Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Art Vibration - 413

Science Always Surprise To
 Our  World

Life Only On Earth , ( painting of  year 2005 )

Yesterday I were visited a very magical image of NASA .The Space team of NASA have updated a flower image . That flower was growth in Space center Lab of NASA ,NASA told it. It was a surprising  news for our world . we know Science have surprising  nature  in science nature . Science is innovating every time something new to past for better life and science search  some more way for life in our universe . 

We know past research of Science and innovative items were not creative research and innovation for better future of our earth and that’s life. Because there science research and innovative work was damaging to our earth nature and environment too . Here I will not share that items list in front side of  you because  you all educative  person know about that very well . 

Here on earth in past science did innovated to danger weapons ( life killer item ) . it was farming of Science and that’s fruits are Terrorists ..today we are tasting that’s fruits juice , it is very bad or its color is dark black .  That  weapon  innovation was gave to our world two big world war . by that  world war we lost our very rich historical world or that’s cultural environment . that two world war was damaged and disturbed to Educative persons or societies . so educative  mind was blocked by that war disturbance . so we did  lost educative mind in next generation .   we could not cared to that peace full classical culture and today we can’t create that same  culture for our world , because we are in flow of new innovations of science .  In past our science have created  all kind of danger weapons like Highdrow BOM , Nuclear Bom , and some more danger Bom . they all can damage to our world  in very few seconds . history have its live records in many formats . 

Last year  India was launched a Rocket for Planet Mars ( NASA  was launched that before INDIA )  . our Science Researcher told we search to water at Planet  Mars . may be  the team of Science will found water  there .but we are living on earth  today, here earth water level is going down.  in that condition  how to we will  live long on earth without Drinking water.  it  is a big tens of today for our world . but they are trying to search water  on Mars . they are not Thinking for filter to water of  Earth for life on our earth ..it is critical too .  
On earth ,rivers water is very polluted today . that water is damaging to farming land .because the comical of that polluted water is killing to farming capacity of farm clay . in that condition farming  level is going down and farming corns are  polluted today . we eat that corn by food and we are killing to ourselves itself . because we have no option after it  today in this science innovation  time . 

 I were listen many great stories in  my home when  my family was living in natural environment , when science was not came in our village or city . There everything was natural pure like a gift of nature to life . Mostly In India  you will see lots of great examples of Vedik Science . they were researched by natural format they innovated some good tools and items by support of nature for support to life or earth nature ( Environment ) too.

NASA Science research Center updated  this Picture yesterday . its from Space Center lab of  NASA - 2016
Today once again I am remembering to Vedik Science of My nation  INDIA , BHARAT , HINDUSTAN , Because a scientist is going on that way after  thousands of years . He/she is thinking for natural farming  in our universe for a fresh environment . 

Yes I am telling about Scientist of NASA . He / She is in NASA Space Center lab.  there he/she  is thinking for natural Innovation of nature . He / She caring a flower plant at Space Center lab of NASA . and yesterday he / She  was shared a final result of his / her nature care work or innovation in space . there science was noticed  our universe is always ready for support to nature element . so in space a plant of flower was growth naturally . 

I can say it was a right Innovation of our world science research in world science history . it is Noticeable point if our universe or that’s environment  have capacity of growth of natural earth elements . it is positive or a natural research of Science . so I welcome to this new surprise of Science . it will give a new or positive research way to science through natural way for better nature of our universe . 

So here I said science always surprise to our world …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


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