Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Art Vibration - 412

Time Have to Come II

Today I am feeling  some confident after listen to President of America  Hon’ble Barack Obama . he did said a very correct observation  on condition of  Pakistan . he had certified to Pakistan is a heaven of terrorism . This direct statement is clear to all unclear images of Pakistan and that’s  hidden activity of support to terrorism . I am happy today because President of America  noticed it the war weapons will not go in right hand when he will give to Pakistan. 

My Art Work of  year 2005 , I remember it today for time have to come -II

Today After certified by President of America to Pakistan , the Pakistan was accepted his certificate by a action on Terrorist Masud Azhar  . He was arrested by Pakistan  Police Cum Army or what was they are?  I don’t know about them or their working process . but they have accepted  ,we have Terrorist in Pakistan . one is in our hand or with us , you can say anything as about it . because they  have terrorist in their  nation . 

President Obama , Image from Google  Image
 I am happy today our all world Countries are visiting and noticing the terrorist are in Pakistan , by media , we Indian or our INDIAN government was told many time  to our UN community or world countries and  today time have proved it itself after a certificate to Pakistan  from  Hon’ble President of America . 

Today it is very must our UN and all peace nature countries of our world are think about Nuclear weapons of Pakistan ( the News and media told  Pakistan have 130 something nuclear weapons ) .

Pakistan a small country, it is  not need peace , that’s thinking is work for war , so that’s system is collecting only weapons . in History I think it was second world war time a country leader was told to culture minister of his nation. He said we will cut the money for culture development because we need money for war , in that time his culture minister told to him in a question  language,  he asked to his leader ,  ok sir tell me why  we are doing war  when we are going to cut money for our culture development ? please think on it..

This same thing is running with thinking of Pakistan system. There they have only one culture that is create tens for others . there war and terror is culture of them or today president of America had certified it very clearly in front side of our world Countries or UN too. 

I think after this certificate of president of America, its responsibility of UN , If  UN take a Hard action on Pakistan and UN take in under control to all nuclear weapons of Pakistan .it is very must for safety of other Asian countries . The terrorist are not trustable unit they are mad or dead too . they can take any wrong step in mad condition.  in that movement we will face only loss and pain in our world . so it is very must  the UN community will take a fast action in short time  on this danger weapon matter of Pakistan . 

I did gifted my Art/Artistic cup to President of America Barack Obama,  it was  my trust on him for creation of Right Peace in our world  by his Right ACTION 
In Pakistan  army and terrorist are common , they are working like a joint  company . Their aim is kill to people and create tens in other countries, mostly in  my BHARAT . it is their killing game . so time have to come for block to this unwanted pain of our world its name is terrorism of Pakistan . I can say it because today Hon’ble President of America Sir Barack Obama was certified to Pakistan , the Pakistan is heaven of terrorists  and Pakistan was itself proved it today after arrest to a very danger terrorist Master Mind Masud Azhar . 

So here I said  time have to Come …
Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA.

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