Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Art Vibration -237


Art is a business of mind this logic was gave a philosopher of INDIA , it is fact , art is a definition of self thought presentation by medium of this earth for earth life  Or in our  social culture. In one word we can say to that a concept .when a artist representing  his /her concept on canvas that can theater, canvas of painting, dance,  stone , writing and etc.

When a artist create some creation in that movement he/she is transfer to own thought with own creation style . that transformation of a concept is final for presentation , but that concept have lots of  opportunity for more maturity about presentation of a concept . In a one time a concept can get completeness but in next  that want to artist more exercise with more mature thinking with different angles . its example is Monalisa world Fame painting . Great Art Master Leonardo Da vinci was created a concept of  portrait painting and he was worked on a one canvas  for continue four years for more perfection by exercise . he was showed his learning or rethinking  process in front side of us .thats result his very perfect art work is very important part of our world art history .

Leonardo da vinci was gave a new vision to artist for rethinking on a one concept . it is must for a good or a mature art work .

Here I am saying it because I am working  on this art concept and I am achieving itself  my  filter concept for art presentation . its example is  myself drawing  work. I were started or  you can say I were came on myself concept in year 2007 there to till today  I am continue busy in art exercise of myself presentation in form of drawing. When I were started this concept  I were used to color blue , black and white but after rethinking process I were got some more  maturity or some level of vision growth  so  today I am using only pencil and ink pen for draw to myself on art space . I am not working on a one canvas like great art master  Leonardo da vinci  but I am working  like him , I am thinking like him, and creating every day a new visual on myself concept on a new art space . in philosophical view I am also busy on a one canvas that’s name is painting and my mind space there I am thinking and in language of painting or drawing I am presenting to that concept by art space ,   here last 6 years to its continue like Leonardo da vinci work process  on monalisa painting. .

It is not a easy job but patience and rethinking process is giving more art energy for live continue in art exercise day by I have completed up to eleven hundred visuals on a one concept of myself .
 In this art presentation of exercise I were done many experiment for medium or canvas size . I were draw on big paper canvas or on very small canvas , I were draw  on newsprint  paper or I were used graphic print paper for my drawing work . it was up and down of thinking process ,. It was self created challenge for art exercise or that’s express.

Here I want to share  with  you a big composition of drawing , I were created that by 15th small drawing . I were used my old graphic printed  paper for art exercise . that graphic work I were done in year 2007 and in 2013 I were converted  that in drawing form , print to drawing and finally that art work in category of  mix media .That Graphic prints was print of texture in primary color , red yellow or blue .

Last month I saw that uncompleted printed art paper so I were used that and after use that was converted in drawing for world art family .  in this work concept  art space is same but I were done two type exercise on that art space , it is proving to rethinking process of myself  for old art work and I were worked on that without any fear of self  criticism . because my thinking process was wanted  to me re work on that printed art space , that texture was not completed on that art space that space was demanding to me some more exercise so I did and then I were converted to printed paper in drawing.

So here I said print convert in drawing..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

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