for real peace of our world and a healthy world , he know  very well  to illness of our world so I can say the America Will close  to it soon as .. 

  So here I said The America was open – The America will Close  ..

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Art Vibration - 414

Literature Mean Live Life

In India we found very first literature in form of poetic book. That’s name is RAMAYAN . The Ramayan was first start of literature in Indian  culture . The Ramayan was first Biography of God Ram , writer Sant Walmiki was wrote that after inspired to a critical live Seen of death of couple birds.  He went in  pain emotion and then he was gave RAMAYAN as a writing Creation to Indian culture . Sant Walmiki was wrote complete  life of God Ram in Ramayan with full detail.

Today we are saying RAMAYAN is a literature book  but in  my view that book is a documentation by a life writer . Ramayan Is a Text literature . but I think literature is not limited only on  text . literature can in form of  visual art ( painting, Drawing , Sculpture or Installation )  Literature can write  by light ( Photography is also writing work by light ) .today art critics are accepting it in literature . 

 So I think literature is a documentation of time, motion, condition, imagination or expression of real life .

Its example I were faced yesterday at Achary Tulsi Samadhi Sthal , (NETIKTA KA SHAKTI PITH ) Bikaner . There I were visited a photo biography on Achary  Tulsi , The Great Photographer Sir Raghu Rai was shoot that photo biography . Actually Sir Raghu Rai wrote to real life of Jain Muni Acharya Tulsi by light ( Camera ) . That photo biography was giving me complete sense about life of Jain Muni Acharya Tulsi  like a literature . so why I not accept to Photography in Literature .Without text I were read to life of Acharya Tulsi . I felt him and his life patience or his peaceful vision about peaceful society/ culture .  

My painting  on literature / life ..year 2005 ...
 In year 2005 I were worked  on life  through  my painting language . I were created a 7X4 fits paper painting by water color . in that painting  I were created some books and on book pages  I were painted many time  only life text. Because I thought all book have sense of life .  

so all kind of  literature is work around our life . I thought no life then no way for literature . 

Dr. Subhash Chandra is lanching his auto biography  from Stage of  Zee Literature Festival , Jaipur 2016 ...

This Image from facebook page of Art critic  Sir  Vinod Bhardwaj
 Its one more live example is,  I did visited today on twitter post . The Zee Literature festival of Jaipur 2016 has  started today Morning at Diggi palace Hotel Jaipur .There Dr Sudhash Chandra was launched his auto biography . he has wrote  his life in his autobiography . 17 rupees to he was started his life in childhood age and today after lots of struggle he is a director of Zee network unite and some more social works are in his direction  in our world . he has converted his life journey in text ,like a live documentation from his self life . that documentation is in form of a book so that was launched today in Zee Literature festival of Jaipur , INDIA .Actually Zee literature festival was launched to life of Sir Shubhash Chandra in form of literature from Stage of Zee Literature festival Jaipur .    
 I were also  registered myself  for join to this zee literature festival Jaipur 2016 , But environment is very cold and I am in Bikaner so I am not capable for join to this historical event . This event organizer know it very well if life documentation is very must for better future or education of life . Because we people learn to others life for our life vision  . in this learning process literature is support to us for fast/ right  growth of our education . Because all literature elements are give to us  meaning of life  by different angles of life. 

 So here I said literature mean live life ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, India