Thursday, October 31, 2013

Art Vibration - 252

I am Master in Cooking Art

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My nature is a learner nature so I am trying to learn everything of this nature by my exercise or practice work. This kind of nature is with me from my childhood age .you can say it is time design for me . I am thank for time because by this design I am master in cooking .

When I were read  to art literature of  writer  Bhart Muni by his Natysastra , in   that time I were know first time about art of cooking , he was said cooking is also art and we can judge to that by our sensor . A tasty food give a invisible feeling on our tong we feel about that feeling tasty or not. That food get right art form after taste by peoples. It is fact for cooking art.

 I was lucky if I have learn this creative art work in my child hood age . in that time I were lived  busy in visual art study , school study and cooking art study . In childhood age I were lived in home  of  father of my Mother. Because there mother of my mother  ( Nani ) was caring me very much she was loving to me and in home of  Nani  I were a helping hand of her by a critical time design..

 You can say my NANI was  my cooking art teacher , that was very critical time of  myself but I were used that as a student . that typical time was gave me patience design system  in myself by self control , working capacity , dedication for work  and commitment to self creative sound . In home of NANI I were supporting   to  My NANI in her kitchen ,. There I were learning to her cooking naturally by observation of myself.

There every day I were collected some task for house management or about housekeeping or cooking  with cleaning also just like  today’s live  TV  game show BIG BOSS .

Every day I were lived busy in work  of art, school study and then cooking .so today I know how to live busy with true work.  I think it is a cultural sound of our INDIAN family we are saying to it SANSKAAR , My NANI gave me work SANSKAR .

 I am telling it  to  you because yesterday I were talked to my artist friend that is belong to South INDIA , in that talk I were shared  some talk about food of sound INDIAN food DOSA , IDLY, SAMBHAR, COCONAT paste ( CHATNI ) .

I said  to my friend I know how to cook sambhar or Dosa , I am  in Rajasthan but I know cooking of south INDIAN food ,  like a cooking art master . then my friend asked  to me how to  you know cooking of south Indian food . in answer  I were told  to my friend ,   My NANI belong  to South  INDIA  MADRAS today Channei she is liking south INDIN food so she was taught me cooking of south Indian food and today I am master in cooking of south INDIAN food specially in DOSA . my all family want to eat Dosa of  my cooking . I said  to my friend I were learned that as a art because dosa cooking need really your art mind . there  you create tasty food for others , in that case  you are live on full risk when  you are cooking to food . on fire you create some taste in a pot with cooking medium , that movement of cooking need  to  you patience , sense and combination vision of food medium . I were learned  it in my child hood age in home without any Home science institute .

Actually my Nani Home was a complete Institute of character design . there  my Nani was  my teacher and parents or a rector too and I were there as a kid , student  and a helping  hand of My Nani. So institute of cooking art I were joined in my childhood age and  I were learned many type food cooking dices unconsciously . 

When I were learning to cooking  that time I were not knew about cooking art because I were read to Bharat Muni  In art  theory book of art collage. Then I were know cooking is a academic art but in field of art , it is not very popular  art. its with life but in hidden form . 

 In real life or after home  I were used this cooking art knowledge very first time In my B.F.A. education , in final year I were shared  my launch with classmates they all were liked  my vegetable dice ( Sabji )  artist Sohan Shingh Jakhar was enjoyed  my cooking art one year continue when we were lived in a one rental  room .

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 After that in year 2004 I were joined a art camp in Baswada there one day I were cooked PARNTHA for all artists with a cook , because that cooking master was not knew how to fill MASALA in Medium of paratha ( Wet AATA ) ha ha ..

And on a birthday of myself  I were invited  to my all family members and that day I were cooked DOSA by my two hand on two gas stow . in a one time I were cooked two dosa .ha ha ha.. that was  my best performance of cooking art .ha ha..  

 So here I said,  I am also master of cooking art

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Art Vibration - 251

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Friends yesterday I were knew a sad news about literature family . we lost to a very senior writer cum follower of great late writer MUNSHI PREM CHAND . yes we lost to writer  Rajendra yadav . in present he was editor of HINDI Literature  magazine HANSH. This literature magazine was creation of great late writer MUNSHI PREM CHAND , he was published first edition of HANSH magazine in year 1936 and he was publishing  continue till year 1956 .

After  Munshi Prem chand  writer  late Rajendra yadav  was started publication of HANSH magazine by his own efforts . I were knew this important information today evening  ( date 30-10-2013)   by a common meeting of Writers or creative peoples . we all were gave respect to work of Rajendra Yadav and we did prayed for his soul peace. That meeting was in`Sudarshana Kala Dirgha ( art gallery ) Bikaner,.

There many senior and junior writers were expressed his/her  view and observation on magazine Hansh or that’s editor late writer Rajendra yadav. I were listened  to all and collecting some more right information about history of Hansh Magazine or that’s editor .i were knew Hansh magazine was started  for Hindi story and that is promoting  to  Hindi story writer of my nation.
You can think why I am sharing this with  you by this blog post . so I want to tell  you its  region  why I am sharing it  with  you by this post.

Late Writer Rajendra yadav ji -
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Before few month  I were wrote a real story of my life or that’s observation . I were converted a real live motion in form of Hindi literature by story format.

Because  my two close friends were published from HANSH magazine as a story writer  , writer Sanjay Purohit and Manish Kumar Joshi , I were read their stories  in HANSH  Magazine  then I were shared  my live story to editor of HANSH  writer Rajendra yadav . my story concept was sound of Mother by a bird  live life condition . I were lived  that live story,  I saw how to a mother care to her kid and what was  my role in that live story as a human  by time design . so I were shared that first live story to editor of HANSH  Magazine  by Email ..but that was not accepting for publication and I were not received any reply so I think that was in under process of publication or maybe that was a half dialogue of myself with HANSH  magazine or that’s editor .

 On online I am connected to page of writer late  Rajendra Yadav but there he was not informed  to me about  my story publication . it was critical but true .

when I were not received any reply of him then I were get a strong step for my story writing  work . today on online I  am connected on online with 20,000 to up  people of art and literature family . so as a freelancer creative person I were updated that live story of my life  on online networks for reading of connected  peoples.

Here I want to share with  you that story link but that  story text in HINDI , I hope  you will notice to my live story matter with a right or true live message or  life relation in nature .

" उपकार या परोपकार "

( सत्य घटना पर आधारित है )

Photo by Yogendra Kumar Purohit
एक कलाकार जो हमेशा व्यस्त रहने वाला अपने सर्जन कर्म में , अपने सिमित कला संसाधन के साथ एक सरकारी कला भवन में बतौर एक स्वतंत्र कलाकार की हेसियत से जिसका स्रजन चित्र कला से पहचाना जाता था , बात उस दिन की है जब वो अपने कला कर्म को पूर्ण कर के सरकारी कला भवन के स्टूडियो को ताला लगाकर वहां से जा चूका था और जाकर बेठा अपने दोस्तों के साथ वही पुराणी अपने कोलेज के पास वाली चाय की थडी पर ! जहां अक्सर वो कलाकार चाय पिया करता कला परिचर्चा करते हुए अपने जूनियर और सिनियर के साथ ! उस दिन भी वो वेसे ही व्यस्त था चाय और कला परिचर्चा में ! उस पल एक दम से उसका मन विचलित हुआ उसे अजीब सा और आन्तरिक खिंचाव महसूस हुआ ! जो अचेतन मन से उसे सांकेतिक रूप से मिल रहा था ,और वो ये जनता था की जब भी उसके साथ ऐसा कुछ होता है तो वो कोई घटना को परिणाम देने वाली परिस्थिति होती है ! मनोविज्ञानं इसे सिक्स्थ सेन्स कहता है जो कलाकारों से नियमित सर्जन क्रिया से बनता है , पूर्वाभास किसी अद्र्स्य घटनाक्रम का ,वहां उसके सब साथी चाय और कला परिचर्चा में व्यस्त पर उसके मन पर दबाव बढ़ता जा रहा था वो कही खिचा चला जा रहा था ! कला कर्म पूर्ण कर चूका था सो वो समझ भी नहीं पा रहा था की ये दबाव क्यों हो रहा है ? पर वो था उसके मन पर , पर फिर भी वो शांत मन से दोस्तों के साथ व्यस्त होने की कोशिश में लगा ,पर असहज और अशांत भी था ! , 

इतने में उसका एक सिनियर अपनी नयी जीप लेकर उस चाय की थडी पर पहुचता है और उसे जीप में घुमने का न्योता देता है ! जबकि उस कलाकार के दोस्त को पता है की ये आर्ट में घुमने वाला है , कलाकार है मना ही करेगा क्योंकि इस से पहले भी कई बार वो मना कर चूका है ,अपने उसी दोस्त को ! पर उस दिन एक दम से वो कलाकार बोला चलो, पर जाऊंगा मै मेरे स्टूडियो अगर उधर जाते हो तो चल सकता हूँ , रविवार का दिन था सो उस दोस्त ने कहा जहा तू कहे दोस्त वही ले चलू पर तू चल तो सही मेरे साथ ! , वो दबे मन से सब को अलविदा कहकर कल फिर मिलने का अस्वासन देकर उस दोस्त की जीप में जाकर बेठ गया ! कुछ देर बाद वो सरकारी कला भवन भी आ गया उसके दोस्त आगे लेजाना चाहते थे उसे, पर वो बोल मुझे यही उतार दो आगे नहीं जाने का मन हो रहा! दोस्तों ने जाना की ये जायेगा स्टूडियो में और घिसेगा पेंसिल कागज पर , उन दोस्तों ने उसे वही जीप से उतरने दिया और वो जीप से उतर कर सीधा गया कण्ट्रोल रूम उस कला भवन के वहा से स्टूडियो की चाबी ली और मन के भीतर खिंचाव होते हुए भी मन बे मन से वो स्टूडियो की तरफ बढा और ताला खोला स्टूडियो का ! दरवाजे को धकेला और देखा की खूब सारे पीले रंग के छोटे छोटे फुल की पतियों के टुकड़े फर्श पर गिरे पड़े है और एक चिड़िया सांस भरति हुई रोशन दान की टूटी हुई सीमेंट की जाली से अन्दर आरही और अपनी चोंच में एक पीले रंग के फुल की पति दबाये हुए ! वहां एक बोर्ड जो दिवार पर टिका है उस पर जाकर बैठती है ! फिर कभी इधर कभी उधर उड़ उड़ कर अपनी परेशानी उस कलाकार को दर्शाने की कोशिश करती है ! उस कलाकार ने सोचा की ये चिड़िया क्या मेरे चित्र जो की उस बोर्ड पर टंगे थे जिनमे पीले रंग का प्रयोग किया गया था, शायद उस से प्रभावित होकर ये चिड़िया पीले रंग के फुल की पति तोड़ तोड़ कर यहाँ लारही है , पर अगले ही पल जब उस चिड़िया ने वो पीले रंग के फुल की पति बोर्ड के पिछे की और अपनी चोंच से गिराई तो कलाकार का कलात्मक ब्रहम टुटा ! उसने दुसरे तरीके से सोचना सुरु किया की क्या है इस बोर्ड के पीछे ? की ये चिड़िया बार बार उधर देख रही है और अपने चोंच का ये पीले फुल का टुकड़ा उधर गिरा रही है और गिराकर फिर बाहर जाकर एक और टुकड़ा फुल की पति का लेकर आरही है ! 

उसने इस गुथी को समझने के लिए चिड़िया के बहार जाने का इन्तजार किया जेसे ही इस बार चिड़िया बहार गयी की कलाकर ने फुर्ती से बोर्ड के पीछे जो दीवार से एक दम सट्टा हुआ था और ऊपर की और से दीवार से कुछ दूर और लोहे की तारो पर लटका था , उस कलाकार ने बोर्ड के पीछे देखा और पाया की एक छोटा सा चिड़िया का बच्चा बोर्ड के पीछे तार के गुछे में उल्जा हुआ है ! उस पल उस कलाकार के रोंगटे खड़े हो गए ये द्रश्य देख कर की एक माँ किस तरह अपने बच्चे को बचाने के लिए संघर्ष कर रही है , या उस के संघर्ष में कितनी मौन पर प्रभाव शाली पुकार है मदद के लिए की मुझे यहाँ आना पड़ा, ना आने का मन होने के उपरांत भी ! वो चिड़िया जानती थी की उसके बच्चे को अभी जीना है आत्म विश्वास का प्रमाण भी उस कलाकार ने उस चिड़िया के आत्मविश्वास और उसके प्रयास से जाना जब वो खाना अपने बच्चे तक पहुँचाने की कोशिश कर रही थी ,उन पीले फूलो की पतियों के टुकडो के सहारे या उन पीले रंग के टुकडो व् अपनी चहक के जरिये वो चिड़िया अपने बच्चे को आभास करवा रही थी की माँ तेरे पास है मेरे बच्चे और ये उम्मीद भी कर रही थी की सायद इन पीले फूलो के टुकडो को देख कर उसका बच्चा जो अभी उड़ना नहीं जनता वो उड़ने का प्रयास भी कर के बहार आजाये ! वो सारा द्रश्य देख कर उस कलाकार की आँखे नम हो गयी थी और वो मन ही मन बोला माँ की इस से बड़ी परिभाषा क्या होगी ? उस दिन उस कलाकार ने जाना की मन पर दबाव अकारण नहीं बनता है वो चिड़िया भी उसी स्टूडियो में अपना घोंसला बना कर रह रही थी और उसे उस कलाकार पर आत्म विश्वास था साथ ही एक प्राकृतिक रिश्ता जिव का जिव से , शायद तभी वो निडर भाव से अपने बच्चे को उसी स्थिति में छोड़ कर फिर से फुल का टुकड़ा लेने को उड़ गयी ! इस बार उस कलाकार ने समय का सदुपियोग किया बिना समय गवाए पहले बोर्ड को दीवार से दूर किया फिर एक टेबल उस जगह बोर्ड के निचे रखी जहां वो चिड़िया का बच्चा उल्जा हुआ था ! बोर्ड के उल्जे हुए तार को चिड़िया के बच्चे से अलग किया बच्चा सुरक्षित था, फिर एक कटोरी में साफ पानी भरा और उस टेबल पर रख दिया और इतने में कब वो चिड़िया स्टूडियो के दरवाजे पर आकर बेठी उस कलाकार को भी पता नहीं चला ! सायद वो माँ जानती थी की कलाकर का मन प्रकृति प्रेम वाला है या उसे भरोसा था की ये कलाकार उसके बच्चे का अहित नहीं करेगा ! कलाकार ने जब ये भांप लिया की अब ये बच्चा किसी भी रूप से असुरक्षित नहीं है तब उसने बिना उसे हाथ लगाये उस बोर्ड और टेबल से अपने आप को दूर कर लिया और वो चिड़िया उड़ कर अपने बच्चे के पास उस टेबल पर जाकर बेठ गयी और कलाकार ने उस चिड़िया से कहा अब संभाल लेना अपने बच्चे को ठीक समय पर मुझे पुकार लिया आज तुमने , ऐ प्रकृति की माँ , तुजे सत सत प्रणाम ! कलाकार ने फिर से स्टूडियो को ताला लगाया चाबी कंट्रोल रूम में सोंपी और केंटिन में जाकर सब दोस्तों को मोबाइल से हलके मन से और भरे स्वर में सन्देश भेजा ,कहा माफ़ करना दोस्तों आप सब को चाय के बिच छोड़ कर निकल आया पर मै आया नहीं था मुझे बुलाया था एक माँ की दर्द भरी पुकार ने ..

योगेन्द्र कुमार पुरोहित 
मास्टर ऑफ़ फाइन आर्ट 
बीकानेर , इंडिया

In that  live story I could got a real relation with  real bird life but after  register that  live story I could not got live relation with a human or story publisher . it was painful but there to a new story was started and here I am sharing with  you for  your visit and notice. I were feeling my writing work was got half dialogue with editor of HANSH magazine  writer late Rajendra Yadav  and in mid of dialogue he was leaved to our conversation on story writing in  Hindi literature about publication of Hansh .

When I were sitting in meeting of literature peoples in  Sudarshana kala Dirgha (  art gallery ) that time I were thought  today HANSH and my story is feeling alone condition without  that’s editor or publisher . maybe After  writer Munshi Premchand HANSH ( Bird name ) magazine was fling in sky of literature by wing of late writer Rajendra yadav and in future who will give his or her wing for flying to  HANSH magazine ? it is a question to our literature family by me . but it is  not only a question it is  my dialogue by Hindi Literature  to  HANSH publication team . 

 So I said dialogue by Hindi literature to HANSH ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Art Vibration - 250


Yes I did a set design art and craft work for a musical performance . that was a live performance by school kids in school function . you can say I were created some fantasy work for kids enjoyment .

Actually I were busy in my work and in that case I were received a phone call of Doctor Shriyans Jain , Bikaner . he is doctor in medical field but he is also doctor,   on level of dance and performing art. By that call he was invited  me at a school . I were went there for meet to him .there  he was told to  me I want to  you a good set design for our presentation of this school function . our event will based on music and  dance  so it is must  you create a musical concept in your set design.  Mr. Jain was gave me very short time  for that design creation. That was open challenge for me by myself . because it is in my art nature ..ha , its design by nature  for me . so no way for change  to it before death. Ha ha.

Actually I were got only 24 hours for that set design work . so I  were came at home and created some layout of set design , in that case Mr. Jain was gave me some dance form print out of dancer about my idea or  set design creation . That was helping to me because I were knew what kind of visuals  Dr. Jain wanted  to me for his performance set .

After got a final layout of set design by my art exercise I were selected medium of set design . so I were buy tharmacol sheets , fevicol and some sign full colors .

At home I were draw some big drawing  in human size of a dancer and then I were transferred that on sheets of tharmacol . I were created cutout of dancer form and pasted that by favicol . after that I were created cutout of some notes symbol of Music and text of BEATS .  After  cutout craft work I were painted that with sign full color . over all  in 8 hours I were completed that first step of set design of musical performance .

Next day  I were went to that  school with my crafted work , I were transported  that art and craft work  by   loud body taxi. That was critical seen  because art medium was very light  and soft  but for safety that was in loud body texi . ha ha..

finally there on set of live performance of that school.  I were   fixed  that cutout  on stage. I saw many kids were helped to  me for fix to that cutout  on stage background . I were fixed that by thread because tharmacol is a very soft  and light medium so by thread I were fixed that with helping hand  of school kids . over all in a one day I were gave a light and short time set design to Doctor Shriyans Jain or his school team .

But that day  on performance  time of that school program I were not presented there.  so I were not shoot  that final design visuals for  my art documentation  work . but here I am sharing some visuals of that art and craft work for  your visit , I sure  you will imagine , what was final look of that musical set  design with colorful light impression .

There I were saw transformation of art  in me or in a doctor of medical department . A doctor was  a good artist a good performer or a good art performance teacher and myself,  a painter was converted my  thought for a set design by 3D form  impression in work of art . there  for kids that was a live learning movement about art and craft . some kids were observing me  and asking to me some questions  about art and culture . i were gave answer to them and I saw true art interest of art in that school kids that was a interesting movement for me .because there  I  were shared some art sound with kids by art work of set design.

So here I said set design for musical performance

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Monday, October 28, 2013

Art Vibration - 249

Life like Peanut

peanuts  in form of art work  with concept  life like peanut. 

 I have thought like a poet  when I saw  to peanut  in my art education time . it was year 2004-05 , I  were busy in master education , in that time I were creating some concept for  my art project  and in that project design work  I were observed lost of social elements of  society and then I were transferred  to that in form of art concept . in that art exercise  I were converted  some concept in form of painting and some in installation art .

In my  art  education   I were selected a subject  for myself  art study  that was life. Every day I were observing  to life in society with different views . here I want to share  with  you a live observation on peanut or by that live observation  on peanut I were expressed  to life definition  in form of installation art work .

That was not a big art work because I were used original peanut for presentation of my life concept by art sound.  I were buy peanuts from market and then I were painted that with primary color red, yellow , blue . after paint to that peanuts I were exhibited as a art work with concept of life observation . I said to that art presentation  symbol of life.

 I were wrote a note on that art work with this words. I wrote life is like peanut , peanut have two step in a natural form , one is peanut cover and second is corn of peanut. That same thing is with life in life cover is body and corn is soul . it was my philosophical  logic about life observation. Peanuts not only related to human body that is connect to human vision or that’s inner sound . like consciousness or unconsciousness .

I were painted  to peanuts for make difference in peanuts by  logic of color painting I wrote we all human have different color in life or in skin  tone but our inner color is same just like peanuts corn . here inner color mean is self demand to life by nature design. Every life want to live with peace and love but their life is getting  to that love and peace by different colors tones. It is a design of nature for life.

Peanuts can create peanuts on this earth by process of nature this same thing is with life on this earth . peanuts corn give energy to life and life corn ( vision, inner sound, inner demand )  is giving energy to other life on this earth.

In life,  people use to peanut for life energy  in that use they are use only corn of peanuts . on earth people throw to cover of peanuts corn . this same thing is working on life,  society use to vision of life and they damaged to cover  ( human Body ) of life corn  (vision ) .

 You can say  this concept design is like philosophical view or a poetic view . but when I were observed to peanuts in that  time I were went in poetic mood naturally without any force . but that true observation on peanuts was gave  taught  to me lots,  when I were thinking on that matter of peanuts or life. That was live education for me by self thinking process and that observation was gave me a one more view about life with a art work  form . there I were noticed time and self  research way is teaching to life naturally with strong knowledge  or maybe it is time design for life , it can a another view of research .ha

But that small observation on peanuts was gave me a logic with art work and by that art work I could exhibited a true  art study work in my presentation of master education  of  art collage. I were exhibited that art work in form of installation art. Here  for your visit a  visual of that art work , I sure  you will accept and notice to my observation on peanuts or life . because I were felt  life like peanut.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Art Vibration - 248


I am saying it because I have lived  it in year 2006  after  my art education . in art collage I were created many art work in form of live painting like portrait ,landscape , still life, or full life. but in year 2006  I were created a real live art work in mid of lots of people on day of color festival .
That was a day of color festival of my nation we are saying to that Holi  festival , here on holi festival people are play  to people by colors someone are use to dray color and someone are use water color , they are paint to face and body of people by hand , it is a cultural colorful game in form of  color festival of INDIA.

In 2006 I were thought about a live colorful painting on  holi festival so I were prepared a canvas and some oil color for painting. I were went in  my main city of Bikaner with my color and canvas , there I were selected a good place  for painting work and there I were fixed  my canvas and workplace . that was a big wood  table we are saying to that PATA . PATA is a symbol of our city culture , that is a meeting table of city people so I were selected that place  for live painting on hoil festival of my city.
First I were observed to activity of peoples and then lots of color and colorful sound of peoples . after observation  on that live festival of color I were started   drawing on canvas . step by step I were draw  to many shades of that festival activity with images of people or that’s colors .

 There I were saw natural inner color of peoples that was coming out by peoples activity or by colors of them . that was very funny or about serious thought for future culture. I were draw to that live visuals on canvas  with some critical sound of myself because some activity of people was out of limit for future culture so I were draw in critical form .

After Drawing on canvas I were painted  color,  step by step with time gape because I were observed to live visuals and that’s live sound matter and then I were converted that in colorful visual by process of  live painting.

 I were used green color  very much because mostly peoples were in mood of happiness  or in light condition . they are in condition of drug of festival . that was natural because all were enjoying to that live activity of people by colorful words or live color game. But that day I were not played holi festival because I were working there as a observer or as a art creator . so I were missed that live holi play activity but I were registered that live holi festival on a art canvas. By real color of painting with my inner sound color .

 In visual  you will see what I am saying to  you about live painting on Holi festival . that was a natural art activity or a real example for society by art . I were showed  in mid of people we can enjoy to color festival by painting on canvas or through painting work .that was a live presentation by me as a art master in mid of society  for new culture design about  future with  sound of  Holi festival. That was a creative art activity for inspire to kids about  painting by that live art work .

 I saw many kids were shared his time with me they were continue watching  my painting work  some kids were gave me idea for creation on that canvas about live festival of  colorful holi . that was very interesting movement of that live painting  when kids were joined  to me .

 There some media person was shoot  to my   live art activity of color festival painting . someone  were published to that art activity in news paper or someone were updated that painting image on online media pages . you can say that was my art income by that live painting  . over all I were created a art environment in mid of society by live colorful painting and I were gave some extra vision for play to holi festival by way of art or creation .. 

so here I said to that art work - live painting on color festival..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Art Vibration - 247


In my view we all human are on a journey in our  universe , and this universe is also busy  in a journey.  today NASA research center is saying it to us by scientific logic .  In INDIAN VEDAS we can see this journey concept by logical example of of god Brahma , a one day of god BRAHMA , is thousand years  of  earth and this universe , it mean our earth can get a day of god Brahma after thousand years journey in this universe.

Our earth is on journey , on earth life on journey , every life have own aim full journey or in that aim full journey they complete many small journey step by step then they can complete  to one aim full journey in limited  live life limit on this earth in a one life. It is a universal truth for this universe.
We all human can think like that because thinking process,  time have design for us on this earth about life journey.

Here I am saying it because many time I am thinking about life and that’s journey , every day we live our life in our system on this earth. It is a natural journey of us by time design so we can just follow to it without any objection .

Birth to death it is a real life journey on this earth for every one , in this long journey or uncontrolled journey , life and death system in hand of time or in control of  super power that is nature. So we live every day this natural journey in life. But in this life journey we complete many small journey ‘s of us for complete  to our  real  long journey . I know I am getting some philosophical tone but it is must for this post.

Here I want to share a  explain with  you by observation on  a small live journey or that’s live  life colors . it was  my small journey for  god HANUMANA temple , In RAMAYANA Religion book,  God HANUMANA was captured to Sun  in his mouth and he was changed  to system of  universe journey . in that story  god Hanumana was proved his super power as a GOD. So today in INDIAN culture mostly in hindu religion people doing prayer  in front side of god Hanumana.  So My small journey was for temple of god Hanumana , that temple is far to my city only 60 KM . we are saying to that  place  PUNRASAR DHAM . I were started  my small journey by bus for that temple or prayer . In bus I were started  my observation as a art student and in same time I were started photography of my observation movement as a art records. First I were observed the prayer activity of people in temple, here  in visuals you will observe to my observation so I will  not explain to all visuals story because that is not possible in a one post ok .

After prayer observation I saw self commitment for prayer  in other people by his or her activity . I saw there many helper or helping nature people were provided  some daily use material to peoples. Someone caring to others by medical support .someone making food for god HANUMANA by his or her hand in temple .

Some societies were cooking lots of food for peoples of that religion journey . there in 24 hours I were observed many color of life , lots of emotional condition and that’s shadows with many different s small live journey of different s peoples. They all were busy in a small journey of life with sound of prayer but actually they were busy in a work of complete to a big journey , that prayer journey was a step of complete to big journey on this earth by them or just like me.  because I were also on my small journey for complete to my big journey .  I were also following to natural journey rule by my small journey of Prayer of God HANUMANA  at Punrasar dham temple .

So here I said long  journey get complete by small Journey’s  …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Friday, October 25, 2013

Art Vibration - 246

Friends here I have received a invitation of a poetry book launching event , a malty talented creative person, a writer, actor ,director , editor of news paper and a poet Mr. Madhu Achary  will launch his new poetry book on 26 th October  2013 . when I were reading his invitation in that movement I were remembering a true motion of my art journey that was about poetry concept.

It was year 2011,  date I think  21 st  October , a senior writer of my city Mr. Shree Lal Mohta was gave me a article  copy for reading and he was  said to me I need  to  you some view on this article from your vision. That article was in HINDI  language or that’s writer was Dr. Nand Kishor  Acharya . today we All INDIAN know his right image in HINDI literature .

Dr. Nand Kishor  Acharya
 That  Article was on poetry concept actually that was a self talk of Dr. Nand Kishor Achary about poetry matter or about future of poetry . I were read that article many time as a critic a  young or a contemporary critic . I were thought much more about poetry or about view of Dr. Nand Kishor Acharya by that article  subject.

I were thought my senior writer Shree Lal Mohta Ji was selected me for  my view on that article  , he knew I am artist  of visual art  but he was observed some more in me as a senior so he was gave me that article copy for reading or for view of myself on that article .

When I were started writing my view on that article I were came in a critic mood where  to that came in myself I don’t know but that was came in me and I were started writing on that article as a hard critic of HINDI literature . that was a big risk for me because a art master was taking a action on a writing matter of Dr. Of HINDI literature . but my true art education was giving me will power for that risky step of critical writing on  article of a  language Doctor.

I were also wrote in Hindi  and I were got some print out of that critical note . I wrote poetry is a flow like flow of water , like river GANGA , poetry is very old and it will live for long time on this earth with human life . it can get up and down condition but poetry will live with life on this earth because it is a flow like water.

 I said to Dr. Nand Kishor Acharya by that note, sir   you don’t feel fear about future poetry it will live with life.  I were end to that  critical note by two line of Dr. Nand Kishor  Achary , he was wrote that line  in his article , contemporary poetry was not in hand of seniors and future poetry will not live in hand of contemporary poet , I said to him by my critical note   . you question and fear full question about poetry it not wrong but in your article  you have gave answer to yourself by this two line so why  you feel fear about future poetry it will live with life on this earth in future. Sir ..

My critical  Note on Article of Dr. Nand Kishor Acharya 
 I were shared  my critical note with Dr. Nand Kishor Acharya by a event of live talk on poetry that was at Anand Niketan Bhawan  , Bikaner,  Dr. Nand Kishor Acharya was noticed  my critical view about future poetry and he was liked that when he came on desk for talk to all. Actually I was very young critic in that talk of  future poetry . here I want to share  that critical note copy for  your observation .I were submitted that note copy to many literature persons of that poetry talk.

 After read my critical note Dr. Nand Kishor Achary was told me indirect ,  I am not feeling fear about future poetry but I am thinking about that,  may be my critic is write ..Actually he was noticed my writing sense or my reading sense with my  critical observation sense . he could  said  to me nonsense but he did not said  on my writing  note. So here I have to quote to that critical note on article of  Dr. Nand  Kishor Acharya  on  future poetry . after received a invitation of poetry event after two years.

 Today 2013 after two year  a writer , Actor , Editor , Director or a poet  Mr. Madhu Acharya  is inviting   to me for his poetry book launching event by invitation card . it is a activity of present poetry but according to year  2011 it is a future poetry .

 So I said A thought on poetry …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Art Vibration - 245


Task of Big Boss live TV show - Photo by Google IMAGE 
Friend in this days I am reading some news about a live  TV show  with some video links .  here In India they are saying to that big boss , I have read  about some more live  tv show is running in our world on TV with Different names .

In Indian on  live TV show  some  people are living  in a home with rule of that home maker or tv show maker . there  no any connectivity to outside  people , there no any communication tool for  use  , just a home and some people are living there with daily work or with some new task of  that home maker .

Task of Big Boss live TV show - Photo by Google IMAGE 
I have read and watched  some video of that live tv show many time in past year ,   in alone condition in my studio and I were laughed very much because they all people were lived and living busy for win to that live tv show by complete to all tasks of that home maker  .

After 2007 to till 2013 I am busy in my studio room ,  I am alone here no any task after art and that’s communication with world , some guest and junior artist coming time to time but that is not for always so I live alone all time in my studio with one task that is my visual art , I have shared  my time with one task and in this one task I have lots of work with creativity And in this years I have noticed many live tv show is  by pass to me but I am still  in my same art studio with  one task that is art . here rule is something different to that live TV show but condition is same to same I think my condition is critical because I am alone in my art studio with one task and there in a one  home they live lots of with lots of task .

Its My art task from 

In  live tv show,  player or people are live busy for win to game and in past  they had won prize money or Etc. but here no wining way, no any prize chance or no any money maker system here just a one task for  me about  art creation as a artist . because it is myself commitment for art . my task is also live show of a live art exercise of mine  and  today world art family can visit it and they can share his or her view on my art task  work , they are doing it and then I am feeling some right feeling for my art task.

Communication art task with Dr. Amitabh Bachchan 
Here in my studio every day I am giving to myself art task with exercise,  in this exercise drawing, writing, photography poetry  and some critical note  in hindi is include in task work  . here in my studio my task is get start at 9 am and it get off till 1 am  .

In task of art first I am create  art work and writing notes and then I am sharing with world art family by online communication path its from our Government communication system BSNL INDIA.  You can imagine when my communication get off in that condition my task of art is making double presser on my mind , in that complicated condition I am tying to get  some cool condition of my mind  and I convert my puzzle condition in extra art work creation. here for me this  art task was started in year 2007 and I have no idea when it will complete or not in this art life . because it is a live task for my art journey .

In live  Tv show , there task have very limited  time but in that task I observed no any creativity but here in my art task nothing after creativity so its making me more strong after daily art work and I am getting strong condition in myself  day by day by this creative art task .

Art Design Task for TATA nano  Car. 
I am facing some trouble in this art task when I join to it . some time power cut problem , some time communication network  problem, some time art medium problem some time PC error problem , some time social functions disturb to   me some time family work is making time gape  in my art task , but I know its real task of this art journey so I am facing it with full patience , in this  task work I have lost  of practical life because my art life have designed it for me  with this true art task so I am following  it in my studio room in alone condition ..

so i said  for me, art is a task ..

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA